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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-7021-0544-9Silver Sky & Other Stories
1978978-0-7021-0971-3Eric RosenthalEncyclopaedia of southern Africa
1981978-0-7021-1259-1Nigel WillisBanking in South African law
1985978-0-7021-1545-5Juta's New large print atlas
978-0-7021-1827-2A. Mawasha · J. Maibelo · et alThakga Polelo 8
1991978-0-7021-2238-5S. J NcongwaneInjalo-ke imphilo
1990978-0-7021-2347-4Reinhard ZimmermannThe law of obligations: Roman foundations of the civilian tradition
978-0-7021-2590-4R. Durham · D. Flynn · et alSystematic Accounting: Std 6 (Systematic Accounting)
978-0-7021-2591-1Sistematiese Rekeningkunde: St 6 (Sistematiese Rekenin)
1991978-0-7021-2592-8UnknownLand reform and the future of landownership in South Africa: Papers read at a seminar presented by the Department of Private Law of the University of South Africa on 2 November 1990
  ''978-0-7021-2593-5J NeethlingCase book on the law of delict
978-0-7021-2594-2R. Durham · D. Flynn · et alSistematic Accounting: Std 7
2002978-0-7021-2595-9A. Claassens · P. Dalbock · et alBiology: Std 10 (Biology)
978-0-7021-2596-6Sistematiese Rekeningkunde: Onderwysersgids St 6 (Sistematiese Rekenin)
978-0-7021-2597-3P. Jacobs · et alWiskunde Met Genot: St 5 (Wiskunde Met Genot)
978-0-7021-2598-0G. Maas · G. NaudeWerking Van 'n Entrepreneursklub
1991978-0-7021-2599-7Leyland F. Fit · D. BromfieldThe Marketing Decision-Maker
1992978-0-7021-2847-9R.F. and Rabie, M.A. FuggleEnvironmental Managment in South Africa
1995978-0-7021-3254-4C. F. RouxFertility Management: Contraception in Practice
978-0-7021-3300-8Sakkie En Die Toffiewolf (Ekonopret Leesreeks)
978-0-7021-3301-5Die Dom Towenaar (Ekonopret Leesreeks)
1995978-0-7021-3404-3L C G Douwes DekkerCommunity Conflict: The Challenge Facing South Africa: Five Case Studies
1996978-0-7021-3447-0P. C. Smit · D. J. Dams · J. W. Mostert · A. G. OosthuizenEconomics: A South African Perspective
  ''978-0-7021-3532-3Documents on international law: Handbook for law students and constitutional lawyers
  ''978-0-7021-3718-1Torquil PatersonEckard's principles of civil procedure in the magistrates' courts
  ''978-0-7021-3861-4Reinhard and Visser, Daniel ZimmermannSouthern Cross
2004978-0-7021-4049-5K. Botha · J. Wierenga · M. NothlingDinnie Kaboef: Storie Boeke (Sterstories) (Afrikaans Edition)
2000978-0-7021-4125-6Nxumalo · CioranLearning How to Talk About Yourself in Zulu
978-0-7021-4641-1ASECAEng U11
1999978-0-7021-4815-6Pieter MorkelJuta's Educational Law and Policy Handbook
2001978-0-7021-5169-9Faan MalanEthics and leadership in business and politics
2000978-0-7021-5199-6P. HiggsAfrican Voices in Education
2000978-0-7021-5215-3D. Constantinovici · M. GovinsamyBasic Circuit Analysis for Electrical Engineering (Telp series)
2004978-0-7021-5640-3Dylan KemloStudy Aid: Restricted Radio Licence for Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilots
  ''978-0-7021-5661-8Arend E. CarlTeacher Empowerment Through Curriculum Development
  ''978-0-7021-6509-2Ludi KoekemoerMarketing Communications
  ''978-0-7021-6510-8Michael Colin CantEssentials of Marketing
2007978-0-7021-6551-1Francois du BoisWille's Principles Of South African Law
2005978-0-7021-6557-3Jonathan BurchellPrinciples of Criminal Law
  ''978-0-7021-6648-8Laura Ester Ziady · Nico SmallControl and Prevent Infection: Application Made Easy
1928978-0-7021-6652-5Fundamental Accounting
2010978-0-7021-6712-6John Bennett · Nthuseng TsoeuMultilingual Illustrated Dictionary
2006978-0-7021-7121-5John DugardInternational Law: A South African Perspective
2009978-0-7021-7125-3M · Brink, A · Brijball, S [ Editors] CantConsumer Behaviour
2006978-0-7021-7158-1Hennie Swanepoel · Frik de BeerCommunity Development: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
2006978-0-7021-7160-4Kate Grieve · Vasi Van DeventerA Student's A–Z of Psychology
2007978-0-7021-7161-1W. P. NelManagement for Engineers, Technologists and Scientists
2009978-0-7021-7188-8M. C. Cant · J. W. Strydom · C. J. Jooste · P. J. du PlessisMarketing Management
2007978-0-7021-7193-2Ansie Minnaar · Candice BodkinThe Pocket Guide for HIV & AIDS Nursing Care
2006978-0-7021-7196-3Mark AnsteyManaging Change Negotiating Conflict
2007978-0-7021-7255-7Philip Higgs · Jane SmithRethinking Our World
2008978-0-7021-7262-5Philip Higgs · Jane SmithRethinking Truth
2006978-0-7021-7272-4Simon RobertsSustainable Manufacturing: The Case of South Africa and Ekurhuleni
2007978-0-7021-7295-3P.J. Smit · G.J.De J. Cronje · etc.Management Principles
2008978-0-7021-7299-1Salomé Monica Meyer · Susan Elizabeth Van NiekerkThe Nurse Educator in Practice
  ''978-0-7021-7304-2BOTHA JManaging E-Commerce in Business
2007978-0-7021-7671-5Cora HoexterAdministrative Law in South Africa
2010978-0-7021-7675-3Pieter J. FourieMedia Studies: Media History, Media and Society
978-0-7021-7707-1Primary Education in Crisis
2008978-0-7021-7715-6P. & M. (Eds) HavengaGeneral Principles of Commercial Law
  ''978-0-7021-7720-0Ansie MinnaarInfection Control Made Easy: A Hospital Guide for Health Professionals (Professional Nurse Series)
  ''978-0-7021-7730-9S. W. BooyensIntroduction to Health Services Management
2009978-0-7021-7736-1Joelien PretoriusAfrican Politics: Beyond the Third Wave of Democratisation
  ''978-0-7021-7739-2Annekie Brink · Adele BerndtRelationship Marketing & Customer Relationship Management
2009978-0-7021-7749-1D. L. Kolitz · A. B. Quinn · G. A. McAllisterA Concepts-Based Introduction to Financial Accounting
978-0-7021-7750-7South African Human Resource Management: Theory & Practice
2009978-0-7021-7751-4Arend E CarlTeacher Empowerment Through Curriculum Development: Theory into Practice
  ''978-0-7021-7757-6Tilla Olivier · Lesley Wood · Naydene de LangePicturing Hope: In the Face of Poverty, as Seen Through the Eyes of Teachers
2010978-0-7021-7769-9Michael CantEssentials of Marketing
978-0-7021-7790-3Collective bargaining in the workplace
2010978-0-7021-7803-0Alphonso HendricksPhysics for Engineering
2011978-0-7021-7811-5The hospitality industry handbook on hygiene and safety for South African students and practitioners
978-0-7021-7897-9The Exemplary Scholar: Essays in Honour of John Milton
2009978-0-7021-8030-9Busi Bhengu · Marilou Carr · Cheryl CarterAcute Care: Clinical Assessment and Treatment of Acutely Ill Patients (Professional Nurse Series)
978-0-7021-8033-0Clinical ophthalmology companion
978-0-7021-8037-8Occupational Health: Management & Practice for Health Practitioners
2012978-0-7021-8074-3R. Steenkamp;At van SchoorOccupational safety and health (OSH): A TQM and quality of work life approach
2010978-0-7021-8480-2Sandra LiebenbergSocio-Economic Rights: Adjudication Under a Transformative Constitution
2011978-0-7021-8674-5Jenny Acutt Susan HattinghOccupational Health: Management & Practice for Health Practitioners
2012978-0-7021-8689-9Hilla Brink · Christa van der Walt · Gisela van RensburgFundamentals of Research Methodology for Healthcare Professionals
2011978-0-7021-8857-2Marketing Management
2013978-0-7021-9793-2Jan WiidDistribution Management