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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-0-85976-010-2Tom M. DevineTobacco Lords: A Study of the Tobacco Merchants of Glasgow and Their Trading Activities, c.1740-90
1976978-0-85976-021-8James LoganScottish Gael ([The Scottish reprint library)
1977978-0-85976-022-5William FergusonScotland's Relations with England: A Survey to 1707
1978978-0-85976-039-3Ian MacDougallEssays in Scottish Labour History
1980978-0-85976-055-3David StevensonAlasdair MacColla and the Highland Problem in the Seventeenth Century
  ''978-0-85976-058-4R. MitchisonRoots of Nationalism
  ''978-0-85976-059-1Frances J. ShawThe Northern and Western Islands of Scotland
1981978-0-85976-067-6Enid GauldieScottish Country Miller 1700-1900: A History of Water-Powered Meal Milling in Scotland
1983978-0-85976-087-4Roger Miket · C. BurgessBetween and Beyond the Walls: Essays on the Prehistory and History of North Britain in Honour of George Jobey
  ''978-0-85976-088-1C.J.A. RobertsonOrigins of the Scottish Railway System 1722-1844
2001978-0-85976-121-5Bill MurrayThe Old Firm: Sectarianism, Sport and Society in Scotland
1985978-0-85976-127-7Jenny WormaldLords and Men in Scotland: Bonds of Manrent 1442-1603
  ''978-0-85976-131-4Malcolm CantVillages of Edinburgh: North Edinburgh v. 1
1985978-0-85976-140-6John StrawhornThe History of Irvine: Royal Burgh and New Town
1986978-0-85976-143-7B.R. GallowayUnion of England and Scotland, 1603-08
2001978-0-85976-154-3Andrew FisherWilliam Wallace
1997978-0-85976-171-0R. Mitchison · P. RoebuckEconomy and Society in Scotland and Ireland, 1500-1939
1986978-0-85976-173-4David DochertyCeltic Football Companion: A Factual History, 1946-86
1987978-0-85976-176-5S. Macneill · F. Richardson · Seumas MacNeillPiobaireachd and Its Interpretation
  ''978-0-85976-177-2Professor Roger A. MasonScotland and England, 1286-1815
1986978-0-85976-182-6Clive LeatherdaleAberdeen Football Companion: A Factual History, 1946-86
1998978-0-85976-185-7James Shaw GrantDiscovering Lewis and Harris
1987978-0-85976-186-4Malcolm CantVillages of Edinburgh: South Edinburgh v. 2
  ''978-0-85976-191-8Hugh KeevinsDanny McGrain: In Sunshine and in Shadow
  ''978-0-85976-193-2Hugh B. PeeblesWarship Building on the Clyde
2001978-0-85976-194-9Edward M. FurgolA Regimental History of the Covenanting Armies, 1639-51
1989978-0-85976-200-7Norman MacdougallJames IV (Stewart Dynasty in Scotland)
1988978-0-85976-201-4Tom M. Devine · Willie OrrThe Great Highland Famine: Hunger, Emigration and the Scottish Highlands in the Nineteenth-century
1999978-0-85976-210-6Tom M. Devine · Rosalind MitchisonPeople and Society in Scotland: 1760-1830 v. 1
2000978-0-85976-211-3Rosalind MitchisonPeople and Society in Scotland: 1830-1914 v. 2 (Economic & Social History Society of Scotland)
1992978-0-85976-212-0Tony DicksonPeople and Society in Scotland: 1914 to the Present Day v. 3
1991978-0-85976-248-9Norman MacdougallScotland and War AD 79-1918
2001978-0-85976-292-2J.G.A. Raven · N. A. M. RodgerNavies and Armies: Anglo-Dutch Relationship in War and Peace, 1688-1988
1990978-0-85976-296-0Tom M. DevineConflict and Stability in Scottish Society, 1700-1850
2001978-0-85976-304-2Christine McGladderyJames II (Stewart Dynasty in Scotland)
1990978-0-85976-306-6Brian ScottThe Terrible Trio
  ''978-0-85976-309-7Harry HarrisTottenham Hotspur Greats
1990978-0-85976-319-6Marinell Ash · James Macaulay · Margaret A. Mackay · Cromarty Firth Port AuthorityThis Noble Harbour: A History of the Cromarty Firth
  ''978-0-85976-321-9John R. MackayHibernian - The Complete Story
2001978-0-85976-352-3Ian WhittellManchester City Greats
1997978-0-85976-354-7Charles SmithMorningside
  ''978-0-85976-388-2Christopher Whatley · C.B. Swinfen · A.M. SmithThe Life and Times of Dundee
1999978-0-85976-412-4John R. YoungThe Scottish Parliament, 1639-61: A Political and Constitutional Analysis
2001978-0-85976-413-1A.J. Mackenzie-StuartA French King at Holyrood
  ''978-0-85976-416-2Roderick D. CannonThe Highland Bagpipe and Its Music
1995978-0-85976-420-9Craig MairStirling: The Royal Burgh
2001978-0-85976-427-8Charles JonesA Language Suppressed: Attack on the Scots Language in the 18th Century
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1999978-0-85976-453-7J.M. BrockThe Mobile Scot: Emigration and Migration, 1861-1911 (Scottish Women's Studies S.)
1997978-0-85976-482-7Carol ForemanStreet Names of the City of Glasgow
1998978-0-85976-501-5Jim CraigJim Craig - A Lion Looks Back
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1999978-0-85976-510-7F.D. DowCromwellian Scotland, 1651-60
2000978-0-85976-516-9Iain McLeanThe Legend of Red Clydeside
  ''978-0-85976-518-3Christina LarnerEnemies of God: Witch Hunt in Scotland
2001978-0-85976-519-0Peter Berresford Ellis · Seumus Maca'Ghobhainn · Seumus Mac A'GhobhainnThe Scottish Insurrection of 1820
2000978-0-85976-532-9Andrew Murray ScottBonnie Dundee: John Grahame of Claverhouse
  ''978-0-85976-537-4James HunterThe Making of the Crofting Community
2001978-0-85976-541-1Richard OramThe Lordship of Galloway: c.900 to c.1300:
2000978-0-85976-542-8W. H. MurrayThe Old Firm
2001978-0-85976-545-9Carol ForemanHidden Glasgow
2002978-0-85976-549-7Roderick D. CannonThe Highland Bagpipe and Its Music
2001978-0-85976-550-3Alan J.S. PatersonThe Victorian Summer of the Clyde Steamers, 1864-1888
  ''978-0-85976-551-0Alan J.S. PatersonThe Golden Years of the Clyde Steamers, 1889-1914
2001978-0-85976-556-5W. F. H. NicolaisenScottish Place Names
2002978-0-85976-557-2Andrew FisherWilliam Wallace
  ''978-0-85976-563-3David StevensonHighland Warrior: Alasdair MacColla and the Civil Wars
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2004978-0-85976-590-9   ''The Hunt for Rob Roy: The Man and the Myths
2004978-0-85976-593-0James U. ThomsonEdinburgh Curiosities
  ''978-0-85976-595-4Bill LawsonNorth Uist in History and Legend
2005978-0-85976-596-1Winifred MacQueenSt. Nynia
2004978-0-85976-599-2L. J. F. KeppieThe Legacy of Rome: Scotland's Roman Remains
2005978-0-85976-603-6Michael PenmanDavid II
  ''978-0-85976-605-0Marina DossenaScotticisms in Grammar and Vocabulary: Like Runes Upon a Standin' Stane?
2000978-0-85976-608-1E.J. CowanAlba: Celtic Scotland in the Medieval Era
2005978-0-85976-611-1Andrea ThomasThe Princelie Majestie: The Court of James V of Scotland 1528-1542
  ''978-0-85976-615-9Ian DonnachieRobert Owen: Social Visionary
  ''978-0-85976-619-7Iain S. MacdonaldGlencoe and Beyond: The Sheep-farming Years, 1780-1830
2005978-0-85976-628-9Richard Oram · Geoffrey StellLordship and Architecture
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  ''978-0-85976-635-7Roderick GrahamThe Great Infidel: A Life of David Hume
2007978-0-85976-647-0Richard LomasThe Fall of the House of Percy
2006978-0-85976-649-4Susan StorrierScottish Life and Society: Scotland's Domestic Life v. 6: A Compendium of Scottish Ethnology (Scottish Life & Society 6)
2007978-0-85976-652-4Edward J. CowanThe Wallace Book
2006978-0-85976-653-1Colm McNameeThe Wars of the Bruces: Scotland, England and Ireland 1306 - 1328
  ''978-0-85976-655-5David BreezeThe Antonine Wall
  ''978-0-85976-662-3Stephen BoardmanThe Campbells
2006978-0-85976-663-0Norman MacdougallJames IV
  ''978-0-85976-667-8Rosalind K. MarshallQueen Mary's Women: Female Friends, Family, Servants and Enemies of Mary, Queen of Scots
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2010978-0-85976-704-0Martin PadgetPhotographers of the Western Isles
  ''978-0-85976-710-1Moses JenkinsBuilding Scotland