I-H-O Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-872189-00-0Keith MorganGems from "New Equinox": A Collection of Articles from the Now Defunct Journal "The New Equinox"
1991978-1-872189-01-7Keith MorganHave You Been Cursed?: Relevant Philosophies Aimed Towards Giving Comfort to the Distressed
1993978-1-872189-02-4   ''Making Magickal Incenses and Ritual Perfumes: A Wealth of Information and Accurate Recipes for Producing Your Own Ritual Incenses and Perfumes
1999978-1-872189-03-1Aleister CrowleyMagick in Theory and Practice
  ''978-1-872189-04-8Aleister CrowleyThelema
1989978-1-872189-05-5Keith MorganHarmonics of Wicca: A Balancing Process for the Old Religion in the New Age
1999978-1-872189-06-2Gerald Brosseau GardnerHigh Magic's Aid: Wonderful Tale of Medieval Witchcraft
1993978-1-872189-07-9Keith MorganMagick for Lovers: Use of the Art Magickal to Assist the Quest of the Lover to Achieve That Which the Heart Desires
1999978-1-872189-08-6J.L. BracelinGerald Gardner - Witch
  ''978-1-872189-09-3Montague SummersDiscovery of Witches
  ''978-1-872189-10-9Gerald Brosseau GardnerWitchcraft Today
1991978-1-872189-11-6Keith MorganPlanet Magick: Harnessing the Power of the Planets and Using it for Creating Your Own Rituals and Talismans
1995978-1-872189-12-3   ''Dowsing for Beginners
2000978-1-872189-13-0Gerald GardnerThe Meaning of Witchcraft
  ''978-1-872189-14-7Gerald Brosseau GardnerA Goddess Arrives
1989978-1-872189-15-4Charles G. LelandAradia: Or Gospel of the Witches
2001978-1-872189-16-1Gerald Gardner · Philip HeseltonGerald Gardner and the Witchcraft Revival: The Significance of His Life and Works to the Story of Modern Witchcraft
1999978-1-872189-17-8Thomas SmithThe Life of John Dee
1999978-1-872189-18-5John DeePrivate Diary of Dr. John Dee
2000978-1-872189-19-2Ian FergusonThe Philosophy of Witchcraft
1989978-1-872189-20-8Keith MorganWicca Awakens
1995978-1-872189-21-5   ''A Witches Kitchen
2000978-1-872189-22-2Chris BurrowsLife's Crap, Then You Die!: The Foundations of Buddhism
  ''978-1-872189-23-9W. FoxtonThe Shakespeare Garden and Wayside Flowers: A Complete and Authentic Pocket Guide to Shakespeare Flora
2001978-1-872189-24-6Chris BurrowsEncounters on the Astral: A Personal Record of Out of Body Experiences
1990978-1-872189-25-3Keith MorganTraditional Wicca: Magickal Techniques of Teachings of the Old Religion
2001978-1-872189-26-0Austin Osman SpareAnathema of Zos: The Sermon to the Hypocrites, an Automatic Writing
2002978-1-872189-27-7John Collings Squire · Austin Osman SpareThe Gold Tree
2001978-1-872189-28-4Austin Osman SpareEthos: The Magical Writings of Austin Osman Spare - Micrologus, the Book of Pleasure, the Witches Sabbath, Mind to Mind and How by a Sorceror
  ''978-1-872189-29-1Frederick CarterDragon of the Alchemists
1990978-1-872189-30-7Roy LiverpoolRisen Serpent: Investigation into UFO Activity and Otherworld Contact within Biblical Studies
2002978-1-872189-31-4Frederick Carter · D. H. LawrenceDragon of Revelation
2001978-1-872189-32-1Chris BurrowsPercussive Well-being: The Healing Drum
  ''978-1-872189-33-8A.R. Naylor · D. ChristianDuprinter: Mandrake Press Reference Book
2002978-1-872189-34-5Patricia LennanHealing Scents: The Holistic Approach to Aromatherapy
1990978-1-872189-35-2Keith MorganMagickal Record
1993978-1-872189-36-9   ''Guide to Getting Your Book Published: A Useful Guide to Assist the Would be Author to Get Their Work in Print
2003978-1-872189-37-6Warren Retlaw · Austin Osman SpareThe Youth and the Sage
2002978-1-872189-38-3Austin Osman Spare · etc.Stealing the Fire from Heaven
2001978-1-872189-39-0Keith MorganTraditional Wicca: A Collection of Lectures Designed to Inspire Thought Towards Wiccan and Pagan Philosophy Today
1990978-1-872189-40-6Keith MorganMatthew Hopkins File
1993978-1-872189-41-3   ''Crystal Magick: A Useful Guide to Using Crystals in Magick!
2003978-1-872189-42-0Austin Osman Spare · Vera WainwrightArt and Letter: Word and Sign
2002978-1-872189-43-7Austin Osman Spare · etc.Mystery of an Artist: Austin Osman Spare
2004978-1-872189-44-4A. R. NaylorNotes Towards a Bibliography of Edward Crowley: Together with Library Resources and Catalogue Information
1990978-1-872189-45-1Keith MorganMaking Magickal Tools and Ritual Equipment: Techniques for Making Your Own Ritual Tools, Incenses, Oils, Robes, etc.
1993978-1-872189-46-8   ''Alternative Wicca: The Expansions of Consciousness Regards Natural Magick and Its Application in Contemporary Wiccan Practices
2002978-1-872189-47-5Kate WestReal Witchcraft: an Introduction
2003978-1-872189-48-2James BertramThe Starlit Mire
  ''978-1-872189-49-9"Charubel"Grimoire Sympathia - Workshop of the Infinite: Healing without Medicine Using the Spiritual Essence of Plants, Minerals and Precious Stones
  ''978-1-872189-50-5Ethel WheelerBehind the Veil
1993978-1-872189-51-2Keith MorganSo You Want to be a Witch: Guidelines for People Considering Pagan Religious Beliefs for Themselves
2004978-1-872189-52-9Gerald B. GardnerWitchcraft and the Book of Shadows: The Definitive Record of the Practises of Wicca
1990978-1-872189-55-0Keith MorganRune Magick: The Use of Runes as Magickal Tools within Simple Magickal Workings
2005978-1-872189-56-7Austin Osman SpareEarth Inferno
  ''978-1-872189-57-4   ''A Book of Satyrs
  ''978-1-872189-58-1   ''The Book of Pleasure: (Self-love) the Psychology of Ecstasy
2000978-1-872189-59-8Austin Osman SpareFocus of Life
1990978-1-872189-60-4Keith MorganBest of "Deosil Dance": Issues 13-21: A Collection of Articles from the Mega Famous Pagan and Occult Journal of Worldwide Fame and Recognition
1993978-1-872189-61-1   ''Simple Candle Magick: Ancient Art of Pyromancy Available to All!
2005978-1-872189-62-8W. WallaceAustin Osman Spare: The Artist's Books 1905 - 1927
  ''978-1-872189-64-2Austin Osman SpareThe Book of Automatic Drawing
1990978-1-872189-65-9Keith MorganTruth About Witchcraft: A True Account of the Beliefs and Practices of Witches Today
1995978-1-872189-66-6   ''The Horned God
2005978-1-872189-68-0Frederick Bligh Bond · Thomas Simcox LeaApostolic Gnosis, The: Materials for the Study of the Apostolic Gnosis Part 1
  ''978-1-872189-69-7Frederick Bligh Bond · Thomas Simcox LeaApostolic Gnosis, The: Materials for the Study of the Apostolic Gnosis Part 2
1990978-1-872189-70-3Lorna St.AubynDancing with the Wind: Discourse of New Age Philosophies
1993978-1-872189-71-0Keith MorganHow to Use a Ouija Board: The Truth About the Use of Ouija Boards and the Way in Which They Can be Used Properly
2005978-1-872189-73-4Frederick Bligh Bond · Thomas Simcox LeaGematria: A Preliminary Investigation of the Cabala
1993978-1-872189-75-8Keith MorganSimple Spells from a Witches' Spellbook: Candlemagick and Spellcraft for All!
2006978-1-872189-76-5Florence FarrThe Dancing Faun
1991978-1-872189-80-2Patricia LennanHearing Scents: Holistic Approach to Aromatherapy
1993978-1-872189-81-9Keith MorganEasy Astral Projection: Simple Techniques for Travelling in the Astral Planes
1991978-1-872189-90-1   ''Read the Tarot in Seven Days: A Complete Course for Learning to Use the Tarot for Divination in Just 7 Days
1994978-1-872189-91-8   ''Pyramid Power Kit
1999978-1-872189-93-2Theodor & Crowley, Aleister ReussO.T.O. Rituals and Sex Magick
1993978-1-872189-96-3Gerald Brosseau GardnerHigh Magic's Aid: Wonderful Tale of Medieval Witchcraft