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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-85368-012-3Peter Chamberlain · Chris EllisTanks of World War I: British and German (Illustrated Studies in 20th Century Arms)
1970978-0-85368-049-9Richard M. OgorkiewiczArmoured Forces: History of Armoured Forces and Their Vehicles
1971978-0-85368-068-0Brian L. DavisGerman Army Uniforms and Insignia, 1933-1945
1972978-0-85368-076-5John Tucker · Lewis WinstockEnglish Civil War: A Military Handbook
  ''978-0-85368-082-6De Witt BaileyPercussion Guns and Rifles (Illustrated Monographs)
1979978-0-85368-083-3Howard RipleyButtons of the British Army, 1855-1970: Illustrated Guide for Collectors
1981978-0-85368-118-2Richard RohmerPatton's Gap: An Account of the Battle of Normandy 1944
1979978-0-85368-123-6Anthony Cave BrownOperation World War III: Secret American Plan ("Dropshot") for War with the Soviet Union in 1957
  ''978-0-85368-133-5Werner HeldFighter!: Luftwaffe in World War Two
1980978-0-85368-134-2David ChandlerAtlas of Military Strategy: The Art, Theory and Practice of War, 1618-1878
1977978-0-85368-151-9Hansgeorg Jentschura · Dieter Jung · Peter MickelWarships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1809-1945
1978978-0-85368-152-6James F. DunniganThe Russian Front: Germany's War in the East, 1941-45
1976978-0-85368-161-8Mano ZieglerRocket Fighter: Story of the Messerschmitt Me 163
1978978-0-85368-182-3John KeeganWho Was Who in World War Two
1981978-0-85368-187-8Gerald ReitlingerThe SS: Alibi of a Nation, 1922-45
1978978-0-85368-202-8Peter Chamberlain · Hilary L. DoyleEncyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two
1974978-0-85368-219-6Henry Russell RobinsonArmour of Imperial Rome
1978978-0-85368-222-6Brian Terence WhiteBritish Tank Markings and Names: The Unit Markings, Individual Names and Paint Colours of British Armoured Fighting Vehicles, 1914-1945
1979978-0-85368-233-2Alan Raven · John RobertsMan o' War: V.& W.Destroyers v. 2
1980978-0-85368-235-6J. B. Wood"Gun Digest" Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly: Rimfire Rifles Pt. 3
1982978-0-85368-248-6Steven Zaloga · James W. LoopModern American Armor: Combat Vehicles of the United States Army Today
1979978-0-85368-263-9Alan Raven · John RobertsMan o' War: Rodney and Nelson v. 3
1986978-0-85368-271-4Air MinistryBritish Aviation Colours of World War Two: The Official Camouflage, Colours & Markings of RAF Aircraft, 1939-1945 (R.A.F. Museum)
1977978-0-85368-281-3Ian V. HoggEncyclopaedia of Infantry Weapons of World War Two
1978978-0-85368-282-0J.L. CouhatCombat Fleets of the World 1978-79: 1978/79: Their Ships, Aircraft and Armament
1977978-0-85368-301-8Ian V. Hogg · John S. WeeksMilitary Small Arms of the 20th Century
1980978-0-85368-324-7Kenneth MackseyInvasion: German Invasion of England, July 1940
1985978-0-85368-331-5Erminio BagnascoSubmarines of World War Two
1975978-0-85368-340-7Henry LachouqueWaterloo
1977978-0-85368-341-4David Brown"Tirpitz": The Floating Fortress
1979978-0-85368-343-8Norman PolmarModern Soviet Navy
1976978-0-85368-350-6Joseph G. RosaColonel Colt, London: The History of Colt's London Firearms, 1851-57
1977978-0-85368-351-3Helmut PemselAtlas of Naval Warfare
1979978-0-85368-353-7David ChandlerDictionary of the Napoleonic Wars
1980978-0-85368-384-1Frederick WilkinsonBadges of the British Army, 1820-1960
1978978-0-85368-412-1Pierangelo Caiti · Ralph RiccioModern Armour, 1945-80: World's Battle Tanks Today
1982978-0-85368-414-5Werner Held · Holger Nauroth · D. RobertsDefence of the Reich: Hitler's Nightfighter Planes and Pilots
1976978-0-85368-420-6Air MinistrySpitfire V Manual: Official Air Publication for the Spitfire F.VA, F.VB, F.VC, LF.VB and LF.VC, 1941-45 (R.A.F.Museum)
1980978-0-85368-444-2H. P. WillmottB-17 Flying Fortress ([War planes in colour])
1986978-0-85368-450-3Bruce Culver · Bill MurphyPanzer Colours: Camouflage of the German Panzer Forces, 1939-45 v. 1
1980978-0-85368-457-2Tony GeraghtyWho Dares Wins: The Story of the Special Air Service, 1950-1980
1982978-0-85368-478-7Norman PolmarSoviet Naval Developments 1982
1979978-0-85368-482-4Terence WiseD-Day to Berlin: Armour Camouflage and Markings of the United States, British and German Armies, June 1944-May 1945
1982978-0-85368-501-2Bert KinzeyF-4 Phantom II: Pt. 1 (Detail & Scale S.)
  ''978-0-85368-517-3Chaz BowyerThe Encyclopedia of British Military Aircraft
1983978-0-85368-525-8Bert KinzeyF-4 Phantom II Part 2 USAF F-4E and F-4G (Detail & Scale Vol 7)
  ''978-0-85368-527-2   ''B-29 Superfortress: Pt. 1 (Detail & Scale)
1982978-0-85368-539-5James F. DunniganHOW TO MAKE WAR A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Warfare
1983978-0-85368-569-2Howard RipleyButtons of the British Army, 1855-1970: Illustrated Guide for Collectors
1983978-0-85368-583-8Steven Zaloga · James GrandsenThe Eastern Front: Armour, Camouflage and Markings, 1941-45
  ''978-0-85368-585-2F.M.Von Senger Und EtterlinTanks of the World
  ''978-0-85368-588-3Bert KinzeyF-4 Phantom II - USN & USMC Versions - Detail & Scale - Volume. 12
  ''978-0-85368-600-2Michael J. GethingHarrier (Warbirds illustrated)
1984978-0-85368-606-4Steven Zaloga · James GrandsenSoviet Tanks and Combat Vehicles of World War Two
1983978-0-85368-609-5Brian L. DavisBritish Army Uniforms and Insignia of World War Two
1984978-0-85368-613-2Chaim HerzogArab-Israeli Wars: War and Peace in the Middle East, from the War of Independence to Lebanon
  ''978-0-85368-628-6Anthony CarterWorld Bayonets: Eighteen Hundred to the Present Day - An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors
1984978-0-85368-636-1Roger ChesneauAircraft Carriers of the World, 1914 to the Present: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia
1985978-0-85368-651-4Norman Friedman · A. D. Baker III · Alan RavenU.S. Cruisers: An Illustrated Design History
1984978-0-85368-659-0T. B. DugelbyModern Military Bullpup Rifles: The EM-2 Concept Comes of Age
1985978-0-85368-666-8Brian L. DavisGerman Combat Uniforms of World War Two: v. 2 (Uniforms illustrated)
  ''978-0-85368-673-6Frederick WilkinsonSwords and Daggers
  ''978-0-85368-687-3A.D. Baker IIIAllied Landing Craft of World War Two
  ''978-0-85368-694-1Raymond Laurence RimellGerman Army Air Service in World War One (Vintage Warbirds)
  ''978-0-85368-707-8James LucasKommando: German Special Forces of World War Two
1985978-0-85368-709-2Brian L. DavisBritish Army Cloth Insignia
  ''978-0-85368-710-8Paul BeaverBritish Naval Air Power 1945 to the Present (Warbirds Illustrated)
  ''978-0-85368-715-3S.R. TurnbullBook of the Medieval Knight
  ''978-0-85368-718-4Norman PolmarUnited States Navy Today (Warships illustrated)
  ''978-0-85368-724-5Virginia CowlesPhantom Major (Special forces library)
1985978-0-85368-736-8Kenneth MackseyFirst Clash: World War Three
1986978-0-85368-756-6Norman FriedmanU.S. Battleships: An Illustrated Design History
1989978-0-85368-758-0R. A. BurtJapanese Battleships, 1897-1945 (Warships Illustrated S.)
1987978-0-85368-764-1Philip J. HaythornthwaiteThe Boer War (Uniforms Illustrated S.)
1989978-0-85368-769-6David IsbyWar in a Distant Country: Afghanistan - Invasion and Resistance
1986978-0-85368-771-9R. A. BurtBritish Battleships of World War One
1989978-0-85368-779-5Victor FlinthamAir Wars and Aircraft: A Detailed Record of Air Combat, 1945 to the Present
1986978-0-85368-782-5Alex ImrieFokker Fighters of World War I (Vintage Warbirds S.)
  ''978-0-85368-785-6James G. ShorttBritish Special Forces, 1945 to the Present (Uniforms Illustrated S.)
1990978-0-85368-802-0David BrownWarship Losses of World War Two
1986978-0-85368-806-8Yves L. Cadiou · Tibor SzecskoFrench Foreign Legion: 1940 to the Present (Uniforms Illustrated S.)
1988978-0-85368-812-9Stefan TerzibaschitschCruisers of the United States Navy
1987978-0-85368-821-1Norman PolmarGuide to the Soviet Navy
  ''978-0-85368-824-2Charles FoleyCommando Extraordinary (Special Forces Library)
  ''978-0-85368-828-0Robert C. SternF-4 Phantom: v. 2 (Warbirds illustrated)
1986978-0-85368-842-6Rodney A. Burden · etc. · M Draper · D. Rough · C. Smith · D. WiltonFalklands: The Air War
1988978-0-85368-858-7Michael J. GethingSoviet Air Power Today (Warbirds Illustrated S.)
1986978-0-85368-861-7Alfred PriceThe Spitfire Story
1988978-0-85368-869-3Philip J. HaythornthwaiteUniforms of the Victorian Colonial Wars (Uniforms illustrated)
  ''978-0-85368-878-5C.H. Thomas · Christopher ShoresThe Typhoon and Tempest Story
1988978-0-85368-879-2James LucasStorming Eagles: German Airborne Forces in World War Two: German Paratroopers in World War Two
  ''978-0-85368-884-6Manfred GriehlGerman Jets of World War Two (Warbirds Illustrated S.)
1986978-0-85368-886-0John WalterThe Luger Book: The Encyclopedia of the Borchardt and Borchardt-Luger Handguns, 1885-1985
1987978-0-85368-890-7Philip J. HaythornthwaiteBritish Infantry in the Napoleonic Wars
1988978-0-85368-910-2M.J. WhitleyDestroyers of World War Two: An International Encyclopedia
1990978-0-85368-912-6Anthony J. WattsThe Imperial Russian Navy
1988978-0-85368-914-0R. A. BurtBritish Battleships, 1889-1904
1990978-0-85368-918-8Michael G. BurnsRAF Germany (Warbirds Fotofax)
1989978-0-85368-920-1Alex ImrieGerman Naval Air Service (Vintage aviation fotofax)
  ''978-0-85368-928-7V.E. TarrantThe U-boat Offensive, 1914-45
1990978-0-85368-931-7Peter HaymanSoult: Napoleon's Maligned Marshal
1989978-0-85368-932-4Roger EdwardsPanzer: A Revolution in Warfare, 1939-1945
  ''978-0-85368-935-5Anthony M. ThornboroughF-111 Aardvark (Warbirds Fotofax)
  ''978-0-85368-937-9Jeffrey Ethell · Joe ChristyB-52 Stratofortress (Warbirds Fotofax)
1990978-0-85368-938-6Ray SturtivantBritish Naval Aviation: Fleet Air Arm, 1917-90
1990978-0-85368-958-4Paul J KempThe T-class Submarine The Classic British Design
1989978-0-85368-970-6M.J. WhitleyGerman Capital Ships of World War Two
1988978-0-85368-974-4Samuel ZaffiriHamburger Hill: May 11-20, 1969
1992978-0-85368-984-3Michael G. BurnsBritish Combat Dress since 1945
1989978-0-85368-985-0R. A. BurtGerman Battleships 1897-1945 (Warships Fotofax)
  ''978-0-85368-986-7Gordon WilliamsonAces of the Reich

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