Safety in Mines

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1954978-0-7215-0152-9   ''Salt Crust Method of Roadway Treatment
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  ''978-0-7215-0160-4H. Lloyd · etc.Automatic Dust Sampler
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1959978-0-7215-0162-8E.M. Loxley · etc.Development of Light-weight Steel Roof Bars for Use at Roadheads
1967978-0-7215-0163-5   ''Rated Load Stresses in Detaching Hooks
1953978-0-7215-0164-2S.N.A. Margerson · H. RobinsonPiezoelectric Recording Manometer
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  ''978-0-7215-0171-0   ''Recovery of Quartz and Other Minerals from Lungs of Rats
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978-0-7215-0175-8B.J. Nield · etc.Investigations of Wear in Wrought Iron and Mild Steels
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1954978-0-7215-0179-6C.B. PlattTesting of Flame Safety Lamps
1956978-0-7215-0180-2Douglas RaeIgnition of Explosive Gas Mixtures by Small Combustible Particles
1959978-0-7215-0181-9   ''Ignition of Gas by the Impact of Light Alloys on Oxide-coated Surfaces
1965978-0-7215-0182-6   ''Ignition of Gas by the Impact of Brass Against Magnesium Anodes and Other Parts of a Ship's Tank
1960978-0-7215-0183-3   ''Ignition of Methane-air by Glancing Impact of Metals on Smears of Light Alloys formed by Rusty Surfaces
1966978-0-7215-0184-0   ''Importance of Rates of Working and Wear Processes in the Ignition of Methane by Friction
1967978-0-7215-0185-7Douglas RaeMain Characteristics of Slow Coal-dust Explosions and Their Relation to the Testing Barriers
1964978-0-7215-0186-4   ''Role of Quartz in the Ignition of Methane by the Friction of Rocks
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1966978-0-7215-0188-8Douglas Rae · etc.Coefficient of Friction of Some Rocks and Other High-melting-point Materials During Continuous Rubbing
1964978-0-7215-0189-5   ''Size and Temperature of Hot Square in Cold Plane Surface Necessary for Ignition of Methane
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1959978-0-7215-0191-8H.T. Ramsay · D.W. WidgintonNew Twelve-shot Exploder for Gassy Mines
1967978-0-7215-0192-5A.F. Roberts · G. CloughModel Studies of Heat Transfer in Mine Fires
1965978-0-7215-0193-2A.F. Roberts · M. KennedyModelling of Mine Roadway Fires
1966978-0-7215-0194-9A.F. Roberts · etc.Model Duct for Mine Fire Research
1956978-0-7215-0195-6H. RobinsonVentilation of Battery Containers of Storage Battery Locomotives
1967978-0-7215-0196-3J.S. Seager · R.D. FitzpatrickTheoretical Treatment of Dispersion into a Turbulent Stream in a Pipe
  ''978-0-7215-0197-0   ''Use of Multiple-image Methods for the Calculation of Dispersion in Rectangular and Triangular Ducts
1959978-0-7215-0198-7C.R. SenneckDevelopment of Two-hour Closed-circuit Liquid-oxygen Breathing Apparatus Providing Cool Inspired Air
  ''978-0-7215-0199-4S.K. ShawRocket Igniters for Experimental Coal-dust Explosions
1956978-0-7215-0200-7S.K. Shaw · D.W. WoodheadExplosion Hazard from Localized Deposits of Coal Dust
1953978-0-7215-0201-4   ''Igniters for Experimental Coal Dust Explosions
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1954978-0-7215-0203-8   ''Waterproofed Stone Dust for Coal Mines
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1951978-0-7215-0206-9A. SlackDust Assessor
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1953978-0-7215-0208-3   ''Inflammability of Brattice Cloth
  ''978-0-7215-0209-0   ''Role of Flanges in Conferring Protection on Flameproof Electrical Enclosures
  ''978-0-7215-0210-6H. StaplesNote on Strain Produced During Explosion Inside Core-cooled Motor
1954978-0-7215-0213-7P.G. TaigelProtection of Hydraulic Couplings Against Overheating
1952978-0-7215-0214-4   ''Some Experiments in Removal of Toxic Gases from Diesel Engine Exhausts
1965978-0-7215-0215-1H.R. Thompson · E.M. LoxleyDevelopment of Long Rigid Bars for Roof Support Along the Coal Face
1953978-0-7215-0216-8W. Thompson · H. TitmanIncendivity of Frictional Sparks Produced within a Compressed-air Motor and Expelled in Exhaust
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1959978-0-7215-0218-2H. TitmanEffect of Different Rates of Emission on Accumulation of Hydrogen in Vented Battery Container
1954978-0-7215-0219-9H. TitmanIgnition Hazard from Sparks from Cast Alloys of Magnesium and Aluminium
1959978-0-7215-0220-5   ''Use of Models in Investigation of Underground Methane Explosions
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