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2000978-0-87338-084-3Mandel BSamuel Gompers
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  ''978-0-87338-131-4William Best HesseltineCivil War prisons
1974978-0-87338-138-3Joe R. Christopher · Joan K. OstlingC S Lewis: An Annotated Checklist of Writings About Him and His Works (The Serif series: bibliographies and checklists; no. 30)
  ''978-0-87338-140-6Barrett L. BeerNorthumberland: The Political Career of John Dudley, Earl of Warwick and Duke of Northumberland
1977978-0-87338-201-4Louis Julius LekaiThe Cistercians: Ideals and Reality
  ''978-0-87338-204-5Peter J. SchakelThe Longing for a form: Essays on the fiction of C. S. Lewis
1979978-0-87338-208-3S. Victor PapacosmaThe Military in Greek Politics: The 1909 Coup D'etat
1977978-0-87338-209-0Donald M. McKaleThe Swastika Outside Germany
1978978-0-87338-210-6Allan PeskinGarfield
  ''978-0-87338-212-0Heikki SeppaForm Emphasis for Metalsmiths
1979978-0-87338-235-9BroseHopewell archaeology: The Chillicothe conference (MCJA special paper ; no. 3)
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  ''978-0-87338-246-5David M ThompsonA history of harmonic theory in the United States
1981978-0-87338-255-7Bernard S. Levy · Pauk E. SzarmachAlliterative Tradition in the Fourteenth Century. Ed by Bernard S. Levy
1983978-0-87338-265-6Hiromi Lorraine SakataMusic in the Mind: The Concepts of Music and Musician in Afghanistan
1988978-0-87338-278-6Scott L. BillsKent State/May 4: Echoes Through a Decade
1982978-0-87338-280-9Mantle HoodThe Ethnomusicologist
1983978-0-87338-283-0John F. CadzowTransylvania: The roots of ethnic conflict
1985978-0-87338-309-7Geoffrey BlodgettOberlin Architecture, College & Town: A Guide to Its Social History
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  ''978-0-87338-344-8Douglas Edward LeachNow Hear This: The Memoir of a Junior Naval Officer in the Great Pacific War
  ''978-0-87338-345-5Donald M. McKaleCurt Prufer: German Diplomat from the Kaiser to Hitler
1988978-0-87338-349-3Lathardus GogginsCentral State University: The First One Hundred Years, 1887-1987
1988978-0-87338-353-0Jack GieckA Photo Album of Ohio's Canal Era, 1825-1913
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1989978-0-87338-369-1Howard B. SchonbergerAftermath of War: Americans and the Remaking of Japan, 1945-1952 (American Diplomatic History)
1989978-0-87338-370-7Bruno NettlBlackfoot Musical Thought: Comparative Perspectives
1988978-0-87338-372-1Harry F. Lupold · Gladys HaddadOhio's Western Reserve: A Regional Reader
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  ''978-0-87338-382-0Howard B. SchonbergerAftermath of War: Americans and the Remaking of Japan (American Diplomatic History)
  ''978-0-87338-392-9Robert Justin GoldsteinCensorship of Political Caricature in Nineteenth-Century France
  ''978-0-87338-399-8Gary W. GallagherAntietam: Essays on the 1862 Maryland Campaign
  ''978-0-87338-400-1Gary W. GallagherAntietam: Essays on the 1863 Maryland Campaign
1989978-0-87338-409-4Andrew R. L. CaytonThe Frontier Republic: Ideology and Politics in The Ohio Country, 1780-1825
1990978-0-87338-413-1Jerome MushkatFernando Wood: A Political Biography
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1991978-0-87338-424-7War on the Great Lakes SymposiumWar on the Great Lakes: Essays Commemorating the 175th Anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie
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2005978-0-87338-845-0Ernest HemingwayUnder Kilimanjaro
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2006978-0-87338-858-0Carolyn PlattCuyahoga Valley National Park Handbook: Revised and Updated
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2009978-0-87338-889-4Michael CurtinThe Ohio Politics Almanac
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2008978-0-87338-922-8Angela BelliBodies And Barriers: Dramas of Dis-Ease (Literature & Medicine)
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