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1976978-0-85667-005-3John Forrest HaywardVirtuoso Goldsmiths and the Triumph of Mannerism, 1540-1620
  ''978-0-85667-022-0Una DesFontainesWedgwood Fairyland Lustre: Work of Daisy Makeig Jones
1978978-0-85667-044-2Wyndham FletcherPort: An Introduction to Its History and Delights
1979978-0-85667-052-7Elisabeth BennionAntique Medical Instruments
  ''978-0-85667-053-4John HarrisArtist and the Country House
  ''978-0-85667-058-9Cecil Clutton · George DanielsWatches
1983978-0-85667-074-9George Daniels · Dhannes Markarian · L.A. Mayer Memorial Institute for Islamic ArtWatches and Clocks in the Sir David Salomons Collection
1980978-0-85667-083-1David Sanctuary Howard · James AyersMasterpieces of Chinese Export Porcelain
1981978-0-85667-085-5David Sanctuary Howard · James AyersMasterpieces of Chinese Export Porcelain
1980978-0-85667-101-2SothebysArt at Auction
  ''978-0-85667-104-3John NelsonThe History of Islington
1981978-0-85667-113-5Bernard M. Watney · Homer D. BabbidgeCorkscrews for Collectors
1982978-0-85667-149-4Hans K. Roethel · Jean K. BenjaminKandinsky: 1900-15 v. 1: Catalogue Raisonne of the Oil Paintings
1981978-0-85667-150-0George DanielsWatchmaking
2001978-0-85667-162-3Julian RabyVenice, Durer and the Oriental Mode (Hans Huth Memorial Studies)
1983978-0-85667-170-8Gerard L'Estrange TurnerNineteenth Century Scientific Instruments
1983978-0-85667-171-5Paul-Henry Van HasbroeckLeica: A History Illustrating Every Model and Accessory
2001978-0-85667-172-2Anna Somers Cocks · Charles TrumanRenaissance Jewels, Gold Boxes and Objets de Vertu (Thyssen-Bornermisza Collection S.)
1983978-0-85667-180-7Tim AyersArt at Auction (SOTHEBY'S ART AT AUCTION)
2001978-0-85667-184-5Regina Krahl · Nurdan Erbahar · John Ayers · Topkapi Sarayi Muzesi · Sotheby's Institute of ArtChinese Ceramics in the Topkapi Saray Museum, Istanbul
1984978-0-85667-188-3Tim AyersArt at Auction 1983-84 (SOTHEBY'S ART AT AUCTION)
1985978-0-85667-195-1Sybille HaynesEtruscan Bronzes
  ''978-0-85667-208-8No AuthorLeeds castle: Maidstone, Kent
  ''978-0-85667-222-4Erich SteingraberThe Alte Pinakothek, Munich
  ''978-0-85667-303-0Georgia FoggArt at Auction 1984-85 (SOTHEBY'S ART AT AUCTION)
1986978-0-85667-311-5Gerald M. AckermannLife and Work of Jean-Leon Gerome
2001978-0-85667-313-9Hannelore MullerEuropean Silver (Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection S.)
  ''978-0-85667-315-3Alexander SchouvaloffBozzetti Di Scena E Costumi
1987978-0-85667-317-7J. HillierArt of the Japanese Book: 2vols
1986978-0-85667-322-1T.H. ClarkeRhinoceros from Durer to Stubbs, 1515-1799
1986978-0-85667-323-8Georgia FoggArt at Auction: The Year at Sotheby'S, 1985-86 (SOTHEBY'S ART AT AUCTION)
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1988978-0-85667-326-9T.H. ClarkeRhinoceros from Durer to Stubbs, 1515-1799
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  ''978-0-85667-340-5Julie ManetGrowing Up with the Impressionists: The Diary of Julie Manet
1989978-0-85667-348-1Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier · Etienne GrafeFrench Flower Painters of the Nineteenth Century: A Dictionary
1988978-0-85667-349-8Jan ReadSherry and the Sherry Bodegas
1987978-0-85667-351-1Edmund PeelThe Painter Joaquin Sorolla
1990978-0-85667-355-9Graham ChildWorld Mirrors, 1650-1900
1988978-0-85667-358-0Sally LiddellArt at Auction 1987-88 (SOTHEBY'S ART AT AUCTION)
1990978-0-85667-360-3Jeffrey Benson · Alastair MacKenzieSauternes: A Study of the Great Sweet Wines of Bordeaux
1989978-0-85667-362-7Andreas LambrouFountain Pens: Vintage and Modern
  ''978-0-85667-363-4Paul-Henry Van Hasbroeck150 Classic Cameras from 1893-1989
1996978-0-85667-365-8Sally LiddellSotheby's Art at Auction 1988-89
1989978-0-85667-366-5John L. MarionSotheby's International Price Guide: 1989-90: 5
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1991978-0-85667-403-7Sally PrideauxSotheby's Art at Auction 1990-91
1992978-0-85667-405-1Vivian Endicott BarnettKandinsky Watercolours: 1900-21 v. 1: Catalogue Raisonne
1993978-0-85667-418-1Aleksandr RodchenkoAlexander Rodchenko: Works on Paper, 1914-20
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  ''978-0-85667-465-5Jiaqing TianClassic Chinese Furniture of the Qing Dynasty
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2002978-0-85667-497-6George DanielsWatchmaking
1998978-0-85667-498-3Helenka GulshanVintage Luggage: A Case Study
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1999978-0-85667-503-4Charlotte Gere · Marina VaizeyGreat Women Collectors
2000978-0-85667-504-1Graham BuddSoccer Memorabilia: A Collectors' Guide
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2001978-0-85667-507-2Kevin McGimpsey · David NeechGolf: Implements and Memorabilia
2000978-0-85667-510-2Anna Maria MassinelliHardstones (The Gilbert Collection)
  ''978-0-85667-511-9Jeanette Hanisee GabrielMicromosaics (Gilbert Collection S.)
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2000978-0-85667-520-1Simon KhachadovrianThe Cocktail Shaker: The Tanqueray Guide
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2015978-0-85667-546-1Jonathan TuckerThe Silk Road: Art and History
2003978-0-85667-551-5Christaud GearyIn and out of Focus: Images from Central Africa, 1885-1960
2009978-0-85667-552-2Anna GiustiPietre Dure Hardstone Furniture
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2003978-0-85667-558-4Anna Maria GiustiPietre Dure: Hardstone in Furniture and Decorations
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2003978-0-85667-574-4Elizabeth Hutton TurnerPierre Bonnard: Early and Late
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2003978-0-85667-579-9John MorleyPhilip Wilson Catalogue
2005978-0-85667-580-5Klaus TenfeldePictures of Krupp: Photography and History in the Industrial Age
  ''978-0-85667-581-2Chaitanya SambranEdge of Desire
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2003978-0-85667-584-3Sarah KentShark Infested Waters: The Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90s
2004978-0-85667-588-1Kevin McGimpseyThe Story of the Golf Ball: From the Feather Ball to...
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2007978-0-85667-624-6Ivan SupicicCroatia in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance
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2008978-0-85667-644-4Jonathan BlackDora Gordine: Sculptor, Artist, Designer: Sculptor, Designer and Artist
  ''978-0-85667-645-1   ''Dora Gordine: Sculptor, Artist, Designer
2007978-0-85667-649-9Samten Gyaltsen Karmay · Jeff WattBon - the Magic Word: The Indigenous Religion of Tibet
  ''978-0-85667-650-5Robert Boyers · Valeri S. Turchin · Emir KusturicaVojo Stani: Sailing on Dreams
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2013978-0-85667-662-8Edward Lucie-SmithMilos Sobaïc
2009978-0-85667-663-5Sue Hubbard · Olja IvanjickiOlja Ivanjicki: Expecting the Impossible
2009978-0-85667-664-2Sylvia Navarrete · Serge Fauchereau · Anna Indych-LopezDiego Rivera: The Cubist Portraits, 1913-1917
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2016978-0-85667-687-1George DanielsThe Practical Watch Escapement
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  ''978-0-85667-698-7Anna L. Dallapiccola · Catherine Glynn · Robert SkeltonRagamala: Paintings from India
  ''978-0-85667-700-7Julian TreuherzFord Madox Brown: Pre-Raphaelite Pioneer
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  ''978-0-85667-703-8Mo TeitelbaumThe Stylemakers: Minimalism and Classic-Modernism 1915-45
2015978-0-85667-704-5George DanielsWatchmaking
2011978-0-85667-708-3Ian DejardinPainting Canada: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven