Igaku-Shoin Medical Pub

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1978978-0-89640-026-9P M, etc. MottaThe Liver: An Atlas of Scanning Electron Microscopy
  ''978-0-89640-029-0Kazuyoshi UjiieStructure of Ocular Vessels
1981978-0-89640-051-1Tsuneo Fujita · Keiichi Tanaka · Junichi TokunagaSem Atlas of Cells and Tissues
1982978-0-89640-065-8Hiromi, M.D. ShinyaColonoscopy: Diagnosis and Treatment of Colonic Diseases
1992978-0-89640-153-2Klaus J. Lewin · Robert Riddle · Wilfred WeinsteinGastrointestinal Pathology and Its Clinical Implications (Guides to clinical aspiration biopsy) (2 Volume Set)
1989978-0-89640-158-7David W. GelfandDysphagia: Diagnosis and Treatment
1990978-0-89640-172-3Leon Barnes · Robert L. PeelHead and Neck Pathology: A Text/Atlas of Differential Diagnosis
1991978-0-89640-195-2Andrew ChurgSystemic Vasculitides
  ''978-0-89640-198-3George E. Green · Ram N. Singh · Julie Ann SosaSurgical Revascularization of the Heart: The Internal Thoracic Arteries
1994978-0-89640-229-4Roger C. Bone · Robert L. RosenQuick Reference to Internal Medicine: Outline Format
1993978-0-89640-237-9William D. Carey · Thomas F. FiseGastroenterology Practice Management
1994978-0-89640-240-9Liane Deligdisch · Albert Altchek · Carmel J., M.D. CohenAtlas of Ovarian Tumors
  ''978-0-89640-246-1Richard B. RafalRadiology Oral Examination: Cases and Questions
  ''978-0-89640-250-8Kaitiro Hukami · Shoko Tanabe · Kazuo IchikawaStandard Pseudoisochromatic Plates: Part 3 for Mass Screening
1994978-0-89640-256-0Kenneth C. SuenRetroperitoneum and Intestine (Guides to Clinical Aspiration Biopsy)
1995978-0-89640-262-1Steven D. Wexner · Anthony M. VernavaClinical Decision Making in Colorectal Surgery (Books)
  ''978-0-89640-267-6T. Lok TioGastrointestinal Tnm Cancer Staging by Endosonography
  ''978-0-89640-269-0Raymond A. Dieter Jr.Thoracoscopy for Surgeons: Diagnostic and Therapeutic
  ''978-0-89640-273-7Juan Orellana · Ronni M. Leiberman · Steven A. TeichColor Atlas of Ocular Manifestations of AIDS: Diagnosis and Management
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1996978-0-89640-308-6Irving Dardick · Rc280.SColor Atlas/Text of Salivary Gland Tumor Pathology