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1982978-9976-60-001-8Fikeni E. M. K SenkoroThe prostitute in African literature
1981978-9976-60-003-2Grace AkelloIteso thought patterns in tales
1983978-9976-60-006-3M. J MwandosyaEnergy resources, flows, and end-uses in Tanzania
1992978-9976-60-013-1Ibrahim F ShaoThe political economy of land reforms in Zanzibar: Before and after the revolution
1991978-9976-60-019-3Kami S. P RwegasiraFinancial analysis and institutional lending operations management in a developing country: A critical perspective of Tanzania banks and DFIs
1984978-9976-60-025-4Amon J NsekelaA time to act: Liberation and development in a Tanzanian context
1990978-9976-60-028-5Joseph K ShijaSurgery in Tanzania (Professorial inaugural lecture / University of Dar es Salaam)
1982978-9976-60-029-2Penina MuhandoNguzo mama (Swahili Edition)
1980978-9976-60-031-5The State in Tanzania: A selection of articles
1989978-9976-60-034-6Z. E LawuoEducation and social change in a rural community: A study of colonial education and local response among the Chagga between 1920 and 1945
1985978-9976-60-049-0D. Z MwagaThe crime of apartheid
1991978-9976-60-050-6J. M ItembaThe law relating to bail in Tanzania
1984978-9976-60-051-3Erasto A. M Mang'enyaDiscipline and tears: Reminiscences of an African civil servant on colonial Tanganyika
1991978-9976-60-056-8Fred S MhaluThe impact of microbiology in human development (Professorial inaugural lecture / the University of Dar es Salaam)
1988978-9976-60-063-6Euphrase KezilahabiKaribu ndani (Swahili Edition)
2009978-9976-60-069-8Issa G. ShivjiTanzania. The Legal Foundations of The Union 2nd Edition
1990978-9976-60-070-4Issa G ShivjiThe legal foundations of the union in Tanzania's union and Zanzibar constitutions
1992978-9976-60-073-5Chacha Nyaigotti ChachaUshairi wa Abdilatif Abdalla: Sauti ya utetezi (Swahili Edition)
1991978-9976-60-074-2C.K. Omari · L.P. ShaidiSocial problems in eastern Africa
  ''978-9976-60-077-3Marjorie MbilinyiBig Slavery
1990978-9976-60-078-0Haroub Othman · I. BavuTanzania, democracy in transition
1994978-9976-60-082-7Wen KilamaThe war against mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases in Tanzania: Some lost battles (Professorial inaugural lecture series)
1991978-9976-60-166-4J.F. MbwilizaHistory of Commodity Production in Makuani 1600-1900: Mercantilist Accumulations to Imperialist Domination
1992978-9976-60-167-1Ally M KimarioMarketing cooperatives in Tanzania: Problems and prospects
1996978-9976-60-174-9Julius E. Nyang'OroDiscourses on democracy: Africa in comparative perspective
1993978-9976-60-177-0Max Mmuya · Amon ChalighaAnticlimax in Kwahani, Zanzibar: Participation and Multipartism in Tanzania
  ''978-9976-60-180-0Isaria N KimamboThree decades of production of historical knowledge at Dar es Salaam
  ''978-9976-60-181-7M.S.D. Bagachwa · A.V.Y. MbelleEconomic policy under a multiparty system in Tanzania
  ''978-9976-60-183-1Issa G ShivjiIntellectuals at the Hill: Essays and talks, 1969-1993
1998978-9976-60-187-9Nestor N. Luanda · E. MwanjabalaTanganyika Rifles Mutiny January 1964
1993978-9976-60-189-3Thorvald GranAID and entrepreneurship in Tanzania: The Norwegian Development Agency's contribution to entrepreneurial mobilization in the public sector in Tanzania
1993978-9976-60-193-0Joseph K ShijaThey made my day: Reflections of a children's surgeon
2000978-9976-60-195-4Prosper RwegoshoraThe Plight of Succession
1992978-9976-60-199-2Maximilian MmuyaTowards multiparty politics in Tanzania: A spectrum of the current opposition and the CCM response
1993978-9976-60-201-2I. BoshaInfluence of Arabic Language on Kiswahili, With a Trilingual Dictionary (Swahili-Arabic-English (Multilingual Edition)
1994978-9976-60-209-8R. B KiunsiVegetation loss in rural settlements: Causes and remedies with examples from Tanzania
1992978-9976-60-215-9Gaudens P MpangalaMajor issues in Tanzanian economic history (Pt. 1)
1996978-9976-60-220-3David Phineas Bhukanda MassambaPhonological theory: History and development
1993978-9976-60-226-5A.J. TeshaDevelopment Plant Physiology
1992978-9976-60-229-6TanzaniaThe food and nutrition policy for Tanzania
  ''978-9976-60-230-2Valdo PonsIntroduction to Social Research
1994978-9976-60-231-9Clement NduluteThe Poetry of Shaaban Robert
1993978-9976-60-232-6Yashpal TandonIn defence of democracy (Professorial inaugural lecture / University of Dar es Salaam)
1994978-9976-60-236-4Rwekaza S. Mukandala · Haroub OthmanLiberalization and politics: The 1990 elections in Tanzania
1993978-9976-60-238-8Lucian Msambichaka · Humphrey MoshiProceedings of a National Workshop on Women and Law in Eastern Africa: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 16th-19th November, 1992
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1994978-9976-60-265-4Max MmuyaThe Functional Dimension of the Democratization Process: Tanzania and Kenya: with Some Experiences from Former Eastern Europe
  ''978-9976-60-270-8Maximilian MmuyaPolitical parties and democracy in Tanzania
1995978-9976-60-278-4Fenella MukangaraWomen and Gender Studies in Tanzania
1996978-9976-60-280-7Marja-Liisa Swantz · Aili Mari TrippWhat Went Right in Tanzania: People's Response to Directed Development
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1996978-9976-60-287-6Paul M. BiswaloAn Introduction to Guidance and Counselling in Diverse African Contexts (Malthouse African Drama Series)
1995978-9976-60-288-3C. K. OmariWomen in the Informal Sector (Professorial inaugural lecture)
2002978-9976-60-290-6Hasa M MlawaThrough Structural Adjustment to Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa
1997978-9976-60-301-9C. K. OmariThe Right to Choose a Leader (Malthouse African Drama Series)
  ''978-9976-60-302-6C. K. Omari · D. A. S. MbilinyiAfrican Values and Child Rights: Tanzania
1997978-9976-60-304-0Joseph K ShijaThe high price of excellence in Tanzania: A personal voyage
1998978-9976-60-306-4S. J. Bendera · M. W. MboyaGender Education in Tanzanian Schools
  ''978-9976-60-312-5Alois Samia MmasiSatanic Tortures
2002978-9976-60-313-2Mark. J. MwandosyaSurvival Emissions: A Perspective from the South on Global Climate Change Negotiations
2000978-9976-60-314-9T.S.A. Mbwette · Abel G.M. IshumiManaging university crises
1999978-9976-60-317-0Lettice Kinuda-Rutashobya · Donath Raphael OlomiAfrican Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
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2001978-9976-60-344-6Felix ChamiPeople, Contacts and the Environment in (Mudhut Book Series)
2002978-9976-60-356-9J. O. NganaWater Resources Management: The Case of the Pangani River Basin
  ''978-9976-60-363-7Samuel E ChambuaDemocratic Participation in Tanzania. The Voices of Workers Representatives
2000978-9976-60-365-1Ammon Mbelle · G D Mjema · A A.L KilindoThe Nyerere Legacy and Economic Policy Making in Tanzania
2002978-9976-60-366-8Sengondo E..a. MvungiThe Draft Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community
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2000978-9976-60-375-0B. D. ChipetaCivil Procedure in Tanzania
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1977978-9976-60-390-3Kassim KulindwaMining for Sustainable Development in Tanzania
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2002978-9976-60-394-1Matthew LuhangaHigher Education Reforms in Africa. The University of Dar es Salaam Experience
1986978-9976-60-395-8Matthew L LuhangaStrategic Planning and Higher Education Management in Africa. The University of Dar es Salaam Experience
2000978-9976-60-402-3Felix Chami · Eliwasa Maro · Jane KessyHistorical Archaeology of Bagamoyo
2000978-9976-60-406-1Kris H Heggenhougen · Joel P LugallaSocial Change and Health in Tanzania
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  ''978-9976-60-416-0Severine M. RugumamuGlobalization Demystified
2008978-9976-60-465-8I. N. Kimambo · G. Hyden · S. MaghimbiContemporary Perspectives on African Moral Economy
2009978-9976-60-479-5Matthew L. LuhangaThe Courage for Change. Re-Engineering the University of Dar es Salaam
2008978-9976-60-481-8Aidan G. MsafiriGlobalization of Concern
2009978-9976-60-494-8Philemon A.K. MushiHistory and Development of Education in Tanzania