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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-899235-00-1Dario Mittidieri · etc.Children of Bombay
1995978-1-899235-01-8Dario Mittidieri · etc.Children of Bombay
1998978-1-899235-02-5Eleni LeoussiRehearsal: Photographs of Dance
2000978-1-899235-03-2Jorg FokuhlHotel Seventeen
2002978-1-899235-04-9Ken Grant · James KelmanThe Close Season
1995978-1-899235-05-6Martin Parr · Simon WinchesterSmall World: A Global Photographic Project, 1987-94
1996978-1-899235-06-3Nubar AlexanianWhere Music Comes from
1999978-1-899235-07-0Martin ParrCommon Sense
2002978-1-899235-08-7Klaus D. FranckeAustralia: Aerial Photographs by Klaus D.Francke
  ''978-1-899235-09-4Paul BindingMy Cousin the Writer
1995978-1-899235-11-7Kate MellorIsland
1999978-1-899235-12-4Peter GilbertLaughter in a Dark Wood
2000978-1-899235-13-1Alan Grainger · Ivor CutlerI am
2002978-1-899235-14-8Homer W. SykesShanghai Odyssey
1996978-1-899235-15-5Dolores Marat · Pascal BonafouxEdges
1997978-1-899235-16-2Martin Parr · Ian WalkerThe Last Resort: Photographs of New Brighton
1999978-1-899235-17-9Dermot Healy · Bruce GildenAfter the Off
2000978-1-899235-18-6Frank Horvat1999: A Daily Report
2002978-1-899235-19-3Burt GlinnHavana: The Revolutionary Moment
1995978-1-899235-20-9Luca CampigottoVenice Night
1997978-1-899235-21-6Alan BrownjohnThe Long Shadows
2010978-1-899235-22-3Ed van der ElskenLove on the Left Bank
2001978-1-899235-23-0Andreas EndemannBikers
2002978-1-899235-24-7Vicky WetherillPeep Show
1995978-1-899235-25-4William R. KleinNew York 1954-1955
1998978-1-899235-26-1Nicholas BarkerUnmade Beds
1999978-1-899235-27-8Mark Tully · Stephen DupontSteam: India's Last Steam Trains
2000978-1-899235-28-5Alex LaishleyRiding Electric Horses into the Voids of Time
2002978-1-899235-29-2Peter HubyCarthage
1995978-1-899235-30-8Shanta Rameshwar Rao · Charles-Henri FavrodStories of Women
1998978-1-899235-31-5Claudio EdingerMadness
1999978-1-899235-32-2Arlene GottfreidThe Eternal Light
2000978-1-899235-33-9Jason BellGold Rush: Photographs of Olympic Athletes (Athletes Photographed by Jason Bell)
2002978-1-899235-34-6Martin ParrFrom Our House to Your House
1996978-1-899235-35-3Giuseppe Leone · Diego MormorioIsland of Sicilians
1998978-1-899235-36-0Claudio EdingerOld Havana
1999978-1-899235-37-7Klaus D. FranckeIreland: Aerial Photographs by Klaus Francke
2001978-1-899235-38-4Zvi JagendorfWolfy and the Strudelbakers
2002978-1-899235-39-1Sara DavidmannCrossing the Line
1996978-1-899235-40-7Reggie TuckerSeeing the Hours
1997978-1-899235-41-4Toni CatanyLife and Still Life
1998978-1-899235-42-1Gary WatermanMartylove
2000978-1-899235-43-8Alfons AltThe Nature of the Beast
2002978-1-899235-44-5Chris Steele-Perkins · Richard SmithThe Teds
1997978-1-899235-45-2Dewi LewisPrizes and Awards for Artists, Writers, Poets, Photographers and Illustrators
1998978-1-899235-46-9Frank HorvatHorvat: Fifty One Black and White Photographs
1999978-1-899235-47-6Harvey BengeVital Signs
2001978-1-899235-48-3Kate Schermerhorn · Simon WinchesterAmerica's Idea of a Good Time
2003978-1-899235-49-0Jason BellHats Off: Photographs by Jason Bell
1997978-1-899235-50-6Jean-Philippe ReverdotThe Proof, The
1998978-1-899235-51-3Martin BoothThe Industry of Souls
1999978-1-899235-52-0Matthew Drutt · Frederick Barthelme · Susan Lippertrip
2001978-1-899235-53-7John Tordai · Graham UsherA People Called Palestine (Photoreport)
2002978-1-899235-54-4Simon NorfolkAfghanistan
1996978-1-899235-55-1Bruce Gilden · Ian ThomsonHaiti
1998978-1-899235-56-8Rob Perks · Graham Smith · Tim SmithUkraine's Forbidden History
1999978-1-899235-57-5Frank HorvatVery Similar: Photographs by Frank Horvat
2001978-1-899235-58-2John DarwellLegacy: Photographs from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
2003978-1-899235-59-9Elon SalmonWhen There Were Heroes
1996978-1-899235-60-5Claudio Edinger · Arnaldo Jabor · Roberto DaMatta · Jorge AmadoCarnaval
1998978-1-899235-61-2Paul Hill · Thomas CooperDialogue with Photography
1999978-1-899235-62-9Jeff MermelsteinSidewalk
2001978-1-899235-63-6Alan BrownjohnA Funny Old Year
2003978-1-899235-64-3Helen E. MundlerHomesickness
1998978-1-899235-66-7Simon Norfolk · Michael IgnatieffFor Most of it I Have No Words
2000978-1-899235-67-4Ketaki Sheth · Raghubir SinghTwinspotting: Patel Twins in Britain and India
2001978-1-899235-68-1Dolores MaratLabyrinth
2003978-1-899235-69-8Paul WillettsFear and Loathing in Fitzrovia: The Strange Lives of Julian Maclaren-Ross
1997978-1-899235-70-4Lynn SilvermanInterior Light
1998978-1-899235-71-1Sergio Larrain · Mike SeaborneLondon 1958-59
2000978-1-899235-72-8Martin Parr · Marvin HeifermanAutoportrait
2001978-1-899235-73-5Roger Taylor · Fay Godwin · Simon ArmitageLandmarks: Photographs by Fay Godwin
2003978-1-899235-74-2John Comino-JamesFairground Attraction
1997978-1-899235-75-9Dewi Lewis · Caroline WarhurstPhoto UK
1998978-1-899235-76-6Harvey Benge · Peter TurnerNot Here, Not There
2000978-1-899235-77-3Jack WebbFierce Tea
2003978-1-899235-79-7Martin BoothIslands of Silence
1997978-1-899235-80-3Ed Van Der ElskenHong Kong
1999978-1-899235-81-0Thomas HoepkerReturn of the Maya
2000978-1-899235-82-7Sue HubbardDepth of Field
2001978-1-899235-83-4Sirish Rao · V. Geetha · Gita WolfAn Ideal Boy: Charts from India
2003978-1-899235-84-1Alexis ScottEating Wolves
1997978-1-899235-85-8M.De GraffenriedNaked in Paradise
1998978-1-899235-86-5Tom WoodAll Zones Off Peak
2000978-1-899235-87-2Peter HubyPasiphae
2001978-1-899235-88-9David FarrellInnocent Landscapes: Sites of the Disappeared
2003978-1-899235-89-6Neil RolandTaken for a Ride
1997978-1-899235-90-2Dave Lewis · et alPhoto Docklands
1998978-1-899235-91-9Martin Figura · etc. · et alThis Man's Army
2000978-1-899235-92-6Nick BlackstockBeast
2001978-1-899235-93-3Harvey BengeLucky Box: A Guide to Modern Living
2003978-1-899235-94-0Wendy BrandmarkThe Angry Gods
1997978-1-899235-95-7Ann SheltonRed Eye
1998978-1-899235-96-4Dean ChapmanKarenni: The Forgotten War of a Nation Under Siege
2000978-1-899235-97-1Sirkka-Liisa KonttinenWriting in the Sand
2001978-1-899235-98-8Dewi Lewis · Caroline WarhurstPrizes and Awards 2002: A Guide for Artists, Writers, Photographers and Poets