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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-84065-001-3Walt LangUS MILITARY ALMANAC
  ''978-1-84065-004-4J. G. WarryWARFARE IN THE CLASSICAL WORLD(PB) (Classic Conflicts)
  ''978-1-84065-022-8William Green · Gordon SwanboroughMODERN COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT
1999978-1-84065-082-2Richard O'NeillCLASSIC CONFLICTS SUICIDE SQUADS
  ''978-1-84065-092-1Bill GunstonILL DIRECTORY FIGHTING AIRCRAFT WW2 (Illustrated directory series)
  ''978-1-84065-105-8William C. DavisCIVIL WAR TRILOGY: "Battlefields of the Civil War", "Commanders of the Civil War", "Fighting Men of the Civil War" (Rebels & Yankees)
2000978-1-84065-106-5Bill HowesANGLERS GUIDE TO COARSE FISHING
2000978-1-84065-107-2Bill HowesANGLER'S GUIDE TO SEA FISHING
  ''978-1-84065-141-6Hilaire WaldenBook of Tapas and Spanish Cooking
  ''978-1-84065-156-0Bill Sweetman · etc.GREAT BOOK OF MODERN WARPLANES
  ''978-1-84065-172-0David MillerThe Illustrated Book of Guns: An Illustrated Directory of over 1000 Military and Sporting and Antique Firearms
2004978-1-84065-176-8David MillerThe Illustrated Directory of Tanks Of The World: From World War I to the Present Day (Illustrated Directory Series)
2000978-1-84065-177-5J.B. HollingsworthILLUSTRATED DIRECTORY OF TRAINS OF (Illustrated directory series)
2001978-1-84065-193-5Ray BondsAMERICA'S SPECIAL FORCES
2000978-1-84065-204-8David Norman · Peter WellnhoferENCYCLOPEDIA OF DINOSAURS
  ''978-1-84065-212-3Yvette StachowiakCREATIVE ART OF GARNISHING
2000978-1-84065-213-0Bridget JonesBOOK OF CLAYPOT COOKING
2001978-1-84065-218-5John WintonHISTORY OF THE ROYAL NAVY
  ''978-1-84065-229-1Mark SpicerSNIPER
  ''978-1-84065-231-4Brendan MorrisseyAMERICAN REVOLUTION
  ''978-1-84065-233-8Clive SinclaireSamurai: The Weapons and Spirit of the Japanese Warrior
2000978-1-84065-241-3Ingrid CranfeildILLUSTRATED DIRECTORY OF DINOSAURS: And Other Prehistoric Creathures
2001978-1-84065-245-1David MillerILL DIRECTORY 20TH CENTURY GUNS (Illustrated directory series)
2000978-1-84065-248-2Fleur RobertsonThe Address & Birthday Book Gift Set: Fine Art
2001978-1-84065-252-9Nikki BradfordMIRACULOUS WORLD OF YOUR UNBORN BAB: A Week-by-week Guide to Your Pregnancy
  ''978-1-84065-257-4Ray BondsThe Illustrated Directory of Weapons, Uniforms and Equipment of the Civil War
2000978-1-84065-258-1Tod RaffertyCOMPLETE HARLEY DAVIDSON: A Model-by-Model History of the American Motorcycle
2001978-1-84065-263-5Green · SwanboroughANATOMY OF THE WORLD'S FIGHTERS: From 1914 to the Present Day
2001978-1-84065-269-7William Green · Gordon SwanboroughCOMPLETE BOOK OF FIGHTERS
  ''978-1-84065-287-1Gunter G. EndresILLUST DIR OF COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT (Illustrated Directory)
  ''978-1-84065-300-7Tod RaffertyINDIAN CLASSIC AMER MOTORCYCLE: The History of a Classic American Motorcyle
  ''978-1-84065-316-8Graham QuickDECKING STEP BY STEP: A Practical Step-by-step Guide
2002978-1-84065-325-0Sue PhillipsCONTAINER GARDENING ENCYCLOPEDIA
  ''978-1-84065-355-7Paul BrewerIRELAND HISTORY CULTURE PEOPLE: A Celebration of Her History and Her People
2001978-1-84065-358-8Clarkson JeremyJeremy Clarkson's Ultimate Ferrari
2002978-1-84065-369-4Anne McDowallGRILL IT! VEGETARIAN: More Than 90 Easy Recipes to Sear, Sizzle and Savor
2002978-1-84065-375-5David MillerIllustrated Directory of Submarines of The World
  ''978-1-84065-384-7Mike SpickILLUSTRATED DIRECTORY FIGHTERS
  ''978-1-84065-385-4Marshall CraigmyleILL DIRECT POPULAR FLOWERING PLANTS (Illustrated Directory)
  ''978-1-84065-386-1Allen J. CoombesILL DIRECTORY TREES & SHRUBS
  ''978-1-84065-393-9Professor Marshall CraigmyleThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials
2002978-1-84065-394-6Philip SwindellsMASTER BK OF THE WATERGARDEN REVISE
  ''978-1-84065-399-1Hearn ChesterAn Illustrated History of the United States Marine Corps
  ''978-1-84065-416-5Housk RandallPiercing: A Modern Anthology
2003978-1-84065-434-9Sarah Bush · Lesley MackleyPIZZA & PASTA (Popular Recipe)
2002978-1-84065-435-6Stirling MacoboyILLUS ENCY OF ROSES
2003978-1-84065-441-7Vivek SinhaVANISHING TIGER: Wild Tigers, Co-Predators and Prey Species
  ''978-1-84065-454-7Colin F. TaylorNative American Hunting and Fighting Skills
2002978-1-84065-475-2David MillerGREAT BOOK OF TANKS (HB)
  ''978-1-84065-478-3Andrew MontgomeryGREAT BOOK AMERICAN AUTOMOBILES(HB)
2003978-1-84065-498-1Peter HenshawGREAT BOOK OF TRACTORS
2003978-1-84065-508-7Richard HopkinsPOCKET GUIDE TO KNOTS (Pocket Guides)
  ''978-1-84065-514-8Nelleke LaunspachThe Aga Cookbook
  ''978-1-84065-528-5David MillerGREAT BOOK OF WWII
  ''978-1-84065-529-2David ClarkULTIMATE TREEHOUSE
  ''978-1-84065-534-6Andrew MontgomeryILLUS DIRECT AMERICAN AUTOS
2005978-1-84065-558-2Chet HearnThe Civil War: Virginia
2011978-1-84065-583-4Sally MuirWhite Terrier (Best in Show Knitted Dog Notebooks)
2011978-1-84065-584-1Sally MuirBest in Show: Black Terrier (Best in Show Knitted Dog Notebooks)
  ''978-1-84065-586-5Brian CookBeautiful Britain Vintage Notebooks The Spirit of London
  ''978-1-84065-587-2Brian CookBeautiful Britain Vintage Notebooks The Landscapes of England
  ''978-1-84065-588-9   ''Beautiful Britain Vintage Notebooks The Face of Scotland
  ''978-1-84065-593-3National TrustHenkeeping Notebook (Smallholding)
2011978-1-84065-594-0National TrustBeekeeping Notebook (National Trust Home & Garden)
  ''978-1-84065-595-7Jane Field-Lewis · Chris HaddonMy Cool Caravan Notebook
  ''978-1-84065-598-8Robin Farquhar · Hannah DipperLondon Buildings: Trellick Tower Notebook (London Buildings Notebooks)
  ''978-1-84065-599-5Robin Farquhar · Hannah DipperLondon Buildings: Barbican Notebook (London Buildings Notebooks)