Telegram Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84659-000-9Andrew KaufmanAll My Friends are Superheroes
  ''978-1-84659-001-6Maggie GeeWhere are the Snows
  ''978-1-84659-003-0Rebecca O'ConnorScealta: Short Stories by Irish Women (Short Stories by Women from Around the World S.)
  ''978-1-84659-005-4Alberto ManguelWith Borges
  ''978-1-84659-007-8Nancy HawkerPovidky: Short Stories by Czech Women (Short Stories by Women from Around the World) (Short Stories by Women from Around the World S.)
2006978-1-84659-008-5Maggie GeeMy Cleaner
  ''978-1-84659-009-2Alexandre NajjarThe School of War
  ''978-1-84659-010-8Mohamed Choukri · Paul BowlesFor Bread Alone
  ''978-1-84659-011-5Roseanne Saad KhalafHikayat: Short Stories by Lebanese Women
  ''978-1-84659-012-2Jo GlanvilleQissat: Short Stories by Palestinian Women
2006978-1-84659-013-9Maggie GeeThe Blue
2007978-1-84659-016-0Eduardo MendozaNo Word from Gurb
  ''978-1-84659-017-7Michael Muhammad KnightThe Taqwacores
  ''978-1-84659-019-1Dubravka UgresicNobody's Home
  ''978-1-84659-021-4Oh Jung-HeeThe Bird
  ''978-1-84659-022-1Bi FeiyuThe Moon Opera
2010978-1-84659-023-8Bi FeiyuThree Sisters
2007978-1-84659-024-5Aamer HusseinInsomnia
2007978-1-84659-026-9Hassan DaoudThe Year of the Revolutionary New Bread-making Machine
  ''978-1-84659-027-6Mohamed ChoukriStreetwise
  ''978-1-84659-028-3Moris FarhiYoung Turk
  ''978-1-84659-031-3Maggie DaveyDinaane: Short Stories by South African Women (Short Stories by Women from Around the World)
  ''978-1-84659-032-0Chingiz AitmatovJamilia
2007978-1-84659-033-7Alayna MunceWhen I Was Young and in My Prime
2008978-1-84659-034-4Ferenc KarinthyMetropole
  ''978-1-84659-037-5SjónThe Blue Fox
  ''978-1-84659-038-2Maggie GeeThe Ice People
  ''978-1-84659-039-9Dubravka UgresicThe Ministry of Pain
  ''978-1-84659-043-6Maggie GeeThe White Family
2008978-1-84659-045-0David FoenkinosThe Erotic Potential of My Wife
2009978-1-84659-047-4Hassan DaoudBorrowed Time
2008978-1-84659-050-4Mohamed ChoukriIn Tangier
  ''978-1-84659-051-1Eduardo MendozaThe Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt
2009978-1-84659-052-8Maggie GeeMy Driver
2008978-1-84659-053-5Selcuk AltunSongs My Mother Never Taught Me
2011978-1-84659-054-2Eduardo MendozaThe Olive Labyrinth
2009978-1-84659-056-6Aamer HusseinAnother Gulmohar Tree
2008978-1-84659-057-3Chris AbaniSong for Night
2009978-1-84659-060-3Julia O'FaolainAdam Gould
2010978-1-84659-061-0Mohamed ChoukriIn Tangier
2009978-1-84659-062-7Nawal El-SaadawiThe Fall of the Imam
2010978-1-84659-065-8Alexandre NajjarThe Silence of My Father
2009978-1-84659-066-5Walter De La MareMemoirs of a Midget
  ''978-1-84659-067-2Selcuk AltunMany and Many a Year Ago
2011978-1-84659-072-6Anne WiazemskyYoung Girl
  ''978-1-84659-073-3Heðin BrúThe Old Man and His Sons
2009978-1-84659-074-0Andre BretonAnthology of Black Humour
2010978-1-84659-077-1Mischa HillerSabra Zoo
  ''978-1-84659-079-5Maggie GeeMy Driver
2010978-1-84659-081-8Pauline MelvilleEating Air
978-1-84659-083-2SjonFrom the Mouth of the Whale
2010978-1-84659-084-9Ronald FrameUnwritten Secrets
  ''978-1-84659-086-3Andrew KaufmanThe Waterproof Bible
2011978-1-84659-088-7Mischa HillerShake Off
  ''978-1-84659-089-4Aamer HusseinThe Cloud Messenger
  ''978-1-84659-090-0Maggie GeeMy Animal Life
  ''978-1-84659-093-1Mischa HillerSabra Zoo
2013978-1-84659-144-0Asli PerkerSouffle
2012978-1-84659-148-8Selcuk AltunThe Sultan of Byzantium
2016978-1-84659-200-3Shyam SelvaduraiThe Hungry Ghosts
2016978-1-84659-201-0Tahar Ben JellounAbout My Mother
2018978-1-84659-207-2Nicholas LaughlinSo Many Islands: Stories from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian and Pacific Oceans
2010978-1-84659-987-3Maggie GeeMy Animal Life