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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-85031-004-7Michael MoorcockBehold the Man
1972978-0-85031-016-0Libby Houston · Gillian Barron · Spike Hawkins · Heather Holden · Alan Jackson · Ted Milton · Brian PattenThe Old Pals' Act
1971978-0-85031-026-9Michael MoorcockCure for Cancer
1972978-0-85031-043-6   ''English Assassin
1977978-0-85031-044-3   ''The Condition of Muzak
1971978-0-85031-056-6Peggy DuffLeft, Left, Left: Personal Account of Six Protest Campaigns, 1945-65
1972978-0-85031-084-9Comte de LautreamontMaldoror
1973978-0-85031-109-9Frances FarmerWill There Really be a Morning?
1977978-0-85031-134-1John CluteDisinheriting Party
1976978-0-85031-141-9Michael MoorcockLives and Times of Jerry Cornelius
1986978-0-85031-142-6Jill MurphyThe Worst Witch
1980978-0-85031-150-1C.L.R. JamesNotes on Dialectics: Hegel, Marx, Lenin
1976978-0-85031-154-9Franz JakubowskiIdeology and Superstructure ([Motive])
  ''978-0-85031-162-4Arthur MaimaneVictims
  ''978-0-85031-173-0Henri LefebvreSurvival of Capitalism
1978978-0-85031-175-4John MacLeanIn the Rapids of Revolution
1977978-0-85031-208-9Simon LeysThe Chairman's New Clothes: Mao and the Cultural Revolution (Motive)
  ''978-0-85031-209-6Simon LeysThe Chairman's New Clothes: Mao and the Cultural Revolution
1979978-0-85031-236-2Sven HasselBloody Road to Death
1978978-0-85031-237-9Michael MoorcockGloriana, or the Unfulfill'd Queen
1980978-0-85031-251-5Jill MurphyThe Worst Witch Strikes Again
1979978-0-85031-259-1Buchi EmechetaIn the Ditch
  ''978-0-85031-260-7Buchi EmechetaJoys of Motherhood
1979978-0-85031-281-2Buchi EmechetaIn the Ditch
  ''978-0-85031-291-1George LammingSeason of Adventure
  ''978-0-85031-294-2Nuruddin FarahSweet and Sour Milk
1982978-0-85031-297-3Martin HartRats
1980978-0-85031-329-1Colin MacInnesAbsolute Beginners
  ''978-0-85031-330-7Colin MacInnesAbsolute Beginners
  ''978-0-85031-337-6Andrew SalkeyAway
1980978-0-85031-338-3Andrew SalkeyAway
  ''978-0-85031-357-4B. TravenGovernment
  ''978-0-85031-367-3Simon Clarke · etc.One Dimensional Marxism: Althusser and the Politics of Culture
  ''978-0-85031-370-3B. TravenWhite Rose
  ''978-0-85031-375-8Gay Left CollectiveHomosexuality: Power and Politics
1980978-0-85031-379-6Christian RakovskySelected Writings on Opposition in the U.S.S.R., 1923-30
1981978-0-85031-393-2B. TravenThe Carreta
  ''978-0-85031-435-9Simon LeysChairman's New Clothes: Mao and the Cultural Revolution
2000978-0-85031-447-2B. TravenGeneral from the Jungle
1982978-0-85031-458-8Julian Jay SavarinWaterhole
  ''978-0-85031-461-8C.L.R. JamesThe Nkrumah and the Ghana Revolution
1983978-0-85031-487-8John Minnion · Philip BolsoverThe CND Story: the First 25 Years of CND in the Words of the People Involved
  ''978-0-85031-491-5Graham WadeSegovia: Celebration of the Man and His Music
1982978-0-85031-493-9Anthony BarnettIron Britannia: Why Parliament Waged Its Falklands War
1984978-0-85031-530-1Denton WelchThe Journals of Denton Welch
1986978-0-85031-536-3Rayner HeppenstallMaster Eccentric: Journals, 1969-81
1984978-0-85031-547-9Julian Jay SavarinWolf Run
  ''978-0-85031-567-7Bernard MacLavertySecrets and Other Stories
1984978-0-85031-585-1Anthony BurgessNinety-nine Novels: The Best in English Since 1939 - A Personal Choice
1985978-0-85031-594-3Chester HimesCotton Comes to Harlem
1986978-0-85031-626-1George MacDonaldLilith (Allison & Busby's Fantastic Fiction Library)
1985978-0-85031-630-8Gordon WellsMagazine Writer's Handbook
  ''978-0-85031-637-7Jonathan GoodmanCrippen File
1986978-0-85031-647-6Moyra CaldecottSon of the Sun, The
  ''978-0-85031-669-8Chester HimesThe Heat's on (American Crime)
  ''978-0-85031-673-5Richard StarkPoint Blank (Parker)
  ''978-0-85031-682-7Richard StarkThe Black Ice Score (Parker Novel)
1986978-0-85031-688-9Ross MacdonaldThe Moving Target (American Crime S.)
1987978-0-85031-697-1Jennifer GlynnPrince of Publishers: George Smith
1988978-0-85031-754-1Ross MacdonaldFar Side of the Dollar (Allison & Busby American crime series)
1987978-0-85031-777-0Peter FinchHow to Publish Yourself
1989978-0-85031-786-2C.L.R. JamesCricket
1994978-0-85031-829-6Alison PrinceKenneth Grahame: An Innocent in the Wild Wood
1995978-0-85031-849-4Richard InglebyChristopher Wood: An English Painter
1990978-0-85031-877-7Nino RicciLives of the Saints
1996978-0-85031-919-4Benjamin NetanyahuFighting Terrorism
1995978-0-85031-929-3Joseph E. PersicoNuremberg: Infamy on Trial
1993978-0-85031-958-3Jeremy LambSo Idle a Rogue: Life and Death of Lord Rochester
1991978-0-85031-997-2Graham HandleyGeorge Eliot's Midlands: Passion in Exile