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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-904605-00-3Anna SewellBlack Beauty
  ''978-1-904605-02-7Richmal CromptonJust William at Christmas
  ''978-1-904605-07-2P. G. Wodehouse · Martin JarvisBroadway, Jeeves?: The Diary of a Theatrical Adventure
  ''978-1-904605-08-9Emily BronteWuthering Heights
2004978-1-904605-09-6Charles DickensA Tale Of Two Cities
  ''978-1-904605-11-9Margot MorrellShackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer
2004978-1-904605-14-0Hilaire BellocCautionary Verses
  ''978-1-904605-17-1Frank RichardsBilly Bunter's Banknote
  ''978-1-904605-18-8P PG WodehouseCarry On Jeeves (Jeeves and Bertie)
  ''978-1-904605-19-5Anne BronteThe Tenant Of Wildfell Hall
  ''978-1-904605-20-1Frank RichardsBilly Bunter Again
2004978-1-904605-21-8Evelyn WaughThe Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold (CSA Word Classic)
  ''978-1-904605-28-7Graham GreeneThe Third Man
  ''978-1-904605-29-4Charles DickensDickens Trilogy 2: "A Christmas Carol", "Nicholas Nickleby" and "A Tale of Two Cities"
2005978-1-904605-30-0Alain de BottonHow Proust Can Change Your Life
  ''978-1-904605-31-7Arthur Conan Doyle · G. K. Chesterton · Colin Dexter · Muriel SparkClassic Detective Stories
  ''978-1-904605-33-1Niccolò MachiavelliThe Prince
2005978-1-904605-35-5Lamb Charles Lamb MaryLamb's Tales from Shakespeare
  ''978-1-904605-36-2P.G. WodehousePiccadilly Jim
2004978-1-904605-40-9Charles DickensNicholas Nickleby
2005978-1-904605-42-3William ThackerayVanity Fair
  ''978-1-904605-43-0Alfred LansingEndurance: True Story of Shackleton's Voyage in the Antarctic
  ''978-1-904605-44-7Alfred Lansing · Margot Morrell · Stephanie CapparellEndurance & Shackleton's Way: Both the Story and Leadership Lessons from the Antarctic Explorer Shackleton
  ''978-1-904605-45-4VariousClassic Crime Short Stories
2005978-1-904605-46-1Rudyard KiplingPlain Tales From The Hills
  ''978-1-904605-49-2Arthur Conan DoyleAdventures Of Sherlock Holmes 5&6 The: No. 5 & 6
2006978-1-904605-50-8Ruth Rendell · William Boyd · Haruki Murakami · Helen Simpson · Patrick O'BrienShort Stories: The Thoroughly Modern Collection (Csa Word Recording)
2005978-1-904605-52-2Richmal CromptonThe Unabridged Just William Collection: "Just William - Home for the Holidays", "Just William at Christmas" (Csa Classic Authors)
  ''978-1-904605-53-9Charles DickensChristmas Carol (Drama) Cd - Orson: The Drama (Csa Classic Radio Drama)
  ''978-1-904605-54-6Oscar Wilde · Rudyard Kipling · Arthur Conan Doyle · Nathaniel HawthorneShort Stories: The Ultimate Classic Collection (Csa Word Recording)
2006978-1-904605-56-0Giacomo CasanovaCasanova: The Venetian Years - The Memoirs Of Giacomo Casanova (CSA Word Classic)
  ''978-1-904605-57-7Evelyn WaughBrideshead Revisited
2006978-1-904605-58-4Evelyn WaughDecline And Fall
  ''978-1-904605-61-4Frank RichardsBilly Bunter Of Greyfriars School
  ''978-1-904605-64-5Lawrence DurrellBitter Lemons of Cyprus (CSA Word Recording)
  ''978-1-904605-65-2P.G. WodehouseA Pelican At Blandings
  ''978-1-904605-67-6Charles DickensDavid Copperfield, Great Expectations & Oliver Twist
2006978-1-904605-68-3Angela BrazilThe Nicest Girl in the School
  ''978-1-904605-69-0VariousClassic Ghost Stories
  ''978-1-904605-70-6Charles DickensDickens Trilogy 2
  ''978-1-904605-73-7Alphonse Daudet · Jerome K. JeromeFry and Laurie Read Daudet and Jerome
  ''978-1-904605-74-4Frank RichardsBilly Bunter's Postal Order
2006978-1-904605-75-1Bram Stoker · Orson Welles · John HousemanDracula-Cd Radio Drama: A Radio Drama with Orson Welles (Csa Classic Radio Drama)
  ''978-1-904605-77-5Charles DarwinOn The Origin of Species (Csa Word Recordings)
2007978-1-904605-86-7George EliotBest of George Eliot (Csa Classic Author)
  ''978-1-904605-91-1Anne Bronty Charlotte Bronte Emily BronteThe Best of the Brontes (Csa Classic Author)
  ''978-1-904605-92-8Richmal CromptonWilliam's Happy Days
  ''978-1-904605-93-5   ''Just Jimmy
2007978-1-904605-94-2V Voltaire VoltaireCandide
  ''978-1-904605-98-0F. Scott Fitzgerald · Jerome K. Jerome · Lewis Carroll · Edgar Allan Poe · Bram Stoker · Mark TwainShort Stories: The Timeless Collection: The Essential Timeless Collection (Csa Word Recordings)
2008978-1-904605-99-7J.G. FarrellTroubles