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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-906500-01-9Lilian MohinOne Foot on the Mountain: Anthology of British Feminist Poetry, 1969-79
  ''978-0-906500-02-6Adrienne RichWomen and Honor: Notes on Lying
  ''978-0-906500-03-3Caroline Halliday · etc.Hard Words and Why Lesbians Have to Say Them
1980978-0-906500-04-0Anna WilsonCactus
1981978-0-906500-05-7Sophie LawsDown There: Illustrated Guide to Self-examination
  ''978-0-906500-06-4Eve CroftBrainchild
  ''978-0-906500-07-1Adrienne RichCompulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence
1981978-0-906500-08-8Onlywomen Press CollectiveLove Your Enemy?: Debate Between Heterosexual Feminism and Political Lesbianism
1982978-0-906500-09-5Mary DorceyKindling
1987978-0-906500-10-1Anna LiviaRelatively Norma
1983978-0-906500-11-8Caroline HallidaySome Truth, Some Change
  ''978-0-906500-12-5Lilian MohinPast participants: A lesbian history diary for 1984
1984978-0-906500-13-2VariousBreaching the Peace: a collection of radical feminist papers
  ''978-0-906500-14-9Jennifer GubbThe Open Road and Other Stories
  ''978-0-906500-15-6Lilian Mohin · Sheila ShulmanThe Reach and Other Stories: Lesbian Feminist Fiction
1985978-0-906500-16-3D. Rhodes · S. McNeillWomen Against Violence Against Women
  ''978-0-906500-17-0Irena KlepfiszDifferent Enclosures
1985978-0-906500-18-7Anna WilsonAltogether Elsewhere
  ''978-0-906500-19-4Caroline ForbesThe Needle on Full: Lesbian Feminist Science Fiction
  ''978-0-906500-20-0Judy GrahnThe Work of a Common Woman
1986978-0-906500-21-7Anna LiviaIncidents Involving Warmth: A Collection of Lesbian Feminist Love Stories
  ''978-0-906500-23-1Lilian MohinBeautiful Barbarians: Lesbian Feminist Poetry
1987978-0-906500-24-8Dodici AzpaduSaturday Night in the Prime of Life
  ''978-0-906500-25-5Dodici AzpaduGoat Song
1987978-0-906500-26-2Marilyn HackerLove, Death and the Changing of the Seasons
1988978-0-906500-27-9Anna LiviaBulldozer Rising
  ''978-0-906500-28-6Sarah Lucia Hoagland · Julia PenelopeFor Lesbians Only: A Separatist Anthology
1989978-0-906500-29-3Anna Livia · Lilian Mohin · Anna LiviamThe Pied Piper: Lesbian Feminist Fiction
  ''978-0-906500-30-9Mary DorceyA Noise from the Woodshed: Short Stories
1990978-0-906500-31-6Nicky EdwardsStealing Time
1989978-0-906500-32-3J.E. HardyStranger Than Fish: Lesbian Feminist Short Stories
  ''978-0-906500-33-0Suniti NamjoshiBecause of India: Selected Poems and Fables
  ''978-0-906500-34-7Caroline GriffinPassion is Everywhere Appropriate
1990978-0-906500-35-4Anna LiviaSaccharin Cyanide
1990978-0-906500-36-1Marilyn HackerThe Hang-glider's Daughter: New and Selected Poems
  ''978-0-906500-37-8Patricia DunckerIn and Out of Time: Lesbian Feminist Fiction
  ''978-0-906500-38-5Caroline NatzlerWater Wings
  ''978-0-906500-39-2Anna WilsonHatching Stones
  ''978-0-906500-40-8Karla Jay · Joanne GlasgowLesbian Texts and Contexts: Radical Revisions
1991978-0-906500-41-5J.E. HardyPerfect Pitch 1991: Lesbian Feminist Fiction
1992978-0-906500-42-2Bonnie ZimmermanThe Safe Sea of Women: Lesbian Fiction 1969-1989: Lesbian Fiction, 1969-89
1993978-0-906500-43-9Lilian MohinAn Intimacy of Equals: Lesbian Feminist Ethics
1990978-0-906500-44-6Cherry PottsMosaic of Air
1990978-0-906500-45-3Nicky EdwardsTough at the Top
1994978-0-906500-46-0J. P. Hollerith · Fiona EssartUnknown Territory
1993978-0-906500-47-7Celia Kitzinger · Rachel PerkinsChanging Our Minds: Lesbian Feminism and Psychology
1990978-0-906500-48-4Suzanne RaittVolcanoes and Pearl Divers: Lesbian Feminist Studies
1993978-0-906500-49-1Celia Kitzinger · Rachel PerkinsChanging Our Minds: Lesbian Feminism and Psychology
1990978-0-906500-50-7Tina KendallLightning on My Tongue
1994978-0-906500-51-4Kate FoleySoft Engineering
1990978-0-906500-53-8Ann E. MenascheLeaving the Life: Lesbians, Ex-lesbians and the Heterosexual Imperative
  ''978-0-906500-54-5Tash FairbanksFearful Symmetry (Onlywomen crime)
  ''978-0-906500-55-2Vivien KellyDirty Work (Onlywomen crime)
1995978-0-906500-56-9Maggie KellyBurning Issues (Onlywomen crime)
1990978-0-906500-57-6Elana Nachman/DykewomonNothing Will be as Sweet as the Taste
  ''978-0-906500-58-3Jay TavernerRebellion
  ''978-0-906500-59-0Pat ArrowsmithMany are Called
1999978-0-906500-60-6Lilian MohinNot for the Academy: Lesbian Poets
2000978-0-906500-61-3Karen X TulchinskyLove Ruins Everything
1990978-0-906500-62-0Eleanor HillAll in the Game
2000978-0-906500-63-7Elana Nachman/DykewomonBeyond the Pale
1990978-0-906500-64-4Sylvia MartinPassionate Friends: Mary Fullerton, Mabel Singleton and Miles Franklin
1990978-0-906500-65-1Jay TavernerSomething Wicked
2007978-0-906500-66-8Paula JenningsSinging Lucifer
1990978-0-906500-67-5Helen ShackladyThe Patterned Flute
  ''978-0-906500-68-2Eleanor HillA Passionate Development
  ''978-0-906500-69-9Helen ShackladyThe Lacquered Box
  ''978-0-906500-70-5Natasha CarthewFlash Reckless
  ''978-0-906500-72-9Helen ShackladyThe Stolen Crate
1990978-0-906500-76-7Sophia WestMouths, Tigers' Mouths: Selected Poems
  ''978-0-906500-77-4Anna WilsonAltogether Elsewhere
  ''978-0-906500-78-1Helen ShackladyStoppage Time
2004978-0-906500-79-8   ''The Vinland Sheep
1990978-0-906500-80-4Carla TrujilloWhat Night Brings
  ''978-0-906500-81-1Sandra FreemanThe Other Side
2006978-0-906500-87-3Katy WatsonSpacegirl Pukes
2008978-0-906500-90-3Katy WatsonDangerous Deborah: Puts Her Foot Down
2007978-0-906500-91-0Vanda CarterIf I Had 100 Mummies