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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-947757-06-9Konrad BayerSelected Works
1986978-0-947757-09-0Pierre Albert-BirotGrabinoulor: v. 1
1997978-0-947757-14-4Raymond RousselRaymond Roussel - Life & Death Atlas: No. 4: Raymond Roussel - Life, Death and Works No. 4 (Atlas Anthology)
  ''978-0-947757-16-8Raymond QueneauThe Skin of Dreams
  ''978-0-947757-18-2Montagu O'ReillyWho Has Been Tampering with These Pianos?
  ''978-0-947757-19-9Alfred JarryDays and Nights: Novel of a Deserter
  ''978-0-947757-25-0Michel LeirisAurora
1997978-0-947757-27-4Raymond QueneauThe Last Days
  ''978-0-947757-28-1Alberto SavinioThe Lives Of Gods
  ''978-0-947757-29-8Bernard NoelCASTLE OF COMMUNION, THE (Atlas Press)
1991978-0-947757-37-3Oskar Pastior · Malcolm GreenPoempoems (The Printed head)
  ''978-0-947757-38-0Harry MathewsThe American Experience
1990978-0-947757-39-7Achim Von ArnimGentry by Entailment (The printed head)
1993978-0-947757-48-9College of PataphysicsTrue, the Beautiful, the Good: Elementary Chrestomathy of Pataphysics (Printed Head)
1992978-0-947757-49-6Saint-Pol- RouxPauses in the Procession (Printed Head)
1997978-0-947757-56-4Hans Carl ArtmannQUEST FOR DR U, THE
  ''978-0-947757-58-8Georges RodenbachBruges-la-Morte (Atlas Press)
1997978-0-947757-62-5Richard HuelsenbeckDADA ALMANAC, THE (Atlas Arkhive)
  ''978-0-947757-65-6Wolfgang BauerFEVERHEAD, THE
1994978-0-947757-67-0Alfred JarryAntliaclasts and Other Texts (Printed Head)
1997978-0-947757-74-8Arthur Cravan · Jacques Rigaut · Julien Torma4 Dada Suicides (Anti-classics of Dada)
1995978-0-947757-78-6Alastair Brotchie · Paul EdwardsA True History of the College of 'Pataphysics: With Manifestos, Statutes, Calendar and Documents (Printed Head)
1997978-0-947757-79-3Michel Leiris · Robert Desnos · Benjamin PeretThe Automatic Muse: Four Surrealist Novels by Desnos, Leiris, Limbour and Peret (Atlas Anti-Classics)
  ''978-0-947757-80-9Unica ZurnThe Man of Jasmine and Other Texts
  ''978-0-947757-81-6Remy de GourmontThe Book of Masks: French Symbolist and Decadent Writing of the 1890s
  ''978-0-947757-83-0Konrad BayerThe Head Of Vitus Bering (Printed head series)
1997978-0-947757-86-1Hugo Ball · Richard Huelsenbeck · Walter SernerBlago Bung, Blago Bung, Bosso Fataka: First Texts of German Dada (Anti-Classics of Dada)
  ''978-0-947757-87-8Georges BatailleENCYCLOPAEDIA ACEPHALICA: Writers Associated with George Bataille and the Acephale Group (Atlas Arkhive: Documents of the Avant-Garde)
  ''978-0-947757-88-5Williams · Spoerri · FilliouAnaecdoted Topography of Chance (Atlas Arkhive: Documents of the Avant-Garde)
  ''978-0-947757-89-2Brotchie AlastairOulipo Laboratory: Texts from the Bibliotheque Oulipienne (Atlas Anti-Classics)
  ''978-0-947757-92-2Ornella VoltaA Mammal's Notebook: Collected Writings of Erik Satie (Atlas Arkhive)
1998978-0-947757-96-0Harry Mathews · Alastair BrotchieOulipo Compendium (Atlas Archive S.)
1997978-0-947757-97-7Hermann NitschThe fall of Jerusalem
1998978-0-947757-98-4Jean Ray · Petrus Borel · Iain WhiteMalpertuis (Atlas Anti-classics)
1998978-0-947757-99-1Andre Breton · Philippe Soupault · Paul EluardThe Automatic Message (Atlas Anti-classics)