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1976978-0-905440-02-6Alan SlaterSignificance of Industrial Logistics (International Journal of Physical Distribution & Materials Management)
  ''978-0-905440-03-3Judi Marshall · Cary L. CooperMobile Manager and His Wife (Management Decision)
1977978-0-905440-04-0Gordon WillsHow Bad are You at Marketing Communications? (Management Decision)
  ''978-0-905440-05-7Barrie O. PettmanSocial Economics: Concepts and Perspectives
  ''978-0-905440-06-4Barrie O. PettmanSocial Economics: Concepts and Perspectives
1978978-0-905440-07-1   ''Government Involvement in Training
1979978-0-905440-08-8P. Michell · etc.Marketing Development (European Journal of Marketing)
1976978-0-905440-11-8David W. Pearce · etc.Bibliography of Environmental Economics: Growth and Resources v. 1
1977978-0-905440-12-5R. Kerry Turner · etc.Pollution: Vol.2
1978978-0-905440-13-2D. SheaneOrganization Development in Action (Journal of European Industrial Training)
1979978-0-905440-14-9Francis FishwickLabour Economics (Management Decision)
1976978-0-905440-15-6B.M. Douss · G.L. CollinsDistributed Intelligence (Management Decision)
  ''978-0-905440-17-0Jeffrey S. KaneEvaluation of Organizational Training Programmes (Journal of European Training)
1976978-0-905440-18-7Ann R. EvertonPrice Discrimination: A Comparative Study in Legal Control ("Managerial Law")
1974978-0-905440-19-4Samuel EilonThe Board: Functions and Structure (Management Decision)
1976978-0-905440-20-0David AshtonManagement Bibliographies and Reviews Volume Two
1977978-0-905440-21-7B. O PettmanWomanpower, an underutilised resource: Bibliography & review (MCB monographs)
  ''978-0-905440-24-8David Midgley · Gordon WillsMarketing Management (European Insights S.)
  ''978-0-905440-25-5Richard Dobbins · Barrie O. PettmanManagerial Finance (European Insights)
  ''978-0-905440-26-2Martin Christopher · Philip B. ScharyDistribution Management
  ''978-0-905440-28-6Barbara J. MostynMotivational Research: Passing Fad or Permanent Feature (Motivational research series)
1978978-0-905440-29-3   ''Handbook of Motivational and Attitude Research Techniques (Motivational research series)
1977978-0-905440-31-6Christine Mary Oldman · Gordon WillsBeneficial Library
1978978-0-905440-32-3Judith AthertonManagement of Professional Information Services
1980978-0-905440-33-0Sherril KennedMarketing of Professional Information Services
1977978-0-905440-34-7John Spencer EvansManagement of Human Capacity (Management Decision)
1978978-0-905440-35-4Martin ChristopherProduction of Professional Information Services
1977978-0-905440-36-1Will StraverInternational Consumerist Movement (European Journal of Marketing)
1977978-0-905440-40-8Martin Van MesdagCases in Marketing Strategy
  ''978-0-905440-42-2David AshtonManagement Bibliographies and Reviews: v. 3
1978978-0-905440-43-9Richard Dobbins · Barrie O. PettmanDisclosing Financial Information to Employees
  ''978-0-905440-44-6Desider VikorUniversalist Critique of Economics
  ''978-0-905440-45-3   ''Universalist Critique of Economics (Monographs / International Institute of Social Economics)
1977978-0-905440-46-0UnknownYouth unemployment in Great Britain and the Federal Republic of Germany: Proceedings of a conference held by the International Institute of Social ... for the Study of Industrial Society
1978978-0-905440-47-7Barbara J. MostynAttitude Behaviour Relationship
1977978-0-905440-49-1Bernard J.La Londe · Douglas M. LambertMethodology for Calculating Inventory Carrying Costs (International Journal of Physical Distribution & Materials Management)
  ''978-0-905440-50-7Wallace I. LittleCellular Flow Logistics Costing System (International Journal of Physical Distribution & Materials Management)
1977978-0-905440-51-4David H. MaisterOrganizing for Physical Distribution (International Journal of Physical Distribution & Materials Management)
  ''978-0-905440-52-1Leslie CollinsName to Conjure with: Discussion of the Naming of New Brands (European Journal of Marketing)
1978978-0-905440-53-8James R. StockEnergy/Ecology Impacts on Distribution (International Journal of Physical Distribution & Materials Management)
1977978-0-905440-55-2J.K. Ryans · etc.International Advertising Strategy (European Journal of Marketing)
1978978-0-905440-56-9Cary L. Cooper · etc.Evaluation of Management Education: State of the Art - Bibliography and Review
  ''978-0-905440-57-6Mark Easterby-SmithOrganizational Change: Bibliography and Review
  ''978-0-905440-58-3Tom CannonNew Product Development: Bibliography and Review
  ''978-0-905440-59-0G. R. DunstanMoral Reasoning in Management (Management Decision)
1978978-0-905440-60-6James MannConsumerism (European Journal of Marketing)
1979978-0-905440-61-3Barrie O. PettmanIndustrial Democracy: A Selected Bibliography (Bibliography / Institute of Scientific Business)
1978978-0-905440-62-0N. R HunterIndex to special reports in UK newspapers and certain periodicals, 1973-77
1979978-0-905440-63-7Charles J. MargerisonHow to Assess Your Managerial Style
  ''978-0-905440-64-4Barrie O. Pettman · Charles J. MargerisonPersonnel and Training (European Insights)
1978978-0-905440-66-8David R. Corkindale · John NewallAdvertising Thresholds and Wearout (European Journal of Marketing)
  ''978-0-905440-67-5Michael FirthUnit Trusts: Performance and Prospects (Management Decision)
  ''978-0-905440-68-2Richard A. Lancioni · Keith HowardInventory Management Techniques (International Journal of Physical Distribution & Materials Management)
  ''978-0-905440-69-9Robin M. HogarthAssessing Management Education: A Summary of the Cedep Project (Journal of European Industrial Training)
1978978-0-905440-70-5Richard Dobbins · etc.Financial Objectives: Ownership and Control in Large Companies ("Managerial Finance")
  ''978-0-905440-72-9Eric Frank · Charles J. MargerisonTraining Methods and Organisation Development (Journal of European Industrial Training)
  ''978-0-905440-73-6David Ashton · etc.Auditing Management Development (Management Decision)
  ''978-0-905440-74-3Judith AthertonQuantitative Techniques in Financial Decision Making ("Managerial Finance")
  ''978-0-905440-76-7Ronald L. SchillProcurement Information Systems: Design, Implementation and Control (International Journal of Physical Distribution & Materials Management)
1978978-0-905440-77-4Daniel J. BrownAssessing Retail Trade: A Review of the Consumer Behaviour Literature (International Journal of Physical Distribution & Materials Management)
  ''978-0-905440-78-1Nigel PiercyLow-cost Marketing Analysis: An Alternative Technology (Management Decision)
  ''978-0-905440-79-8Niall LothianAccounting for Inflation: Issues and Managerial Practices (Management Decision)
  ''978-0-905440-80-4Martin Christopher · etc.Introduction to Marketing: The Cranfield Approach
1979978-0-905440-82-8Victor J.B. Hanby · Michael P. JacksonEvaluation of Job Creation in Germany (International Journal of Social Economics)
  ''978-0-905440-83-5Andre GaborIssues in Pricing Policy (European Journal of Marketing)
1979978-0-905440-84-2Peter HammanPersonal Selling (European Journal of Marketing)
1978978-0-905440-85-9John GattornaChannels of Distribution (European Journal of Marketing)
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1980978-0-905440-94-1   ''Pricing Decisions
1981978-0-905440-95-8Malcolm McDonaldHandbook of Marketing Planning
1979978-0-905440-96-5Martin ChristopherImproving Marketing Performance (European Insights)
1979978-0-905440-97-2Martin ChristopherImproving Distribution Performance (Management Issues)
  ''978-0-905440-98-9Malcolm McDonaldIndustrial Marketing (European Insights)