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1984978-0-551-05509-4Workmen of God
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1975978-0-551-05512-4   ''Our Brilliant Heritage
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1985978-0-551-05515-5Kocking at God's Door
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1960978-0-551-05517-9   ''God's Workmanship
1965978-0-551-05518-6   ''He Shall Glorify Me
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1975978-0-551-05520-9MIKE based on the teleplay by CANNELL, STEPHEN J and story by JAMES, JOHN THOMAS JAHNAWAKE, MY HEART Daily Devotional and expository studies-in-brief based on a variety of Bible truths, and covering one complete year
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1976978-0-551-05538-4THE HOLIEST OF ALL An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews
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1997978-0-551-05618-3Bertrams Bible Swp 5 + 1 Free
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978-0-551-94589-0Koss Model: MS510 Vehicle In-Dash Radio/CD Player