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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-0-86020-062-8Lisa Watts · Jenny TylerThe Earth (World geography)
  ''978-0-86020-070-3Heather Amery · Patricia VanagsRome and Romans (Time Traveller Books)
  ''978-0-86020-078-9P. ChapmanElectricity (Young Scientist S.)
1977978-0-86020-083-3Anthony AllanPharaohs and Pyramids (Time Traveller Books)
1978978-0-86020-084-0Anthony AllanPharaohs and Pyramids (Time Traveller Books)
2002978-0-86020-085-7Anne Civardi · James Graham-CampbellViking Raiders (Time Traveller Books)
1996978-0-86020-108-3George E. HydeButterflies (Spotter's Sticker Books)
1977978-0-86020-141-0Anne MillardWarriors and Seafarers (The childrens picture world history)
1978978-0-86020-148-9Christopher MaynardGhosts (World of the Unknown S.)
1977978-0-86020-150-2Ted Wilding-WhiteUFOs (World of the unknown)
1995978-0-86020-167-0Falcon TravisSecret Messages (Spy Guides)
  ''978-0-86020-168-7Ruth Thomson · Judy HindleyTracking and Trailing (Spy Guides)
1978978-0-86020-169-4Falcon Travis · Colin KingGood Spy's Guidebook (Spy Guides)
  ''978-0-86020-221-9M. Hart · Sue Tarsky · Ingrid Selberg · Su Swallow · Ruth ThomsonThe Usborne Nature Trail Omnibus: Six Usborne books in one - Bird Watching/Trees/Wild Flowers/Seashore Life/Insects and Spiders/Ponds and Streams
1979978-0-86020-223-3Anne Millard · Patricia VanagsThe Children's Book of World History: Dark Ages to 1914 (Picture history)
1979978-0-86020-239-4Kenneth W Gatland · David JefferisWorld of the Future: Future Cities
  ''978-0-86020-240-0Kenneth W. Gatland · David JefferisThe World of the Future: Robots
  ''978-0-86020-243-1Kenneth Gatland · David JefferisThe World of the Future Star Travel
  ''978-0-86020-267-7Heather Amery · Katherine Folliot · Stephen Cartwright · Anne BeckerThe First Thousand Words in French - With Easy Pronunciation Guide (First 1000 Words series)
  ''978-0-86020-268-4Heather Amery · Cornelie TuckingGerman (Usborne First 1000 Words)
1995978-0-86020-278-3Anne Civardi · etc.Detective's Handbook (Spy & detective guides)
1979978-0-86020-338-4Christopher RawsonGiants (Usborne Story Books)
1979978-0-86020-340-7C. J. RawsonWitches (Usborne story books)
  ''978-0-86020-357-5Know How Omnibus
1980978-0-86020-382-7C. J. RawsonPrinces and Princesses (Usborne story books)
1981978-0-86020-464-0Eliot HumberstoneThings Outdoors (Usborne Explainers)
  ''978-0-86020-477-0Rosamund Kidman Cox · Barbara CorkButterflies and Moths (Usborne First Nature)
  ''978-0-86020-491-6Eliot HumberstoneFinding Out About Everyday Things: "Things That Go", "Things Outdoors" and "Things at Home" (Usborne Explainers)
1980978-0-86020-492-3Carey Miller · etc.Mysteries of the Unknown (World of the unknown)
1981978-0-86020-542-5Brian Reffin SmithComputers (Usborne Guide to)
  ''978-0-86020-544-9Simon InglisSoccer: Skills, Tricks and Tactics (Usborne sportsguides)
1981978-0-86020-551-7Angela WilkesThe Adventures of King Arthur (Picture classics)
  ''978-0-86020-553-1Daniel DefoeThe Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe :
1982978-0-86020-578-4Iain AshmanMake This Model Castle (Usborne Cut Out Models)
  ''978-0-86020-579-1Iain AshmanMake This Model Village (Usborne Cut Out Models)
  ''978-0-86020-584-5Lynn MyringRockets and Spaceflight (Usborne Explainers)
  ''978-0-86020-611-8Lynn Myring · Jane ChisholmFirst Guide to the Universe (Usborne Explainers)
1982978-0-86020-620-0Jane ChisholmLiving in Roman Times (Usborne first history)
1995978-0-86020-623-1   ''Living in Prehistoric Times (Usborne First History)
1982978-0-86020-625-5Jane Chisholm · Robyn GeeFirst Book of History (Usborne First History)
  ''978-0-86020-637-8Judy Tatchell · Bill BennettGuide to Understanding the Micro
  ''978-0-86020-655-2Ian WallaceWatching Birds (Young Naturalist)
1983978-0-86020-735-1Lisa Watts · Mike WhartonUsborne introduction to Machine Code for Beginners (Usborne Computer Books)
  ''978-0-86020-747-4Susan Meredith · etc.Human Body (Usborne Young Scientist S.)
  ''978-0-86020-769-6Heather Amery · Katrina KirilenkoRussian (Usborne First 1000 Words)
1984978-0-86020-803-7Gaby WatersComputer Fun (First computer library)
1985978-0-86020-809-9Pam Beasant · I. FinlayIntroduction to Electronics (Basic Guide)
1984978-0-86020-823-5Jenny Tyler · L. HowarthIsland of Secrets (Usborne Computer Adventures)
1985978-0-86020-837-2Susan MeredithGrowing Up (Facts of Life)
2000978-0-86020-864-8Anne Civardi · Stephen CartwrightThings People Do
1985978-0-86020-865-5Barbara Cork · S. ReidArchaeology (Usborne Young Scientist S.)
1986978-0-86020-942-3Robyn GeeEntertaining and Educating Young Children (Parents' guides)
1985978-0-86020-946-1Cheryl Evans · Anne MillardThe Usborne Illustrated Guide to Greek Myths and Legends
1985978-0-86020-947-8Cheryl Evans · Anne MillardUsborne Illustrated Guide to Greek Myths and Legends
  ''978-0-86020-948-5Pam BeasantMedicine, Doctors and Health (Usborne Young Scientist S.)
  ''978-0-86020-949-2   ''Medicine, Doctors and Health (Usborne Young Scientist S.)
  ''978-0-86020-950-8Jenny TylerEscape from Blood Castle (Usborne Puzzle Adventures S.)
1995978-0-86020-952-2Gaby Waters · Graham RoundMurder on the Midnight Plane (Puzzle Adventures)
1986978-0-86020-953-9Gaby Waters · Graham RoundMurder on the Midnight Plane (Usborne Puzzle Adventures)
2000978-0-86020-959-1Anne Millard · etc.The Usborne Book of World History (Picture history)
1985978-0-86020-984-3Angela Wilkes · Carol GarberaKnitting: From Start to Finish (Practical Guides)
1986978-0-86020-985-0Heather AmeryAlphabet Activity Book
1985978-0-86020-986-7Marit ClaridgeLiving Things (Usborne Science Around Us)
1996978-0-86020-989-8Chris Oxlade · etc.Illustrated Dictionary of Science (Science dictionaries)