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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-0-233-99427-7Terry ChristianReds in the Hood
2000978-0-233-99431-4Nicky CurtisFaith and Duty: The True Story of a Soldier's War in Northern Ireland
  ''978-0-233-99433-8John Harris · M. J. TrowHess: The British Conspiracy
1999978-0-233-99447-5Stephen HallidayRangers: The Waddell Years
  ''978-0-233-99453-6Cliff Butler · Ivan PontingManchester United Official Yearbook 1999
  ''978-0-233-99454-3Ron Atkinson · Peter FittonBig Ron: A Different Ball Game
  ''978-0-233-99461-1Mark PeelThe Last Roman: A Biography of Colin Cowdrey
1998978-0-233-99475-8Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankJohn Thaw: The Biography
1999978-0-233-99477-2Bernard BaleBremner!: The Legend of Billy Bremner
2000978-0-233-99480-2Lisa MartineauBarbara Castle: Politics and Power (Politics & power)
1999978-0-233-99482-6Stafford Hildred · Tim EwbankJohn Thaw: The Biography
1999978-0-233-99484-0Sonya Winner · Ilana SalemHen Nights: And Other Great Nights Out with Girls
  ''978-0-233-99488-8Peggy SpencerThe Joy of Dancing: Next Steps Ballroom, Latin and Jive for Social Dancers of All Ages
  ''978-0-233-99494-9Joan CollinsMy Friends' Secrets: Conversations with My Friends About Beauty, Health and Happiness
  ''978-0-233-99496-3Cathay CheDeborah Harry: Platinum Blonde
  ''978-0-233-99497-0Dave CroweOn the Piste: Stories and Tales from the Slopes
1999978-0-233-99508-3David Ross · Bob CattellYoung Blood (Strikers S.)
  ''978-0-233-99509-0David Ross · Bob CattellBig Deal (Strikers S.)
  ''978-0-233-99510-6   ''Bad Boys (Strikers S.)
1998978-0-233-99547-2Catherine BergoinArt of Porcelain Painting: The Latest Technique
  ''978-0-233-99550-2Aude Creuze · Veronique HabegreThe Porcelain Painter's Handbook
1999978-0-233-99558-8H. A. Rey · Margret ReyCurious George (Paperback)
  ''978-0-233-99569-4Gyles BrandrethBumper Book of Laughs (Bumper books)
1998978-0-233-99581-6Rocky Horror Scrapbook
2000978-0-233-99617-2Chris Bennett · Colin CameronBehind the Scenes at Harrods
1999978-0-233-99619-6Peter Higham · Bruce JonesWorld Motor Racing Circuits: A Spectator's Guide
1999978-0-233-99620-2James ChristopherElizabeth Taylor: The Illustrated Biography
  ''978-0-233-99621-9Tim Ewbank · Hildred Stafford · Stafford HildredJoanna Lumley: The Biography
2000978-0-233-99622-6Jeremy. PaxtonThe Official Manchester United Annual 2001
1999978-0-233-99631-8Irfan OrgaTurkish Cooking (Andre Deutsch Cookery Classics)
  ''978-0-233-99634-9Paul GasterThe "Corrs": Corner to Corner
  ''978-0-233-99642-4Alexander GamesPete and Dud: An Illustrated Biography
  ''978-0-233-99644-8Roger Black · Mike RowbottomHow Long's the Course?
1999978-0-233-99649-3John TorodeTorode's Thai Trek
  ''978-0-233-99667-7Mark Hollingsworth · Nick FieldingDefending the Realm: MI5 and the Shayler Affair
  ''978-0-233-99668-4Mick MiddlesWhen You're Smiling: The Illustrated Biography of Les Dawson
  ''978-0-233-99669-1Gary Morecambe · Martin SterlingMemories of Eric
2000978-0-233-99673-8Joan CollinsMy Friends' Secrets
  ''978-0-233-99693-6David Ross · Bob CattellWorld Cup (Strikers S.)
2000978-0-233-99694-3David Ross · Bob CattellShoot-out (Strikers S.)
  ''978-0-233-99695-0   ''Red Hot (Strikers S.)
1999978-0-233-99713-1Paul Lamford100 Chess Puzzles (Improve Your Game)
  ''978-0-233-99714-8Paul Lamford100 Backgammon Puzzles
  ''978-0-233-99715-5   ''100 Scrabble Puzzles (Improve your game)
  ''978-0-233-99721-6Caroline Aherne · Craig CashThe "Royle Family": The Scripts: Series 1
1999978-0-233-99722-3David Hanson · Jo KingstonAccess All Areas: Behind the Scenes at Coronation Street
  ''978-0-233-99727-8Paul Lamford100 Boggle Puzzles (Improve Your Game S.)
  ''978-0-233-99732-2Jonathan Rice"Cold Feet"
  ''978-0-233-99738-4Graeme Souness · Mike EllisSouness: The Management Years
  ''978-0-233-99747-6Paul BurrellEntertaining with Style
1999978-0-233-99748-3Paul Nicholas · Douglas ThompsonPaul Nicholas: Behind the Smile - My Autobiography
2000978-0-233-99776-6Mark Hollingsworth · Nick FieldingDefending the Realm: MI5 and the Shayler Affair
  ''978-0-233-99780-3Betty Driver · Daran LittleBetty: The Autobiography
  ''978-0-233-99783-4Cliff Butler · Ivan PontingManchester United Official Yearbook 2000: The Definitive Guide to the 1999 - 2000 Season
  ''978-0-233-99787-2Fern Britton · Susie Magasiner · Fern BrittenWinter Treats and Summer Delights
  ''978-0-233-99789-6Hunter DaviesDwight Yorke: The Offficial Biography
2000978-0-233-99790-2Andy Cole · Peter FittonAndy Cole: The Autobiography
  ''978-0-233-99803-9Jim Smith · Bob CassJim Smith: The Autobiography
  ''978-0-233-99806-0Daran Little40 Years Of "Coronation Street"
  ''978-0-233-99820-6Laurent de BrunhoffNew Adventures of Babar: A Story for Each Night of the Week (The new adventures of Barbar)
  ''978-0-233-99831-2Bernard BaleJon Pertwee: The Biography
2000978-0-233-99847-3Alan WhickerWhicker's World: Take 2
  ''978-0-233-99848-0Michael FreedlandDoris Day: The Illustrated Biography
1999978-0-233-99851-0Paul EatonInside Anfield: Life at Liverpool F.C.
2000978-0-233-99863-3Jeremy ClarksonPlanet Dagenham: Stars and Their Cars
  ''978-0-233-99878-7Jeremy PaxtonThe Official Liverpool Football Annual 2001
  ''978-0-233-99885-5John Gregory · Martin SwainJohn Gregory: The Boss: Out of the Shadows
  ''978-0-233-99887-9Kate SnellDiana: Her Last Love
2000978-0-233-99892-3Joe Kinnear · Hunter DaviesJoe Kinnear: Still Crazy
  ''978-0-233-99899-2Christine Green"Coronation Street": The Way to Victory
  ''978-0-233-99901-2Caroline Aherne · Craig Cash · Carmel MorganThe "Royle Family": The Scripts: Series 2
  ''978-0-233-99920-3Carole Hayman · Lou WakefieldLadies of Letters (Hit BBC Radio 4 Comedy)
  ''978-0-233-99924-1Mike Bullen · Jonathan RiceCold Feet The Best Bits
2000978-0-233-99926-5Carole Hayman · Lou WakefieldMore Ladies of Letters
2001978-0-233-99942-5Daran Little"Coronation Street": Keeping the Home Fires Burning
  ''978-0-233-99943-2Michael Wylie · Damian Eadie"Countdown" Puzzle Book: No. 1
2002978-0-233-99944-9Eric Chappell · Richard Webber"Rising Damp": The Complete Scripts
2001978-0-233-99947-0Marina Coles"University Challenge" Quiz Book
  ''978-0-233-99952-4Cliff Butler · Ivan PontingManchester United Official Yearbook 2001: The Definitive Guide to the 2000-2001 Season
  ''978-0-233-99953-1Adam BostockThe Official Manchester United Annual 2002
  ''978-0-233-99956-2Kate SnellDiana: Her Last Love (Diana Princess of Wales)
2001978-0-233-99957-9Cathay CheDeborah Harry: Platinum Blonde
  ''978-0-233-99959-3Denis Law · Bernard BaleDenis Law: The Lawman
  ''978-0-233-99963-0David MeekManchester United's 100 Greatest Players
  ''978-0-233-99964-7Manchester United Football ClubThe Official Manchester United Illustrated Encyclopedia
  ''978-0-233-99965-4Adam BostockThe Official Illustrated History of Manchester United
2001978-0-233-99969-2Simon TrewServants of Evil: New First-hand Accounts of the Second World War from the Survivors of Hitler's Wehrmacht
  ''978-0-233-99972-2Daran Little · Christine Green"Coronation Street": The War Years
  ''978-0-233-99976-0Michael Wylie · Damian EadieCountdown - Spreading The Word
  ''978-0-233-99977-7Geoffrey ReganGeoffrey Regan's Book of Military Blunders
  ''978-0-233-99978-4Geoffrey ReganGeoffrey Regan's Book of Naval Blunders
2001978-0-233-99986-9Carole Hayman · Lou WakefieldLadies of Letters and More: The Early Works of Vera Small and Irene Spencer
  ''978-0-233-99988-3Sarah Callard · Diane MillisGreen Living: Eco-friendly Homes, Natural gardening, Organic Food, Energy Saving, Recycling.Living
  ''978-0-233-99989-0Andre DeutschThe Official Manchester United Football Supporters' Pack
  ''978-0-233-99994-4Daran LittleWho's Who on "Coronation Street"
  ''978-0-233-99995-1Justyn BarnesThe Little Book of Manchester United
2001978-0-233-99996-8Caroline Aherne · Craig CashThe Royle Family My Arse:The Best Bits
  ''978-0-233-99997-5Maria Malone"Hear'say": The Official Annual
  ''978-0-233-99998-2   ''"Hear'say": Our Story
  ''978-0-233-99999-9Audley Harrison · Niall EdworthyAudley Harrison: Realising the Dream