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2010978-0-8311-3429-7Daniel KandrayProgrammable Automation Technologies
2011978-0-8311-3430-3Cheryl R. ShrockBeginning AutoCAD 2012 Exercise Workbook (My Workbook Series)
  ''978-0-8311-3431-0   ''Advanced AutoCAD 2012 Exercise Workbook
  ''978-0-8311-3432-7J. MarrsMachine Designers Reference
2012978-0-8311-3434-1Ramesh GulatiMaintenance Best Practices
2013978-0-8311-3435-8   ''Workbook to Accompany Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices
2012978-0-8311-3436-5Daniel KandrayCNC Programming for Engineers and Technologists
2011978-0-8311-3437-2Daniel T. DaleyDesign for Reliability: Developing Assets that Meet the Needs of Owners
  ''978-0-8311-3438-9HurstJourneyman's Guide to CNC
2012978-0-8311-3439-6Kerri OlsenCommercial Steel Estimating: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Basics
2011978-0-8311-3440-2Robert PerezIs My Machine OK?: A Field Guide to Assessing Process Machinery
  ''978-0-8311-3441-9Joel LevittComplete Guide to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
2017978-0-8311-3442-6James PorebskiStructural and Construction Detailing
2011978-0-8311-3443-3L. Scott HansenLearning and Applying SolidWorks 2011-2012 Step-by-Step
2011978-0-8311-3444-0V. NarayanEffective Maintenance Management
2012978-0-8311-3445-7John MoubrayMoubray's Reliability Centered Maintenance 3E
  ''978-0-8311-3446-4Gary LamitPipefitting Practices
  ''978-0-8311-3448-8Edward JanecekMachinery's Handbook Made Easy
2011978-0-8311-3449-5Kenneth StroudAdvanced Engineering Mathematics
2012978-0-8311-3450-1Uni-Bell PVC Pipe AssociationHandbook of PVC Pipe Design and Construction: (First Industrial Press Edition)
2011978-0-8311-3451-8James Valentino · Nicholas DiZinnoSolidWorks for Technology and Engineering
2012978-0-8311-3454-9Gary PowersTrigonometry for Engineering Technology: With Mechanical, Civil, and Architectural Applications
  ''978-0-8311-3456-3Cheryl R. ShrockBeginning AutoCAD 2013
  ''978-0-8311-3457-0   ''Advanced AutoCAD 2013
2012978-0-8311-3459-4J. MarrsMachine Designer's Reference
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2013978-0-8311-3462-4L. Scott HansenLearning and Applying SolidWorks 2012-2013 Step-by-Step
2012978-0-8311-3463-1Vukota BoljanovicSheet Metal Stamping Dies: Die Design and Die-Making Practice
2013978-0-8311-3465-5Mark CurtisHandbook of Dimensional Measurement
2014978-0-8311-3466-2Edmund IsakovInternational System of Units (SI): How the World Measures Almost Everything, and the People Who Made It Possible
2013978-0-8311-3470-9K. A. Stroud · Dexter J. BoothEngineering Mathematics
  ''978-0-8311-3472-3Peter SmidCNC Tips and Techniques: A Reader for Programmers
  ''978-0-8311-3473-0Cheryl R. ShrockBeginning AutoCAD 2014
  ''978-0-8311-3474-7   ''Advanced AutoCAD 2014
2013978-0-8311-3475-4William Galvery · Ryan FriedlinghausThe Art of Welding: Featuring Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs
  ''978-0-8311-3476-1Tom LiptonMetalworking: Doing It Better
  ''978-0-8311-3477-8James HarveyMachine Shop Trade Secrets
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2013978-0-8311-3483-9L. Scott HansenLearning and Applying SolidWorks 2013-2014
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  ''978-0-8311-3486-0James Valentino · Joseph GoldenbergLearning Mastercam X7 Mill 2D Step by Step
  ''978-0-8311-3487-7V. NarayanEffective Maintenance Management
2014978-0-8311-3492-1Vukota BoljanovicSheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design
2015978-0-8311-3493-8James Valentino · Nicholas DiZinnoSolidWorks for Technology and Engineering
2014978-0-8311-3494-5Michael SpektorSolving Engineering Problems in Dynamics
2016978-0-8311-3495-2Terry WiremanDeveloping Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance
2014978-0-8311-3496-9Steve HeatherEngineers Precision Data Pocket Reference
2014978-0-8311-3497-6Cheryl R. Shrock · Steve HeatherBeginning AutoCAD 2015
  ''978-0-8311-3498-3David ChasisPlastics and Sustainable Piping Systems
  ''978-0-8311-3499-0Cheryl R. Shrock · Steve HeatherAdvanced AutoCAD 2015 Exercise Workbook
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2015978-0-8311-3519-5Cheryl R. Shrock · Steve HeatherAdvanced AutoCAD 2016 Exercise Workbook
  ''978-0-8311-3520-1Robert L. NortonAutomotive Milestones: The Technological Development of the Automobile: Who, What, When, Where, and How It All Works
2016978-0-8311-3521-8Matthew Franchetti · Behin Elahi · Somik GhoseValue Creation through Sustainable Manufacturing
2015978-0-8311-3522-5Michael SpektorApplied Dynamics in Engineering
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2016978-0-8311-3524-9Ken EvansProgramming of CNC Machines
2015978-0-8311-3577-5Maheshwar SharonEssential Guide to Photovoltaic Cells: Photochemistry, Physics, and Applications
2019978-0-8311-3580-5Karl H. Moltrecht · Fred FulkersonMachine Shop Practice
2019978-0-8311-3581-2Karl H. Moltrecht · Fred FulkersonMachine Shop Practice
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2016978-0-8311-3594-2Fused Deposition Modeling Technique
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2016978-0-8311-3603-1Cheryl R. Shrock · Steve HeatherAdvanced AutoCAD 2017: Exercise Workbook
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  ''978-0-8311-3609-3Erik ObergMachinery's Handbook,Toolbox & Calc Pro 2 Combo
2016978-0-8311-3610-9Erik ObergMachinery's Handbook, Large Print & Calc Pro 2 Combo
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2017978-0-8311-3616-1Cheryl R. Shrock · Steve HeatherAdvanced AutoCAD 2018: Exercise Workbook
  ''978-0-8311-3618-5Carol Ptak · Chad SmithPrecisely Wrong: Why Conventional Planning Systems Fail
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2017978-0-8311-3621-5Brian W. ClaytonAutodesk® Revit Basics Training Manual
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2018978-0-8311-3623-9   ''Maintenance and Reliability Certification Exam Guide
2017978-0-8311-3624-6Roger D. LeeThe ''Maintenance Insanity'' Cure: Practical Solutions to Improve Maintenance Work
2018978-0-8311-3625-3Rex Miller · Mark R. MillerPlumbing Licensing Study Guide
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  ''978-0-8311-3660-4   ''Advanced AutoCAD 2021 Exercise Workbook
1997978-0-8311-4310-7Selling The Invisible
2000978-0-8311-4311-4Guy DebordSociety of the Spectacle Reprint, 2010 edition
2008978-0-8311-4312-1The New Market Wizards: Conversations with America's Top Traders
2010978-0-8311-4315-2Change the Culture, Change the Game: The Breakthrough Strategy for Energizing Your Organization and Creating Accountability for Results [Bargain Price] 1st (first) edition
2011978-0-8311-4316-9Change the Culture, Change the Game: The Breakthrough Strategy for Energizing Your Organization and Creating Accountability for Results [Audiobook, MP3 Audio, Unabridged]
2004978-0-8311-4318-3Everett M. RogersDiffusion of Innovations, 5th (fifth) edition
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2018978-0-8311-9434-5Charles GillisBlueprint Reading Basics Instructor's Resource Kit
2020978-0-8311-9503-8Steve HeatherAutoCAD Instructor's Resource Kit