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2006978-1-84661-001-1G. Dawes · Andrew PiancaCharity Accounts: A Practical Guide to the Charities SORP
2011978-1-84661-006-6S Oliver · P ClementsEnforcing Family Finance Orders
2006978-1-84661-010-3David Impey · Nick MontagueRunning a Limited Company
  ''978-1-84661-011-0Professor David BrewerMagistrates' Courts Criminal Practice 2006
  ''978-1-84661-012-7Peter DuckworthFamily Finance Toolkit 2006
  ''978-1-84661-017-2Andrew BainhamInternational Survey of Family Law 2006
2009978-1-84661-019-6R. WilsonLaw of the Common Agricultural Policy: The Single Payment, Cross-compliance and Enforcement
2007978-1-84661-020-2Martin Cardinal · S. MiddletonMatrimonial Costs
2006978-1-84661-021-9David BurrowsThe New Ancillary Relief Costs Regime: A Special Bulletin
2007978-1-84661-022-6Andrzej Bojarski · Simon SugarUnlocking Matrimonial Assets on Divorce
2006978-1-84661-023-3Hon Mrs BracewellMagistrates' Courts Criminal Practise 2006
2007978-1-84661-024-0Stephen Bickford-Smith · Andrew FrancisRights of Light: The Modern Law
2006978-1-84661-025-7B. MahendraAdult Psychiatry in Family and Child Law: A Guide for Legal Practitioners
2007978-1-84661-034-9Hon. Mr.Justice Wall · Iain HamiltonA Handbook for Expert Witnesses in Children Act Cases
2006978-1-84661-043-1Brian Harris · etc.Disciplinary and Regulatory Proceedings
2009978-1-84661-045-5C MillionFamily Procedure: Tips and Traps, Hints, Help and Specimen Orders: Tips and Traps, Hints, Help, and Precedents
2008978-1-84661-050-9Mark HarveyAPIL Guide to Conditional Fee Agreements
  ''978-1-84661-051-6Simon AllenAPIL Guide to Damages
2008978-1-84661-052-3John McQuaterAPIL Model Letters for Personal Injury Lawyers
2007978-1-84661-054-7Frank BurtonPIBA Personal Injuries Handbook
  ''978-1-84661-059-2Angela SydenhamPublic Rights of Way and Access to Land
2010978-1-84661-060-8Andrew Thornton · Nigel Dougherty · James L. Potts · Stephen Horan · Benjamin Shaw · Ben GriffithsGore-Browne Precedents: v. 1
2009978-1-84661-061-5Nigel Davis · Graham Smith · Angela SydenhamAgricultural Precedents Handbook
2007978-1-84661-062-2Ian BollansJordans Health and Safety Training Solutions
  ''978-1-84661-064-6His Hon Judge David PearlCare Standards Legislation Handbook
  ''978-1-84661-066-0B. AitkinsInternational Survey of Family Law 2007
  ''978-1-84661-067-7B. Mahendra · C.E.Van RooyenPsychology in Family and Child Law
2007978-1-84661-068-4David BrewerMagistrates' Courts Criminal Practice 2007
  ''978-1-84661-070-7Hon Mrs Bracewell · Anthony Cleary · Hon Mrs BlackThe Family Court Practice 2007
  ''978-1-84661-073-8Roger BirdAncillary Relief Handbook
  ''978-1-84661-074-5Phil FennellMental Health (Jordans New Law) (Jordans New Law S.)
2008978-1-84661-076-9TomkinsAPIL Guide to Accidents at Work
  ''978-1-84661-077-6Paul BalenAPIL Clinical Negligence
2008978-1-84661-079-0Mathu Asokan · Delia TrumanInjunction Against Anti-social or Violent Individuals
2007978-1-84661-081-3John BirdsBoyle and Birds' Company Law
2008978-1-84661-083-7B. DoyleDisability Discrimination: Law and Practice
  ''978-1-84661-087-5David Impey · Nicholas MontagueRunning a Limited Company
  ''978-1-84661-089-9P. Loose · M. Griffiths · David ImpeyThe Company Director: Powers, Duties and Liabilities
  ''978-1-84661-091-2Andrew Stafford · Stuart RitchieFiduciary Duties: Directors and Employees
  ''978-1-84661-093-6Alison MaclennanRunning a Charity
2008978-1-84661-094-3David HodsonA Practical Guide to International Family Law
2011978-1-84661-095-0Nicholas Francis · N BennettPre-Nuptial and Cohabitation Agreements
2008978-1-84661-096-7Charles PrestFamily Law Case Library: Children
  ''978-1-84661-097-4Charles Prest · Mark Saunders · Stephen Wildblood · Claire Wills-GoldinghamFamily Law Case Library: Finance (Family Law Reports Case Library)
  ''978-1-84661-100-1Stephen Cottle · Helen Carr · David OrmandyUsing the Housing Act 2004
  ''978-1-84661-101-8Andrew RitchieAPIL Guide to the MIB Claims: (Uninsured and Untraced Drivers) (APIL Guides)
  ''978-1-84661-105-6Rt Hon Lrd Just WilsonThe Family Court Practice 2008
2010978-1-84661-112-4E WalshWorking in the Family Justice System: The Official Handbook of the Family Justice Council
2009978-1-84661-114-8J. MitchellAdoption and Special Guardianship: A Permanency Handbook: A Handbook
2009978-1-84661-115-5Gordon ExallAPIL Guide to Fatal Accidents
2008978-1-84661-116-2B. AtkinsInternational Survey of Family Law
  ''978-1-84661-119-3Andrew Keay · Peter WaltonInsolvency Law: Corporate and Personal
  ''978-1-84661-120-9D BrewerMagistrates' Courts Criminal Practice
  ''978-1-84661-121-6Richard Ward · Vanessa BettinsonCriminal Justice and Immigration Act: A Practitioner's Guide
  ''978-1-84661-122-3Richard Card · Alisdair Gillespie · Michael HirstSexual Offences
2009978-1-84661-129-2District Judge Robert Blomfield · Helen BrooksA Practical Guide to Family Proceedings (4th ed) (4th ed)
2008978-1-84661-144-5VariousHagueConference Guide to Good Practice on Intercountry Adoption
2009978-1-84661-154-4Dawes G · Pianca ACharity Accounts: A Practical Guide to the Charity SORP: A Practical Guide to the Charities SORP
2010978-1-84661-155-1Luba J · Davies LHousing Allocation and Homelessness: Law and Practice
2009978-1-84661-158-2Simon Sugar · Andrjez BojarskiUnlocking Matrimonial assets on divorce
2011978-1-84661-159-9P Loose · M Griffiths · D ImpeyThe Company Director: Powers, Duties and Liabilities
2009978-1-84661-163-6Wood et alCohabitation: Law, Practice and Precedents
2009978-1-84661-164-3A RitchieAPIL Guide to RTA Liability
  ''978-1-84661-166-7John FordEducation Law and Practice
2010978-1-84661-173-5C Bielanska · J MargraveElderly Clients: A Precedent Manual
2009978-1-84661-174-2Rt Hon Lrd Just WilsonThe Family Court Practice 2009
2011978-1-84661-178-0Abigail BondCare Proceedings and Learning Disabled Parents: A Handbook for Family Lawyers
2010978-1-84661-180-3M FristonCivil Costs: Law and Practice
2009978-1-84661-181-0Roger BirdAncillary Relief Handbook
  ''978-1-84661-182-7Bill AtkinThe International Survey of Family Law
  ''978-1-84661-184-1Platt et alInjunctions and Orders Against Violent or Anti-Social Individuals
2010978-1-84661-188-9A McFarlane · M ReardonChild Care and Adoption Law: A Practical Guide
2011978-1-84661-194-0Eoin O'SheaThe Bribery Act 2010 A Practical Guide
2010978-1-84661-201-5Brian Doyle et alEquality and Discrimination: The New Law
2016978-1-84661-202-2Richard WilsonTrust Litigation Handbook
2010978-1-84661-204-6Lee · Aldous QC · McKechnieAPIL Guide to Catastrophic Injury Claims
  ''978-1-84661-205-3Foster · BradleyAPIL Guide to Tripping and Slipping Costs
2010978-1-84661-206-0Gareth Schofield · Matthew Barker · Simon Calhaem · Jonathan MiddletonBankruptcy and Divorce: A Practical Guide for the Family Lawyer
  ''978-1-84661-207-7District Judge Marc MarinThe Family Lawyer and The Court of Protection
  ''978-1-84661-208-4Daniel Barnett · Kate Palka · Benjamin HayCosts in Employment Tribunals (Jordans Employment Law)
2011978-1-84661-212-1Venters J QC et alResolving Disputes Through Family Mediation
2010978-1-84661-214-5Bazley J QC et alApplications Under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989
  ''978-1-84661-220-6David BrewerMagistrates' Courts Criminal Practice 2010
  ''978-1-84661-221-3Rt Hon Lrd Just Wilson · His Hon Judge Anthony Cleary · Hon Mrs Just BlackThe Family Court Practice 2010
2010978-1-84661-224-4B MahendraFamily Psychiatric Practice, A
2011978-1-84661-229-9Colin WellsAbuse of Process
  ''978-1-84661-231-2David Salter et alInternational Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements
2015978-1-84661-234-3John McQuaterAPIL Guide to Personal Injury Claims Procedure
2011978-1-84661-236-7P BoganIdentification:Investigation, Trial and Scientific Evidence
2012978-1-84661-238-1John MitchellChildren Act Private Law Proceedings: A Handbook
2011978-1-84661-240-4Professor Phil FennellMental Health: Law and Practice (New Law)
2012978-1-84661-244-2M Bare · R Copnall et alAPIL Model Pleadings and Applications
2016978-1-84661-246-6N Lowe et alInternational Movement of Children: Law, Practice and Procedure
2010978-1-84661-256-5Angela SydenhamPublic Rights of Way and Access to Land
2017978-1-84661-259-6Bryden · SalterEmployee Surveillance, Vetting and Monitoring: Law and Practice
2011978-1-84661-261-9D Impey · N MontagueRunning a Limited Company
2012978-1-84661-263-3A Firth et alTrade Marks: Law and Practice
2011978-1-84661-272-5J Glasson · G ThomasThe International Trust
  ''978-1-84661-274-9L ParkinsonFamily Mediation: Appropriate Dispute Resolution in a New Family Justice System
2012978-1-84661-275-6R BlomfieldPractical Guide to Family Proceedings, A
2011978-1-84661-281-7Rt Hon Lrd Just Wilson · His Hon Judge Anthony Cleary · Hon Mrs Just BlackThe Family Court Practice 2011
  ''978-1-84661-282-4Roger Bird · A KineAncillary Relief and Financial Orders Handbook
  ''978-1-84661-283-1H Wood et alCohabitation: Law, Practice and Precedents
2011978-1-84661-285-5A McFarlaneHershman and McFarlane: Children Act Handbook 2011
2012978-1-84661-293-0J ButlerCommunity Care Law and Local Authority Handbook
  ''978-1-84661-295-4Hugh Southey · Amanda Weston · Jude BuntingJudicial Review: A Practical Guide
2016978-1-84661-301-2P Arden · A Beswetherick · S JohnsonCorporate Restructuring
2017978-1-84661-302-9Green P · Heppinstall AManual of Employment Appeals
2012978-1-84661-311-1Christopher GoddardAPIL Guide to Occupational Illness Claims
  ''978-1-84661-312-8Mark FristonCivil Costs: Law and Practice
2016978-1-84661-322-7Nigel Tomkins · Matthew StockwellAPIL Guide to Accidents at Work
2012978-1-84661-323-4Andrew RitchieAPIL Guide to RTA Liability
  ''978-1-84661-325-8David BrewerMagistrates Courts Criminal Practice 2012
2015978-1-84661-547-4Peter Levaggi · Roger ElfordProperty Insolvency
2016978-1-84661-556-6Allan Roberts · Suzanne StauntonSettlement of Individual Employment Disputes
2013978-1-84661-742-3David Impey · Nick MontagueRunning a Limited Company
2014978-1-84661-784-3Gary Barker · Mark Harvey · David MarshallAPIL Guide to Costs and Funding
  ''978-1-84661-822-2Paul BalenAPIL Guide to Clinical Negligence
2016978-1-84661-843-7Mark FristonCivil Costs: Law and Practice
2017978-1-84661-847-5Simon Oliver · Paula ClementsEnforcing Family Finance Orders (Second Edition)
2017978-1-84661-886-4McQuaterAPIL Model Letters for Personal Injury Lawyers
  ''978-1-84661-894-9RichardsonAnti-Bribery Compliance
  ''978-1-84661-902-1Charles Harpum · Janet BignellRegistered Land: Law and Practice Under the Land Registration Act 2002
2014978-1-84661-911-3S. RoveriMagistrates' Courts Criminal Practice 2014 2014
2016978-1-84661-975-5Andrew HoldenHolden on Trust Protectors
  ''978-1-84661-979-3Janet Bazley QC et alChildren Act 1989: Schedule 1 Applications