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2016978-1-78499-106-7Gergana Noutcheva · Karolina Pomorska · Giselle BosseThe Eu and Its Neighbours: Values Versus Security in European Foreign Policy (Europe in Change)
  ''978-1-78499-110-4Jeffrey RichardsCinema and Radio in Britain and America, 192060 (Studies in Popular Culture)
2018978-1-78499-124-1Andrew KlevanAesthetic evaluation and film
  ''978-1-78499-125-8Andrew KlevanAesthetic Evaluation and Film
2017978-1-78499-126-5Leonie Hannan · Sarah LongairHistory through material culture (IHR Research Guides)
2018978-1-78499-130-2Julian M. SimpsonMigrant architects of the NHS: South Asian doctors and the reinvention of British general practice (1940s-1980s) (Social Histories of Medicine)
2020978-1-78499-139-5Michael LeonardPhilippe Garrel (French Film Directors Series)
2019978-1-78499-141-8Damian Walford DaviesCounterfactual Romanticism (Interventions: Rethinking the Nineteenth Century)
2017978-1-78499-146-3Markku HokkanenMedicine, Mobility and the Empire: Nyasaland Networks, 1859-1960 (Studies in Imperialism)
2015978-1-78499-148-7Malcolm Pemberton · Nicholas RauMathematics for Economists: An Introductory Textbook
2017978-1-78499-254-5Alpesh Kantilal PatelProductive Failure: Writing Queer Transnational South Asian Art Histories (Rethinking Art's Histories)
2020978-1-78499-255-2Murray Stewart Leith · Duncan SimScotland: The New State of an Old Nation
2017978-1-78499-271-2Bob Ryan · Nicholas CollettFinance and Accounting for Business: A New Insight,
2016978-1-78499-272-9Mary VennerDonors, Technical Assistance and Public Administration in Kosovo (Humanitarianism: Key Debates and New Approaches)
  ''978-1-78499-286-6Christopher LloydHenri-Georges Clouzot (French Film Directors Series)
2017978-1-78499-304-7David Keane · Annapurna WaughrayFifty Years of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination: A Living Instrument
  ''978-1-78499-305-4Jean-Hervé Bradol · Marc Le PapeHumanitarian aid, genocide and mass killings: Médecins Sans Frontières, the Rwandan experience, 1982-97 (Humanitarianism: Key Debates and New Approaches)
2017978-1-78499-310-8Edward TomarkenWhy Theory?: Cultural Critique in Film and Television
2018978-1-78499-312-2Alison MorganBallads and songs of Peterloo
2020978-1-78499-318-4Carey FleinerA Writer'S Guide to Ancient Rome
2018978-1-78499-321-4Gavin BarrettThe evolving role of national parliaments in the European Union: Ireland as a case study
2017978-1-78499-342-9Jude WoodwardThe Us vs China: Asia's New Cold War? (Geopolitical Economy)
2016978-1-78499-363-4Matthew GreenAlan Moore and the Gothic Tradition
  ''978-1-78499-366-5Yvette HutchisonSouth African Performance and Archives of Memory (Theatre: Theory - Practice - Performance)
  ''978-1-78499-380-1Finn StepputatGoverning the Dead: Sovereignty and the Politics of Dead Bodies (Human Remains and Violence)
  ''978-1-78499-390-0Judith RennerDiscourse, Normative Change and the Quest for Reconciliation in Global Politics
  ''978-1-78499-396-2Robin WilsonThe Northern Ireland Experience of Conflict and Agreement: A Model for Export?
2016978-1-78499-408-2Susanne Martin · Leonoard B. WeinbergThe role of terrorism in twenty-first-century warfare (New Directions in Terrorism Studies)
  ''978-1-78499-409-9Leonard B. Weinberg · Susanne MartinThe Role of Terrorism in Twenty-First-Century Warfare (New Directions in Terrorism Studies)
  ''978-1-78499-411-2Nazima KadirThe Autonomous Life?: Paradoxes of Hierarchy and Authority in the Squatters Movement in Amsterdam (Contemporary Anarchist Studies)
2019978-1-78499-418-1Graham SpencerInside Accounts, Volume I: The Irish Government and Peace in Northern Ireland, from Sunningdale to the Good Friday Agreement
2020978-1-78499-430-3Mark EdeleDebates on Stalinism
  ''978-1-78499-431-0Mark EdeleDebates on Stalinism (Issues in Historiography)
2017978-1-78499-433-4Allison AbraDancing in the English Style: Consumption, Americanisation and National Identity in Britain, 1918-50 (Studies in Popular Culture)
2018978-1-78499-513-3Helena IfillCreating character: Theories of nature and nurture in Victorian sensation fiction (Interventions: Rethinking the Nineteenth Century)
2017978-1-78499-514-0Liam Chambers · Thomas O'ConnorCollege Communities Abroad: Education, Migration and Catholicism in Early Modern Europe (Studies in Early Modern European History)
  ''978-1-78499-516-4Tomas Macsotay · Cornelis Van Der Haven · Karel VanhaesebrouckThe Hurt(ful) Body: Performing and Beholding Pain, 16001800
2019978-1-78499-517-1Homer B. Pettey · R. Barton PalmerFrench literature on screen
2016978-1-78499-530-0Rowland Atkinson · Sarah BlandyDomestic fortress: Fear and the new home front
2016978-1-78499-531-7Rowland Atkinson · Sarah BlandyDomestic Fortress: Fear and the New Home Front
2019978-1-78499-532-4Sylvie MagerstadtTv Antiquity: Swords, Sandals, Blood and Sand (The Television Series)
2016978-1-78499-759-5Lewis MatesThe Great Labour Unrest: Rank-And-File Movements and Political Change in the Durham Coalfield
  ''978-1-78499-803-5Lewis MatesThe Great Labour Unrest: Rank-And-File Movements and Political Change in the Durham Coalfield