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001: A Colour Atlas of the Anatomy of Small Laboratory Animals, Volume I: Rabbit, the Guinea Pig v. 1Hardcover
978-0-7234-1822-11992Peter Popesko
1st South Carolina VolunteersPaperback
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002: A Colour Atlas of Anatomy of Small Laboratory Animals, Volume II: Mouse, the Rat, the Hamster v. 2Hardcover
978-0-7234-1823-81992Peter Popesko · Viera Rajtova · Jindrich Horak · Karol Kapeller · Radomir Cihak
2nd Puzzle Adventure OmnibusPaperback
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002: The Handbook of Antenna Design: v. 2Hardcover
978-0-906048-87-01983A. W. Rudge · et al
3D Imaging in Medicine. Algorithms, Systems, ApplicationsGebunden
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4 + 1: Peter Salter Building ProjectsPaperback
978-1-901033-36-62000Peter Beard
4e Elements of Zoology IseHardcover
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4x4 Photoshop and 3D: Geometry/ChaosPaperback
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4x4 Photoshop and Flash: Time/Stasis   "
978-1-903450-48-22002Jeremy Tai Abbett · Francine Spiegal · Karen Ingram · Arron Bleasdale
4x4 Photoshop and Illustrator: Light/dark   "
978-1-903450-45-12001Jemma Gura · Sean Donohue · Nick Higgins · Adrian Luna
6/e Business English/commnct-Ise   "
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7th Int. Conf. Industrial & EnBroché 978-2-88449-128-01994Frank D. Anger · Rita V. Rodriguez · Moonis Ali
10x10_2: 100 Architects, 010 CriticsHardcover
978-0-7148-4441-12005Miguel Adria · Alberto Campo Baeza · Kurt W. Forster
13 Austrian Positions: Biennale Venedig 1991. Dt. /Engl. /Ital.: 13 Austrian Positions - Fifth International Exhibition of ArchitectureTaschenbuch
978-3-85415-096-11991Walter Bohatsch
16th Century Poetry and ProsePaperback
978-0-03-085102-51976Paul Delaney
35th Annual Boulder Damage Symposium Proceedings: Laser-induced Damage In Optical Materials 2003   "
978-0-8194-5163-72004Gregory J. Exarhos
53 Interesting Things to Do in Seminars and Tutorials   "
978-0-947885-08-31992Sue Habeshaw
53 Interesting Things to Do in Seminars and Tutorials   "
978-0-947885-06-91987   "
53 Interesting Things to Do in Your Lectures   "
978-0-947885-03-81992Graham Gibbs
100 Cases for Students of Medicine   "
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100 Cases in Clinical Medicine   "
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100 Reviews 3Taschenbuch
978-3-88375-570-02002Matthew Arnatt
100 ReviewsPaperback
978-1-901033-07-62002Matthew Arnatt · Klega Mollin · David Mollin
101 Things Jesus Didn't Say   "
978-0-551-02694-01992Martin Wroe · S. Park · A. Reith
101 Things to Do During a Dull Sermon   "
978-1-85424-030-91988Tim Sims · Pegoda
500 Things About ScienceHardcover
978-1-84236-161-02002Sue Becklake
1200 Years of Italian Sculpture   "
978-0-8109-0204-61974Rossana Bosaglia
1798: Rebellion in Co.DownPaperback
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1859: Entering an Age of CrisisHardcover
978-0-19-647128-01959P. Appleman
1984 Nineteen Eighty-fourAudio Cassette
978-0-905272-59-71982Julian Glover
1985: An Escape from Orwell's 1984Paperback
978-0-902782-20-41975Rhodes Boyson
1993 Report on the Student Experience at UCEHardcover
978-1-85920-001-81993Diana Green
Abacus: Assessment Bank Level 1Ring-bound
978-1-85356-516-81995Sally Vince
A Basic Formulary for General PracticePaperback
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A Basic Formulary for General Practice   "
978-0-19-261951-81990G.B. Grant · D.A. Gregory · T.D. Van Zwanenberg
A Basic Formulary for General Practice   "
978-0-19-261616-61987G.B. Grant · D. A. Gregory · T. D. Van Zwanenburg
Abba... God's Greatest Gift to UsTaschenbuch 978-81-7436-212-42002Amjad Ali Khan
Abbotsbury and the SwanneryHardcover
978-1-874336-07-51993John Fair
Abbotsbury and the SwanneryPaperback
978-1-874336-08-21993John Fair · Don Moxom
A-B-C of Community Care: What it's Really All About   "
978-0-948680-31-11993Harry Tunnicliffe
A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar: 3   "
978-1-85075-856-31999Christo H.J.Van Der Merwe
A Bibliography of Ab Initio Molecular Wave Functions: Suppt   "
978-0-19-855367-01981W. G. Richards
Abidjan: Urban Development and Employment in the Ivory Coast   " 978-92-2-101390-71976Heather Joshi
A Blueprint For Survival   "
978-0-14-052295-21973Edward Goldsmith
Abnormalities of Companion AnimalsHardcover
978-0-7020-0808-51980C.W. Foley
Abnormal PsychologyPaperback
978-0-06-460094-11962W.T. Coville
Abnormal Psychology: WITH Cases   "
978-0-471-71260-22008Ann M. Kring · Gerald C. Davison
Above the War Fronts: A Complete Record of the British Two-seater Bomber Pilot and Observer Aces, the British Two-seater Fighter Observer Aces and the ... and Russian Fighter AcesHardcover
978-1-898697-56-51997Norman Franks · Russell Guest · Gregory Alegi
A Brush with Grandeur: Philip Alexius de László : Philip De Laaszlao   "
978-1-903470-19-02004Sandra De Laszlo
Absorption and Malabsorption Clinical AspectsPaperback 978-963-05-4574-72002V. Varro · et al
Abstract Art Since 1945Hardcover
978-0-500-23144-91971Jean Leymarie
Abstract Data Types: Their Specification, Representation and UsePaperback
978-0-19-859668-41988Peter Thomas · Hugh Robinson · Judy Emms
Academic Power: Patterns of Authority in Seven National Systems of Higher EducationHardcover
978-0-03-045531-51978John H.Van de Graaff
Academic Values and Mass EducationPaperback
978-0-07-052790-41975David Riesman
Academus Rudiments PrimerHardcover
978-0-19-317304-01933R.Barrett- Watson
Academus Rudiments Primer: Questions Bk   "
978-0-19-317305-71933   "
ACCA Textbook: Accounting Framework Paper 1Paperback
978-1-85908-001-61993Peter Atrill
Access Disputes in Child Care   "
978-0-566-07087-71989Spencer Millham · et al
Access in London: A Guide for People Who Have Problems Getting Around   "
978-1-899163-18-21996Gordon Couch
Access to Advanced Level Biology   "
978-0-7487-2333-11996Howard Bowen · Joan Good
Access to Assessment: Perspectives of Practitioners, Disabled People and Carers   "
978-1-86134-070-21997Ann Davis · Kathryn Ellis · Kirstein Rummery
Access to Genetic Resources: Strategies for Sharing Benefits   " 978-9966-41-096-21998John Mugabe
Access to Geography: Key Stage 4 Bk.4   "
978-0-19-833474-31994Richard Kemp · Paul Carvin · Zoe Carvin
Access to Health   "
978-0-13-001025-41988Rebecca J. Donatelle
Access to Legal Education and the Legal Profession   "
978-0-406-70065-01985Rajeev Dhavan
Accidental Injury in Childhood and Adolescence   "
978-0-7020-2319-41997A. Aynsley-Green · S. Jarvi · Ian Roberts · Elizabeth Towner
Accident and Emergency MedicineHardcover
978-0-443-03820-41989W.H. Rutherford
Accident Compensation After PearsonPaperback
978-0-421-25810-51979D.K. Allen
Accommodation for Groups   "
978-0-9523381-3-01995Sam Dalley · Jo Watson
Accordia Research Papers 1990   "
978-1-873415-00-91990Edward Herring
Accordia Research Papers 1991   "
978-1-873415-01-61991   "
Accountants' Laundromat   "
978-1-902384-01-61998Austin Mitchell
Accountants' Legal ServiceRing-bound
978-0-406-99829-32006Denis Keenan
Accounting 10/12Hardcover
978-0-07-022031-71972M.Herbert Freeman
Accounting 10/12: Accounting Systems & Procedures Pt. 2Paperback
978-0-07-068902-21977David H. Weaver · M.Herbert Freeman
Accounting 10/12: Business Data Processing Pt. 3   "
978-0-07-068903-91977David H. Weaver · M.Herbert Freeman
978-0-13-489302-01978Frederick D. S. Choi
Accounting: A Direct ApproachPaperback
978-0-273-02731-71987John Kellock
Accounting Basics: Introduction   "
978-0-13-001487-01971R.E. Beam
Accounting for Management Control   "
978-0-412-62570-11995Clive R. Emmanuel
Accounting for Management Control   "
978-0-442-30641-01985   "
Accounting Foundations   "
978-0-273-01369-31980Douglas Garbutt
Accounting in Business DecisionsHardcover
978-0-13-001545-71972Homer A. Black
Accounting Information Systems: A Cycle Approach   "
978-0-06-045509-51982Leonard A. Robinson
Accounting Information Systems: Cases: A Cycle ApproachPaperback
978-0-06-045517-01987   "
Accounting Information Systems: Instructor's Manual to 2r.eTaschenbuch
978-0-538-82487-31993Ulric J. Gelinas
Accounting: Learning and InstructionPaperback
978-0-538-24120-51990Robert M. Swanson
Accounting PrinciplesHardcover
978-0-07-059151-61988Jack L. Smith · Robert M. Keith · William L. Stephens
Accounting Principles   "
978-0-256-05934-21987Roger H. Hermanson
Accounting Principles   "
978-0-06-046376-21986Lanny M. Solomon
Accounting: Principles and Applications   "
978-0-07-008021-81974Horace R. Brock
Accounting Principles Third Edition   "
978-0-314-66635-21990Lanny M. Solomon · Richard J. Vargo
Accounting Process   "
978-0-07-069282-41963G.O. Wentworth
Accumulation of Methane in Roof CavitiesPaperback
978-0-7215-0223-61965H. Titman
Accurate English: Bk. 1   "
978-0-304-31542-01989Michael Thorn
Accurate English: Bk. 2   "
978-0-304-31545-11989   "
Accurate English: Practice Bk. 1   "
978-0-304-31543-71989   "
Accurate English: Practice Bk. 2   "
978-0-304-31546-81989   "
Accurate English: Tchrs' Bk. 1   "
978-0-304-31544-41989   "
Accurate English: Tchrs' Bk. 2   "
978-0-304-31547-51989   "
Achieving Quality Performance: Lessons from British IndustryHardcover
978-0-304-32759-11994Richard Teare · Cyril Atkinson · Clive Westwood
Achieving Quality Performance: Lessons from British IndustryPaperback
978-0-304-32758-41993Richard Teare · Cyril Atkinson · Clive Westwood
Acid-Base Disorders: A Guide to Theoretical, Clinical and Practical Aspects of Hydrogen Ion Metabolism   " 978-9971-69-140-01994R. N. Walmsley · E.S.C. Koay · L.R. Watkinson
Acid-bases in Analytical ChemistryHardcover
978-0-470-49930-61965I. M. Kolthoff
A Colour Atlas of AIDS in the Tropics   "
978-0-7234-1567-11989S.K. Hira MBBS DipDerm & Ven DipVen FACTM · M.A. Ansary PhD ABIPP AIMBI ARPS MBKSTS
A Colour Atlas of Applied AnatomyPaperback
978-0-7234-1614-21989Robert M. H. McMinn
A Colour Atlas of Applied AnatomyHardcover
978-0-7234-0831-41984   "
A Colour Atlas of Bacillus SpeciesPaperback
978-0-7234-1557-21988J.M. Parry · P. C. B. Turnbull
A Colour Atlas of Bacillus SpeciesTextbook Binding
978-0-7234-0777-51983J.M. Parry · P. C. B. Turnbull · J. R. Gibson
A Colour Atlas of Diagnostic Investigation in CardiologyPaperback
978-0-7234-0966-31987S. Walton · S.R. Underwood · G. Hunter
A Colour Atlas of EndocrinologyHardcover
978-0-7234-1560-21989David Evered · Reginald Hall
A Colour Atlas of Low Back Pain   "
978-0-7234-0959-51989Kenneth Mills · Graham Page
A Colour Atlas of Nursing Procedures in Accidents and EmergenciesPaperback
978-0-7234-0853-61985John B. Bache · Carolyn R. Armitt · J. Ruth Tobiss
A Colour Atlas of Nursing Procedures in Skin Disorders   "
978-0-7234-0912-01989L. Stone · Eileen Lindfield
A Colour Atlas of Occlusion and MalocclusionHardcover
978-0-7234-1538-11990Alison P. Howat · Nicholas J. Capp · Nicholas V.J. Barrett
A Colour Atlas of Paediatric Surgical DiagnosisPaperback
978-0-7234-1611-11989Lewis Spitz · G.M. Steiner · R.B. Zachary
A Colour Atlas of Small Animal EndoscopyHardcover
978-0-7234-1559-61991Malcolm J. Brearley · J. E. Cooper
A Colour Atlas of the Digestive SystemPaperback
978-0-7234-1953-21993R. E. Pounder · M.C. Allison · A.P. Dhillon
A Colour Atlas of the Hair, Scalp and NailsHardcover
978-0-7234-0938-01991R. Baran · Rodney P.R. Dawber · Gerald M. Levene
A Colour Atlas of Trauma Pathology   "
978-0-7234-1566-41991Hubert Fischer · C.J. Kirkpatrick · M.E. Aronson
A Commentary on Homer's "Odyssey": Books XVII-XXIV v. 3   "
978-0-19-814048-11992Joseph Russo · Manuel Fernandez-Galiano · Alfred Heubeck
A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Dentistry   "
978-1-872362-80-91999A.H.R. Rowe
A Concordance to the Greek Testament   "
978-0-567-01021-61978William Fiddian Moulton · Alfred Shenington Geden · Harold Keeling Moulton
A Consumer's Guide to Over the Counter Medicines   "
978-0-600-58897-91996Barrington Cooper
A Correspondence of Renaissance Musicians   "
978-0-19-315153-61991Bonnie J. Blackburn · Edward Lowinsky · Clement Miller
A Creative Approach to Management Accounting: Case Studies in Management Accounting and ControlPaperback
978-0-86339-791-21998Jayne Ducker
Acta vectigalia Regni Navarrae: documentos financieros para el estudio de la Hacienda Real de Navarra 978-84-235-1868-51999publicados bajo la direccin̤ de Juan Carrasco · Pascual Tamburri
Acting on AIDSPaperback
978-1-85242-553-11997James Barrett
Acting on Principle: Examination of Race and Ethnicity in Social Services Provision for Children and Families   "
978-1-873868-40-91997Ravinder Barn · Sinclair · FERDINAND
Action Plan for the Conservation of the Brown Bear in Europe   " 978-92-871-4426-32000Jon E. Swenson · Council of Europe
Action Plan for the Conservation of the Eurasian Lynx in Europe   " 978-92-871-4424-92000Urs Breitenmoser · Council of Europe
Action Plan for the Conservation of the Iberian Lynx in Europe   " 978-92-871-4423-22000Miguel Delibes · Pablo Ferreras
Action ReplaysHardcover
978-1-85340-328-61996Steve Barlow · Iain Carter · Steve Skidmore
Action Research in Classrooms and Schools   "
978-0-04-370164-51986David Hustler
Action Research in Classrooms and SchoolsPaperback
978-0-04-370165-21986   "
Action Science: Genetics and Evolution, Planet Earth, Particle Patterns, Waves, Light and Colour   "
978-0-19-914360-31993David Appleby
Action Science: Life Processes   "
978-0-19-914359-71994Joan O'Sullivan · William Merrick · Janet Minot · Frances Stratton
Action Science: Particle Patterns   "
978-0-19-914356-61993Alan Jarvis · David Appleby · Ray Jardine · Chris Thompson
Action Science: Planet Earth   "
978-0-19-914364-11993W. Merrick · Joan O'Sullivan · Frances Stratton
Action Science: Tchrs'. Resource File A   "
978-0-19-914349-81990Alan Jarvis
Action Science: Waves, Light and Colour   "
978-0-19-914358-01993David Appleby · Jan Charters · Jonathan Foster · et al
Active Mathematics: Pupils' Book 4   "
978-0-582-08442-11993D. A. Turner · B.V. Hony · A. Ledsham · K.D. Oakley · I.A. Potts · P.S. Lane
Act on Employees' InventionsTaschenbuch
978-3-527-30109-62000Helmut Reitzle · Antje Butenschon · Jurgen Bergmann
Actualizing Talent: A Lifelong ChallengePaperback
978-0-304-33293-91996Joan Freeman
Adaptational Psychodynamics: Motivation and ControlHardcover
978-0-87668-018-61980Sandor Rado
A Day in the Country: Impressionism and the French Landscape   "
978-0-8109-0827-71984Richard R. Brettell
Addition and Subtraction: A Cognitive PerspectiveLoose Leaf
978-0-89859-171-21982J.M. Moser
Adenosine: Receptors and Modulation of Cell Function - International Workshop ProceedingsPaperback
978-0-947946-49-41985V. Stefanovich · K. Rudolphi · P. Schubert
Adhesion of Microorganisms to SurfacesHardcover
978-0-12-236650-51979D.C. Ellwood
Adjustment and Growth in a Changing World   "
978-0-314-85280-91985Vince Napoli
Adjustment and Growth in a Changing WorldPaperback
978-0-314-63279-11982   "
Administrative Secretary: PracticiumHardcover
978-0-07-001748-11976Ruth I. Anderson
978-0-9537105-2-22000Don Campbell
Adolescent DermatologyHardcover
978-0-7216-8492-51978Lawrence M. Solomon
Adolescent Portraits: Cases in Identity, Relationships and ChallengesPaperback
978-0-205-13344-41991Andrew Garrod · Lisa Smulyan · Sally Powers · Robert Kilkenny
Adoption: Theory, Policy and PracticeHardcover
978-0-304-33480-31997John Triseliotis · Joan Shireman · Marion Hundleby
Adoption: Theory, Policy and PracticePaperback
978-0-304-33481-01997John Triseliotis · Joan Shireman · Marion Hundleby
Adsorption from Solution: Symposium in Honour of Professor D.H.EverettHardcover
978-0-12-530980-61983R. H. Ottewill
Adult Cognition and AgeingPaperback
978-0-08-033165-21986John Rybash
Adult Education and Social Responsibility: Reconciling the Irreconcilable?Taschenbuch
978-3-631-32665-71998Franz Poggeler · Danny Wildemeersch
Advanced Accounting   "
978-0-07-114933-41993Charles H. Griffin
Advanced BusinessPaperback
978-1-872962-04-72000Michael Fardon · F. Adcock · I. Birth · et al
Advanced Financial Accounting   "
978-0-07-112295-52001Richard E. Baker · Valdean Lembke · Thomas King
Advanced Financial AccountingHardcover
978-0-07-084571-81981J.M. Samuels
Advanced Geography of Africa   "
978-0-7175-0600-21975John Innes Clarke
Advanced Geography of Northern and Western EuropePaperback
978-0-7175-0873-01980R.J.Harrison Church
Advanced Geography of Northern and Western EuropeHardcover
978-0-7175-0699-61973   "
Advanced Geography of Northern and Western Europe   "
978-0-7175-0413-81968   "
Advanced Geography of the British Isles   "
978-0-7175-0601-91974David Thomas
Advanced Level Chemistry   "
978-0-7175-0093-21967H.G. Andrew
Advanced Level Course in Physical Science   "
978-0-7175-0695-81974Ian Robertson Sinclair
Advanced Office Systems: Instructors' ManualTaschenbuch
978-0-538-27933-81986Allen N. Smith
Advanced PE for EdexcelPaperback
978-0-435-50643-82000Frank Galligan · et al
Advanced PE for OCR AS: Teachers Resource PackCD-ROM
978-0-435-49955-62003Dave Carnell
Advanced Physical Education Through DiagramsPaperback
978-0-19-913411-32000David Morton
Advanced Practical Organic Chemistry   "
978-0-7514-0200-11994M. Casey
Advanced Typing and Secretarial AssignmentsHardcover
978-0-07-084857-31984A. M. Drummond
Advanced Typing and Secretarial Assignments: Solution & Resource ManualPaperback
978-0-07-084859-71984   "
Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery VIIIGebunden
978-3-211-81665-31981H. Krayenbuhl
Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery XII   "
978-3-211-81877-01985L. Symon
Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery XVI   "
978-3-211-82060-51988   "
Advances in Activation Analysis: v. 2Hardcover
978-0-12-000402-71972J. M. A. Lenihan
Advances in Allergology and Clinical Immunology: The Proceedings of the XVth Congress of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology   "
978-1-85070-396-91992Philippe Godard · J. Bousquet · F.B. Michel
Advances in Behavioural Pharmacology: v. 3   "
978-0-12-004703-11981Travis Thompson
Advances in Biological and Medical Physics: v. 6   "
978-0-12-005206-61958John H. Lawrence
Advances in Biomedical Alcohol Research   "
978-0-08-035717-11987K.O. Lindros
Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry, Vol. 8   "
978-0-12-007208-81953Claude S. Hudson
Advances in Cardiovascular Physics: Cardiograms: Theory and Applications: Bd 2Gebunden
978-3-8055-2851-11979Dhanjoo N. Ghista
Advances in Chemical Engineering: v. 4Hardcover
978-0-12-008504-01963T.B. Drew
Advances in Chemotherapy: v. 1   "
978-0-12-009101-01964A. Goldin
Advances in Clinical Enzymology: v. 1Gebunden
978-3-8055-3037-81979Ellen Schmidt
Advances in Colorectal CancerPaperback
978-0-19-851626-22002David J. Kerr
Advances in Cyclic Nucleotide Research: New Assay Methods for Cyclic Nucleotides v. 2Hardcover
978-0-7204-7018-51972Paul Greengard
Advances in Cyclic Nucleotide Research: Physiology and Pharmacology of Cyclic AMP v. 1   "
978-0-7204-7017-81972   "
Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics: v. 33B   "
978-0-12-014553-91972James Dwyer McGee
Advances in Female Sterilization Techniques   "
978-0-06-142366-61976John J. Sciarra
Advances in Food Refrigeration   "
978-0-905748-83-22001Da-Wen Sun
Advances in Fracture Research: International Conference Proceedings: 9th, 1997   "
978-0-08-042820-81997B.L. Karihaloo
Advances in Gene Technology: Molecular Biology of Immune Diseases and the Immune ResponsePaperback
978-0-19-963184-11990J. Wayne Streilein · et al
Advances in Modal Logic: 5   "
978-1-904987-22-22005R. Schmidt · I. Pratt-Hartmann
Advances in Modal Logic: v. 3   "
978-0-9543006-0-92002Frank Wolter
Advances in Morphogenesis: v. 3Hardcover
978-0-12-028603-41964M. Abercrombie
Advances in Morphogenesis: v. 8   "
978-0-12-028608-91970   "
Advances in Natural Products Chemistry: Extraction and Isolation of Biologically Active Compounds   "
978-0-470-27245-91982Sinsaku Natori
Advances in Neuropsychopharmacology: Symposium Proceedings, Prague, 1970   "
978-0-7204-4100-01972O. Vinar
Advances in Otolaryngology: v. 3: Head and Neck Surgery   "
978-0-8151-6261-21989Eugene N. Myers · et al
Advances in Pesticide Science: International Conference Proceedings   "
978-0-08-022349-01979H. Geissbuhler
Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences: v. 1   "
978-0-12-032301-21964H.S. Bean
Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences: v. 3   "
978-0-12-032303-61971   "
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Cardiovascular Physiology, Microcirculation and Capillary Exchange 28th, v. 7: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-026819-41981A. G. B. Kovach
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Cardiovascular Physiology - Neural Control Mechanisms 28th, v. 9: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-026821-71981   "
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Endocrinology, Neuroendocrinology, Neuropeptides, 1 28th, v. 13: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-026827-91981E. Stark
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Endocrinology, Neuroendocrinology, Neuropeptides, 2 28th, v. 14: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-026871-21981   "
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Genetics, Structure and Function of Blood Cells 28th, v. 6: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-026818-71981S.R. Hollan
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Mathematical and Computational Methods in Physiology - Satellite Symposium Proceedings 28th, v. 34: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-027356-31981L. Fedina
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Neural Communication and Control - Satellite Symposium Proceedings 28th, v. 30: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-027351-81981G. Szekely
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Nutrition, Digestion, Metabolism 28th, v. 12: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-026825-51981T. Gati
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Physiology of Excitable Membranes 28th, v. 4: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-026816-31981Janos Salanki
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Physiology of Non-excitable Cells 28th, v. 3: International Congress Proceedings   "
978-0-08-026815-61981   "
Advances in Physiological Sciences: Regulatory Functions of the C.N.S. - Subsystems 28th, v. 2: International Congress Proceedings   "
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A Field Guide to the Rare Birds of Britain and Europe   "
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A Fish BookPaperback
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A Fortune's Children Christmas/A Home For Christmas/Angel Baby/The Christmas Child   "
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Africa and the World: A Haile Selassie I Prize Trust SymposiumHardcover
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African Art Now   "
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African Elephant Database 1995Broché 978-2-8317-0295-71996M.Y. Said · R.N. Chunge · G.C. Craig · et al
Africa's Changing Markets for Health and Vetinary Services: The New Institutional IssuesHardcover
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A.Games: Sixty Years of Design   "
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Ageing: The Facts   "
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Agency Problems and Financial Contracting   "
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Agents of Change: Study of Police ReformHardcover
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A Geography of Heritage: Power, Culture and EconomyPaperback
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A Glossary of Plastics Terminology in 5 languagesTaschenbuch
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Agricultural and Food PolicyHardcover
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Agricultural Development and Ecological Potential: The Case of HungaryGebunden
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Agricultural Development in Kenya: Economic AssessmentHardcover
978-0-19-572377-91977   "
Agricultural Marketing for Developing Countries: International Conference Proceedings   "
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Agricultural Mid-westPaperback
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Agricultural Science for West African Schools and Colleges   "
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Agricultural Science for West African Schools and Colleges   "
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Agricultural Trade Liberalization and the European CommunityHardcover
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Agro-food MarketingHardcover
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Agronomy of the Pigeon PeaPaperback
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A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and ChildbirthPaperback
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A History of British Trade Unions Since 1889: 1889-1910 v. 1Hardcover
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A History of Scottish Architecture   "
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A History of Technology: v. 2   "
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A History of Technology: v. 3   "
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A History of Technology: v. 4   "
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A History of Technology: v. 5   "
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A History of the Royal College of General Practitioners: First 25 Years   "
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AIDS and HIV Infection: The Wider Perspective: 044   "
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AIDS and Sex: An Integrated Biomedical and Biobehavioural Approach   "
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AIDS: Responses, Interviews and Care   "
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Aids:Setting Feminist Agenda: Setting a Feminist Agenda   "
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Aids Therapy   "
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Ainsworth & Bisby's Dictionary of the Fungi   "
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Air and Space-borne Radar Systems   "
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Air Pollution: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Air Pollution 4th   "
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Airport OperationsPaperback
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Air Toxic Reduction and Combustion Modeling   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: Britain and Ireland   "
978-0-901586-71-12000   "
Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: Britain and Ireland   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: Britain and Ireland   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: Britain and Ireland   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: British Isles   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: British Isles   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: Europe   "
978-0-901586-73-52000   "
Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: Europe   "
978-0-901586-84-11995   "
Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: Europe   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: Europe   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: France   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: France   "
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Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: France   "
978-0-901586-64-31994   "
Alan Rogers' Good Camps Guide: France   "
978-0-901586-56-81993   "
Albanian-English Phrase Book: English-Albanian/Shqip-AnglishtSpiral-bound
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Albion's Fatal Tree: Crime And Society in Eighteenth-Century EnglandPaperback
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Alchemy of Growth: Kickstarting and Sustaining Growth in Your Company   "
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'A' Level History of ArtRing-bound
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A-Level LawPaperback
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A-Level Law   "
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'A' Level Law   "
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Alexander Bogdanov and the Origins of Systems Thinking in RussiaHardcover
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Alexej von Jawlensky: Oil Paintings 1934-37 v. 3: Catalogue Raisonne   "
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Alex Katz: American LandscapeGebunden
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Algal and Cyanobacterial BiotechnologyHardcover
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Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures   "
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Algebraic and Diagrammatic Methods in Many-Fermion Theory   "
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Algebraic Geometry: Bombay Colloquium Papers, 1968   "
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Algebra, Trigonometry and Analytic GeometryHardcover
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Algorithms for the Satisfiability Problem   "
978-0-521-64041-12020Jun Gu · Paul W. Purdom · John Franco · Benjamin W. Wah
All About General Certificate of Secondary Education   "
978-0-435-80615-61986Maureen Mobley
Alle Einsteigen!: Flashcards 2Cards
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Alle Einsteigen!: Teacher's Resource File 3Ring-bound
978-0-340-55744-01997Keith Saunders · Mike Simpson · Karin Ernst · Wolfgang Winter
Allergy Diet: How to Overcome Food IntolerancePaperback
978-0-906348-70-32004Dr. John Hunter
Allergy Therapeutics   "
978-0-7020-0933-41982Keith Eaton
All Our Families: New Policies for a New Century   "
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All Tomorrow's Parties: Billy Name's Photographs of Andy Warhol's FactoryHardcover
978-0-9527414-1-11997Billy Name
Almanack of World Military Power   "
978-0-7106-0039-41980Colonel Trevor N. Dupuy
Along the Path of Discovery: Qualitative Methods and Grounded TheoryTaschenbuch 978-91-44-00515-71997B. Starrin
Alphabetic Keyboarding: Teachers' Manual   "
978-0-538-28462-21991John E. Haugo
Alternativa zero. Tendenze polemiche dell'arte portoghese nella democrazia. Catalogo della mostraCopertina flessibile 978-88-8158-206-81999Teresa Macri · Ernest de Sousa · et al
Alternatives to Monetary DisorderHardcover
978-0-07-029046-41977Fred Hirsch
Alternatives to Monetary DisorderPaperback
978-0-07-029047-11977   "
Alternative Technologies for Power Production: Prepared for the Electric Power Task Force of the Scientists' Institute for Public Information and theHardcover
978-0-02-468430-11976Barry Commoner
Alzheimer Disease, Down Syndrome and Their Relationship   "
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Alzheimer's Disease: Questions and AnswersPaperback
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A Manual of Chemical and Biological Methods for Sea Water Analysis   "
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A Manual of Human Anatomy, 3rd edition - Volume I: Thorax, Abdomen, and PelvisSpiral-bound
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Ambulatory Monitoring 1979: 3rd: International Symposium Proceedings   "
978-0-12-672355-71980   "
Ambulatory Monitoring 1981: 4th: International Symposium Proceedings   "
978-0-12-672360-11982   "
A Measure of Greatness: a History of the Australian Mining Industry   "
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America in Close-upPaperback
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American Arms and a Changing Europe: Dilemmas of Deterrence and DisarmamentHardcover
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American College Testing Preparation Guide   "
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American Constitutional System Under Strong and Weak Parties   "
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American Democracy   "
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American Democracy   "
978-0-03-089490-91977   "
American DemocracyPaperback
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American DemocracyHardcover
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American Democracy in World PerspectivePaperback
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American Development of BiologyHardcover
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American Diplomatic History   "
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American Education   "
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American Education: An Introduction to TeachingPaperback
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American Electricians' HandbookHardcover
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American Electricians' Handbook   "
978-0-07-013931-21985   "
American Girls About TownPaperback
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American GovernmentHardcover
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American GovernmentPaperback
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American History: A Survey   "
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American History: A Survey   "
978-0-07-007957-11994Richard Nelson Current · Brinkley · Alan Brinkley
American History: A Survey   "
978-0-07-015033-11993Richard Nelson Current
American History: A SurveyHardcover
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American Hostages in Iran: Conduct of a Crisis   "
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American Legal History: Cases and Materials   "
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American Literature   "
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American Minorities: The Justice Issue   "
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American MusicHardcover
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American Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Vol. 3   "
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American Paradise: The World of the Hudson River School   "
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American People: Since 1865 v. 2: Creating a Nation and a SocietyPaperback
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American People: To 1877 v. 1: Creating a Nation and a Society   "
978-0-06-047335-81986   "
American Physiological Society Handbook of Physiology: Adaptation to the Environment Section 4Hardcover
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American Physiological Society Handbook of Physiology: Cardiovascular System Section 2   "
978-0-19-520664-71988David F. Bohr · Andrew P. Somlyo · Harvey V. Sparks
American Physiological Society Handbook of Physiology: Endocrinology Section 7   "
978-0-19-520681-41988Hermann Blaschko · George Sayers · A. David Smith
American Studies in Eastern AfricaPaperback 978-9966-846-23-51994Henry Indangasi · Henry Mutoro
American Vocabulary Program: Intermediate Program 2   "
978-0-906717-70-71995John Flower
American Vocabulary Program: Lower Intermediate Program 1   "
978-0-906717-67-71995   "
American Vocabulary Program: Upper Intermediate Program 3   "
978-0-906717-71-41995   "
American West   "
978-0-435-30921-31996Bob Rees
Amesbury: History and Description of a South Wiltshire TownHardcover
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A Miscellany of Middle Eastern Articles in Memoriam Thomas Muir Johnstone, 1924-83Paperback
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A Modern Course in Business English: Bk. 3   "
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978-0-19-453016-31976A. P. R. Howatt · John Webb · Michael Knight
A Modern Course in Business English: Manual   "
978-0-19-453017-01976A. P. R. Howatt · John Webb · Michael Knight
A Modern Guide to Macroeconomics: An Introduction to Competing Schools of Thought   "
978-1-85278-882-71994B. Snowdon · Peter Wynarczyyk
A Modern Mongolian-English Dictionary   " 978-99929-2-100-51998D. Altangerel
A Modular Approach to Text Processing: Bk. 1   "
978-0-273-03322-61990Ann Hackston · Florence Ramage · Margot Beynon
A Modular Approach to Text Processing: Bk.2   "
978-0-273-03887-01992Ann Hackston · Florence Ramage
A Modular Approach to Text Processing: Bk. 2   "
978-0-273-03323-31990Ann Hackston · Florence Ramage · Margot Beynon
Amputations and ProsthesesHardcover
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Amputations and Prostheses   "
978-0-7020-0570-11978   "
Amur Tiger in the U.S.S.R.Broché 978-2-88032-204-51980E.N. Matjushkin
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Recent Research Trends, Conference Proceedings, 1975Hardcover
978-0-12-059750-51977John M. Andrews MD
An Aerial Atlas of Ancient Crete   "
978-0-500-05066-81992J.Wilson Myers
Anaesthesia and Co-existing Disease   "
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Anaesthesia and Co-existing Disease   "
978-0-443-08125-51983   "
Anaesthesia A-ZPaperback
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Anaesthetic AlgorithmsHardcover
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Analogue Computer Simulation of Engineering Systems   "
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Analogue Digital Application Specific Integrated Circuits: Circuit Techniques, Design Tools and Applications   "
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Analogue I.C.Design: The Current-mode ApproachPaperback
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Analogue Optical Fibre CommunicationsHardcover
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Analysis & Optimisation of Stochastic Systems   "
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Analysis and Decision Making: Cases for Marketing ManagementPaperback
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Analysis and Testing of Adhesive BondsHardcover
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Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man-Machine Systems: Proceedings of the 2nd IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Conference, Varese, Italy, 10-12 September 1985   "
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Analysis of Finite Difference Schemes   "
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Andre Derain   "
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Andre Derain: A Painter Through the Ordeal by Fire   "
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Angelo Savelli   " 978-88-8158-029-31995Antonella Soldaini
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Anglican Worship Today   "
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Anglo-American Criminal Justice   "
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Ankle Injuries   "
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Annotated Checklist of the Birds of the Oriental Region   "
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Another Province: New Chinese Writing from London   "
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Anthology of American Literature: v. 1Hardcover
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Anthropology and Archaeology   "
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Antibody Molecule   "
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Antiepileptic Drugs   "
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Antifeminism in the AcademyHardcover
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A. P. L. Congress 1973   "
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Applicability of Short-period Delay Detonators in Safety-lamp MinesPaperback
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Applied Industrial Control: An IntroductionPaperback
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Applied Mathematics for Today: Senior   "
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Applied Productivity Analysis for IndustryHardcover
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Applied Statistics   "
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Applied StatisticsPaperback
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Applied StatisticsHardcover
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Applied Statistics St/gde S/G   "
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Approaches to Child Treatment   "
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Approaches to Child TreatmentHardcover
978-0-08-033630-51986   "
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Architecture and Independence: Search for Identity - India, 1880 to 1980   "
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Argumentation. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Argumentation / Perspectives and Approaches   "
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Arid Zone IrrigationHardcover
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Aristotle Onassis   "
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Arms Watch: SIPRI Report on the First Year of the UN Register of Conventional Arms   "
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Around Melrose   "
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Arp Reliefs: Hans Arp   "
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Arsenal: The Champions' Year. The inside story of the Gunners' 1989-90 Season.Hardcover
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Art and History of GreecePaperback 978-88-8029-435-12001Mario Iozzi
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Arte Povera, Minimal Art, Concept Art: Die Sammlung MarzonaGebunden
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Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice   "
978-0-697-03316-11985   "
Artificial and Natural Radionuclides in Marine LifeHardcover
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Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture: A Postprint Volume from the 2nd IFAC/IFIP/EurAgEng Workshop, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 29-31 May 1995   "
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Art into Production: Soviet Textiles, Fashion and Ceramics, 1917-35Paperback
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Art of Chinese Folk Papercuts: Popularity, Folkways, National Legacy   " 978-7-5072-0851-11996Zhang Shuxian · Wu Yinbo · Zhongmin Lu · Zhen Fang · Fang Guoping
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Art of the DragonHardcover
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Art of the Felt MakerPaperback
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Art of the PacificHardcover
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978-0-7148-3874-81999James Macaulay
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Art Therapy, Race and Culture   "
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As Above So BelowHardcover
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A Sense of Mission   "
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A Single European Arms Industry?: European Defence Industries in the 1990's   "
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Aspects of Educational Technology: v. 8   "
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Aspects of Multilingualism: Proceedings of the Fourth Nordic Symposium on Bilingualism, 1984   " 978-91-554-2066-61988Erling Wande
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Aspects of Women in Antiquity: Proceedings of the First Nordic Symposium on Women's Lives in Antiquity, Goteborg, 12-15 June, 1997   " 978-91-7081-188-31998Lena Larrson Loven
Aspirations and Affluence   "
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Assaults on Convention: Essays on Lesbian TransgressorsPaperback
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Assessing Adolescents: A Practitioner's Guide   "
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Assessing Adolescents: A Practitioner's GuideHardcover
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Assessment in Science: Key Stage 3, Pack 3   "
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Assignments for Business Studies   "
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Atlas of Orthopaedics: CD-Atlas   "
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Atlas of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS: CD-Atlas 1.0   "
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A Tribute to Petr Eben: To Mark His 70th Birthday YearPaperback
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At Risk: Natural Hazards, People's Vulnerability and DisastersTextbook Binding
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Attack in the West 1940   "
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Attitudes to Crime, Crime Reduction and Community Safety in Northern Ireland   "
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Attitudes to English Usage   "
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Audio TranscriptionSpiral-bound
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Audio TranscriptionAudio Cassette
978-0-07-084883-21985   "
Audio Transcription: Tchrs'Spiral-bound
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Audiovisual Instruction: Technology, Media and Methods   "
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Auditing Management DevelopmentPaperback
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Auditing Research: Issues and OpportunitiesHardcover
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Aufklarer: Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Aircraft and Units 1935-1945   "
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Auftakt: 3: Get Ahead in GermanPaperback
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Augustan Milieu: Essays Presented to Louis A.LandaHardcover
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Aurora Australis   "
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Australia   "
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Australia at the Crossroads: Our Choices to the Year 2000   "
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Authentic Chinese Horoscopes: Year of the Dragon   "
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Authentic Chinese Horoscopes: Year of the Horse   "
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Authentic Chinese Horoscopes: Year of the Monkey   "
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Authentic Chinese Horoscopes: Year of the Rabbit   "
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Authentic English for Reading: Bk. 3   "
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Authors of the Middle Ages: English Writers of the Late Middle Ages v.3: English Writers of the Late Middle Ages Vol 3Hardcover
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Autoimmune Aspects of Endocrine Disorders: Symposium Proceedings   "
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Automation in Navigation and Tactical Control in Fishing   "
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Automation of Offshore Oil Field Operation   "
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Automobile and the Regulation of Its Impact on the Environment   "
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Autonomous and Non-autonomous Colleges: Selected Case Studies   " 978-81-259-0726-81999S.K. Rao · G. Mathew · S.K. Samantray
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Aviation Psychology in Practice   "
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Avventura: A Beginner's Course in Italian   "
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Awaking to LiteracyHardcover
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A World That Was: Yaraldi of the Murray River and the Lakes, South AustraliaHardcover
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Axiomatic Quantum Field Theory   "
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Baby and You: The Real Life Guide to Birth and BabiesPaperback
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Bad WeatherPaperback
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Bali   "
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Ballet Rambert: Fifty Years and on   "
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Baltic Capitals   "
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Bank Director's HandbookHardcover
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Banking Act, 1979   "
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Banking and the Financial Services Act   "
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Banking and the Financial Services Act   "
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Banking in the Early Stages of Industrialization   "
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Bankruptcy: Law and Practice   "
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Basic Accounting PracticePaperback
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Basic Accounting Practice   "
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Basic Accounting Practice: Tchrs'   "
978-0-273-01521-51980   "
Basic Accounting Practice: Tchrs'. Manual   "
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Basic Algebra   "
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Basic Biochemistry   "
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Basic Concepts in Electronic InstrumentationPaperback
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Basic Concepts of Anatomy and Physiology   "
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Basic Economics   "
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Basic Electrical Engineering   "
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Basic Electric Circuit AnalysisHardcover
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Basic Financial Management   "
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Basic Financial ManagementHardcover
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Basic Financial Management   "
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Basic Financial Management   "
978-0-13-060541-21979   "
Basic HistologyTaschenbuch
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Basic Histology   "
978-0-8385-0579-31992L.Carlos Junqueira · Jose Carneiro · Robert O. Kelly
Basic ImmunogeneticsHardcover
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Basic ImmunogeneticsPaperback
978-0-19-503405-91984H. Hugh Fudenberg · et al
Basic Immunogenetics   "
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Basic Immunogenetics   "
978-0-19-501565-21975   "
Basic Immunogenetics   "
978-0-19-264221-91973   "
Basic Information Keyboarding Skills: A Collegiate Course   "
978-0-538-28711-11987T.James Crawford
BASIC is Child's Play: Apple Edition   "
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BASIC is Child's Play: Commodore 64 Edition   "
978-0-13-058819-71984   "
BASIC is Child's Play: I.B.M.Personal Computer Edition   "
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Basic Keyboarding and Formatting: Teachers' GuideTaschenbuch
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Basic Keyboarding and Typewriting ApplicationsPaperback
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Basic Manufacturing   "
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Basic Mathematics for Electronics   "
978-0-07-012510-01970   "
Basic Mathematics for Trades and Technologies   "
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Basic Mechanical Mathematics: Bk. 1   "
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Basic Mechanical Mathematics: Bk. 2   "
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Basic Organic Chemistry: Pt. 5Hardcover
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Basic Physics   "
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Basic Physics and Measurement in AnaesthesiaPaperback
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Basic Principles of TrainingHardcover
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BASIC Programmes for Production and Operations ManagementPaperback
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Basic RetailingHardcover
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Basic Science of Nuclear Medicine   "
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Basic Skills in Technical Mathematics: v. 2   "
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Basic Skills in Technical Mathematics: v. 3   "
978-0-205-05834-11977   "
Basic Skills in Technical Mathematics: v. 4   "
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Basic Steel DesignHardcover
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Basic Steel Design   "
978-0-13-069351-81974   "
Basic Structural Analysis SkillsPaperback
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Basic Tactics for Listening: Student's Book   "
978-0-19-434587-31995Jack C. Richards
Basic Technical English: Teacher's Book   "
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Basic Urogynaecology   "
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Basic UrogynaecologyHardcover
978-0-19-262360-71993   "
Basic Vocabulary: Phase 1Spiral-bound
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Basic Voice Training for SpeechPaperback
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Batman and Dracula: Red Rain   "
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Batman: Cataclysm   "
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Batman: Contagion   "
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Batman: Dark Legends   "
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Batman/Deathblow: After the Fire   "
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Batman: The Cult   "
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Batman: Venom   "
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Battle of Blore Heath, 1459   "
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Baudin in Australian Waters: The Art Work of the French Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands, 1800-04Hardcover
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Bauhaus: A Visionary ArchitectureGebunden
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Bau und Raum, Jahrbuch 1998; Buildings and Regions. Annual 1998Taschenbuch
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Bayesian Statistics: 3rd: Proceedings of the Valencia International Meeting   "
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Bazak Guide to Israel 1985-86Paperback
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Beam-foil Spectroscopy: 2nd: International Conference Proceedings   "
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Beat Dyslexia: Activity Pack Bk. 1   "
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Beat Dyslexia: Activity Pack Bk. 3Hardcover
978-1-85503-236-11998Celia Stone · Elizabeth Franks · Myra Nicholson
Beauty Therapy: The BasicsPaperback
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Becoming Feminine: Politics of Popular Culture   "
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Bedford CF Van 1969-87 Owner's Workshop ManualPaperback
978-1-85010-429-21987   "
Bedford School and the Great FireHardcover
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Begg Box: "Economics", "Economics Workbook" and "Begg Lecture Notebook"   "
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Beginning C# DatabasesPaperback
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Beginning Office Practice   "
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Beginning PHP4 Programming   "
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Behavioural Approaches to Cardiovascular Disease   "
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Behaviour Disorders of Children and Adolescents   "
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Behaviour in Organizations   "
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Behaviour Principles   "
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Behaviour, Society and Nuclear War: v.2: Vol 2   "
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Beken of Cowes: 1919-39 v. 2   "
978-0-304-93429-41969   "
Bellini and the EastPaperback
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Beluga : Investigation of the SpeciesHardcover
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Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage   "
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Berlin, 1910-33   "
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Bernard Stevens and His Music   "
978-1-871082-03-62006Alan Bush
Berthet Pochy: Interior DesignCopertina rigida 978-88-86490-06-11995Alain Dovifat
Best Games of C.H.O. AlexanderHardcover
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Best Ideas: Compendium of Social InnovationsPaperback
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Best Schoolboy Jokes   "
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Better Homes and Gardens All-Time Favorite Hamburger and Ground Meats RecipesHardcover
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Better Homes and Gardens Italian Cook Book   "
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Better Homes and Gardens Meatless Main Dishes   "
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Better Teaching in Secondary Schools   "
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Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology   "
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Biology and Society   "
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Biology by Inquiry: Bk. 2   "
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Biology of Microorganisms   "
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Biology of Microorganisms   "
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Biology of the Lymphokines   "
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Biopsychology of Development   "
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Biopsy Pathology of Bone and Bone Marrow   "
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Bioresources for Development   "
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Biosensors   "
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Birds of the Soviet Union: v. 3   "
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Birds of the Soviet Union: v. 4   "
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Birds of the Soviet Union: v. 6   "
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Birmingham City Transport   "
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Birth of a Mother: How the Experience of Motherhood Changes You for Ever   "
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Biz 2000 Comprehensive Business Dictionary: Danish-English: Biz 2000 Business FagordbogHardcover 978-87-7845-338-91999   "
Biz 2000 Comprehensive Business Dictionary: English-Danish: Biz 2000 Business FagordbogCD-ROM 978-87-7845-335-81999   "
Biz 2000 Comprehensive Business Dictionary: English-Danish: Biz 2000 Business FagordbogHardcover 978-87-7845-340-21999   "
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Black Politics: The Inevitability of Conflict   "
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Black Professionals in Welfare   "
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Black Studies in the University: A Symposium   "
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Blast: Vorticism, 1914-1918   "
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Block Mania   "
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Blood Flow in the Brain   "
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Blue-green AlgaeHardcover
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Bluff Your Way in TelevisionPaperback
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Bluntman and Chronic   "
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Blu, rosso e oro. Segni e colori araldici in carte, codici e oggetti d'arte. Catalogo della mostraCopertina flessibile 978-88-435-6751-51998Isabella Massabo Ricci · Marco Carassi · et al
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Bodmin Moor: The Human Landscape to c.1800 v. 1: An Archaeological Survey   "
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Body Cell Mass and Its Supporting EnvironmentHardcover
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Bogdanov and His Work: A Guide to the Published and Unpublished Works of Alexander A.Bogdanov , 1873-1928   "
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Bolton Standards of Dentofacial Developmental Growth   "
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Book of Questions and Answers   "
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Border Patrols: Policing Sexual BoundariesPaperback
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Born Secret: H-bomb, the Progressive Case and National SecurityHardcover
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Born Too Early: Special Care for Your Preterm BabyPaperback
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Born Too Early: Special Care for Your Preterm BabyHardcover
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Botany: A Brief Introduction to Plant Biology   "
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Boundary Elements: 23rd: International Conference Proceedings   "
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Bouquins a la Mode: Hamper PackPaperback
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Bovine MastitisHardcover
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Bovine Mastitis   "
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978-0-697-07888-91989Joan L. Martin
Boyz II Men   "
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BPEL Cookbook: Best Practices for SOA-based Integration and Composite Applications DevelopmentDigital
978-1-84719-023-92006Stany Blanvalet · Jeremy Bolie
BPEL Cookbook: Best Practices for SOA-based Integration and Composite Applications DevelopmentPaperback
978-1-904811-33-62006Stany Blanvalet · Jeremy Bolie
Brain Ageing: Molecular Neurobiology, the Ageing Process and Neurodegenerative DiseaseGebunden
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Brain Development and BehaviourHardcover
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Brain Mechanism and the Control of Behaviour   "
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Brain Mechanisms of Perception and Memory: From Neuron to Behavior   "
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Brain Tumour: A Guide for Patients and CarersPaperback
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Branch Lines Around MarchHardcover
978-1-873793-09-11993Vic Mitchell · Smith
Branding@the Digital Age   "
978-0-333-94769-22001Herbert M. Meyers · Richard Gerstman
Brand New Monty Python PapperbokPaperback
978-0-413-74140-02000Graham Chapman
Brazil and MexicoHardcover
978-0-19-520874-01993Angus Maddison
Brazilian Ecosystems   " 978-85-7083-018-01989Carlos Toledo Rizzini
Breaking Ground: Teachers Relate Reading and Writing in the Elementary SchoolPaperback
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Breakthrough - Blue Series: Old Houses   "
978-0-14-062068-91973David Mackay
Breakthrough in Making Computers Friendly: The Macintosh GroupHardcover
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Breakthrough: Tchrs' Bk. 1: Course in English Communication PracticePaperback
978-0-19-581658-71978Sripoom Panpat
Breakthrough: Tchrs' Bk. 3: Course in English Communication Practice   "
978-0-19-581660-01979Noor Azlina Yoor
Breakthrough to Literacy: Tchrs'   "
978-0-582-19060-31970David Mackay
Breakthrough: Your Guide to Handling Career Opportunities and Changes   "
978-0-9522754-6-61999Anthony Weldon
Breast Cancer Management: The Experience of the Combined Breast Clinic, St.George's Hospital and the Royal Marsden HospitalHardcover
978-0-12-790899-11981R.C. Coombes
Breast Cancer Screening: A Practical Guide: 006Paperback
978-0-19-261789-71988Joan Austoker · John Humphreys
Breast Cancer Screening: A Practical Guide   "
978-0-19-261878-81989Joan Austoker · John Humphreys · Maureen Roberts
Brecht as They Knew Him   "
978-0-85315-285-91975Hanns Eisler
Breed Improvement in Cattle BreedingHardcover
978-0-7065-0079-0E.A. Novikov
Brevetti del design italiano-Original patents of italian design 1946-1966. Ediz. illustrataCopertina flessibile 978-88-435-7543-52000Giampiero Bosoni
Brewer's Cinema: A Phrase and Fable DictionaryPaperback
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Bridge Management: 1stHardcover
978-0-419-16050-21990J. E. Harding · M.J. Ryall · G.A.R. Parke
Bridge Not Far Enough: Community Drug Teams and Doctors in the North-western Region, 1982-86Paperback
978-0-948830-02-01991John Strang
Bridges to Literacy: Learning from Reading Recovery   "
978-0-435-08575-91991Diane E. DeFord
Brief Introduction to General, Organic and BiochemistryHardcover
978-0-7216-7769-91976Joseph I. Routh
Brief Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry   "
978-0-7216-7768-21971   "
Brief Introduction to Managerial and Social Uses of Accounting   "
978-0-13-082008-21975Robert G. May
Brief Textbook of Surgery   "
978-0-7216-1415-11976Curtis P. Artz
Bright Future: Re-use of Industrial BuildingsPaperback
978-0-905978-29-11990Marcus Binney · Francis Machin · Ken Powell · Save Britain's Heritage
Bright Lights Blaze OutHardcover
978-0-19-276059-31986Alan Bold · Julie O'Callaghan · Gareth Owen
Bristol 170, Britannia, Canadair CL-28 and CL-44Paperback
978-0-85130-054-21977Peter Davis
Bristol: An Architectural HistoryHardcover
978-0-85331-409-71979Andor Harvey Gomme · Michael Jenner · Bryan D. G. Little
Bristol Bladder Tumour RegistryPaperback
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Britain 1750-1900: Bk. 3   "
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Britain and the United States: Four Views to Mark the Silver Jubilee   "
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Britain from Waterloo to the Great ExhibitionLoose Leaf
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Britain Since 1930Paperback
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Britain's Rebel Air Force: War from the Air in Rhodesia, 1965-80Hardcover
978-1-902304-05-21998Roy Conyers Nesbitt
British Bronze Age Metalwork: Early Bronze Age Hoards A1-6Ring-bound
978-0-7141-1380-71985Stuart P. Needham · Andrew J. Lawson · H.Stephen Green
British ChessHardcover
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British Council and the ArtsPaperback
978-0-86355-048-51986Richard Hoggart
British Elections and Parties Yearbook 1992Hardcover
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British Foreign PolicyHardcover
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British Gardeners: A Biographical DictionaryPaperback
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British Gardeners: A Biographical DictionaryHardcover
978-0-302-00541-51980   "
British Music Year Book 1998: The Directory of the Classical Music IndustryPaperback
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British Political Facts, 1900-79   "
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British Railways Engine Sheds: An LNER Inheritance No. 1   "
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British SocietyHardcover
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British Spiders: v. 3   "
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Origin   "
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Buntings and Sparrows   "
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Burgess HillPaperback
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Burghley House   "
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Burghley House   "
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Butterworths International Taxation of Financial Instruments and TransactionsHardcover
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Butterworth's Welfare LawRing-bound
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By Water, Road and Rail: History of Transport in Weston-on-TrentPaperback
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Calanais: The Atlantic Stones   "
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Camallanata of Animals and Man and Diseases Caused by Them   "
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Cancer Survival Trends in England and Wales 1971/1995 1971-95: Deprivation and NHS REgion   "
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Canine and Feline Urology   "
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Can Japan Compete?   "
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Capital Investment in the Middle EastHardcover
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Capital Radio's Book of Computers and Simple Programming   "
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Captain Britain   "
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Carboniferous Stratigraphy of the U.S.S.R.   "
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Cardiac Output and Its Regulation   "
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Cardiogenic Reflexes   "
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Cardiology for Nurses   "
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Cardiovascular Diseases: Genetics, Epidemiology and Prevention   "
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Career Choice, Development and Change in Medicine: An In-depth Study with Case HistoriesPaperback
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Careers and IdentitiesHardcover
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Care of the Neurologically Handicapped Child: Book for Parents and ProfessionalsHardcover
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Caribbean Currents: Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae   "
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Caring for Children: International Perspectives on Pastoral Care and PSE: International Perspectives on Pastoral Care and Personal and Social ... Pastoral Care & Personal & Social Education)Hardcover
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Caring For Kids: A Critical Study Of Urban School Leavers   "
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Carla AccardiPaperback 978-88-8158-039-21996Susanne Pfleger
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Carp Tales: A Collection of Humorous Stories   "
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Carriage by Air   "
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Carrots and Related Vegetable UmbelliferaePaperback
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Cartel Law of European Economic CommunityHardcover
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Case Histories in Science: Physics   "
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Cases in Consumer BehaviourPaperback
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Cases in Finance   "
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Cases in Finance   "
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Cases in International Marketing   "
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Cases in Management Accounting and Control Systems   "
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Cases in Managerial Finance   "
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Cases in Managerial Finance   "
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Cases in Managerial Finance   "
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Cases in Managerial Finance   "
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Cases in Managerial Finance   "
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Cases of Sherlock HolmesHardcover
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Case Studies in Development Economics   "
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Case Studies in Public Sector Economics   "
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Case Studies in the Competitive ProcessPaperback
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Case Studies in the Economics of Social Issues: Tchrs'   "
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Case Studies in the European Economic UnionHardcover
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Cassell Business Briefings: Japan   "
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Cassell Dictionary of Italian Literature   "
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Cassell's Encyclopedia of Queer Myth, Symbol and Spirit: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender LoreHardcover
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Cassell's School French-English, English-French Dictionary   "
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Catalogue of Chinese Publications in Tibetan StudiesPaperback 978-7-119-00029-91994Ma Huiping · Wu Surong · Li Zhizhong
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Catalogue of the Chemically Analysed Igneous Rocks in the Collection of the British MuseumPaperback
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Cavitation and Gas-Liquid Flow in Fluid Machinery and Devices   "
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Century 21 Accounting: Advanced Course: Teacher's Manual   "
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Century 21 Accounting: Advanced Course - Working Papers to 4r.ePaperback
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Century 21 Accounting: First Year Course   "
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Century 21 Accounting: First Year Course - Introductory Course   "
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Century 21 Accounting: First Year Course - Module 2   "
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Century 21 Accounting: First Year Course - Module 3   "
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Century 21 Accounting: First Year Course - Module 3 Textbook   "
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Century 21 Accounting: First Year Course - The Court Yard   "
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Century 21 Typewriting   "
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Challenge to ThinkPaperback
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Changabang   "
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Change, Choice and Conflict in Social Policy   "
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Changing Demography of Spanish AmericansHardcover
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Chapmanworld: Chapman, Dinos and Jake - Institute of Contemporary Arts 11 May-14 July 1996   "
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Character Dance   "
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Characterizations and Analysis of Block DesignsHardcover
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Charter for Communications   "
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Chart File: v. 2   "
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Chaucer Glossary   "
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Checklist of Irish Aquatic InsectsPaperback
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Checklist of the Parasites of Fishes of Australia and Its Antarctic Territories   "
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Chemical AnalysisHardcover
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Chemical Bond   "
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Chemistry and Biology of Nucleosides and Nucleotides   "
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Chemistry, Man and Society   "
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Chemistry, Man and Society   "
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Chemotaxonomy of the Leguminosae   "
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Chez les DupreHardcover
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Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul: 101 Stories of Courage, Hope and Laughter   "
978-0-09-188218-12001   "
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul: Stories About Pets as Teachers, Healers, Heroes and Friends   "
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Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work   "
978-0-09-182549-21999   "
Chickpea Diseases: Resistance-screening Techniques   " 978-92-9066-037-81981Y.L. Nene
Child Abuse: An Agenda for Action   "
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Childbearing Family: Pregnancy and Family Health v. 1   "
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Child Development and Education in Japan   "
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Child Development: An Introduction   "
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Child Development: An Introduction   "
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Child Development: An Observation Manual   "
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Child Development Through LiteratureHardcover
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Child Guidance and Delinquency in a London Borough   "
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Child Health and Survival: Unicef Growth-monitoring, Oral Hydration Therapy, Breast-feeding and Immunisation - Female Education, Family Spacing, Food Supplements Programme   "
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Child Health Psychology   "
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Children in Institutions: The Beginning of the End? - The Cases of Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile and UruguayCopertina flessibile 978-88-85401-86-02003Maria Angeles Garcia Llumente
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Children Need Groups: Practical Manual for Group Work with Young ChildrenHardcover
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Children of BombayHardcover
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Children Returning Home: The Re-unification of Families   "
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Children Using MathematicsPaperback
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Children with Autism: Diagnosis and Interventions to Meet Their Needs   "
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Children, Work and Ideology: Cross-cultural Comparison of Children's Understanding of Work and the Social Division of Labour   " 978-91-22-01178-11988Gunilla Dahlberg
Child's Political World: A Longitudinal PerspectiveHardcover
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Chilton's Guide to Emission Diagnosis, Tune-Up and Vacuum Diagrams/1979-1980Paperback
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China Day by Day   "
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China Day by DayPaperback
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China: Developing Military CapabilityHardcover
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China Trade: Prospects and Perspectives   "
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Chinese for Today: Bk. 2Paperback 978-962-07-4411-21996H. Zhengcheng
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Chinese Pottery Burial Objects of the Sui and T'ang Dynasties   "
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Chinese Societies and Mental Health   "
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Chinesisches Paradies Vol. 1A - LehrbuchPaperback 978-7-5619-1699-52006Fuhua Liu
Chlorinated Dioxins and Related Compounds: Impact on the Environment - Workshop ProceedingsHardcover
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Choice Over Chance: Economic and Energy Options for the Future   "
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Cholesterol, Children and Heart Disease: An Analysis of Alternatives   "
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Christians and Nuclear DisarmamentPaperback
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Christians: Bk. 1   "
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Chromosomal Anomalies and Prenatal Development: An Atlas   "
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Chronic Disease Epidemiology and ControlPaperback
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"Chronicle of Hydatius" and the "Consularia Constantinopolitana": Two Contemporary Accounts of the Final Years of the Roman EmpireHardcover
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Churchill's Pocketbook of Intensive Care   "
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C.H.Wilkinson, 1888-1960Hardcover
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Ciao!: Copymasters Bk. 3   "
978-0-17-439654-32000   "
Ciao!: Teachers' Resource Book Bk. 1   "
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Cisplatin: Current Status and New DevelopmentsHardcover
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CITES Bulb Checklist for the Genera: Cyclamen, Galanthus and SternbergiaPaperback
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CITES Carnivorous Plant Checklist   "
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City Managers and School Superintendents: Response to Community ConflictHardcover
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City of Akhenaten: Pt. 3   "
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City Racing: The Life and Times of an Artist-Run Gallery   "
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City Women: America v. 1: Work, Jobs, Occupations, Careers   "
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City Women: Chicago v. 2: Work, Jobs, Occupations, Careers   "
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Civilizations of the World: Study Guide v. 1: The Human Adventure   "
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Civilizations of the World: Study Guide v. 2: The Human Adventure   "
978-0-06-047353-21990   "
Civilizations of the World: The Human Adventure   "
978-0-06-047359-41990   "
Civilizations of the World: v. 1 & 2 in 1v.: The Human Adventure   "
978-0-06-044740-31990   "
Civil Jet Aircraft DesignPaperback
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Civil Liberties: Cases and Materials   "
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Civil Liberties: Cases and Materials   "
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Civil Liberties: Cases and Materials   "
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Civil Liberties: Cases and MaterialsHardcover
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Civil-Military RelationsPaperback
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Cladistics: Theory and Practice   "
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Clarice Cliff: The Bizarre AffairPaperback
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Clash of Issues: Readings and Problems in American Government   "
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Class 47 DieselsHardcover
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Classic Aircraft, Their History and How to Model Them: Messerschmitt Bf 109 Versions B-E No. 2   "
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Classification and Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease: An International PerspectiveGebunden
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Classification of Musculoskeletal TraumaHardcover
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Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers   "
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Classroom Management for Elementary TeachersPaperback
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Classroom Management for Secondary Teachers   "
978-0-13-136433-21988Edmund T. Emmer
Classroom Management for Secondary TeachersHardcover
978-0-13-136441-71988   "
Clayey Barrier Systems for Waste Disposal Facilities   "
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Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip: A Team Approach to Clinical Management and Rehabilitation of the Patient   "
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Cleveland Street Affair   "
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Clifford AnalysisPaperback
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Cliff the Complete Chronicle UpdatHardcover
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Climatic Change and the Mediterranean: v. 1: Environmental and Societal Impacts of Climatic Change and Sea-level Rise in the Mediterranean Region   "
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Clinical Acid-base BalancePaperback
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Clinical Acid-base BalanceHardcover
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Clinical and Experimental Aspects of Fungal PoisoningBroschiert
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Clinical and Experimental NeuropsychophysiologyHardcover
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Clinical Applications of Ribavirin   "
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Clinical Applications of Ventilatory Support   "
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Clinical Aspects of AIDS and AIDS-related Complex   "
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Clinical Dental Hygiene: A Handbook for the Dental Team   "
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Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods   "
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Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods: v. 2Textbook Binding
978-0-7216-4653-41979   "
Clinical ENT: An Illustrated TextbookPaperback
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Clinical ENT: An Illustrated TextbookHardcover
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Clinical ExaminationPaperback
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Clinical Examination: Case StudiesHardcover
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Clinical Genetics: Problems in Diagnosis and Counselling - Symposium Proceedings   "
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Clinical Guide to Behaviour TherapyPaperback
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Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility: With Study Guide   "
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Clinical Haematology: A Postgraduate Exam Companion   "
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Clinical Manual of Gynecology   "
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Clinical Medicine in Africans in Southern AfricaHardcover
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Clinical Methods   "
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Clinical Methods: v. 1Paperback
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Clinical Methods: v. 2   "
978-0-409-95004-51976   "
Clinical Neuroradiology: A TextbookGebunden
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Clinical Nuclear MedicineHardcover
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Clinical Nursing Skills   "
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Clinical Oncology   "
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Clinical Oncology and Cancer Nursing: Conference ProceedingsPaperback
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Clinical Optics and Refraction   "
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Clinical Oxygen Pressure Measurement IIGebunden
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Clinical Pediatric Urology: v. 1Hardcover
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Clinical Pediatric Urology: v. 1   "
978-0-7216-5350-11976Panayotis P. Kelalis
Clinical Pediatric Urology: v. 2   "
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Clinical Pediatric Urology: v. 2   "
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Clinical PharmacologyPaperback
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Clinical Pharmacology   "
978-0-443-01759-91978   "
Clinical Pharmacology   "
978-0-443-01304-11975   "
Clinical Pharmacology and Nursing ManagementHardcover
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Clinical Pharmacology and Nursing Management   "
978-0-397-54505-61986Roberta Todd Spencer
Clinical Pharmacology and Nursing Management   "
978-0-397-54304-51983   "
Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology   "
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Clinical Practice in AdoptionPaperback
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Clinical Practice in AdoptionHardcover
978-0-08-034222-11988   "
Clinical Problems with Drugs   "
978-0-7216-2613-01975Leighton E. Cluff
Clinical Protocols: A Guide for Nurses and PhysiciansPaperback
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Clinical PsychiatryHardcover
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Clinical Psychology Handbook   "
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Clinical Psychoneuroendocrinology in Reproduction   "
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Clinical Skills for Medical Students: A Hands-on GuidePaperback
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Clinical Supervision and Mentorship in Nursing   "
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Clinical Supervision: Special Methods for the Supervision of TeachersHardcover
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Clinical Trial Methodology in StrokePaperback
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Closed Shop: A Comparative Study in Public Policy and Trade Union Security in Britain, the U.S.A.and West GermanyHardcover
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Closely Observed InfantsPaperback
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"Close Up", 1927-33: Cinema and Modernism   "
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"Close Up", 1927-33: Cinema and ModernismHardcover
978-0-304-33521-31998James Donald · Anne Friedberg · Laura Marcus
Cloze Reading InventoryPaperback
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Clues to Diagnosis in Congenital Heart DiseaseHardcover
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Clymer Bsa 500 & 650Cc Unit Twins 1963-1972, Norton 750 & 850Cc Commandos 1969-1975, Triumph 500-750Cc Twins 1963-1979Paperback
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Clymer Yamaha Fj1100 & Fj1200 1984-1993   "
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Coal Liquefaction and Gasification TechnologiesHardcover
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Coastal Land Loss in the U.S.: The Causes and Case Histories   "
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Coastal Resource Use: Decisions on Puget Sound   "
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Coastal Zone of West Africa: Problems and Management   "
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Cocaine: Clinical and Biobehavioural Aspects   "
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Cocky: The Rise and Fall of Curtis Warren, Britain's Biggest Drugs Baron   "
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Coconut Moth in Fiji   "
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Codex: Space MarinesPaperback
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Coefficient of Friction of Some Rocks and Other High-melting-point Materials During Continuous Rubbing   "
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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychiatric Problems: A Practical Guide   "
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Cognitive Neurochemistry   "
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Cognitive ProcessesPaperback
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Cognitive ProcessesHardcover
978-0-13-139634-01979   "
Cognitive Processes in Animal BehaviorLoose Leaf
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Cognitive Theory: v.1Hardcover
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Cognitive Therapy in Clinical Practice   "
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Coinage in Tenth-century England: From Edward the Elder to Edgar's Reform   "
978-0-19-726060-91989C.E. Blunt · B. H. I. H. Stewart · C. S. S. Lyon
Coin Collecting   "
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Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins, 1066 to Date 1997   "
978-0-9526228-1-91996Richard Lobel
Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins, 1066 to Date 1998   "
978-0-9526228-2-61997   "
Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins, 1066 to Date 1999   "
978-0-9526228-6-41998   "
Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins, 1066 to Date 2000   "
978-0-9526228-8-82003   "
Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of English and UK Coins, 1066 to DatePaperback
978-0-9526228-0-21995   "
Co-integration, Error Correction and the Econometric Analysis of Non-stationary DataHardcover
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Coke: Quality and Production   "
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Collateral Damage   "
978-1-84002-126-42010Tariq Ali · Brenton · Tour
Collective Bargaining in Industrialized Market EconomicsHardcover 978-92-2-105607-21987John P. Windmuller · et al
Collective Bargaining Law in Canada   "
978-0-409-81879-61986A.W.R. Carrothers
Collective Identities in an Era of Transformations: Analysing Developments in East and Central Europe and the Former Soviet UnionPaperback 978-91-7966-536-41998K.G. Karlsson
Collective Oscillations in a PlasmaHardcover
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Collective Phenomena in Atomic Nuclei   " 978-9971-950-90-31985T. Engeland · et al
Collective Phenomena in Current-Carrying PlasmasRelié 978-2-88124-016-41984E.D. Volkov
College AccountingHardcover
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive CourseTaschenbuch
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive CourseSpiral-bound
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive CoursePaperback
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive Course   "
978-0-538-20285-51985   "
College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive Course   "
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive Course   "
978-0-538-20305-01985   "
College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive Course   "
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive Course   "
978-0-538-27578-11985   "
College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive CourseHardcover
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Intensive Course: Lessons 1-50 - Laboratory MaterialsHardcover
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College Keyboarding Typewriting Intermediate Course   "
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Introductory Course: Lessons 1-75Paperback
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Multimedia Learning System to 12r.e.Taschenbuch
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College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Multimedia Learning System to 12r.e.Hardcover
978-0-538-70129-71990   "
College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Multimedia Learning System to 12r.e.Taschenbuch
978-0-538-70130-31990   "
College Keyboarding/Typewriting: Multimedia Learning System to 12r.eHardcover
978-0-538-70138-91990   "
College Physical Science   "
978-0-06-044443-31974Vaden W. Miles
College Zoology   "
978-0-02-312040-41976Karl A. Stiles
Collins Advanced Science – BiologyPaperback
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Collins Bird Guide   "
978-0-00-726814-62008Lars Svensson · Killian Mullarney
Collins Design and Technology Foundation Course   "
978-0-00-327352-61997M. Finney · Colin Chapman · Michael Horsley
Collins Grammar RulesHardcover
978-0-00-312285-51997Angus Rose
Collins Pathways: Pathways to Literacy Year 6Paperback
978-0-00-301473-01998Barrie Wade
Collins Pocket Italian Dictionary: Italian-English, English-Italian   "
978-0-00-433203-11982Catherine E. Love
Collins Pocket Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-English, English-SpanishHardcover
978-0-00-470310-71993Mike Gonzalez
Collins Pocket Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-English, English-SpanishPaperback
978-0-00-433204-81982   "
Colloquial RussianHardcover
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Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical DermatologyPaperback
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Color Atlas and Textbook of Oral Anatomy, Histology and EmbryologyPaperback
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Color Atlas of Fetal CardiologyHardcover
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Color Atlas of Minor Oral Surgery   "
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Color Atlas of Pediatric RheumatologyPaperback
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Color Atlas of Pediatric Rheumatology   "
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Color Atlas of the Skull   "
978-0-7234-2088-01994Barry K. B. Berkovitz · B.J. Moxham · D. Telling
Color Television Picture TubesHardcover
978-0-12-022151-61974A.M. Morrell
Colour and Citizenship: Report on British Race RelationsPaperback
978-0-19-218180-01969Eliot Joseph Benn Rose
Colour and Citizenship: Report on British Race RelationsHardcover
978-0-19-218182-41969   "
Colour Atlas and Textbook of Human Anatomy: Internal Organs v. 2Taschenbuch
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Colour Atlas and Textbook of Human Anatomy: Locomotor System v. 1   "
978-3-13-533303-81986Werner Kahle · et al
Colour Atlas and Textbook of Human Anatomy: Nervous System and Sensory Organs v. 3   "
978-3-13-533503-21986Werner Kahle · et al
Colour Atlas of Endoscopy and Biopsy of the IntestineHardcover
978-0-7216-1609-41975Kurt Beck
Colour Atlas of First Pass Functional Imaging of the Heart   "
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Colour Atlas of Head and Neck AnatomyPaperback
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Colour Atlas of Insect Tissue Via the Flea, A   "
978-0-7234-0891-81985Miriam Rothschild
Colour Atlas of Medical MycologyGebunden
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Colour Atlas of Paediatric HaematologyHardcover
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Colour Atlas of Paediatric Haematology   "
978-0-19-261227-41983   "
Colour Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy: v. 1-3   "
978-0-7234-2573-11995Raymond R. Ashdown · Stanley Done · S.A. Evans · P. Goody · Neil Stickland
Colposcopy   "
978-0-7216-3050-21978S. Dexeus
Combating Resistance to Xenobiotics: Bibliogical and Chemical ApproachesGebunden
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Combinatorial Mathematics: International Colloquium ProceedingsHardcover
978-0-444-86512-01983Claude Berge
Combinatory Logic: v. 1   "
978-0-7204-2207-81958Haskell B. Curry
Combined Immunodeficiency Disease and Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency: A Molecular Defect   "
978-0-12-492750-61975Hilaire J. Meuwissen
Combined Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology   "
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Combustion Modelling, Confiring and N.O.X.Control   "
978-0-7918-0995-21993Ashwani K. Gupta
Come See the Place: The Holy Land Jesus Knew   "
978-0-13-152538-21979Gordon Converse
Comic Relations: Studies in the Comic, Satire and ParodyTaschenbuch
978-3-8204-8223-21985Pavel Petr
Coming to God: Annotated Guide: Coming to Faith - Found to be in Conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic ChurchPaperback
978-0-8215-4311-51998Angela Dinger · James Karen · Jeanine Ferrara
Command Control and CommunicationsHardcover
978-0-08-028332-61983A.M. Willcox
Command Control and CommunicationsPaperback
978-0-08-028333-31983   "
Commentary on the Whole BibleHardcover
978-0-551-00141-11961R. Jamieson
Commercial Banking   "
978-0-13-152322-71984Edward W. Reed
Commercial Banking   "
978-0-13-152785-01980   "
Commercial Dispute Resolution: An ADR Practice Guide   "
978-0-406-02011-61995Karl J. Mackie · David Miles
Commitment to Diversity: Catholics and Education in a Changing World   "
978-0-304-70541-21999Mary Eaton · Jane Longmore · Arthur Naylor
Commitment to Diversity: Catholics and Education in a Changing WorldPaperback
978-0-304-70542-91999Mary Eaton · Jane Longmore · Arthur Naylor
Commodore 64 Fun and Games   "
978-0-07-881116-61984Ron Jeffries
Commodore 128 BASIC 7.0 Internals   "
978-0-916439-71-21986Dennis Jarvis
Common Foot Disorders: Diagnosis and Management   "
978-0-443-03285-11985Donald Neale
Common Foot Disorders: Diagnosis and Management   "
978-0-443-01938-81981   "
Communicating Through Play: Techniques for Assessing and Preparing Children for Adoption   "
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Communication and Communication Barriers in SociologyHardcover
978-0-470-15016-01976Gunnar Boalt · et al
Communication and Persuasion   "
978-0-300-00573-81953Carl I. Hovland
Communication for the Contemporary Classroom   "
978-0-03-059686-51983William J. Seiler
Communication in Business   "
978-0-13-153478-01981S.Bernard Rosenblatt
Communications in Business   "
978-0-13-153262-51977S.Bernhard Rosenblatt
Communication Skills Training for Health ProfessionalsPaperback
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Communication Systems and TechniquesHardcover
978-0-07-055754-31966Mischa Schwartz
Communicative IdeasPaperback
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Community Care: A Reader   "
978-0-333-69847-11997Joanna Bornat · Julia Johnson · Charmaine Pereira · David Pilgrim · Fiona Williams
Community Care: Policy and Practice   "
978-0-333-98326-32003Robin Means · Randall Smith
Community Health Workers: The Tanzanian Experience   "
978-0-19-261618-01987H. K. Heggenhougen · Patrick Vaughan · Eustace P. Y. Muhondwa · J. Rutabanzibwa-Ngaiza
Community Need And Further Education: Practice of Community-centred Education at Bilston Community College   "
978-1-871526-14-11994Frank Reeves
Community Newspaper KitHardcover
978-0-907164-01-21980Chris Chippindale
Community Planning for an Aging Society: Designing Services and Facilities   "
978-0-470-98989-01978M.Powell Lawton
Community Practice: Theories and Skills for Social WorkersPaperback
978-0-19-509352-01997David A. Hardcastle · Stanley Wenocur · Patricia Powers
Community Psychiatric Nursing   "
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Community Psychology and Schools: A Behaviourally Orientated Multilevel Preventive ApproachHardcover
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Community Psychology in Transition   "
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Community Psychology: Theoretical and Empirical Approaches   "
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Como Se Dice Workbook Lab ManualPaperback
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Compact Business Dictionary: Danish-English   " 978-87-89013-51-01993Karen Wolf-Frederiksem
Compact French-English, English-French DictionaryHardcover
978-0-304-92492-91968J.H. Douglas
Compact Technical Dictionary Danish-English: Danish-EnglishPaperback 978-87-89013-53-41993Thomas Nielsen
Compact Technical Dictionary English-Danish: English-Danish   " 978-87-89013-54-11993   "
Companion to British Road Haulage HistoryHardcover
978-1-900747-46-22003Dr. John Armstrong · John Aldridge
Companion to Literary Myths, Heroes and Archetypes   "
978-0-415-06460-61993Judith Hayward · Pierre Brunel · Wendy Allatson
Company Law   "
978-0-406-58162-41988John H. Farrar
Company LawPaperback
978-0-406-58163-11988   "
Company LawHardcover
978-0-406-58160-01985   "
Company LawPaperback
978-0-406-58161-71985   "
Comparative Anomie ResearchHardcover
978-1-84014-887-91999Peter Atteslander · Bettina Gransow · John Western
Comparative Mechanisms of Cold Adaptions   "
978-0-12-708750-41980L.S. Underwood
Comparative Physiology 1973: Locomotion, Respiration, Transport and Blood: International Conference ProceedingsPaperback
978-0-7204-4509-11974Liana Bolis
Comparative Physiology 1973: Locomotion, Respiration, Transport and Blood: International Conference ProceedingsHardcover
978-0-7204-4138-31973   "
Comparative Physiology 1974: Functional Aspects of Structural Material: International Conference Proceedings   "
978-0-7204-4532-91975   "
Comparative Poetics   " 978-90-6203-129-01976Douwe W. Fokkema
Comparative Public Policy: Issues, Theories and Methods   "
978-0-470-54116-61975Craig Liske
Compass: A Manual on Human Rights Education With Young PeoplePaperback 978-92-871-4880-32002Patricia Brander · Council of Europe
Compendium of Case Law Relating to the European Communities 1973Hardcover
978-0-7204-8029-01975H. Sperl
Compendium of Case Law Relating to the European Communities 1974   "
978-0-7204-0401-21976H.J. Eversen
Compendium of Case Law Relating to the European Communities 1975   "
978-0-7204-0579-81977   "
Compensation and Support for Illness and Injury   "
978-0-19-827508-41984Donald J. Harris
Compensation and Support for Illness and InjuryPaperback
978-0-19-827513-81984   "
Compensation Decision MakingHardcover
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Competition in Theory and Practice   "
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Competition Law: Utilities - Electricity, Gas and Water   "
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Compiler Generator   "
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Complete Coordinated Science: ChemistryPaperback
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Complete Cotswolds   "
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Complete Guide to Britain's National Theatre   "
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Complete Guide to Sexual Abuse Assessments   "
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Complete Guide to the Lancaster Canal   "
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Complete Sega and Nintendo Game-busting Guide   "
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Complete Soccer School   "
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Complex Compounds of TransuranidesHardcover
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Composite Materials and Structures   "
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Composition of Airborne Dusts in Coal MinesPaperback
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Comprehensive Chess Endings   "
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Comprehensive Chess Endings: v. 2   "
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Comprehensive Chess Endings: v.2: Vol 2Paperback
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Comprehensive Chess Endings: v. 3   "
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Comprehensive Chess Endings: v. 4   "
978-0-08-026906-11987   "
Comprehensive Chess Endings: v. 4Paperback
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Comprehensive Guide to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems: Turbo PASCAL   "
978-0-07-037476-81987   "
Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry: The Synthesis, Reactions and Structure of Organometallic CompoundsHardcover
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Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing   "
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978-0-06-161420-01977William Brandt
Comprehensive Study of Music: Anthology of Music from Monteverdi Through Mozart v. 2   "
978-0-06-161417-01977   "
Comprehensive ToxicologyCD-ROM
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Comprehensive ToxicologyHardcover
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Computable Set Theory: v.1: Vol 1   "
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Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer   "
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Computational Methods of Electromagnetic Scattering   "
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Computed Electron Micrographs and Defect Identification   "
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Computer Aided Design in Composite Material Technology III: International Conference on Computer Aided Design in Composite Material Technology 3rd   "
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Computer and Internet Dictionary: English-RussianGebunden 978-87-7845-038-82000   "
Computer and Literary StudiesHardcover
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Computer Applications in the Automation of Shipyard Operation and Ship Design: v. 1   "
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Computer Applications in the Automation of Shipyard Operation and Ship Design: v. 2   "
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Computer Approaches to Mathematical Problems   "
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Computer Assisted Standard Occupational Classification: Casoc.Diskette
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Computer-Based Exercises for Signal Processing Using MATLABTaschenbuch
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Computer by the TailHardcover
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Computer Concepts with Microcomputer Applications: Lotus Version and V.P. Planner Plus Version - Instructors' Guide and Answer ManualTaschenbuch
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Computer Concepts with Microcomputer Applications: Lotus Version and V.P. Planner Plus Version - Test Bank   "
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Computer Fundamentals with Application Software   "
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Computer Fundamentals with Applications Software: Instructor's ManualTaschenbuch
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Computer Information Systems Development: Design and ImplementationHardcover
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Computer Integrated Manufacturing: 4v   "
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Computer Methods of Structural Analysis   "
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Computer-oriented Accounting Information Systems   "
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Computer Processing of Meteorological Data   "
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Computers and Information Processing: Workbook: Concepts and Applications   "
978-0-538-60132-01989   "
Computer Science I Using Turbo Pascal: Laboratory ManualTaschenbuch
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Computers in Chemical and Biochemical Research: v. 2   "
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Computers in Company Training   "
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Computers in Railways VI   "
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Computer Software for SchoolsPaperback
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Computer Studies Through Applications   "
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Computer Studies Through Applications: Tchrs'   "
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Computing Risk for Oil Prospects: Principles and ProgramsHardcover
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Computing With ClarisWorks :Library Binding
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Conan of CimmeriaPaperback
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Concept-driven Development and the Organization of the Process of Change: Evaluation of the Swedish Work Life Fund   " 978-90-272-1773-81996Bjorn Gustavsen · Bernd Hofmaier · Marianne Ekman Philips · Anders Wikm
Concepts in BiologyHardcover
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Concepts in BiologyPaperback
978-0-697-05023-61985   "
Concepts in Biology: Instructors' Manual to 6r.e   "
978-0-697-09890-01990   "
Concepts in Biology: Laboratory ManualVHS Tape
978-0-697-09889-41990   "
Concepts in Biology: Student Study Guide to 5r.ePaperback
978-0-697-16029-41992   "
Concepts of General ChemistryHardcover
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Concepts of Person: Kinship, Caste and Marriage in IndiaPaperback
978-0-19-563033-61993Akos Ostor
Conceptual Learning and Development: A Cognitive ViewHardcover
978-0-12-411360-21974Herbert J. Klausmeier
Concerted European Action on Magnets   "
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Concise Colour Science DictionaryPaperback
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Concise Dictionary of the Christian World Mission   "
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Concise Guide for Writers   "
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Concise Guide for Writers   "
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Concise History of the American People: Since 1865 v. 2   "
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Concise History of the American Republic   "
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Concise History of the American RepublicHardcover
978-0-19-502126-41977   "
Concise Introduction to Organic Chemistry   "
978-0-07-072850-91973Albert Zlatkis
Concise Italian Dictionary: Il Ragazzini-Biagi Concise   "
978-0-19-860243-91998Giuseppe Ragazzini · Adele Biagi · Anna Ravano · Monica Harvey Slowikowska
Concise Oxford French-English, English-French Dictionary   "
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Concordance of OvidGebunden
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Concurrent Programme StructuresPaperback
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Concurrent Programme StructuresHardcover
978-0-13-167289-51987   "
Conditioning Therapies: The Challenge in Psychotherapy   "
978-0-03-046100-21964J. Wolpe
Conducting Small-scale Investigations in Educational Management   "
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Conducting Social Research   "
978-0-07-037868-11976Nan Lin
Confessions of a TerroristPaperback
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Congenital Defects: New Directions in ResearchHardcover
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Congenital Heart Disease   "
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Congenitally Corrected Transposition   "
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Conjugated Polymers and Related Materials: The Interconnection of Chemical and Electronic Structure - Proceedings of the 81st Nobel Symposium   "
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Con Mucho Gusto: Lengua y Cultura del Mundo HispanicoPaperback
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Con Mucho Gusto: Lengua y Cultura del Mundo HispanicoHardcover
978-0-03-023091-21980Rebecca Valette
Connecting Policy to Practice in the Human ServicesPaperback
978-0-19-541413-41998Brian Wharf · Brad McKenzie
Connections for Health   "
978-0-697-03179-21990Kathleen D. Mullen
Connections for Health   "
978-0-697-00063-71986   "
Connections for Health: Test Item File   "
978-0-697-07612-01990   "
Connections for Health: Workbk   "
978-0-697-00625-71986   "
Connections: Notes from the Heroin WorldHardcover
978-0-300-01731-11974Leroy C. Gould
Conscience and Social Reality: Theory and Research in the Behavioral Sciences   "
978-0-03-077995-41972Ronald Charles Johnson
Consensus in Theology?: A Dialogue with Hans Kung and Edward SchillebeeckxPaperback
978-0-664-24322-71984Hans Kung
Conservationists and the Killers: Story of Game Protection and the Wild Life Society of Southern AfricaHardcover
978-0-949956-23-11987John A. Pringle
Conservation of Brick   "
978-0-7506-3091-71998John Warren
Consolidation of Financial Statements   "
978-0-406-70900-41969H.S. Cilliers
Consolidation of Financial StatementsPaperback
978-0-406-70901-11969   "
Consortium Purchasing DirectoryLoose Leaf
978-0-9544495-0-62003Laura Cox
Conspectus Florae Orientalis: Geraniales to Myrtiflorae Fasc. 2Paperback 978-965-208-057-81983Michael Zohary
Conspectus Florae Orientalis: Papaverales - Papaveraceae-Moringaceae; Rosales - Plantanaceae-Neuradaceae Fasc. 1   " 978-965-208-021-91980   "
Conspectus of Aphids as Vectors of Plant Viruses   "
978-0-85198-044-71962John Stodart Kennedy
Constitutional Law in Malaysia and Singapore   "
978-0-409-99611-11991Kevin Tan Yew Lee
Constitution of Malaysia: Its Development, 1957-77Hardcover
978-0-19-580406-51979Muhamed Suffian
Constructing Social Work Practices   "
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Construction Estimates from Take-off to Bid   "
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Consumer and Industrial Buying Behaviour   "
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Consumer and Market Research in Health Care   "
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Consumer and the Health Care System: Social and Managerial Perspectives   "
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Consumer BehaviorPaperback
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Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy   "
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Consumer BehaviourHardcover
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Consumer Behaviour   "
978-0-03-089673-61978   "
Consumer Behaviour   "
978-0-03-086371-41972   "
Consumer Credit LegislationLoose Leaf
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Consumer EconomicsHardcover
978-0-07-070283-71966F.T. Wilhelms
Consumer Education in the Human Services: A Social Policy Book   "
978-0-08-023708-41979William Gartner
Contaminated Sediments: Selected Proceedings of the International Conference Including the 2nd Iaw Specialist Group Conference on Contaminated ... September 1997Paperback
978-0-08-043383-71998Wolfgang Calmano · P. Roeters · T. Vellinga
Contemporary Approaches to English StudiesHardcover
978-0-435-18806-11977George Steiner
Contemporary Approaches to English StudiesPaperback
978-0-435-18807-81977   "
Contemporary Approaches to Ibsen: v. 3: International Seminar ProceedingsHardcover 978-82-00-01629-81977Harald Noreng
Contemporary Boron Chemistry   "
978-0-85404-835-92000Matthew Davidson · A.K. Hughes · T.B. Marder · K. Wade
Contemporary British SocietyPaperback 978-87-500-2856-71989Jean Lundskjaer-Nielsen
Contemporary California Houses by Frank O.Gehry, Franklin D.Israel and Eric Owen Moss: Schnobel House, Brentwood, California, 1900, Lawson-Westen ... California, 1994Hardcover
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Contemporary Cases in Consumer BehaviourPaperback
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Contemporary Cases in Consumer Behaviour   "
978-0-03-016961-81977   "
Contemporary Cost ManagementHardcover
978-0-412-45210-91992Takeo Yoshikawa · Masayasu Tanaka · John Innes · Falconer Mitchell
Contemporary Designers   "
978-0-333-33524-61984Ann Lee Morgan
Contemporary Investments   "
978-0-205-11924-01990James P. Hoban · Gene W. Hoban · Carlene Criviston
Contemporary Issues in Developmental Psychology   "
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Contemporary Issues in Educational PsychologyPaperback
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Contemporary Issues in Educational Psychology   "
978-0-205-07331-31981   "
Contemporary Issues in Educational Psychology   "
978-0-205-05627-91977   "
Contemporary Issues in Theory and Research: A Metasociological PerspectiveHardcover
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Contemporary Ocular Motor and Vestibular Research: A Tribute to David A.Robinson - Proceedings of an International Meeting, Eibsee, Germany, 1993Taschenbuch
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Contemporary Optics for Scientists and EngineersHardcover
978-0-13-170183-01976Allen Nussbaum
Contemporary Personnel Management: Reader in Human ResourcesPaperback
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Contemporary Perspectives on Strategic Market PlanningTaschenbuch
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Contemporary Probation PracticeHardcover
978-1-85628-451-61993Gwyneth Boswell · Martin Davies · Andrew Wright
Contemporary Social ProblemsPaperback
978-0-205-17395-21995Vincent N. Parrillo · John Stimson · Mary Lou Mayo · Ardyth Stimson
Contemporary Social Work: Introduction to Social Work and Social WelfareHardcover
978-0-07-007767-61979Donald Brieland
Contemporary Strategy: The Nuclear Powers v. 2   "
978-0-7099-5071-41987John Baylis
Contemporary Strategy: Theories and Concepts v. 1   "
978-0-7099-5073-81987   "
Contemporary Strategy: Theories and Concepts v. 1Paperback
978-0-7099-5074-51987   "
Contemporary Studies in Medical-surgical Nursing   "
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Contexts for Learning: Sociocultural Dynamics in Children's DevelopmentHardcover
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Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the LeftPaperback
978-1-85984-278-22000Judith P. Butler · Ernesto Laclau · Slavoj Zizek
Continuing the Education Debate   "
978-0-304-32614-31992Michael Williams
Continuities in Political Action: Longitudinal Study of Political Orientations in Three Western DemocraciesTaschenbuch
978-3-11-012410-11989M. Kent Jennings · et al
Continuum Spectra of Heavy Ion Reactions: Symposium Proceedings   "
978-3-7186-0028-11980T. Tamura
Contractile Systems in Non-muscle TissuesHardcover
978-0-7204-0616-01977S.V. Perry
Contracting for Legal Services Under Different Costs RulesPaperback
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Contrasts in Development: 3   "
978-0-19-914231-61979Neville Grenyer
Contrasts in Development: 3   "
978-0-19-913123-51975   "
Contrasts in Development: Tchrs'   "
978-0-19-913147-11975   "
Contributions to Modern Psychology   "
978-0-19-500872-21963D.E. Dulany
Contributions to Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations: v. 1: Conference Proceedings   "
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Contributions to Obstetrics and Gynaecology: v.3   "
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Controlling International Technology Transfer: Issues, Perspectives and Policy ImplicationsHardcover
978-0-08-027180-41981Tagi Sagafi-Nejad
Controlling Nitrogen Flows and LossesGebunden 978-90-76998-43-52004D.J. Hatch · D.R. Chadwick
Control of Hospital Infection: Practical HandbookHardcover
978-0-412-13530-91975Edward Lowbury
Control of Insect Behaviour by Natural Products   "
978-0-12-762650-51970David Lee Wood
Control Theory of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations   "
978-0-12-068640-71977A.K. Aziz
Control Your DepressionPaperback
978-0-13-171694-01979Peter M. Lewinsohn
Controversies in Orthopaedic SurgeryHardcover
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Controversies in the Clinical Evaluation of Analgesic Anti-inflammatory Antirheumatic Drugs: Symposium ProceedingsGebunden
978-3-7945-0789-41985H.E. Paulus
Controversy in Internal Medicine: v. 1Hardcover
978-0-7216-5025-81966Franz J. Ingelfinger
Controversy in Internal Medicine: v. 2   "
978-0-7216-5026-51974   "
Controversy in Ophthalmology   "
978-0-7216-1989-71977R.J. Brockhurst
Controversy in Psychiatry   "
978-0-7216-1912-51978John Paul Brady
Convergent Issues in Genetics and Demography   "
978-0-19-506287-81991Julian Adams · David Lam · Albert Hermalin · Peter Smouse
Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1860-1905   "
978-0-85177-133-51997Robert Gardiner
Cool Brandleaders.An insight into Britain's coolest brands 2002.Paperback
978-0-9541532-0-52003Jim Curtis
Cooling of Diesel Locomotive Conditioner Boxes: Flameproofness of Two Proposed Devices   "
978-0-7215-0030-01953D. Beardshall
Cooperation in the Multi-Ethnic Classroom: The Impact of Cooperative Group Work on Social Relationships in Middle Schools   "
978-1-85346-284-91994Helen Cowie · Rema Laver · Michael Boulton
Co-ordinated Science: Biology   "
978-0-19-914296-51996George Beckett · George Bethell · Bill Crowther
Co-ordinated Science: Chemistry   "
978-0-19-914295-81996George Beckett · George Bethell · Barrie Crowther · et al
Co-ordinated Science: Physics   "
978-0-19-914294-11996Brian Beckett · George Bethell · Barrie Crowther
Cordon Bleu Recipes and Techniques: Meat: Everything You Need to Know from the French Culinary School   "
978-0-304-35124-41998Jeni Wright · Eric Treiulle · Cordon Bleu
Core Chemistry   "
978-0-19-914038-11976Dennis Garvie
Core Physics   "
978-0-19-914051-01979Geoff Cackett
Cores from the Northwest European Hydrocarbon Province: An Illustration of Geological Applications from Exploration to DevelopmentHardcover
978-1-86239-002-71997C.D. Oakman · J.H. Martin · P.W.M. Corbett
Core Units Socl Studs Carib CXC: Caribbean Examination Certificate Core UnitsPaperback
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Cornish Writings of the Boson Family of Newlyn, Circa 1660-1730   "
978-0-903686-09-91975Nicholas Boson
Cornwall: One of the Four Nations of Britain   "
978-0-9529313-0-01996Colin Francis Murley
Coronary Arterial Variations in the Normal Heart and in Congenital Heart DiseaseHardcover
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Corporate CitizenshipPaperback
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Corporate Information Systems Management: Issues Facing Senior ExecutivesHardcover
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Corporate Insolvency: Law and Practice   "
978-0-406-14501-71992Edward Bailey
Corporate Social ReportingPaperback
978-0-13-175456-01987Rob Gray
Corporate Social ReportingHardcover
978-0-13-175464-51986   "
CORPS/DÉCORS: FEMMES, ORGIE, PARODIE/BODYSCAPE: WOMEN, ORGY, PARODY.Hommage à Lucienne Frappier-Mazur.Paperback 978-90-420-0426-91999Catherine Nesci
Corpus Vasorum AntiquorumHardcover 978-91-7402-254-41995Caroline Gillis
Corrosion of Zirconium and Zirconium AlloysPaperback
978-0-7065-0687-71969B.G. Parfenov
Corticothalamic Projections and Sensorimotor ActivitiesHardcover
978-0-7204-7029-11973T.L. Frigyesi
Cosmical Geophysics   " 978-82-00-02256-51973Alv Egeland
Cosmic Evolution: Introduction to Astronomy   "
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Cost Accounting: Traditions and InnovationsHardcover
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Costa RicansPaperback
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Cost-benefits of Value Added TaxHardcover
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Costs, Risks and Benefits of Surgery   "
978-0-19-502118-91977John P. Bunker · Benjamin A. Barnes · Frederick Mostellar
Coterminous Worlds: Magical Realism and Contemporary Post-Colonial Literature in EnglishPaperback 978-90-420-0438-21999Elsa Linguanti · Francesco Casotti · Carmen Concilio
Counseling American Minorities   "
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Counselling, Evaluation and Student Development in Nursing EducationHardcover
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Counselling Problem DrinkersPaperback
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Counselling: Theory and ProcessHardcover
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Counselling: Theory and Process   "
978-0-205-05626-21977James C. Hansen
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County Court Practice 1976   "
978-0-406-16309-71976H.S. Ruttle
County Court Practice 1977   "
978-0-406-16310-31977   "
County Court Practice 1978   "
978-0-406-16311-01978   "
County Court Practice 1979   "
978-0-406-16312-71979   "
County Court Practice 1980   "
978-0-406-16313-41980   "
County Court Practice 1981   "
978-0-406-16314-11981   "
County Court Practice 1985   "
978-0-406-16321-91985R.C.L. Gregory
Course DeveloperLoose Leaf
978-0-538-21770-51987D.L. Sink
Coventry: A Century of NewsHardcover
978-0-902464-36-01991Alton Douglas
Cowley Sermons: On Waging Peace, on Childbearing, on Giving ShelterPaperback
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Crabbet Arabian Stud: Its History and InfluenceHardcover
978-0-906382-00-41978Rosemary Archer
Craft Project: 1st Year Bk. 1Paperback
978-0-273-00147-81973G. O'Shea
Craft Project: 2nd Year Bk. 1   "
978-0-273-00148-51973   "
Cranial and Spinal MRI and CTHardcover
978-0-07-112684-71992Howard Lee · Krishna C.V. Rao · Robert A Zimmerman
Crannog to Castle: A History of the Burnett Family in Scotland   "
978-0-9538640-0-32000Charles John Burnett
Crannog to Castle: A History of the Burnett Family in ScotlandPaperback
978-0-9538640-1-02000   "
Crazy Crocs   "
978-0-582-12208-61994Malorie Blackman
Creating Change in Mental Health OrganizationsHardcover
978-0-08-017833-21974George W. Fairweather
Creating New Clients: Marketing and Selling Professional ServicesPaperback
978-0-304-70426-21998Kevin Walker · Cliff Ferguson · Paul Denvir
Creating New Clients: Marketing and Selling Professional ServicesHardcover
978-0-304-70425-51980Kevin Walker · Cliff Ferguson · Paul Denvir
Creative Ideas for Youth Evangelism: Helping Young People to Share Their FaithPaperback
978-0-551-02585-11992Nick Aiken · Daniel Donovan
Creative Women in Changing Societies: A Quest for AlternativesHardcover
978-0-941320-06-11983Torill Stokland
Credit Scoring and Credit Control   "
978-0-19-853651-21991L. C. Thomas
Creep and Relaxation of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Materials   "
978-0-7204-2369-31976William N. Findley
Creosote Bush: Biology and Chemistry of Larrea in New World Deserts   "
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Crime and Society: Readings in History and TheoryPaperback
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Crime: Myths and Reality   "
978-0-901541-00-01969J.E.Hall Williams
Criminal Law in Singapore and Malaysia: Text and MaterialsHardcover 978-9971-70-069-01989Kho Kheng Lian
Crisis, Choice and Change: Historical Studies of Political Development   "
978-0-316-03496-81973Gabriel A. Almond
Crisis in Men's HealthSpiral-bound
978-1-900296-00-71995Peter Bruckenwell
Crisis Intervention HandbookPaperback
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Crisis in the Industrial Heartland: Study of the West Midlands   "
978-0-19-823269-81986Kenneth M. Spencer
Crisis on Multiple Earths   "
978-1-84023-553-12002Gardner F. Fox
Crisis Team: Handbook for the Mental Health Professional   "
978-0-06-141538-81973Julian Lieb
Critical Care Algorithms   "
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Critical Care NursingHardcover
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Critical Care Nursing   "
978-0-397-54207-91978   "
Critical Care Nursing: Body-Mind-Spirit   "
978-0-316-48911-91985Barbara Montgomery Dossey
Critical Care Nursing: Science and Practice   "
978-0-19-263023-01997Sheila K. Adam · Sue Osborne
Critical Care Nursing: Science and PracticePaperback
978-0-19-263022-31996Sheila K. Adam · Sue Osborne
Critical Factors in Haemostasis. Evaluation and DevelopmentGebunden
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Critical Issues in EducationPaperback
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Critical Perspectives on Mao Zedong's Thought   "
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Critical Phenomena in Alloys, Magnets and SuperconductorsHardcover
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Crocodiles Are DangerousPaperback
978-0-14-062070-21973David Mackay
Crop Husbandry   "
978-0-19-859447-51975Robert Donovan Park
Crop Processes in Controlled EnvironmentsHardcover
978-0-12-585440-51972Alun Rocyn Rees
Cross Media Revolution: Ownership and ControlPaperback
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Cross-modular Assignments for B.E.C.Hardcover
978-0-435-45070-01981D. Clough
Crossroads: Achievement TestsAudio Cassette
978-0-19-434686-31994Irene Frankel
Crossroads: Teachers' Book Level 2Paperback
978-0-19-434382-41992Earl W. Stevick · Barbara J. Sample
Cross Stitch, Counted Thread and Canvaswork   "
978-0-85091-579-21993Charlene Bradley
Cross Stitch Myth and MagicHardcover
978-0-7153-1221-62002Saifhon Borisuthipandit
Crosville: 1906-50 Pt. 1   "
978-1-898432-12-81995John Carroll
Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonPaperback
978-0-571-20916-32001Ang Lee
Crown Reader: We Have a Garden Party : We Have a Garden Party Bk. 6   "
978-0-08-024328-31980Jim Rogerson
Crown Reading Scheme: The Pink Ghost Bk. 11   "
978-0-08-024339-91980   "
Crown Reading Scheme: We Make a Garden Bk. 5   "
978-0-08-024327-61980   "
Cruellest NightHardcover
978-0-340-22720-61979Ronald Payne
Crustacea and ArachnidsPaperback
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Crystal Growth: 3rd, 1971: International Conference ProceedingsHardcover
978-0-7204-0240-71972R.A. Laudise
Crystal Growth: 4th, 1974: International Conference Proceedings   "
978-0-7204-0299-51974K. A. Jackson
Crystallization and Precipitation: International Symposium Proceedings   "
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Crystallographic Computing: Data Collection, Structure Determination, Proteins and Databases v. 3   "
978-0-19-855211-61985G.M. Sheldrick · C. Kr ger · R. Goddard
Cthulhu's Heirs: New Cthulhu Mythos FictionPaperback
978-1-56882-013-21994D. F. Lewis
Cultural Atlas of JapanHardcover
978-0-7148-2526-71988Martin Collcutt · Marius Jansen · Isao Kumakura
Cultural Environment of International BusinessPaperback
978-0-538-19860-81978Ian H. Giddy
Cultural Institutions in Laos: Libraries and Research Institutions - Restoration, Conservation and Training Needs v. 1   " 978-87-87062-09-11991Irene Norlund · Jonas Palm · Stig Rasmussen
Culture in Process   "
978-0-03-086654-81973Alan R. Beals
Culture, Media, LanguageHardcover
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Culture of PakistanPaperback 978-969-35-0787-41997B.A. Dar
Cumbres de la Civilizacion EspanolaHardcover
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Curative Aspects of Mental Retardation: Biomedical and Behavioral Advances   "
978-0-933716-29-21983Frank J. Menolascino
Curly and the Big Berry: Yellow Reader 13Paperback
978-0-433-02997-72003Tony Mitton
Current Developments in International Investment LawHardcover
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Current Developments in International Securities, Commodities and Financial Futures Markets   "
978-0-409-99545-91987Koh Kheng Lian
Current Drug Handbook 1970-72   "
978-0-7216-3562-01970Mary W. Falconer
Current Drug Handbook 1972-74Paperback
978-0-7216-3565-11972   "
Current Drug Handbook 1976-80   "
978-0-7216-3567-51976   "
Current Drug Handbook 1978-80   "
978-0-7216-3568-21978   "
Current Drug Handbook 1980-82: 1980-1982   "
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Current Drug Handbook 1982-84   "
978-0-7216-7131-41982Mary W. Falconer
Current Issues   "
978-0-03-042901-91979Robert E. Helbling
Current Issues in Personnel Management: Management Perspectives and IssuesHardcover
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Current Paediatric CardiologyPaperback
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Current Pediatric Diagnosis and Treatment   "
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Current Perspectives in Cultural PsychiatryHardcover
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Current Problems of International Trade Financing   "
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Current Problems of International Trade Financing   "
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Current Protocols in ImmunologyGebunden
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Current Research in Oncology 1972Hardcover
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Current Research on InstructionPaperback
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Currents in Hadron PhysicsHardcover
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Current Therapy in Dentistry: v. 5   "
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Current Topics in Biochemistry 1971   "
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Current Veterinary Therapy: Small Animal Practice No. 8Hardcover
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Cursed Earth: Pt. 1   "
978-0-907610-09-01982Pat Mills
Cursed Earth: Pt. 2Paperback
978-0-907610-02-11982   "
Cusps of Gauss MappingsHardcover
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Custom and Practice in Medical CarePaperback
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Customer-order Driven ManufacturingHardcover
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Cycle of Deprivation   "
978-0-435-82145-61981Frank Coffield
Cyclic AMP   "
978-0-12-590450-61971G.Alan Robison
Cymru NewyddPaperback
978-0-435-35210-31992James Hindson
Cymru Newydd: Teacher's Resource PackHardcover
978-0-435-35211-01992   "
Cyrenaica in AntiquityPaperback
978-0-86054-303-91985Graeme Barker
Cysticercosis: Present State of Knowledge and PerspectivesHardcover
978-0-12-260740-01983Ana Flisser
Cytochrome   "
978-0-12-619850-81981Ryo Sato
Cytological and Cytochemical Investigations on the Development of Sabellaria Alveolata L.   "
978-0-7204-8389-51950C.P. Raven
Cytotoxic Oestrogens in Hormone Receptive Tumours   "
978-0-12-583050-81980J. Raus
Daily Life in the Forbidden City   "
978-0-670-81164-91989Wan Yi · Wang Shuqing · Lu Yanzhen
Dairy Cattle: Principles, Practices, Problems, Profits   "
978-0-7020-0736-11978R.C. Foley
Dairy Cattle: Principles, Practices, Problems, Profits   "
978-0-7020-0418-61972   "
Dallas Cowboys and the N.F.L.Gebunden
978-0-8061-0920-61971Donald Chipman
Dan and the Story StealerPaperback
978-1-85758-191-11992Pie Corbett
Dancers on a Plane: John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Jasper Johns   "
978-0-947564-28-51989Susan Sontag
Dances With Wolves: Illustrated Screenplay   "
978-0-85965-133-21991Kevin Costner · Diana Landau · Ben Glass
Danielli Prog Surface Membrane Sci V5Hardcover
978-0-12-571805-91972J. F. Danielli
Danielli Rec Prog Surface Science V1   "
978-0-12-571801-11964   "
Danish Storebaelt Since the Ice Age: Man, Sea and ForestGebunden 978-87-89366-98-21998Lisbeth Pedersen
Darlington Community Care Project: Supporting Frail Elderly People at HomePaperback
978-0-904938-04-31989David Challis
Data Base File Organization: Theory and Applications of the Consecutive Retrieval PropertyHardcover
978-0-12-281860-81983Sakti P. Ghosh
Data for Biochemical Research   "
978-0-19-855358-81985Rex M. C. Dawson
Data for Biochemical Research   "
978-0-19-855334-21969   "
Data for Biochemical ResearchPaperback
978-0-19-855338-01969   "
Data Mining: 3rdHardcover
978-1-85312-925-42002Piero Melli · A. Zanasi · C. A. Brebbia · N.F.F. Ebecken
Data Resources Incorporated Report on United States Manufacturing Industries   "
978-0-07-018969-01984Otto Eckstein
Data Response Exercises in Physical and Human GeographyPaperback
978-0-19-913254-61979K. Briggs
Data Response Exercises on North America and Western Europe   "
978-0-19-913266-91981H. Tolley
DAT: Complete Preparation for the Dental Admission Test, 2001 Edition: The Science of Review   "
978-0-7817-2838-62000Aftab S. Hassan
Da Warhol al 2000. Gian Enzo Sperone. 35 anni di mostre tra Europa e America. Catalogo della mostraBrossura 978-88-7757-121-22001Anna Minola
Daylight Illumination Colour-contrast Tables for Full-form ObjectsHardcover
978-0-12-513750-81979M.R. Nagel
D.C. and A.C. Power Transmission   "
978-0-7065-1040-91970N.N. Tikhodeev · G.D. Meyers
DC: One MillionPaperback
978-1-84023-094-91999Grant Morrison
Deaf and Hearing Impaired Pupils in Mainstream Schools   "
978-1-85346-588-81999Linda Watson · Susan Gregory · Stephen Powers
Dealing with Crisis: A Guide to Critical Life Problems   "
978-0-13-197715-01977Lawrence G. Calhoun
Dealing with Crisis: A Guide to Critical Life ProblemsHardcover
978-0-13-197723-51977   "
Dealing with Price Objections and Justifying Price Increases: With Training ExercisesTaschenbuch
978-3-920663-81-41992Fiona Corless · Dennis Tomlinson
Debate and Decision: Schools in a World of ChangePaperback
978-0-9504434-2-31980Robin Richardson
Debate on PalestineHardcover
978-0-903729-64-21981Fouzi El-Asmar
Debates and Dilemmas in Promoting Health: A ReaderPaperback
978-1-4039-0228-32003Moyra Sidell
Decentralising Public Service Management   "
978-0-333-69403-91998Christopher Pollitt · Johnston Birchall · Keith Putman
Decision Analysis for the ManagerHardcover
978-0-03-086118-51975R.V. Brown
Decision and Discrete Mathematics: Maths for Decision-making in Business and IndustryPaperback
978-1-898563-27-31996D.N. Burghes
Decision Making: An Integrated Approach   "
978-0-273-60397-91994David Jennings · Stuart Wattam
Decision Making: Football Tutor's Manual: Financial and Quantitative Management   "
978-0-946139-09-51990Humphrey Shaw
Decision Making in British EducationHardcover
978-0-435-80310-01973Gerald Fowler
Decision Making in British EducationPaperback
978-0-435-80311-71973   "
Decision Making in InfertilityHardcover
978-1-55664-015-51988Alan H. DeCherney
Decisions in Action   "
978-0-538-60554-01989Linda Ulrich-Hagner
Decollage: Tchrs'Spiral-bound
978-0-7487-0059-21989S. McEwan
Decorative Cut FlowersPaperback
978-0-304-31833-91989Coen Gelein · J.G. Constant · N. Joore
Decorative Cut FlowersHardcover
978-0-304-32233-61989Coen Gelein
De-, Dis-, Ex-: Optic of Walter Benjamin v. 3: The Optic of Walter BenjaminPaperback
978-1-901033-41-01999Benjamin H. D. Buchloh
Deep Ecology and Anarchism: A Polemic   "
978-0-900384-67-71997Murray Bookchin
Defects in Semiconductors 16: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, 1991   "
978-0-87849-628-01992Gordon Davies · G.G. DeLeo · M. Stavola
DE FERRI METALLOGRAPHIA Band IV: Metallographie der Schweissverbindungen/The Metallography of Welds/Métallographie des SouduresGebunden
978-3-514-00214-21983N. Lambert
Defining Violence: The Search for UnderstandingPaperback
978-1-86020-568-21999David E. Morrison · et al
De Gaulle Through British Eyes, Vu par les Anglais: An Exhibition of Original Cartoon DrawingsHardcover
978-0-904938-08-11990Liz Ottaway
De László: a Brush with GrandeurPaperback
978-1-903470-18-32003Sandra de Laszlo
Delinquency in GirlsHardcover
978-0-435-82700-71968John Cowie
Delirium in the Elderly   "
978-0-19-261862-71990James Lindesay · Alastair Macdonald · Ian Starke
Demand and Need for Dental Care: A Socio-dental StudyPaperback
978-0-19-721354-41969J. S. Bulman
Demand, Supply and the Market Mechanism   "
978-0-13-197996-31971Richard E. Hattwick
Dementia and Minority Ethnic Older People: Managing Care in the UK, Denmark and France   "
978-1-898924-33-31998Naina Patel · Naheed R. Mirza · Peter Lindblad · Omar Samaoli
Democratic Processes for Modern Health AgenciesHardcover
978-0-470-26448-51979Irving Ladimer · Joel C. Solomon · Stanley G. House
Democratic Socialism and the Cost of Defence   "
978-0-85664-886-11980Mary Kaldor
Demographic Crisis in Norway in the Seventeeth and Eighteenth CenturiesPaperback 978-82-00-01627-41976Knut Mykland
Demographic Techniques   "
978-0-08-040065-51990A.H. Pollard · Farhat Yusuf
Demographic Techniques   "
978-0-08-024817-21981A.H. Pollard
Demographic TechniquesHardcover
978-0-08-017378-81974Alfred Hurlstone Pollard
Demonic Connection: An Investigation into Satanism in England and the International Black Magic ConspiracyPaperback
978-1-898230-00-71993Toyne Newton
Demonic Connection: An Investigation into Satanism in England and the International Black Magic ConspiracyHardcover
978-0-7137-1873-71987   "
Denken, Wissen and Kennen   "
978-0-03-051785-31966Helmut Rehder
DENTAL AMALGAMPaperback 978-87-16-10328-41991Preben Horsted Bindslev · Laszlo Magos · Palle Holmstrup · Dorthe Arenholt-Bindslev
Dental MicrobiologyHardcover
978-0-06-141590-61982Jerry R. McGhee
Dentistry for the Special Patient: The Aged, Chronically Ill and Handicapped   "
978-0-7216-2915-51972Arthur Davidoff
Deoxyribonucleic Acid Repair Mechanisms   "
978-0-12-322650-11979Philip Courtland Hanawalt
Deoxyribonucleic Acid Topoisomerases in Cancer   "
978-0-19-506106-21991Milan Potmesil · Kurt W. Kohn
Depero. Magic theatre. Catalogo della mostraCopertina rigida 978-88-435-2932-21989Gabriella Belli · et al
Deposition of Dust on Conveyor RoadsPaperback
978-0-7215-0034-81954F. Bradshaw
Deprivation and Handicap: Conference ProceedingsSpiral-bound
978-0-906054-46-81974H. Wilson
Derbyshire and the Peak DistrictPaperback
978-0-948153-12-91991Tim Banton · Andy Spencer · Tom Windsor
Dermatologic Formulary   "
978-0-07-100916-41990J.L. Shupack
978-0-443-05852-31998J. D. Wilkinson · S. Shaw
Dermatology   "
978-0-7216-7245-81956Donald M. Pillsbury
Dermatology in General Medicine   "
978-0-07-079689-81986Thomas B. Fitzpatrick
Dermatology in General Medicine   "
978-0-07-021196-41979   "
Der Vater eines MordersPaperback
978-0-435-38001-41985Alfred Andersch
Description of the Buxton Full Scale Surface Coal Dust Explosion Gallery and Its Instrumentation   "
978-0-7215-0245-81970Douglas Rae
Descriptions of Australian Soils   "
978-0-643-00139-81975Keith H. Northcote
Descriptive Catalogue of the Pre-1868 Japanese Books, Manuscripts and Prints in the Library of the School of Oriental and African StudiesHardcover
978-0-19-713586-01976David G. Chibbett
Desert GeomorphologyPaperback
978-1-85728-017-31993R.U. Cooke · Andrew Warren · Andrew S. Goudie
Desert Heat   "
978-0-263-81539-91999Lynne Graham · Marton · D'ARCY
Desertion and Land Colonization in the Nordic Countries, c.1300-1600Hardcover 978-91-22-00431-81982Svend Gissel
Desert Song: LibrettoPaperback
978-0-573-08012-81932Otto Harbach · Hammers
Design and Make it: Graphic Product Site Licence: Maximise Your Mark!Pamphlet
978-0-7487-7195-02003Tristram Shephard · et al
Design and Planning of Engineering SystemsHardcover
978-0-13-200196-01973D.D. Meredith
Design and Technology in Process: Entertainment Bk.: Tchrs'.Resource Pack   "
978-0-435-57280-81991Richard Ager
Design and Technology in Process: Evaluation Pack Themes 1-4Loose Leaf
978-0-435-57286-01990   "
Design, Construction and Operation of Industrial Carbon Dioxide LasersHardcover
978-0-412-78620-41998Roger Crafer · D. Greening · M. Brown
Designed by Peter SavillePaperback
978-0-9527414-2-82003Rick Poynor
Designing and Conducting Research: Inquiry in Education and Social ScienceHardcover
978-0-205-16699-21995Clifford J. Drew · Michael L Hardman · Ann Weaver Hart
Designing Effective InstructionPaperback
978-0-470-07426-82006Gary R. Morrison · Steven M. Ross
Designing for Building UtilisationHardcover
978-0-419-13470-11984J.S. Powell
Designing for Human Behaviour: Architecture and the Behavioural Sciences   "
978-0-470-51531-01975Jon Lang
Design Mix Manual for Concrete ConstructionPaperback
978-0-07-038683-91982Leslie D. Long
Design of Agricultural MachineryHardcover
978-0-471-08672-71984Gary Krutz
Design of Analogue Filters: Passive, Active, R.C.and Switch CapacitaTaschenbuch
978-0-13-201591-21990Rolf Schaumann · Mohammed S. Ghausi · Kenneth R. Laker
Design of Flood Storage ReservoirsHardcover
978-0-7506-1057-51992M. J. Hall · D.L. Hockin · J.B. Ellis
Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures: Solutions Manual to 3r.e   "
978-0-471-08788-51981Tung-Yen Lin
Design Yourself!Paperback
978-0-913232-38-51981Kurt Hanks
Desktop Molecular Modeller: Structure LibraryHardcover
978-0-19-268033-41997M.James C. Crabbe
Desktop Molecular Modeller: Windows Version 3.0CD-ROM
978-0-19-268232-11994   "
Desk Top Publishing from Z.Paperback
978-0-07-881212-51986Bill Grout
Destruction of the Country House, 1875-1975   "
978-0-500-27052-31974Roy Strong
Destructive and Useful Insects: Their Habits and ControlHardcover
978-0-07-041658-11962C.L. Metcalf
Detective's HandbookPaperback
978-0-86020-278-31995Anne Civardi
Determinants of Fertility in Developing Countries: Fertility Regulation and Institutional Influences v. 2Hardcover
978-0-12-140502-11983Rodolfo A. Bulatao
Determinants of Labour Force Participation in YugoslaviaPaperback 978-92-2-101900-81978M. Rasevic
Determination of Molecular Weights and Polydispersity of High PolymersHardcover
978-0-7065-0539-9S.R. Rafikov
Determination of Organic Structures by Physical Methods: v. 6   "
978-0-12-513406-41976F.C. Nachod
Determination of the Water Equivalent of Snow Cover: Methods and Equipment   "
978-0-7065-1090-41971L.K. Vershinina · D. Lederman
Deuce of an Uproar: William Eden Nesfield's Letters to the Rector of Radwinter in Essex   "
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Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Tchrs' Bk. 1Paperback
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Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Tchrs' Bk. 2Hardcover
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Deutschland Hier und JetztPaperback
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Devaluation and Pricing DecisionsHardcover
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Developing Training Skills   "
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Development Administration: The Kenyan ExperiencePaperback
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Developmental Psychology   "
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Developmental Psychology   "
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Developmental Psychology   "
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Developmental Psychology: Study GdePaperback
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Developmental Psychology Today   "
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Developmental Systems and Languages   "
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Development and Use of a Rotating-mirror Schlieren Camera for Explosives ResearchPaperback
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Development Gains Tax   "
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Development of Light-weight Steel Roof Bars for Use at Roadheads   "
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Development of Mind   "
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Development of Perception: Audition, Somatic Perception and the Chemical Senses v. 1: Psychobiological Perspectives   "
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Development of Perception. Psychobiological Perspectives. Volume 2: The Visual System   "
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Development Options for Africa in the 1980's and BeyondPaperback
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Development Policy and Public ActionHardcover
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Development Policy and Public ActionPaperback
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Developments in Local Government Finance: Theory and Policy   "
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Developments in Sociology: v. 14: An Annual Review   "
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Developments in Sociology: v. 19: An Annual ReviewHardcover
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Developments in Steroid Histochemistry   "
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Developments in the Business and Practice of Cereal Seed Trading and Technology   "
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Developments in West German PoliticsPaperback
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Development Studies: A Handbook for Teachers   "
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Deviance: Studies in the Process of Stigmatization and Societal Reaction   "
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Deya Conference of Prehistory   "
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Diabetes and ExerciseTaschenbuch
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Diabetes, Obesity and Hyperlipidemias: Pt. 1Hardcover
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Diabetes Weight Loss SystemSpiral-bound
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Diabetic Acidosis: A Programmed Course of InstructionPaperback
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Diagnosing Classroom Learning Environments   "
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Diagnosis, Correction and Prevention of Reading DisabilitiesHardcover
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Diagnosis of Metabolic Bone Disease   "
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Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry of the Skin: An Illustrated TextHardcover
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Diagnostic Methods in Speech Pathology   "
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Diagnostic Reasoning in Rule-based Neural Systems   "
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Dictionary of Accounting TerminologyPaperback
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Dictionary of Accounting Terminology   "
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Dictionary of Agriculture and Food Processing: Danish-English/English-Danish: Landbrug/levnedsmiddel OrdbogHardcover 978-87-89013-16-91991Charlotte Langkilde
Dictionary of Agriculture and Food Processing: Danish-English: Landbrug/Levnedsmiddel OrdbogCD-ROM 978-87-7845-268-91997   "
Dictionary of Agriculture and Food Processing: English-Danish: Landbrug/Levnedsmiddel Ordbog   " 978-87-7845-274-01997   "
Dictionary of ArchitectureHardcover
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Dictionary of Chemistry: English-Danish: Kemisk Ordbog   " 978-87-7845-247-41997   "
Dictionary of ComputersPaperback
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Dictionary of Desktop Publishing and the Graphic Industries: Danish-English/English-DanishHardcover 978-87-89013-08-41991Karen Wolf-Frederiksen
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Dictionary of Environmental Terms: English-Danish: Miljoordbog   " 978-87-7845-260-31997   "
Dictionary of Graphic Design and the Graphic Industries: Danish-English: Grafisk/Digital Design Ordbog   " 978-87-7845-201-61997Thomas Nielsen
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Dictionary of Literary TermsHardcover
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Dictionary of Machinery and Tools: Danish-English: Maskin- og Vaerktojsteknisk OrdbogCD-ROM 978-87-7845-240-51997   "
Dictionary of Machinery and Tools: English-Danish: Maskin- og Vaerktojsteknisk Ordbog   " 978-87-7845-246-71997   "
Dictionary of the FungiHardcover
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Dictionary of the Fungi   "
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Dictionary of the Printers and Booksellers Who Were at Work in England, Scotland and Ireland 1641-67Hardcover
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Dictionary of the Printers and Booksellers Who Were at Work in England, Scotland and Ireland: 1668-1725   "
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Dictionary of the Printers and Booksellers Who Were at Work in England, Scotland and Ireland 1726-75   "
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Dictionary of Visual Science   "
978-0-7506-9895-51997David Cline
Dictionary of Visual Science   "
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Dictionary of World Biography: The 20th Century, Go - N: 20th Century GO-N Vol 8Gebunden
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Dictyocaulidae, Heligmoromatidae and Ollulanidae of AnimalsHardcover
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Dielectric Behaviour of Biological Molecules in Solution   "
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Diesel Locomotives in Mines: Fire Hazard from Hot Surfaces on the Exhaust SystemPaperback
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Diet in Relation to Reproduction and Viability of the Young: Pt. 1   "
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Diet in Relation to Reproduction and Viability of the Young: Pt. 2Hardcover
978-0-85198-141-31959   "
Diet in Relation to Reproduction and Viability of the Young: Pt. 3   "
978-0-85198-142-01960   "
Diet, Lifestyle and Mortality in China: A Study of the Characteristics of 65 Chinese Counties   "
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Diet-related Diseases: The Modern Epidemic   "
978-0-7099-3364-91985Stephen Seely
Diet-related Diseases: The Modern EpidemicPaperback
978-0-7099-3365-61985   "
Different Elements for a General Science of CultureHardcover
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Differentiable Manifolds and Quadratic FormsPaperback
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Differential Analysis   "
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Differential Diagnosis of Congenital Heart DiseaseHardcover
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Differential Diagnosis of the Electrocardiogram   "
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Differential EquationsHardcover
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Differential Geometric Methods in Theoretical Physics. Proceedings of the 19th International Conference held in Rapallo, Italy, 19-24 June 1990: Conference ProceedingsGebunden
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Different Loving: World of Sexual Dominance and Submission   "
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Differing Approaches to Development Assistance in Cambodia: NGOs and the European CommissionPaperback
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Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most   "
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Diggers and Dreamers 1992-93: The Guide to Communal Living   "
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Digital and Analogue System Circulation DevelopmentHardcover
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Digital Computers in Engineering   "
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Digital Hardware DesignPaperback
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Digital Logic DesignHardcover
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Digital Techniques: From Problem to CircuitPaperback
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Dilemmas of Political Participation: Issues for Thought and Simulation for Action   "
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Dimensional Reduction of Gauge Theories , Spontaneous Compactification and Model BuildingGebunden
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Dimensions of Human SexualityHardcover
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Dimensions of Human SexualityPaperback
978-0-697-01335-41988   "
Dimensions of Human Sexuality: Instructor's Manual   "
978-0-697-01242-51988   "
Dimensions of Human Sexuality: Instructors' Manual to 3r.e   "
978-0-697-10069-61990   "
Dimensions of Human Sexuality: Student Study Gde   "
978-0-697-01337-81988   "
Diminished Responsibility: With Special Reference to Singapore   " 978-9971-69-138-71990Kok Lee Peng · Molly Cheang · Chee Kuan Tsee
Dionysiaca: Nine Studies in Greek Poetry by Former Pupils Presented to Sir Denys Page on His Seventieth Birthday   "
978-0-9506064-0-81978R.D. Dawe
Dioxin: Toxicological and Chemical AspectsHardcover
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Direct and Inverse Boundary Value ProblemsTaschenbuch
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Direct Current Transmission in Power SystemsHardcover
978-0-7065-0478-11967A.V. Glinternik
Direct Detection of Microorganisms in Clinical Samples   "
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Direct Methods for Sparse Matrices   "
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Director 8.5 Studio: with 3D, Xtras, Flash and SoundPaperback
978-1-903450-69-72001Christopher Robins · Christopher Robbins · Brian Douglas · Karsten Schmidt · Kenneth Orr · Jose Rodriguez · Joel Baumann
Directory of Crocodilian Farming OperationsBroché 978-2-88032-809-21985R.A. Luxmoore
Direct Rolling and Hot Charging of Strand Cast Billets: International Symposium ProceedingsHardcover
978-0-08-036099-71989J. Jonas
Dirty Silence: Aspects of Language and Literature in New ZealandPaperback
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Disabling Professions   "
978-0-7145-2510-52005Ivan Illich
Disarmament and World Development   "
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Disarmament and World DevelopmentHardcover
978-0-08-031309-21986   "
Disarmament and World Development   "
978-0-08-023019-11978   "
Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings   "
978-1-84661-043-12006Brian Harris
Discoveries and Inventions: Book 1Paperback
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Discoveries in the Judaean Desert: Grottes de Murabba'at v. 2Hardcover
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Discoveries in the Judaean Desert:Petites Grottes de Qumran v. 3   "
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Discovering Our Past: A History of the United State Modern Times - Chapter Tests and Lessons QuizzesPaperback
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Discovering PsychologyHardcover
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Discovering Welsh History: In the Beginning - Teachers' Bk. 1Paperback
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Discovering Welsh History: In the Beginning - Teachers' Bk. 1   "
978-0-19-917151-41992Catrin Stevens · Geraint H. Jenkins · Richard Carter · Mansel Jones
Discovering Welsh History: Wales in the Middle Ages - Teachers' Bk. 2   "
978-0-19-917153-81993Catrin Stevens · Geraint H. Jenkins
Discovery and Exploration of AustraliaHardcover
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Discrete and Switching Functions   "
978-0-07-015509-11978Marc Davio
Discrete Event Systems, Stochastic Systems, Fuzzy and Neural Systems: Pt. 1: Proceedings of the 14th World Congress, International Federation of ... 5-9 July 1999Paperback
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Discrete Multivariate Analysis: Theory and PracticeHardcover
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Discrimination and Disadvantage in Employment: The Experience of Black WorkersPaperback
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Diseases of Infection: An Illustrated Textbook   "
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Diseases of Infection: An Illustrated TextbookHardcover
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Diseases of Infection: An Illustrated Textbook   "
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Diseases of Infection: An Illustrated TextbookPaperback
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Diseases of Pond FishesHardcover
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Diseases of the Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver   "
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Diseases of the Veins   "
978-0-340-58894-91998Norman Browse · Kevin Burnand · Nicholas Wilson · Allan Irvine
Diseno y Fabricacion de una Turbina de Flujo CruzadoTaschenbuch
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Dislocation Modelling of Physical Systems: International Conference ProceedingsHardcover
978-0-08-026724-11981Michael F. Ashby
Disorders of Oesophagus Motility   "
978-0-7216-4876-71979A.L. Hurwitz
Disorders of the Temporomandibular Joint   "
978-0-7216-8035-41959Laszlo Schwartz
Dispersion-fuel Nuclear Reactor Elements   "
978-0-7065-0649-51968A.G. Samoilov
Disrupted SignalsPaperback
978-0-9537113-0-71999Eleanor Gates
Disruptive Children: Disruptive Schools?Hardcover
978-0-7099-1442-61984Jean Lawrence · David Steed
Dissent and Ideology in Israel: Resistance to the Draft, 1948-73Paperback
978-0-903729-07-91999Martin Blatt
Dissipative Systems Analysis and Control: Theory and ApplicationsHardcover
978-1-85233-285-32000Rogelio Lozano · B. Brogliato · O. Egeland · B. Maschke
Distance Education: International Perspectives   "
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Distributed Feedback Semiconductor Lasers   "
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Disturbances in Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism   "
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Diversity and Development in South-east Asia: The Coming DecadePaperback
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Diverticular Disease of the ColonHardcover
978-0-7216-2636-91971Bentley P. Colcock
Dive Sites and Marine Life of the Calf of Man and Neighbouring AreaPaperback
978-1-898162-80-31999Bill Sanderson · Bruce McGregor · Andrew Brierley
DNA: The Key to Life   "
978-0-273-40041-71967G. Parker
Doctors And Nurses   "
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Doctor Who - The Handbook: The Fifth Doctor: The Peter Davison Years 1982 - 1984   "
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Documentary Languages and Databases: Papers from the Rome Conference, December 3-4, 1990Gebunden
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Documents on International Affairs: 1962Hardcover
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Documents on International Affairs: 1963   "
978-0-19-214818-61973   "
Documents on the Holocaust   "
978-0-08-035849-91987Yitzhak Arad
Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon All Models 1978-89, Including Charger and Turismo, Owners' Workshop ManualPaperback
978-1-85010-631-91989Bruce Gilmour
Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon All Models 1978-90, Including Charger and Turismo, Automotive Repair Manual   "
978-1-85010-745-31988   "
Does Debt Management Matter?Hardcover
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Dollar Unit Sampling   "
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Domestic Violence and Multi-agency WorkingPaperback
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Domination and ResistanceHardcover
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Dominica: A Small Caribbean IslandPaperback
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Donor-acceptor BondHardcover
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Donum Gentilicum: New Testament Studies in Honour of David Daube   "
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Dorking Past and PresentPaperback
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Do You Sincerely Want to be Rich?: Bernard Cornfeld and International Overseas ServicesHardcover
978-0-233-96328-01971Charles Raw
Do You Want to Speak Czech?: Czech for Beginners Bk. 1   " 978-80-902165-8-72002Elga Cechova
Drafting Wills in Scotland   "
978-0-406-17940-11994Alan R. Barr · John M.H. Biggar · Andrew M.C. Dalgleish · Hugh J. Stevens
"Dragons' Den": Success, from Pitch to ProfitPaperback
978-0-00-727082-82008Duncan Bannatyne · Deborah Meaden
Drama Tots Dramarama: A Book of MusicSpiral-bound
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Drawing for BeginnersHardcover
978-0-00-413330-01998Peter Partington
Dressing Up - Breakthrough - Red SeriesPaperback
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Dress to Kill   "
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Dress to KillHardcover
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Drinking Water: Small System Alternatives - Conference Proceedings   "
978-0-08-036936-51989P. Totf
Drug Dependence - Treatment and Treatment Evaluation: Skandia International Symposium   " 978-91-22-00017-41975Harry Bostrom
Drug Discrimination and State Dependent Learning   "
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Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco: Making the Science and Policy ConnectionsHardcover
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Drugs and AlcoholPaperback
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Drugs and Renal DiseaseHardcover
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Drugs and the Cell Cycle   "
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Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: Network Version: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal RiskCD-ROM
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Drugs in the Classroom: A Conceptual Model for School ProgramsPaperback
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