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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-84032-001-5A. A. MilneWinnie the Pooh: Dramatisation
1997978-1-84032-002-2A A MilneHouse At Pooh Corner: CD: Dramatisation (Winnie the Pooh)
1998978-1-84032-028-2Lucy DanielsHedgehogs in the Hall (Animal Ark)
  ''978-1-84032-044-2Michael MorpurgoArthur, High King of Britain: Excalibur
  ''978-1-84032-045-9Hodder Children's BooksCounting and Alphabet Songs
  ''978-1-84032-047-3A A MilnePooh Goes Visiting and Other Stories: Dramatisation
  ''978-1-84032-057-2Enid BlytonFirst Term at Malory Towers
1999978-1-84032-061-9Enid Blyton05: In The Fifth (Malory Towers)
2000978-1-84032-096-1Michael MorpurgoRed Eyes At Night (Hodder Audio)
1999978-1-84032-100-5C S ForesterLord Hornblower
1998978-1-84032-101-2Mark RadcliffeShowbusiness: The Diary of a Rock 'n' Roll Nobody
1998978-1-84032-106-7David Tennant · Joanna Lumley · Julia Sawalha · Mike Read · Pam Ayres · Richard Griffiths · Roger McGoughClassic FM 100 Favourite Humorous Poems
1999978-1-84032-107-4John Le CarreSingle & Single CD (6 CD Pack)
  ''978-1-84032-108-1John Le CarréThe Looking Glass War
  ''978-1-84032-112-8Louise HayMorning and Evening Meditations
  ''978-1-84032-122-7Susan JeffersInner Talk for a Love That Works
  ''978-1-84032-132-6Susan JeffersInner Talk for a Confident Day
1999978-1-84032-139-5Alan TitchmarshAn Evening with Alan Titchmarsh
  ''978-1-84032-142-5Susan JeffersInner Talk For Peace of Mind [AUDIOBOOK]
  ''978-1-84032-144-9Josephine CoxSomewhere, Someday: Sometimes the past must be confronted
1998978-1-84032-145-6Nick BaileyClassic FM Romance: Performed by Douglas Hodge & Cast. Introduced by Nick Bailey
1999978-1-84032-148-7Robert LlewellynThe Man on Platform Five
1998978-1-84032-150-0Ellis PetersOne Corpse Too Many (Brother Cadfael Mysteries)
1999978-1-84032-152-4Susan JeffersThe Art of Fearbusting
1998978-1-84032-155-5Ellis PetersDead Man's Ransom (Brother Cadfael Mysteries)
1999978-1-84032-157-9Susan JeffersA Fearbusting Workshop
1998978-1-84032-160-9Ellis PetersThe Pilgrim of Hate (Brother Cadfael Mysteries)
1999978-1-84032-169-2James JonesThe Thin Red Line
1998978-1-84032-171-5Tristan Davies · Nick NewmanWallace & Gromit - Anoraknophobia
  ''978-1-84032-176-0Charles FrazierCold Mountain: Complete & Unabridged
1999978-1-84032-189-0Louis BernieresThe Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman
  ''978-1-84032-191-3Tristan Davies · Nick NewmanCrackers in Space (Wallace & Gromit)
1998978-1-84032-195-1Josephine CoxTomorrow the World: A compulsive and intense saga of love and secrets
1999978-1-84032-199-9Louis BernieresSenor Vivo & the Coca Lord
1999978-1-84032-219-4A A MilneTigger Comes To The Forest & Other Stories: Dramatisation
  ''978-1-84032-223-1Enid BlytonFamous Five - Five Have a Wonderful Time / Five Have a Mystery to Solve
  ''978-1-84032-226-2A A MilnePooh Invents a New Game and Other Stories: Dramatisation
  ''978-1-84032-228-6Enid Blyton08: Fifth Formers of St Clare's: Dramatisation
  ''978-1-84032-231-6   ''Famous Five 4 In 1 Double double Tape: "Five Go Adventuring Again", "Five on a Treasure Island", "Five on Finniston Farm", "Five Go to Demon's Rocks" (Famous Five Gift Books and Collections)
2000978-1-84032-274-3Lucy DanielsAnimal Ark Pets Book and Tape 7: Pony Parade
1999978-1-84032-280-4David AlmondKit's Wilderness
1999978-1-84032-300-9Stephen KingStephen King Live
2000978-1-84032-302-3Ellis PetersA Morbid Taste for Bones: The First Chronicle of Brother Cadfael
  ''978-1-84032-307-8   ''The Raven in the Foregate (Brother Cadfael Mysteries)
2001978-1-84032-308-5Jim ShekhdarBold Man of the Sea: My Epic Journey
2000978-1-84032-312-2Ellis PetersAn Excellent Mystery
1999978-1-84032-316-0Susan JeffersFeel the Fear and Beyond: Mastering the Techniques for Doing it Anyway: Dynamic Techniques for Doing It Anyway
2000978-1-84032-317-7Ellis PetersThe Rose Rent (Brother Cadfael Mysteries)
1999978-1-84032-321-4John ConnollyEvery Dead Thing: A Charlie Parker Thriller: 1
2000978-1-84032-332-0Josephine CoxLooking Back: She must choose between love and duty...
2005978-1-84032-334-4Joanne HarrisChocolat
2000978-1-84032-337-5Stanley MatthewsThe Way it Was - The Autobiography: My Autobiography
2001978-1-84032-340-5Mark ForstaterThe Spiritual Teachings of Marcus Aurelius
2000978-1-84032-356-6Susan JeffersDare To Connect: How to Create Confidence, Trust and Loving Relationships
  ''978-1-84032-361-0Rosamunde PilcherWinter Solstice
  ''978-1-84032-362-7Ellis PetersMonk's Hood
  ''978-1-84032-367-2Joanne HarrisChocolat
2000978-1-84032-370-2Stephen KingThe Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
  ''978-1-84032-372-6Ellis PetersThe Confessions of Brother Haluin
1950978-1-84032-380-1Mark RadcliffeMark Radcliffe Untitled
2002978-1-84032-386-3Susan JeffersEmbracing Uncertainty: Achieving Peace of Mind as We Face the Unknown
2000978-1-84032-391-7Stephen KingBlood and Smoke
2001978-1-84032-410-5Elizabeth GeorgeA Traitor to Memory: An Inspector Lynley Novel: 10
  ''978-1-84032-411-2Julian StockwinKydd: Thomas Kydd 1
  ''978-1-84032-418-1Dickie Bird · Jon Pertwee · Brian Blessed · Ned SherrinHave You Heard the One About?
2003978-1-84032-421-1Julian StockwinSeaflower: Thomas Kydd 3 (Kydd 2)
2001978-1-84032-422-8Mark Forstater · Louisa Millwood-HaighThe Spiritual Teachings of Seneca
2003978-1-84032-426-6Julian StockwinMutiny: Thomas Kydd 4
2002978-1-84032-428-0Mike GayleDinner for Two
2001978-1-84032-453-2Don CampbellHH 4538 the Mozart Effect Hodder Headline Audiobooks
2000978-1-84032-465-5Brian JohnstonAn Evening with Johnners
2001978-1-84032-477-8Josephine CoxThe Woman Who Left: Jealousy is a force to be reckoned with...
  ''978-1-84032-480-8Mike GayleMr Commitment
2002978-1-84032-494-5Joanne HarrisFive Quarters of the Orange
2000978-1-84032-501-0Thora Hird · Liz BarrNot in the Diary
2002978-1-84032-509-6Rob ParsonsThe Heart of Success
2002978-1-84032-510-2Barry Albin-DyerDon't Drop the Coffin!
  ''978-1-84032-512-6International Bible SocietyHoly Bible: New International Version: New International Version - Anglicised
  ''978-1-84032-513-3IBS UK International Bible SocietyNIV Audio on CD: New Testament: New International Version - Anglicised (New Testament Niv)
2004978-1-84032-517-1Barry Albin DyerFinal Departures Audio
2006978-1-84032-519-5International Bible SocietyWords of Faith: TNIV Psalms, Proverbs and Song of Songs Audio Collection on CD
2000978-1-84032-532-4Enid BlytonFive Run Away Together: Book 3: Dramatisation (Famous Five)
2002978-1-84032-533-1   ''Five Go To Smuggler's Top: Single tape NJR: Dramatisation (Famous Five)
2000978-1-84032-534-8   ''Five On Kirrin Island Again: single tape: Dramatisation (Famous Five)
2000978-1-84032-535-5Enid BlytonFive On A Hike Together: Book 10: Fully Dramatised (Famous Five)
2012978-1-84032-537-9   ''Five Go Down To The Sea: Book 12: Fully Dramatised (Famous Five)
2000978-1-84032-538-6   ''Five Go To Mystery Moor: Book 13: Fully Dramatised (Famous Five)
2001978-1-84032-540-9   ''Good Old Secret Seven: Book 12
  ''978-1-84032-541-6   ''Fun For The Secret Seven: Book 15
  ''978-1-84032-550-8Lucy DanielsBunnies in the Bathroom (Animal Ark)
2000978-1-84032-555-3Mick InkpenKipper: Kipper Story Collection
2001978-1-84032-562-1Robin JarvisThe Deptford Mice: The Dark Portal
  ''978-1-84032-563-8Robin JarvisThe Deptford Mice: The Crystal Prison
  ''978-1-84032-580-5Enid BlytonThe Famous Five Short Story Collection: Dramatisation (Famous Five Short Stories)
2001978-1-84032-585-0Enid BlytonFive Get into a Fix (Famous Five)
2001978-1-84032-586-7Enid BlytonFive On Finniston Farm: (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84032-587-4   ''Five Go To Demon's Rocks: Book 19 (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84032-588-1   ''Five Have A Mystery To Solve: Book 20 (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84032-589-8   ''Five Are Together Again: Book 21 (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84032-597-3   ''Five Fall into Adventure (Famous Five)
2001978-1-84032-598-0Enid BlytonFive Have Plenty Of Fun: Book 14: Read by Cast (Famous Five)
2001978-1-84032-599-7Enid BlytonFive On A Secret Trail: Book 15 (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84032-619-2John CunliffePostman Pat: Postman Pat Story Collection: Television Stories Volume 4 (The ne adventures of Postman Pat)
  ''978-1-84032-622-2Mick InkpenThe Little Kipper Collection (Little Kipper Book & Tape)
2002978-1-84032-633-8Mick Inkpen · Dawn FrenchLittle Kipper Stories
  ''978-1-84032-638-3Ian WhybrowJump In!: Book & Tape
2003978-1-84032-668-0Lauren ChildWho's Afraid of the Big Bad Book?: Book & Tape
  ''978-1-84032-670-3Mick InkpenKipper's Monster: Book & Tape (Kipper Book & Tape)
2003978-1-84032-679-6Brian MosesPoems Out Loud
  ''978-1-84032-680-2Hilary McKayIndigo's Star: Book 2 (Casson Family)
  ''978-1-84032-681-9David AlmondThe Fire-Eaters
2012978-1-84032-687-1David Lee StoneThe Shadewell Shenanigans (Illmoor Chronicles)
2003978-1-84032-691-8Mick InkpenKipper: Basketful of Kipper 8 Stories
2004978-1-84032-693-2Cressida CowellHow to be a Pirate
  ''978-1-84032-694-9Mick InkpenKipper's Beach Ball Book and CD
  ''978-1-84032-696-3Enid BlytonFive on Treasure Island: AND Five on a Secret Trail (The Famous Five)
2004978-1-84032-697-0Enid BlytonFive Go to Mystery Moor & Five On Kirrin Island Again (Famous Five)
  ''978-1-84032-698-7David MellingThe Tale of Jack Frost: Book & CD
  ''978-1-84032-699-4Lucy DanielsKittens in the Kitchen: Animal Ark Classics
2002978-1-84032-700-7Tony BennAn Audience with Tony Benn
2004978-1-84032-706-9Mike GayleHis 'n' Hers
2005978-1-84032-707-6   ''Brand New Friend
2002978-1-84032-713-7Bill CullenIt's a Long Way from Penny Apples
2005978-1-84032-726-7Elizabeth GeorgeWith No One as Witness: An Inspector Lynley Novel: 11
2003978-1-84032-728-1Jane AustenPride and Prejudice
  ''978-1-84032-775-5VariousClassic Ghost Stories
  ''978-1-84032-777-9George ElliotThe Mill on the Floss (Classics)
2003978-1-84032-779-3Mary ShelleyFrankenstein
2004978-1-84032-783-0Daphne Du MaurierJamaica Inn
2003978-1-84032-793-9Danny Danziger · John Gillingham1215: The Year of Magna Carta
2005978-1-84032-795-3Jeffery DeaverThe Twelfth Card: Lincoln Rhyme Book 6
2003978-1-84032-800-4Henry BlofeldAn Evening with Blowers
2007978-1-84032-803-5Elizabeth GeorgeWhat Came Before He Shot Her (Inspector Lynley Mysteries 14)
2003978-1-84032-815-8Joanne HarrisCoastliners
2004978-1-84032-818-9John Le CarréAbsolute Friends
2003978-1-84032-820-2Tony BennAn Audience with Tony Benn
  ''978-1-84032-821-9Ray MearsThe Real Heroes of Telemark: The True Story of the Secret Mission to Stop Hitler's Atomic Bomb
2004978-1-84032-824-0Graham NortonSo Me
2003978-1-84032-825-7Robert Louis StevensonTreasure Island (Classic audios)
  ''978-1-84032-827-1Elizabeth GeorgeA Place of Hiding (Inspector Lynley Mysteries 12)
2004978-1-84032-828-8Brian Johnston · Dickie Bird · Henry BlofeldThe Wit of Cricket
  ''978-1-84032-833-2   ''The Wit of Cricket: Stories from Cricket's best-loved personalities
  ''978-1-84032-834-9David NichollsStarter For Ten
2003978-1-84032-841-7Nobby StilesNobby Stiles: After the Ball - My Autobiography
2004978-1-84032-842-4Mark ForstaterThe Living Wisdom of Socrates
2004978-1-84032-845-5Matthew Engel · Henry Blofeld · Christopher Martin-Jenkins · Barry Norman · Richard Lindfield · Barry JohnstonWisden Cricketers' Almanack 2004 [AUDIOBOOK]
2003978-1-84032-847-9Henry BlofeldCricket's Great Entertainers
2004978-1-84032-852-3Jeffery DeaverGarden of Beasts
2003978-1-84032-855-4Glen David GoldCarter Beats the Devil
  ''978-1-84032-856-1Melvyn BraggThe Adventure Of English
2004978-1-84032-857-8Matthew Engel · Henry Blofeld · Christopher Martin-Jenkins · Barry Norman · Richard Lindfield · Barry JohnstonWisden Cricketers' Almanack 2004
  ''978-1-84032-858-5Jasper FfordeThe Well Of Lost Plots: Thursday Next Book 3
2003978-1-84032-861-5Bob WilsonBob Wilson - Behind the Network: My Autobiography
2005978-1-84032-867-7John BerendtThe City of Falling Angels
2004978-1-84032-868-4Jasper FfordeThe Eyre Affair: Thursday Next Book 1
2003978-1-84032-871-4Ranulph FiennesCaptain Scott
2004978-1-84032-878-3Jasper FfordeSomething Rotten: Thursday Next Book 4
2005978-1-84032-882-0Jeffery DeaverThe Twelfth Card: Lincoln Rhyme Book 6
2003978-1-84032-884-4Phil Craig · Tim ClaytonFinest Hour: The bestselling story of the Battle of Britain
2005978-1-84032-887-5Elizabeth GeorgeWith No One as Witness: An Inspector Lynley Novel: 11
2004978-1-84032-888-2Jake Arnotttruecrime
  ''978-1-84032-898-1Jake ArnottHe Kills Coppers
2006978-1-84032-903-2Montagu DonMy Roots: A Decade in the Garden
2004978-1-84032-913-1Alan TitchmarshAn Evening with Alan Titchmarsh
  ''978-1-84032-914-8Dickie BirdAn Evening with Dickie Bird
2004978-1-84032-915-5Garrison KeillorLake Wobegon
  ''978-1-84032-921-6Arthur Conan DoyleBest Of Sherlock Holmes Vol 1: v. 1
  ''978-1-84032-928-5Pam AyresThey Should Have Asked My Husband
  ''978-1-84032-931-5John HumphrysLost For Words
2005978-1-84032-933-9Ranulph FiennesAn Evening with Ranulph Fiennes
2004978-1-84032-946-9Elizabeth NobleThe Reading Group
2006978-1-84032-947-6Peter RobinsonPiece of My Heart: DCI Banks 16
2007978-1-84032-952-0Peter RobinsonFriend of the Devil: DCI Banks 17
2008978-1-84032-953-7   ''All the Colours of Darkness: DCI Banks 18
2010978-1-84032-954-4   ''Bad Boy- Abridged
2005978-1-84032-955-1Susan JeffersFeel the Fear and Do It Anyway
2005978-1-84032-956-8Susan JeffersEnd the Struggle and Dance With Life
  ''978-1-84032-958-2Phil Craig · Tim Clayton · Tim Clayton & Phil CraigTrafalgar: The men, the battle, the storm
2004978-1-84032-968-1Cressida CowellHow to be a Pirate
  ''978-1-84032-969-8   ''How to Train Your Dragon: Book 1
2006978-1-84032-975-9   ''How to Train Your Dragon: How To Speak Dragonese: Book 3
2004978-1-84032-976-6Pony in the Porch (Animal Ark)
  ''978-1-84032-977-3Lucy DanielsAnimal Ark: Puppies in the Pantry: Animal Ark Classics
  ''978-1-84032-978-0   ''Bunnies in the Bathroom: Animal Ark Classics
2004978-1-84032-979-7Lucy DanielsHamster in a Hamper: Animal Ark Classics
  ''978-1-84032-980-3   ''Badger in the Basement: Animal Ark Classics
2004978-1-84032-981-0Lucy DanielsGuinea-pig in the Garage: Animal Ark Classics
  ''978-1-84032-982-7   ''Dolphin in the Deep: Animal Ark Classics
  ''978-1-84032-989-6Mick InkpenBear Stories
2009978-1-84032-997-1Brian MosesWalking With My Iguana (Wayland One Shots)