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1999978-0-7472-7518-3Raymond BlancA Blanc Christmas: A Collection of Inspirational Recipes For A Merry Christmas
  ''978-0-7472-7525-1Paul DohertyThe Demon Archer
  ''978-0-7472-7539-8Maggie MccuneTill the Sun Grows Cold: A Mother's Compelling Memoir of the Life of her Daughter
2000978-0-7472-7552-7Jean and Keith Turner · Keith TurnerThe Summer Pudding Club Book
1999978-0-7472-7555-8Howard ReidIn Search of the Immortals: Mummies, Death and the Afterlife
  ''978-0-7472-7556-5Howard ReidIn Search of the Immortals: Mummies, Death and the Afterlife
978-0-7472-7565-7Adrian BerryThe Giant Leap
1999978-0-7472-7572-5Raymond FletcherRothman's Rugby League Year Book 1999-2000
  ''978-0-7472-7577-0John ParkerThe Gurkhas: The Inside Story of the World's Most Feared Soldiers
2000978-0-7472-7578-7Robin EggarTom Jones: The Biography
2001978-0-7472-7579-4Edna HealeyEmma Darwin: The Wife of an Inspirational Genius: The Inspirational Wife of a Genius
2006978-0-7472-7580-0Edna HealeyPart of the Pattern: Memoirs of a Wife at Westminster
2001978-0-7472-7583-1Peter GuttridgeFoiled Again
1999978-0-7472-7587-9Dougie BrimsonThe Crew
1999978-0-7472-7588-6Robert LomasThe Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century: Nikola Tesla - Forgotten Genius of Electricity
2001978-0-7472-7589-3Antonio CarluccioAntonio Carluccio Goes Wild: 120 Fresh Recipes for Wild Food from Land and Sea
2002978-0-7472-7590-9Antonio CarluccioInvitation to Italian Cooking
2005978-0-7472-7591-6   ''An Invitation to Italian Cooking
2002978-0-7472-7593-0   ''Antonio Carluccio's Vegetables
2000978-0-7472-7597-8Anne PerryThe One Thing More: An epic historical novel of breathtaking suspense
2003978-0-7472-7600-5Ken HomKen Hom's Quick Wok: The Fastest Food in the East
1998978-0-7472-7607-4Rupert FawcettThe Best of Fred
2001978-0-7472-7609-8Ken HomKen Hom Cooks Thai
1998978-0-7472-7618-0Sam LlewellynThe Shadow in the Sands
1999978-0-7472-7619-7Jennifer PatersonJennifer Paterson's Seasonal Receipts
  ''978-0-7472-7627-2Glenda RollinRothman's Football Year Book 1999 - 2000
1998978-0-7472-7638-8Nick RevellHouse of the Spirit Levels
  ''978-0-7472-7640-1Sue MargolisNeurotica
1999978-0-7472-7641-8Judith Wills6 Ways to Lose a Stone in 6 Weeks
1998978-0-7472-7643-2Uri GellerElla
  ''978-0-7472-7648-7Isla DewarIt Could Happen to You
1999978-0-7472-7655-5Antony Worrall ThompsonThe ABC of AWT: An A-Z of AWT's Favourite Foods with Over 500 Inspirational Recipes
1998978-0-7472-7657-9Faye Kellerman BA in Dentistry UCLAMoon Music
1997978-0-7472-7676-0Robert M. SapolskyJunk Food Monkeys and Other Essays on the Biology of the Human Predicament
2000978-0-7472-7677-7Sophie Grigson · William BlackFish
1998978-0-7472-7680-7Sheryl GarrattAdventures in Wonderland: A Decade of Club Culture
1997978-0-7472-7687-6Simon LevayAlbrick's Gold
1998978-0-7472-7693-7Jean and Keith Turner · Keith TurnerThe Pudding Club Book: Luscious Recipes from the World-Famous Pudding Club
1997978-0-7472-7694-4Isla DewarGiving Up On Ordinary
1998978-0-7472-7695-1Russell Taylor · Charles PeattieThe Full Alex: Collected Strips 1987-1998: Collected Strips, 1987-98
1997978-0-7472-7696-8Charles Peattie · Russell F. TaylorAlex Feels the Pinch
2000978-0-7472-7702-6Catherine AlliottOlivia's Luck
1997978-0-7472-7709-5John 'Lofty' WisemanSAS Self-defence Manual
  ''978-0-7472-7710-1James CobbStorm Dragon
1999978-0-7472-7715-6John MorganDebrett's New Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners
1996978-0-7472-7746-0Russell Taylor · Charles PeattieAlex Sweeps the Board
1999978-0-7472-7751-4Martina ColeTwo Women
2000978-0-7472-7752-1Martina ColeBroken
2001978-0-7472-7753-8   ''Faceless
2000978-0-7472-7755-2Raymond BlancBlanc Vite: Fast Fresh Food from Raymond Blanc
1996978-0-7472-7759-0Rupert FawcettPure Fred
1997978-0-7472-7760-6Marja PutkistoMethod Putkisto: Redesign Your Body Through Deep Stretching
1997978-0-7472-7762-0Pete Best · Bill HarryThe Best Years of the Beatles
1996978-0-7472-7773-6John 'Lofty' WisemanThe SAS Personal Trainer
  ''978-0-7472-7777-4John KarterFrankie Dettori
  ''978-0-7472-7781-1Glenda Rollin · Jack RollinRothman's Football YearbBook 1996-97
  ''978-0-7472-7782-8Steve WhitakerThe Encyclopedia of Cartooning Techniques
1995978-0-7472-7795-8Martina ColeThe Jump
  ''978-0-7472-7796-5Charles Peattie · Russell F. TaylorAlex Knows the Score
1995978-0-7472-7802-3Katharine GuerrierThe Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques
  ''978-0-7472-7805-4Michael LeekThe New Encyclopedia of Airbrush Techniques
1997978-0-7472-7810-8Antony Worrall Thompson30-minute Menus
  ''978-0-7472-7813-9Jim KeelingNew Terracotta Gardener: Creative Ideas from Leading Gardeners
1995978-0-7472-7816-0Mick ClearyRothmans Rugby Union Year Book 1995-96
  ''978-0-7472-7823-8Jack RollinRothmans Football Year Book 1995-96
1994978-0-7472-7826-9James RuddickLord Lucan: What Really Happened
  ''978-0-7472-7834-4Lyn Macdonald1915: The Death of Innocence
1995978-0-7472-7845-0Jeremy BrounThe Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques
1994978-0-7472-7849-8Pierre Koffmann · Timothy ShawLa Tante Claire: Recipes from a Master Chef
1993978-0-7472-7872-6Charles Peattie · Russell F. TaylorAlex Calls the Shots
1993978-0-7472-7876-4Mick MiddlesRed Mick: Biography of Mick Hucknall of Simply Red
  ''978-0-7472-7886-3Peter ToryGiles: A Life in Cartoons - The Authorised Biography of Britain's Leading Cartoonist
  ''978-0-7472-7889-4Peter CosentinoThe Encyclopedia of Pottery Techniques
1994978-0-7472-7892-4Raymond BlancCooking for Friends
1993978-0-7472-7895-5Jack RollinRothman's Football Year Book 1993-94
  ''978-0-7472-7900-6Richard LaymonAlarums
1994978-0-7472-7919-8Dorinda HafnerTaste of Africa
1993978-0-7472-7922-8John KarterLester: Return of a Legend
1991978-0-7472-7946-4David MorrellCovenant of the Flame
  ''978-0-7472-7947-1David IgnatiusSiro
1991978-0-7472-7950-1Roger TaylorDream Finder
1990978-0-7472-7985-3Rick Bayless · Deann Groen BaylessAuthentic Mexican: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico
  ''978-0-7472-7986-0Dan SimmonsCarrion Comfort
1998978-0-7472-9506-8John FrancomeSafe Bet