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1974978-0-85640-056-8Richard Sydney AllisonH.M.S. Caroline
1980978-0-85640-126-8Robert McCullough ArnoldGolden Years of the Great Northern Railway: Newry, Armagh and Clones Areas Pt. 2
1978978-0-85640-139-8Mark TuohyBelfast Celtic
1979978-0-85640-171-8Geraldine CarvilleNorman Splendour: Duiske Abbey, Graignamanagh
  ''978-0-85640-178-7Paul HamiltonUp the Shankill
1980978-0-85640-182-4Robert McCullough ArnoldGolden Years of the Great Northern Railway: Pt. 1
  ''978-0-85640-194-7Mary Deboys · Eunice Pitt · Queen's University of BelfastLines of Development in Primary Mathematics
1982978-0-85640-204-3Cathal O'ByrneAs I Roved Out
1981978-0-85640-213-5Catherine Ann ClineE.D.Morel, 1873-1924: Strategies of Protest
  ''978-0-85640-247-0Patrick SheaVoices and the Sound of Drums: Autobiography
1983978-0-85640-301-9Padraig O'MalleyThe Uncivil Wars: Ireland Today
1985978-0-85640-325-5Ciaran McKeownThe Passion of Peace
  ''978-0-85640-341-5J.S. AndrewsThe Bell of Nendrum
1986978-0-85640-373-6Florence IrwinThe Cookin' Woman: Irish Country Recipes
1987978-0-85640-386-6Paul DurcanGoing Home to Russia
1987978-0-85640-390-3Philip OrrThe Road to the Somme: Men of the Ulster Division Tell Their Story
1988978-0-85640-404-7Peter Berresford EllisHell or Connaught: Cromwellian Colonisation of Ireland, 1652-60
1989978-0-85640-405-4Robert BellThe Book of Ulster Surnames
1990978-0-85640-448-1Peter Berresford EllisMacbeth: High King of Scotland, 1040-57
  ''978-0-85640-453-5Padraig O'MalleyBiting at the Grave: Irish Hunger Strikes and the Politics of Despair
  ''978-0-85640-454-2Eamonn O'MalleyNorthern Ireland: Questions of Nuance
1991978-0-85640-462-7Robert Bell · etc.Troubled Times: "Fortnight" Magazine and the Troubles in Northern Ireland, 1970-91
  ''978-0-85640-472-6Cahal B. DalyPrice of Peace
1992978-0-85640-476-4Johnathon BardonA History of Ulster
1991978-0-85640-481-8Anne MaguireFor Brian's Sake: The Story of the Keenan Sisters
1992978-0-85640-491-7Helen LewisA Time to Speak
1993978-0-85640-504-4Jim PhelanThe Name's Phelan: The First Part of the Autobiography of Jim Phelan
  ''978-0-85640-509-9Fionnuala O ConnorIn Search of a State: Catholics in Northern Ireland
1994978-0-85640-522-8Frank O'ConnorMy Father's Son
1994978-0-85640-542-6John WatersRace of Angels: Ireland and the Genesis of U2
1995978-0-85640-544-0Ben BirdsallBlue Charm
  ''978-0-85640-551-8Martin BrownIrish Scientists and Inventors: William Traill (Irish scientists & inventors)
  ''978-0-85640-554-9Sally MontgomeryIrish Scientists and Inventors: Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Irish scientists & inventors)
  ''978-0-85640-558-7A.T.Q. StewartThe Summer Soldiers: 1798 Rebellion in Antrim and Down
  ''978-0-85640-561-7Patrick CrottyModern Irish Poetry: An Anthology
1996978-0-85640-562-4Michael VineyA Year's Turning
1995978-0-85640-563-1Andrew J. WilsonIrish-America and the Ulster Conflict 1968-95
1995978-0-85640-566-2Forum For Peace And ReconciliationPaths to a Political Settlement in Ireland: Policy Papers Submitted to the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation
  ''978-0-85640-569-3Martyn TurnerPack Up Your Troubles
1996978-0-85640-577-8Forum For Peace And ReconciliationBuilding Trust in Ireland: Policy Papers Submitted to the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation
  ''978-0-85640-583-9Martyn TurnerThe Noble Art of Politics
  ''978-0-85640-586-0Jonathan BardonA Shorter Illustrated History of Ulster (A Blackstaff paperback original)
1997978-0-85640-596-9Ellis Ni Dhuibhne"The Inland Ice and Other Stories (Blackstaff paperback original)
  ''978-0-85640-602-7Robert BellThe Book of Ulster Surnames
1997978-0-85640-605-8Malachi O'DohertyThe Trouble with Guns: Republican Strategy and the Provisional IRA (A Blackstaff paperback original)
1998978-0-85640-620-1Basil McIvorHope Deferred: Experiences of an Irish Unionist
  ''978-0-85640-628-7W.D. Flackes · Sydney ElliottNorthern Ireland: A Political Directory, 1968-98
  ''978-0-85640-631-7Michael McCaughanThe Birth of the Titanic
  ''978-0-85640-639-3Martyn TurnerBrace Yourself, Bridge It!: Guide to Irish Political Relationships
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1999978-0-85640-652-2David McKittrickThrough the Minefield
1999978-0-85640-663-8Martyn TurnerThe Golfer's Guide to World History
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2000978-0-85640-687-4Martyn TurnerRailings: Political Cartoons, 1998-2000
  ''978-0-85640-692-8Wilbert GarvinThe Irish Bagpipes
2001978-0-85640-698-0Roy GarlandGusty Spence
  ''978-0-85640-700-0Jenny BristowJenny Bristow Cooks Gloriously Good Food
  ''978-0-85640-703-1Jonathan BardonA History of Ulster
2002978-0-85640-724-6Jenny BristowJenny Bristow Cooks for the Seasons: Autumn and Winter
2003978-0-85640-730-7Norman PorterThe Elusive Quest: Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
  ''978-0-85640-738-3Jenny BristowJenny Bristow Cooks for the Seasons: Spring and Summer
2003978-0-85640-740-6Myrtle HillWomen in Ireland 1900-2000
  ''978-0-85640-744-4Michael VineyIreland
  ''978-0-85640-746-8Michael McLavertyCall My Brother Back
  ''978-0-85640-747-5Stephen DavisonBeautiful Danger: 101 Great Road Racing Photographs
2004978-0-85640-748-2Michael McLavertyCollected Short Stories
2005978-0-85640-749-9Denis TuohyWide-Eyed in Medialand: A Broadcaster's Journey
2004978-0-85640-752-9Ian Shuttleworth · R.D. OsborneFair Employment in Northern Ireland: A Generation On
  ''978-0-85640-757-4John HewittRhyming Weavers: And Other Country Poets of Antrim and Down
2004978-0-85640-758-1Philip S. WatsonA Companion to the Causeway Coast Way: A Comprehensive Guide to the Walk from Portstewart to Ballycastle
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  ''978-0-85640-761-1Jenny BristowTaste the Good Life
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2006978-0-85640-778-9Sam Hanna BellDecember Bride
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  ''978-0-85640-786-4Jenny BristowJenny Bristow Cooks for the Seasons: Spring and Summer
2006978-0-85640-787-1Jenny BristowJenny Bristow Cooks for the Seasons: Autumn and Winter
2007978-0-85640-789-5   ''Jenny Bristow USA
2006978-0-85640-791-8Ciaran CarsonYellow Nib: v. 2
  ''978-0-85640-793-2Michael FaulknerThe Blue Cabin: Living by the Tides on Islandmore
2007978-0-85640-799-4Garbhan DowneyRunning Mates
  ''978-0-85640-802-1John HewittJohn Hewitt: Selected Poems
2008978-0-85640-803-8David N. LivingstoneQueen's Thinkers: Essays on the Intellectual Heritage of a University
2007978-0-85640-804-5Geoff HillThe Road to Gobblers Knob: From Chile to Alaska on a Motorbike
  ''978-0-85640-805-2Ian HillStrangford: Portrait of an Irish Lough
  ''978-0-85640-806-9Eilis Ni DhuibhneThe Dancers Dancing
2007978-0-85640-807-6Eilis Ni DhuibhneFox Swallow Scarecrow
  ''978-0-85640-809-0Glenn PattersonThe Third Party
2008978-0-85640-810-6Glenn PattersonBurning Your Own
  ''978-0-85640-811-3   ''Fat Lad
  ''978-0-85640-812-0   ''The International
2009978-0-85640-815-1Ciaran CarsonThe Pen Friend
2008978-0-85640-819-9Kate O'HanlonSister Kate: Nursing Through the Troubles
  ''978-0-85640-824-3Philip OrrThe Road to the Somme: Men of the Ulster Division Tell Their Story
2016978-0-85640-825-0Stephen DavisonHard Roads
2009978-0-85640-836-6Gordon JarvieIrish Folk and Fairy Tales
2009978-0-85640-837-3Colin O'CarrollBelfast Boomerang: A Family Odyssey Down Under
  ''978-0-85640-841-0John Richardson'Dream On': One Hacker's Challenge to Break Par in a Year
  ''978-0-85640-842-7Stephen DavisonFlying Finn
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  ''978-0-85640-849-6Michael FaulknerStill on the Sound: A Seasonal Look at Island Life
2010978-0-85640-851-9Terri Hooley · Richard SullivanHooleygan: Music, Mayhem, Good Vibrations
2010978-0-85640-853-3Tim BranniganWhere Are You Really From?: Kola Kubes and Gelignite, Secrets and Lies - the true story of an extraordinary family
  ''978-0-85640-854-0Kate O'HanlonSister Kate: Nursing Through the Troubles
  ''978-0-85640-855-7Helen LewisA Time To Speak
  ''978-0-85640-856-4Stephen DavisonBetween the Hedges: A Celebration of 40 Years of Road Racing (Road Racing Legends)
  ''978-0-85640-857-1Geoff Hill · Colin O'CarrollOz: Around Australia on a Triumph
2010978-0-85640-858-8John F. DeaneWhere No Storms Come
2011978-0-85640-863-2Stephen DoudsBelfast Blitz: The People's Story
2012978-0-85640-865-6Michael McCaughanTitanic, Icon of an Age: An Illustrated Chronicle from Design to Disaster
2011978-0-85640-867-0Neil PowellSearch Dogs and Me: One Man and His Life-saving Dogs
  ''978-0-85640-868-7Sophia HillanMay, Lou and Cass: Jane Austen's Nieces in Ireland
2012978-0-85640-902-8Stephen DavisonJohn Mcguinness: TT Legend
  ''978-0-85640-903-5Ciaran CarsonExchange Place
2013978-0-85640-907-3Leesa HarkerMaggie's Feg Run
  ''978-0-85640-910-3Tony MacaulayBreadboy: Teenage Kicks and Tatey Bread - What Paperboy Did Next
  ''978-0-85640-914-1Stephen DavisonThe Road Racers
2014978-0-85640-921-9Reggie Chamberlain-KingWeird Belfast: A Miscellany, Almanack and Companion
2014978-0-85640-934-9Tony MacaulayAll Growed Up: What Breadboy Did at University
2015978-0-85640-953-0Reggie Chamberlain-KingWeird Dublin: A Miscellany, Almanack and Companion
2017978-0-85640-972-1Colin BreenA Force Like No Other: The real stories of the RUC men and women who policed the Troubles
  ''978-0-85640-991-2Jane McClenaghanVital Nutrition
  ''978-0-85640-992-9Tony MacaulayLittle House on the Peace Line: Living and Working as a Pacifist on Belfast s Murder Mile