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1982978-0-941320-00-9William Elliott ButlerAnglo-Polish Legal Essays (Studies on Socialist Legal Systems)
  ''978-0-941320-01-6Ozdemir A. OzgurApartheid: The United Nations and Peaceful Change in South Africa
1983978-0-941320-02-3Gisbert FlanzComparative Women's Rights and Political Participation in Europe
  ''978-0-941320-03-0Lennart LundquistThe Party and the Masses: An Interorganizational Analysis of Lenin's Model for the Bolshevik Revolutionary Movement
1982978-0-941320-04-7Abraham H. MillerTerrorism, the Media and the Law
1985978-0-941320-05-4Richard W. EdwardsInternational Monetary Collaboration
1982978-0-941320-06-1Torill StoklandCreative women in changing societies: A quest for alternatives
1983978-0-941320-07-8William Elliott ButlerThe Legal System of the Chinese Soviet Republic, 1931-1934 (STUDIES ON SOCIALIST LEGAL SYSTEMS)
1982978-0-941320-08-5Arnold BuchholtzSoviet and East European Studies in the International Framework
1992978-0-941320-09-2Juergen Christoph GoedanInternational Legal Bibliographies: A Worldwide Guide and Critique
1987978-0-941320-11-5Malvina Halberstam · Elizabeth F. DefeisWomen's Legal Rights: International Covenants an Alternative to Era?
1984978-0-941320-12-2Guenther KaiserPrison Systems and Correctional Laws: Europe, the United States and Japan: A Comparative Analysis
  ''978-0-941320-13-9Judith Hicks StiehmWomen's Views of the Political World of Men
  ''978-0-941320-14-6John Thomas Peters HumphreyHuman Rights and the United Nations: A Great Adventure
1984978-0-941320-15-3Leo GrossEssays on International Law and Organization: Volume I/II
  ''978-0-941320-16-0Branimir M. JankovicPublic International Law
  ''978-0-941320-17-7Frederick Tse-Shyang ChenChina Policy and National Security
  ''978-0-941320-18-4   ''China Policy & National Security
  ''978-0-941320-19-1JankovicPublic International Law P/Bk
1984978-0-941320-20-7William ButlerThe Journey (English and Russian Edition)
  ''978-0-941320-21-4Elisabeth ZollerPeacetime Unilateral Remedies: An Analysis of Countermeasures
978-0-941320-22-1Women's Views of the Political World of Men
1984978-0-941320-23-8Gishert R. ZlanzComparative Woman's Rights and Political Participation in Europe
1982978-0-941320-24-5Abraham H. MillerTerrorism and the Media and the Law
1987978-0-941320-25-2Robert A. FriedlanderStruggle for Supremacy: Presidential War Powers and Foreign Policy
1984978-0-941320-26-9Leslie C. GreenEssays on the Modern Law of War
1987978-0-941320-27-6Edward J. Bander · Frank Bae · Blanka KudejSearching the Law/With Supplement 1
1986978-0-941320-28-3M. Cherif BassiouniInternational Criminal Law: Crimes
1987978-0-941320-29-0James A. SteverThe End of Public Administration: Problems of the Profession in the Post Progressive Era
1986978-0-941320-31-3M. Cherif BassiouniInternational Criminal Law: Procedure
1987978-0-941320-32-0   ''International Criminal Law: Enforcement
1985978-0-941320-33-7Elisabeth ZollerEnforcing International Law Through U.S. Legislation
1987978-0-941320-34-4Paul Stephen DempseyLaw and Foreign Policy in International Aviation
  ''978-0-941320-35-1Anthony A D'AmatoInternational law: Process and prospect
  ''978-0-941320-36-8Linda SpeddingTransnational Legal Practice in the Eec and the United States
  ''978-0-941320-37-5Blanka Kudej · Victor EssienBibliography on International Financial Institutions
1988978-0-941320-38-2Fernando R. TesonHumanitarian Intervention: An Inquiry into Law and Morality
1986978-0-941320-39-9Stephen Earl BennettApathy in America, 1960-1984: Causes and Consequences of Citizen Political Indifference
1988978-0-941320-40-5Anthony D'AmatoLitigating International Law
1986978-0-941320-41-2Stewart McClendonInternational Commercial Arbitration in New York
1986978-0-941320-42-9David, Jr. FlitnerThe Politics of Presidential Commissions: A Public Policy Perspective
1987978-0-941320-43-6Francis Anthony BoyleDefending Civil Resistance Under International Law
  ''978-0-941320-44-3Stephen CimbalaIntelligence and Intelligence Policy in a Democratic Society
1986978-0-941320-45-0STEWARTInternational Commercial Arbitration in New York
1987978-0-941320-46-7Lori Fisler DamroschThe International Court of Justice at a Crossroads
1989978-0-941320-47-4Francis R. DoyleSearching the Law: The States: A Selective Bibiliography of State Practice Materials in the 50 States
1986978-0-941320-48-1William Elliott ButlerYearbook on Socialist Legal Systems, 1986
1987978-0-941320-49-8   ''Yearbook on Socialist Legal Systems, 1987 (Yearbook Ser.) (Yearbook Series)
1989978-0-941320-50-4Francis BoyleThe Future of International Law and American Foreign Policy
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  ''978-0-941320-61-0   ''Searching the Law: The States
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1990978-0-941320-66-5David ChartersDemocratic Responses to International Terrorism
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