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1981978-0-86159-014-8W.A. Oddy · W. Zwarlf · W. ZwalfAspects of Tibetan Metallurgy (Occasional Paper)
  ''978-0-86159-018-6M.J. HughesScientific Studies in Ancient Ceramics (Occasional Paper)
1982978-0-86159-028-5W. Vivian DaviesRoyal Statue Reattributed (Occasional Paper)
1984978-0-86159-036-0   ''The Statuette of Queen Tetisheri: A Reconsideration (Occasional Paper)
1987978-0-86159-056-8M. Bimson · Ian FreestoneEarly Vitreous Materials (Occasional Paper)
1994978-0-86159-093-3Geoff EganLead Cloth Seals and Related Items in the British Museum: Department of Medieval and Later Antiquities (Occasional Paper)
1998978-0-86159-102-2Brenda Rohl · Stuart P. NeedhamThe Circulation of Metal in the British Bronze Age: The Application of Lead Isotope Analysis (Occasional Paper)
2003978-0-86159-103-9Susan Walker · Sally-Ann AshtonCleopatra Reassessed (British Museum Research Publication)
1980978-0-86159-109-1Duncan R. Hook · David R. M. GaimsterTrade and Discovery OP 109: Scientific Study of Artefacts from Post-medieval Europe and Beyond (Occasional Papers)
1997978-0-86159-114-5Tony Higgins · Peter Main · Janet LangImaging the Past: Electronic Imaging and Computer Graphics in Museums and Archaeology (Occasional Papers)
1998978-0-86159-125-1Nick Ashton · Simon G. Lewis · Simon Parfitt · Phil DeanExcavations at the Lower Palaeolithic Site at East Farm Barnham, Suffolk, 1989-94 (Occasional Paper)
1999978-0-86159-129-9Helen WangHandbook to the Stein Collections in the UK (Occasional Paper)
2004978-0-86159-142-8Helen WangSir Aurel Stein: Proceedings of the British Museum Study Day, 23 March 2002 (British Museum Research Publication)
2006978-0-86159-154-1Gordon BrotherstonFeather Crown: The Eighteen Feasts of the Mexica Year (British Museum Research Publication)
  ''978-0-86159-155-8R. J. DemareeThe Bankes' Late Rammesside Papyri (British Museum Research Publication)
2005978-0-86159-157-2Alexandra VillingGreeks in the East (British Museum Research Publication)
2006978-0-86159-158-9Jo Anne Van TilburgRemote Possibilities: Hoa Hakananai'a and HMS Topaze on Rapa Nui (British Museum Research Publication)
2007978-0-86159-159-6Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri · Ellen MacNamaraPrehistoric Metal Artefacts from Italy (3500-720 BC) in the British Museum (British Museum Research Publication)
2006978-0-86159-162-6Alexandra Villing · U. SchlotzhauerNaukratis: Greek Diversity in Egypt - Studies on East Greek Pottery and Exchange in the Eastern Mediterranean (British Museum Research Publication)
2008978-0-86159-167-1Vera I. EvisonCatalogue of Anglo-Saxon Glass in the British Museum (British Museum Research Publication)
  ''978-0-86159-171-8Catherine Eagleton · H. FullerMoney in Africa (British Museum Research Publication)
2009978-0-86159-173-2Philip PerkinsEtruscan by Definition: Papers in Honour of Sybille Haynes (British Museum Research Publication) (British Museum Press Occasional Paper)
2011978-0-86159-185-5James Graham-CampbellThe Cuerdale Hoard and Related Viking-age Silver and Gold from Britain and Ireland in the British Museum (British Museum Research Publication)
2019978-0-86159-191-6Joe Cribb · Robert BraceyKushan Coins: A Catalogue Based on the Kushan, Kushano-Sasanian and Kidarite Hun Coins in The British Museum, 1St-5Th Centuries AD (British Museum Occasional Papers, No.91)
2017978-0-86159-194-7Ralph Jackson · Gilbert BurleighDea Senuna: Treasure, Cult and Ritual at Ashwell, Hertfordshire (British Museum Research Publication)
2018978-0-86159-204-3British Museum PressThe Portable Antiquities Scheme as a Tool for Archaeological Research (Research Publication) (British Museum Research Publication)
2017978-0-86159-207-4Michael Willis · Akira ShimadaAmaravati - The Art of an Early Buddhist Monument in Context: 207 (British Museum Research Publication)
  ''978-0-86159-208-1Simon DenhamLate Neolithic and Early Chalcolithic Glyphs and Stamp Seals in the British Museum (British Museum Research Publication)
2017978-0-86159-211-1Judith SwaddlingAn Etruscan Affair: The Impact of Early Etruscan Discoveries on European Culture (British Museum Research Publication)
  ''978-0-86159-213-5John Cherry · Jessica Berenbeim · Lloyd de BeerSeals and Status: Power of Objects (British Museum Research Publication)
  ''978-0-86159-215-9Elizabeth ErringtonCharles Masson and the Buddhist Sites of Afghanistan: Explorations, Excavations, Collections 1833-1835: Explorations, Excavations, Collections 1832-1835 (British Museum Research Publication)
2018978-0-86159-217-3Keith Parfitt · Stuart NeedhamCeremonial Living in the Third Millennium BC: Excavations at Ringlemere Site M1, Kent, 2002 2006 (British Museum Research Publications)
  ''978-0-86159-218-0Janice StargardtRelics and Relic Worship in Early Buddhism: India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Burma (British Museum Research Publications)
2019978-0-86159-223-4Seth M.N. PriestmanCeramic Exchange and Indian Ocean Economy (AD 400-1275) (British Museum Research Publications)