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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1977978-0-87668-946-2Jill Savege ScharffFoundations of Object Relations Family Therapy (The Library of Object Relations)
  ''978-0-87668-947-9Jerome D. LevinTreatment Of Alcoholism And Other Addictions
1987978-0-87668-948-6Edmund SlakterCountertransference
1988978-0-87668-949-3Mara Selvini PalazzoliThe Work of Mara Selvini Palazzoli
1987978-0-87668-950-9Gregory BatesonSteps to an Ecology of Mind: Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology
1977978-0-87668-951-6Gerald ReitlingerThe Final Solution: The Attempt to Exterminate the Jews of Europe, 1939-1945
1987978-0-87668-952-3Joseph LeftwichGreat Yiddish Writers of the Twentieth Century (English and Yiddish Edition)
  ''978-0-87668-953-0Jacob MinkinTeachings of Maimonides
1994978-0-87668-954-7Annette Labovitz · Eugene LabovitzTime for My Soul: A Treasury of Jewish Stories for Our Holy Days
1987978-0-87668-955-4Abraham Joshua HeschelGod in Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism
  ''978-0-87668-957-8Abba H. SilverWhere Judaism Differed: An Inquiry into the Distinctiveness of Judaism
1988978-0-87668-958-5Raphael PataiGates to the Old City: A Book of Jewish Legends
1986978-0-87668-959-2Otto Ehrenberg · Miriam EhrenbergThe Psychotherapy Maze: A Consumer's Guide to Getting In and Out of Therapy
1977978-0-87668-960-8Gerald Schoenewolf · Richard C. Robertiello101 Common Therapeutic Blunders
  ''978-0-87668-961-5N. Gregory HamiltonSelf and Others: Object Relations Theory in Practice
1977978-0-87668-962-2Ray E. AtwoodTreatment techniques for common mental disorders
1988978-0-87668-963-9Drandrew B. UckFour Therapeutic Approaches to the Borderline Patient: Principles and Techniques of the Basic Dynamic Stances
1977978-0-87668-964-6Peter L. GiovacchiniA Narrative Textbook of Psychoanalysis
1987978-0-87668-965-3John M. Oldham · L. Mark RussakoffDynamic Therapy in Brief Hospitalization
1988978-0-87668-966-0Walter TomanFamily Therapy & Sibling Position
1977978-0-87668-967-7Peninnah SchramJewish Stories One Generation Tells Another
  ''978-0-87668-968-4Louis I. NewmanThe Hasidic Anthology
1987978-0-87668-969-1Leonard FeinJewish Possibilities: The Best of Moment Magazine
1977978-0-87668-970-7Michael GorkinThe Uses of Countertransference
1987978-0-87668-971-4E. Fuller TorreyWitchdoctors and Psychiatrists: The Common Roots of Psychotherapy and It's Future
1993978-0-87668-972-1Guido L. Burbatti · Laura FormentiMilan Approach to Family Thera
1988978-0-87668-974-5Gary D. EisenbergSmashing the Idols: A Jewish Inquiry into the Cult Phenomenon
1987978-0-87668-975-2Milton SteinbergBasic Judaism
1977978-0-87668-976-9Ron IsaacsReflections: A Jewish Grandparents' Gift of Memories
  ''978-0-87668-977-6Leonard H. KapelovitzTo Love and to Work: A Demonstration and Discussion of Psychotherapy
1990978-0-87668-978-3Harriet LernerWomen in Therapy: Devaluation, Anger, Aggression, Depression, Self-Sacrifice, Mothering, Mother Blaming, Self-Betrayal, Sex-Role Stereotypes, Dependence
1977978-0-87668-979-0ParensAggression in Our Children
1987978-0-87668-980-6Dorothy Flapan · Gerd H. FenchelThe Developing Ego and the Emerging Self in Group Therapy
1977978-0-87668-981-3Daniel W. BadalTreatment of Depression and Related Moods: A Manual for Psychotherapists
1989978-0-87668-982-0Thomas H. OgdenThe Primitive Edge of Experience
1977978-0-87668-983-7Bert L. KaplanThe Art of Intervention in Dynamic Psychotherapy
1987978-0-87668-984-4Nahum N. GlatzerThe Judaic Tradition: Jewish Writings from Antiquity to the Modern Age
1988978-0-87668-985-1Lewis BrowneThe Wisdom of the Jewish People
1977978-0-87668-986-8Adin SteinsaltzThe Strife of the Spirit
1989978-0-87668-988-2Sholem AleichemBest of Sholom Aleichem
1962978-0-87668-989-9Irving BieberHomosexuality: A Psychoanalytic Study
1988978-0-87668-991-2Robert CaperImmaterial Facts: Freud's Discovery of Psychic Reality and Klein's Development of His Work
  ''978-0-87668-992-9Adin SteinsaltzThe Long Shorter Way: Discourses on Chasidic Thought (English and Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-0-87668-993-6David A. Harris · Izrail RabinovichThe Jokes of Oppression: The Humor of Soviet Jews
1977978-0-87668-994-3Milton SteinbergAs a Driven Leaf
1977978-0-87668-995-0Marion Michel OlinerCultivating Freud's Garden in France
1990978-0-87668-996-7Samuel SlippThe Technique and Practice of Object Relations Family Therapy
1988978-0-87668-997-4TupinHandbook of Clinical Psych 2ed
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  ''978-0-87668-999-8Vamik D. VolkanThe Need to Have Enemies & Allies: From Clinical Practice to International Relationships