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2002978-0-7974-2248-3Charles MutyasiraAfrican Renaissance: The Revival of the Black People
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  ''978-0-7974-2261-2Measuring corruption in southern Africa
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978-0-7974-2291-9Paul Verne Verne JulesDie Jangada Achthundert -800 Meilen auf dem Amazonasstrom Zweiter [2] Band Collection Verne Band 40 Von Rotterdam nach Kopenhagen am Bord der Dampfyacht 'Saint Michel'"
1995978-0-7974-2306-0Weaver PressFools, Thieves and Other Dreamers
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978-0-7974-2326-8African Hunter: Shot Placement Pocket Field Guide
2002978-0-7974-2335-0Trust De LA Foire International Du Livre · Zimbabwe International Book Fair TrustIndaba 2001, Changer Les Vies: Promouvoir Une Culture De LA Lecture En Afrique (Swahili Edition)
2001978-0-7974-2343-5Isaac MumpandeTonga proverbs
  ''978-0-7974-2349-7John EppelThe curse of the ripe tomato
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2001978-0-7974-2358-9Bill TaylorWet Breams
2002978-0-7974-2361-9David SinclairThe White Tide
  ''978-0-7974-2367-1Virginia PhiriDesperate
2001978-0-7974-2369-5Mary HolmanA Century of Community 1901-2001: A History of Trelawney/Darwendale
2002978-0-7974-2394-7John EppelThe holy innocents
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  ''978-0-7974-2428-9Helen JacksonAIDS Africa: Continent in crisis
2012978-0-7974-2455-5Elspeth ParryA Guide to the Rock Art of the Matopo Hills, Zimbabwe
2002978-0-7974-2499-9SEATINI High Level MeetingSEATINI HIGH LEVEL MEETING (GOLD CREST HOTEL, QUATRE BORNER, MAURITIUS, 30th Oct -3rd Nov 2000)
978-0-7974-2508-8Trade and Debt Blockages--Which Way Forward?: Financing for Development & Debt (Afrodad Prsp Technical Paper)
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978-0-7974-2572-9Promoting Police Observance of Human Rights: The Mainstreaming Model of Human Rights Education in Police Training
978-0-7974-2583-5It's Time to Unleash Your Greatness!
978-0-7974-2591-0The Dream of Stones, Ad 1180-1203
2002978-0-7974-2648-1Sami Sallinen · Haile BizenAsmara Beloved
2005978-0-7974-2712-9Yash Tandon · Megan AllardicePaved with Good Intentions: Background to the GATT Uruguay Round and Wto (Seatini: Readings In Globalisation And World Trade)
2003978-0-7974-2720-4Sheila MacdonaldWinter Cricket The spirit of Wedza
  ''978-0-7974-2721-1Sheila MacdonaldWinter Cricket: The Spirit Of Wedza: A Collection Of Biographies, Articles, Memories, And Recollections
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978-0-7974-2864-5In an Elephant's Rumble: Life Amongst The Presidential Elephants of Zimbabwe
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978-0-7974-2913-0Secrets of a Woman's Soul: Based on a True Story
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978-0-7974-2948-2Living Dreams
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978-0-7974-3176-8Implementing Fair Debt Arbitration: What Needs to Be Done?
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978-0-7974-3256-7Sports, Juju, and Human Factor Development
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978-0-7974-3395-3A Guide to Labour Law in Zimbabwe
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2015978-0-7974-9621-7Tonderai MupamhangaFinancial Success Models: Exploring Biblical Success Patterns