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1974978-0-8447-1073-0Bruce E. FeinSignificant Decisions of the Supreme Court, 1972 73 Term
1980978-0-8447-1088-4P. X KelleyA discussion of the rapid deployment force with Lieutenant General P.X. Kelley (Special analysis - American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research)
1973978-0-8447-1300-7Irving KristolThe American Revolution as a successful revolution (Distinguished lecture series on the Bicentennial)
1983978-0-8447-1361-8Jeane J. KirkpatrickReagan Phenomenon and Other Speeches on Foreign Policy
1986978-0-8447-1379-3Jeane J. KirkpatrickThe United States and the World: Setting Limits (The Francis Boyer lectures on public policy)
2004978-0-8447-1390-8William J. BaumolRegulation Misled by Misread Theory: Perfect Competition and Competition-Imposed Price Discrimination
1973978-0-8447-2039-5William · American Enterprise Insti tute for Public Policy Research ProxmireCan Congress control spending?: [Proceedings,
1977978-0-8447-2097-5Pro sports--should government intervene?: A round table held on February 22, 1977, and sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, Washington, D.C (AEI forum)
  ''978-0-8447-2098-2Colin D. CampbellIncome Redistribution: Proceedings of a Conference Held in Washington, May 1976
1980978-0-8447-2167-5Michael J. MalbinParties, Interest Groups and Campaign Finance Laws (AEI Symposium) (AEI Symposia)
1981978-0-8447-2225-2American Enterprise Institute for PublicControlling the cost of social security: Held on June 25, 1981 and sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI forum)
1982978-0-8447-2231-3John Charles DalyTerrorism: What Should Be Our Response (AEI forum) (Elamite Edition)
1973978-0-8447-3114-8John K. Emmerson · Leonard A. HumphreysWill Japan Rearm?: A Study in Attitudes (AEI-Hoover Policy Studies)
1975978-0-8447-3176-6Bruce E. FeinSignificant Decisions of the Supreme Court, 1973-74 Term
1977978-0-8447-3238-1Andrew Jackson GoodpasterCivil-military relations (Studies in defense policy)
  ''978-0-8447-3272-5Chalmers A. JohnsonJapan's Public Policy Companies (Aei-Hoover Policy Studies ; 24)
  ''978-0-8447-3283-1Bruce E. FeinSignificant Decisions of the Supreme Court, 1975-1976 Term
1978978-0-8447-3293-0Jeane J. KirkpatrickDismantling the Parties: Reflections on Party Reform and Party Decomposition (Studies in Political and social processes)
1979978-0-8447-3360-9Bruce E. FeinSignificant Decisions of the Supreme Court, 1977-78 Term
1980978-0-8447-3368-5S. E. FinerChanging British Party (AEI studies ; 265)
  ''978-0-8447-3387-6Bruce E. FeinSignificant Decisions of the Supreme Court, 1978-1979 Term With Cumulative Index of Cases, 1971-1978
1980978-0-8447-3397-5J. J. KirkpartickPresidential Nominating Process: Can It Be Improved (Studies in political and social processes)
1983978-0-8447-3505-4John W. KendrickInterindustry Differences in Productivity Growth (A Study in Contemporary Economic Problems)
1985978-0-8447-3522-1Robert A. GoldwinHow Does the Constitution Secure Rights? (AEI Studies)
1984978-0-8447-3544-3Meron BenvenistiWest Bank Data Project
  ''978-0-8447-3552-8Robert ConquestMAN-MADE FAMINE IN UKRAINE (AEI Studies)
1985978-0-8447-3568-9Bruce E. FeinSignificant Decisions of the Supreme Court 1979-80 (AEI Studies)
1987978-0-8447-3624-2Michael Nokak · John CoganThe New Consensus on Family & Welfare: A Community of Self-Reliance (AEI studies)
1988978-0-8447-3647-1John C. WeicherPrivate Innovations in Public Transit (Aei Studies)
  ''978-0-8447-3648-8Joshua MuravchikUncertain Crusade: Jimmy Carter and the Dilemmas of Human Rights Policy
  ''978-0-8447-3656-3Herbert SteinPresidential economics: The making of economic policy from Roosevelt to Reagan and beyond (AEI studies)
  ''978-0-8447-3662-4Joshua MuravchikNews Coverage of the Sandinista Revolution
1990978-0-8447-3699-0Allan David Bloom · Steven J. KautzConfronting the Constitution: The Challenge to Locke, Montesquieu, Jefferson and the Federalists From Utilitarianism, Historicism, Marxism, Freudianism, Pragmatism, Existentialism
1990978-0-8447-3710-2Anthony KingThe New American Political System
1992978-0-8447-3728-7Jeane J. KirkpatrickThe Withering Away of the Totalitarian State
1991978-0-8447-3733-1Joshua MuravchikExporting Democracy: Fulfilling America's Destiny (AEI studies)
1992978-0-8447-3734-8   ''Exporting Democracy
1995978-0-8447-3764-5Nicholas EberstadtThe Tyranny of Numbers: Mismeasurement and Misrule
  ''978-0-8447-3787-4James Q. WilsonOn CHARACTER/ Essays by James Q. Wilson (Landmarks of Contemporary Political Thought)
1991978-0-8447-3790-4Richard N. PerleReshaping Western Security: The United States Faces a United Europe (Aei Studies, 526)
1993978-0-8447-3822-2Daniel N. ShaviroFederalism in Taxation: The Case for Greater Uniformity (Aei Studies in Regulation and Federalism)
1995978-0-8447-3840-6Joseph BessetteToward a More Perfect Union: Writings of Herbert J. Storing
1994978-0-8447-3853-6David Butler · Austin Ranney former president of the American Political Science AssociationReferendums Around the World: The Growing Use of Direct Democracy
  ''978-0-8447-3878-9Douglas A. IrwinManaged Trade: The Case Against Import Targets
  ''978-0-8447-3879-6Douglas A. IrwinManaged Trade: The Case Against Import Targets
2005978-0-8447-3880-2John E. CalfeeParadox in Persuasion
1995978-0-8447-3896-3Paul TeskeDeregulating Freight Transportation: Delivering the Goods (AEI Studies in Regulation and Federalism)
  ''978-0-8447-3897-0Paul TeskeDeregulating Freight Transportation: Delivering the Goods (Aei Studies in Regulation and Federalism)
1995978-0-8447-3899-4Christopher Demuth · William KristolThe Neoconservative Imagination: Essays in Honor of Irving Kristol
  ''978-0-8447-3939-7Ramesh PonnuruThe Mystery of Japanese Growth
1996978-0-8447-3958-8Joshua MuravchikThe Imperative of American Leadership: A Challenge to Neo-Isolationism
  ''978-0-8447-3973-1Edwin J. DelattreCharacter and Cops: Ethics in Policing
  ''978-0-8447-3980-9Michael S. GreveThe Demise of Environmentalism in American Law
1997978-0-8447-3982-3Patricia DanzonPharmaceutical Price Regulation: National Policies Versus Global Interests
1996978-0-8447-3987-8Alvin RabushkaFairness and Efficiency in the Flat Tax
  ''978-0-8447-3989-2Franklin R. EdwardsThe New Finance: Regulation and Financial Stability
1996978-0-8447-3992-2Michael A. LedeenFreedom Betrayed: How America led a Global Democratic Revolution, Won the Cold War and Walked Away
2008978-0-8447-4011-9Aei PressFeeding the Poor:Assessing Federal Food Aid
1998978-0-8447-4029-4Chuck DownsOver the Line: North Korea's Negotiating Strategy
  ''978-0-8447-4039-3Michael A. MorriseyManaged Care and Changing Health Care Markets
1997978-0-8447-4041-6Michael FumentoPolluted Science: The Epa's Campaign to Expand Clean Air Regulations
1998978-0-8447-4050-8Leon R. Kass · James K. WilsonThe Ethics of Human Cloning
1994978-0-8447-4057-7Thomas G. Krattenmaker · Lucas A. Powe Jr.Regulating Broadcast Programming (AEI Studies in Telecommunications Deregulation)
1999978-0-8447-4087-4Nicholas EberstadtThe End of North Korea
  ''978-0-8447-4099-7Michael S. GreveReal Federalism: Why It Matters, How It Could Happen
2000978-0-8447-4103-1Herbert SteinThe Illustrated guide to the American Economy
  ''978-0-8447-4104-8Murray Foss · Herbert Stein · American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy ResearchThe Illustrated Guide to the American Economy
1999978-0-8447-4114-7Diana Furchtgott-Roth · Christine StolbaWomen's Figures: An Illustrated Guide to the Economic Progress of Women in America
  ''978-0-8447-4117-8Robert B. HelmsMedicare in the 21st Century: Seeking Fair and Efficient Reform
1999978-0-8447-4118-5Robert B. HelmsMedicare in the 21st Century: Seeking Fair and Efficient Reform
2000978-0-8447-4127-7Laurie MylroieStudy of Revenge
  ''978-0-8447-4134-5Norman J. OrnsteinThe Permanent Campaign and Its Future
  ''978-0-8447-4137-6Theodore Caplow · Louis Hicks · Ben J. WattenbergThe First Measured Century: An Illustrated Guide to Trends in America 1900-2000
  ''978-0-8447-4138-3Theodore Caplow · Louis Hicks · Ben J. WattenbergThe First Measured Century: An Illustrated Guide to Trends in America, 1900-2000
  ''978-0-8447-4139-0Ricahrd E. NeustadtPreparing to be President: The Memos of Richard E. Neustadt
2002978-0-8447-4153-6Edwin J. DelattreCharacter and Cops: Ethics in Policing
2001978-0-8447-4154-3John H. Shenefield · Irwin M. StelzerThe Antitrust Laws: A Primer
2002978-0-8447-4160-4Thomas H. StantonGovernment-Sponsored Enterprises: Mercantilist Companies in the Modern World (Aei Studies on Financial Market Deregulation)
2003978-0-8447-4162-8Robert H. BorkCoercing Virtue: The Worldwide Rule of Judges
2001978-0-8447-4166-6Peter WallisonServing Two Masters, Yet Out of Control: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
2002978-0-8447-4167-3Norman J. OrnsteinVital Statistics on Congress, 1999-2000 (Vital Statistics on Congress (Hardcover))
2002978-0-8447-4168-0Norman J. OrnsteinVital Statistics on Congress, 1999-2000
2001978-0-8447-4169-7Laurie MylroieStudy of Revenge: The First World Trade Center Attack and Saddam Hussein's War against America
2002978-0-8447-4170-3David L. Kaserman · A. H. BarnettThe U.S. Organ Procurement System: A Prescription for Reform (Evaluative Studies)
  ''978-0-8447-4171-0David L. Kaserman · A. H. BarnettThe U.S. Organ Procurement System: A Prescription for Reform (Evaluative Studies)
  ''978-0-8447-4174-1Sean NicholsonMedicare Hospital Subsidies: Money in Search of a Purpose
2003978-0-8447-4175-8Mark FalcoffCuba: The Morning After: Confronting Castro's Legacy
2007978-0-8447-4186-4Richard B. StewardReconstructing Climate Policy: Beyond Kyoto
2002978-0-8447-4188-8David C. King · Zachary KarabellThe Generation of Trust: Aei Press
2004978-0-8447-4189-5Gary E. MarchantArbitrary and Capricious: The Precautionary Principle in the European Union Courts
  ''978-0-8447-4190-1Peter J. WallisonPrivatizing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Home Loan Banks: Why and How
2005978-0-8447-4191-8David BoyumAn Analytic Assessment of U.S. Drug Policy (Aei Evaluative Studies)
2004978-0-8447-4195-6Thomas DonnellyOperation Iraqi Freedom: A Strategic Assessment
  ''978-0-8447-4197-0Richard VedderGoing Broke by Degree: Why College Costs Too Much
2005978-0-8447-4200-7Jon EntineLet Them Eat Precaution: How Politics is Undermining the Genetic Revolution in Agriculture
2004978-0-8447-4201-4Richard A. EpsteinCompetition Laws in Conflict: Antitrust Jurisdiction in the Global Economy
2004978-0-8447-4202-1John FortierAfter the People Vote: A Guide to the Electoral College
  ''978-0-8447-4203-8Joseph VranichEnd of the Line: The Failure of Amtrak Reform and the Future of America's Passenger Trains
2006978-0-8447-4217-5Edwin J. DelattreCharacters and Cops
  ''978-0-8447-4218-2Jon EntinePension Fund Politics: The Dangers of Socially Responsible Investing (Business Economics) (Business Economics Series)
  ''978-0-8447-4223-6Charles MurrayIn Our Hands: A Plan To Replace The Welfare State
  ''978-0-8447-4228-1Robert HahnInformation Markets: A New Way of Making Decisions
2005978-0-8447-4229-8Thomas DonnellyThe Military We Need: The Defense Requirements of the Bush Doctrine
2005978-0-8447-4234-2Kevin A. Hassett · Alan J. Auerbach University of California BerkeleyToward Fundamental Tax Reform
  ''978-0-8447-4235-9Harold Furchtgott-RothA Tough Act to Follow?: The Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the Separation of Powers Failure
2006978-0-8447-4239-7Walter BernsDemocracy and the Constitution: Essays by Walter Berns (Landmarks of Contemporary Political Thought)
  ''978-0-8447-4240-3Robert Ohsfeldt · John E. SchneiderThe Business of Health
2007978-0-8447-4242-7Leon AronRussia's Revolution: Essays 1989-2006
2006978-0-8447-4244-1Richard Vedder · Wendell CoxThe The Wal-Mart Revolution: How Big-Box Stores Benefit Consumers, Workers, and the Economy
  ''978-0-8447-4247-2John C. FortierAbsentee and Early Voting
2007978-0-8447-4249-6Thomas DonnellyOf Men and Materiel: The Crisis in Military Resources
  ''978-0-8447-4250-2Richard A. EpsteinAntitrust Consent Decrees in Theory and Practice: Why Less Is More
2007978-0-8447-4251-9Andrew J. Rettenmaier · Thomas R. SavingThe Diagnosis and Treatment of Medicare (Aei Studies on Medicare Reform)
  ''978-0-8447-4254-0Richard A. Epstein · Michael S. GreveFederal Preemption: States' Powers, National Interests
  ''978-0-8447-4255-7Frederick Hess author of Letters to a Young Education Reformer · director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute · Chester Finn Jr.No Remedy Left Behind: Lessons from a Half-Decade of NCLB
2008978-0-8447-4259-5Christopher DeMuth · Yuval LevinReligion and the American Future
  ''978-0-8447-4262-5Thomas Donnelly · Frederick KaganGround Truth: The Future of U.S. Land Power
  ''978-0-8447-4263-2Anthony A. PeacockDeconstructing the Republic: Voting Rights, the Supreme Court, and the Founders' Republicanism Reconsidered
2008978-0-8447-4264-9Roger BateMaking a Killing: The Deadly Implications of the Counterfeit Drug Trade
2009978-0-8447-4266-3Sally Satel M.D. practicing psychiatrist and lecturer at the Yale University School of MedicineWhen Altruism Isn't Enough: The Case for Compensating Kidney Donors
  ''978-0-8447-4272-4Abigail ThernstromVoting Rights--and Wrongs: The Elusive Quest for Racially Fair Elections
2008978-0-8447-4273-1Edward L. GlaeserRethinking Federal Housing Policy: How to Make Housing Plentiful and Affordable
2009978-0-8447-4276-2Newt GingrichWho We Are: The Values and Princliples that Define American Civilization
  ''978-0-8447-4277-9John A. VernonPharmaceutical Price Regulation: Public Perceptions, Economic Realities, and Empirical Evidence
  ''978-0-8447-4280-9Ernest R. Berndt · Anjli C. Warner · Rena N. DenoncourtU.S. Markets for Vaccines - Characteristics, Case Studies, and Controversies
  ''978-0-8447-4282-3Lynne L. Kiesling · Andrew N. KleitElectricity Restructuring: The Texas Story
2010978-0-8447-4319-6James Q. WilsonAmerican Politics, Then & Now: And Other Essays
2010978-0-8447-4328-8Vaclav SmilEnergy Myths and Realities: Bringing Science to the Energy Policy Debate
  ''978-0-8447-4332-5Pia Orrenius · Madeline ZavodnyBeside the Golden Door: U.S. Immigration Reform in a New Era of Globalization
2011978-0-8447-4346-2Richard R. GeddesThe Road to Renewal: Private Investment in the U.S. Transportation Infrastructure
2010978-0-8447-4364-6Walter BernsLincoln at Two Hundred: Why We Still Read the Sixteenth President (Bradley Lecture)
  ''978-0-8447-4370-7Gordon H. HansonRegulating Low-Skilled Immigration in the United States (American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.)
  ''978-0-8447-4374-5Steven F. HaywardMere Environmentalism: A Biblical Perspective on Humans and the Natural World (Values and Capitalism)
  ''978-0-8447-4377-6Peter Wehner · Arthur C. Brooks President American Enterprise InstituteWealth and Justice: The Morality of Democratic Capitalism (Values and Capitalism)
2011978-0-8447-4380-6Lawrence M. MeadFrom Prophecy to Charity: How To Help The Poor (Values And Capitalism)
2010978-0-8447-4383-7PollockBoom and Bust: Financial Cycles and Human Prosperity (Values and Capitalism)
1994978-0-8447-7019-2Eugene C. SteurleEconomic Effects of Health Reform (Special Studies in Health Reform)
2015978-0-8447-7034-5Bryan E. Dowd · Roger Feldman · Jon ChristiansonCompetitive Pricing for Medicare
2002978-0-8447-7079-6Douglas A. IrwinThree Simple Principles of Trade Policy
1997978-0-8447-7104-5Robert W. CrandallAn Agenda for Federal Regulatory Reform
1999978-0-8447-7128-1Sally L. SatelDrug Treatment: The Case for Coercion (Aei Studies in Social Welfare Policy)
1999978-0-8447-7131-1Charles MurrayThe Underclass Revisited (Aei Studies in Social Welfare Policy)
  ''978-0-8447-7141-0David Dranove · William D. WhiteHow Hospitals Survived: Competition and the American Hospital
2000978-0-8447-7146-5Peter WallisonNationalizing Mortgage Risk: The Growth of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Aei Studies on Financial Market Deregulation)
2002978-0-8447-7156-4Alfred E. KahnWhom the Gods Would Destroy or How Not to Deregulate
2003978-0-8447-7168-7Claude E. BarfieldHigh-Tech Protectionism: The Irrationality of Antidumping Laws
2004978-0-8447-7169-4Nicholas Eberstadt · Sally Satel M.D. practicing psychiatrist and lecturer at the Yale University School of MedicineHealth and Income Inequality Hypothesis: A Doctrine in Search of Data
2005978-0-8447-7173-1Angus MaddisonGrowth and Interaction in the World Economy: The Roots of Modernity
2004978-0-8447-7175-5Stephen BreyerEconomic Reasoning and Judicial Review
2006978-0-8447-7178-6John F. Cogan · R. Glenn Hubbard · Daniel P. KesslerHealthy, Wealthy, and Wise: Five Steps to a Better Health Care System (AEI HOOVER POLICY SERIES)
2004978-0-8447-7180-9Joseph AntosPrivate Discounts, Public Subsides: How the Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card Really Works
  ''978-0-8447-7181-6Jeffrey G. WilliamsonThe Political Economy of World Mass Migration: Aei Press (Henry Wendt Lecture)
  ''978-0-8447-7182-3Daniels N. ShaviroCorporate Tax Shelters in a Global Economy: Why they are a Problem and What We Can do About it (AEI Studies on Tax Reform)
2005978-0-8447-7183-0Joshua MuravchikThe Future of the United Nations: Understanding the Past to Chart a Way Forward
  ''978-0-8447-7185-4Don Fullerton · BRENT D. MASTIncome Redistribution From Social Security
2005978-0-8447-7190-8David FarabeeRethinking Rehabilitation: Why Can't We Reform Our Criminals?
2006978-0-8447-7192-2Sally Satel · Jonathan KlickThe Health Disparities Myth: Diagnosing the Treatment Gap
  ''978-0-8447-7194-6Henry N. ButlerThe Sarbanes Oxley Debacle: What We've Learned; How to Fix It (Aei Liability Studies)
2007978-0-8447-7195-3Dwight H. PerkinsThe Challenges of China's Growth (Henry Wendt Lecture): Aei Press
  ''978-0-8447-7200-4Nicholas EberstadtEurope's Coming Demographic Challenge: Aei Press
2011978-0-8447-7225-7Edwin J DelattreCharacter and Cops: Ethics in Policing
2014978-0-8447-7233-2Roger BatePhake: The Deadly World of Falsified and Substandard Medicines
2013978-0-8447-7238-7Peter J. WallisonBad History, Worse Policy: How a False Narrative About the Financial Crisis Led to the Dodd-Frank Act
  ''978-0-8447-7258-5Michael S. GreveThe Constitution: Understanding America's Founding Document (Values and Capitalism)
  ''978-0-8447-7262-2Christina Hoff SommersFreedom Feminism: Its Surprising History and Why It Matters Today (Values and Capitalism)
2013978-0-8447-7264-6Charles MurrayAmerican Exceptionalism: An Experiment in History (Values and Capitalism)
2014978-0-8447-7269-1Michael Q. McShaneEducation and Opportunity (Values and Capitalism)