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1980978-0-291-39630-3Nooger & Neville Van ValkenburghBasic Electricity: Part 1 (Common Core) (Common Core S.)
  ''978-0-291-39631-0   ''Basic Electricity: Part 2 (Common Core)
1987978-0-291-39716-4Eric P. DangerSelecting Colour for Packaging
  ''978-0-291-39739-3Frank H. HawkinsHuman Factors in Flight
  ''978-0-291-39743-0Bob PhelpsInteractions in Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Methods (The Technical Press - Unicom Applied Information Technology Reports Series)
1988978-0-291-39745-4John Ashurst · Nicola AshurstPractical Building Conservation English Heritage Technical Handbook Volume 1 Stone Masonry
  ''978-0-291-39746-1John Ashurst · Nicola AshurstPractical Building Conservation: Brick Terracotta and Earth v. 2
1988978-0-291-39747-8John Ashurst · Nicola AshurstPractical Building Conservation: v. 3
  ''978-0-291-39748-5   ''Practical Building Conservation: Metals v. 4
  ''978-0-291-39776-8   ''Practical Building Conservation: v. 5
1989978-0-291-39778-2Richard S. JensenAviation Psychology
1997978-0-291-39800-0Graham J.F. HuntDesigning Instruction for Human Factors Training in Aviation
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1995978-0-291-39811-6Richard L. NewmanHead-Up Displays: Designing the Way Ahead
1996978-0-291-39814-7Gabriel RothRoads in a Market Economy
1995978-0-291-39816-1Tony Smallwood · Michael FraserThe Airline Training Pilot
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1995978-0-291-39820-8David Hunter · Eugene F. BurkeHandbook of Pilot Selection
  ''978-0-291-39823-9R.G. Wingrove · J.R.J. JammesThe Aviators' English and French Dictionary =: Dictionnaire Franethcais Et Anglais Des Aviateurs
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1997978-0-291-39833-8Vincent P. GalottiThe Future Air Navigation System (FANS): Communications, Navigation, Surveillance - Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM): Communication Navigation Surveillance Air Traffic Management (Routledge Revivals)
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1999978-0-291-39839-0Harry W. OrladyHuman Factors in Multi-Crew Flight Operations
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1999978-0-291-39854-3Anne R. Isaac · Bert RuitenbergAir Traffic Control: Human Performance Factors

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