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1965978-0-85059-015-9Ronald Barker · D B TubbsThe Age of Motoring
1969978-0-85059-041-8Michael J F BowyerFighting Colours: RAF Fighter Camouflage and Markings, 1937-1969
1971978-0-85059-062-3AnonFederation Internationale de l'Automobile Year Book of Automobile Sport 1971
1972978-0-85059-100-2Alan VilliersFalmouth for Orders: The Story of the Last Clipper Ship Race Around Cape Horn
  ''978-0-85059-106-4Roy Cross · etc.Classic Aircraft, Their History and How to Model Them: Messerschmitt Bf 109 Versions B-E No. 2
1973978-0-85059-128-6Michael J.F. BowyerBombing Colours: Royal Air Force Bombers, Their Markings and Operations, 1937-73
1974978-0-85059-153-8Gerald Scarborough"Airfix Magazine" Guide 1: Plastic Modelling ('Airfix Magazine' guide)
1975978-0-85059-172-9Charles DeaneIsle of Man Tourist Trophy
  ''978-0-85059-197-2Donald FeatherstoneSkirmish Wargaming
  ''978-0-85059-202-3Richard HoughDreadnought: History of the Modern Battleship
  ''978-0-85059-204-7Alex Hall · Alan W. HallAirfix Magazine Guide 6 - RAF Fighters of World War 2
1975978-0-85059-205-4George GushRenaissance armies, 1480-1650
  ''978-0-85059-211-5Terry Gander · Peter ChamberlainGerman Tanks Of World War 2 (Airfix magazine guide 8)
  ''978-0-85059-213-9Bryan PhilpottAirfix Magazine Guide 10: Luftwaffe Camouflage of World War 2: Luftwaffe Camouflage of World War Two
  ''978-0-85059-215-3Michael J.F. Bowyer"Airfix Magazine" Guide: R.A.F.Camouflage of World War Two No. 11
1976978-0-85059-224-5Martin Clive Windrow"Airfix Magazine" Guide: 13 French Foreign Legion
  ''978-0-85059-225-2Alan W. HallAirfix Magazine Guide 14 - American Fighters of World War 2
1976978-0-85059-231-3Bryan Philpott"Airfix Magazine" Guide 16 Modelling Jet Fighters
  ''978-0-85059-234-4Martin Windrow · Gerry EmbletonModel Soldiers (Airfix magazine guide 19)
  ''978-0-85059-235-1John Sandars"Airfix Magazine" Guide 20: 8th (Eighth) Army in the Desert ('Airfix magazine' guide)
  ''978-0-85059-246-7Bob HollidayNorton Story
1977978-0-85059-250-4John Milsom · S. Zaloga · Steven J. Zaloga"Airfix Magazine Guide 22 " Russian Tanks of World War 2
1976978-0-85059-256-6Bruce QuarrieTank Battles in Miniature 3 Wargamers guide to NW Europe 1944-45
1977978-0-85059-269-6Ken Jones · Peter ChamberlainClassic Armoured Fighting Vehicles: Lee and Grant No. 2: Their History and How to Model Them (Classic AFVs)
  ''978-0-85059-279-5Graham RobsonThe Rover Story: A Century of Success
1977978-0-85059-283-2Bruce QuarrieNapoleon's Campaigns in Miniature: War Gamers' Guide to the Napoleonic Wars, 1796-1815
1978978-0-85059-295-5Paul S. DullBattle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1941-45
  ''978-0-85059-304-4Bruce QuarrieTank Battles in Miniature: Wargamers' Guide to the Arab-Israeli Wars Since 1948 No. 5
  ''978-0-85059-310-5Great BritainBy Air to Battle: Official Account of the British Airborne Divisions
  ''978-0-85059-315-0Bruce QuarrieWorld War II Photo Album 1 Panzers in the Desert
  ''978-0-85059-319-8Duncan Haws · Stephen RabsonMerchant Fleets in Profile - Vol 1: Ships of the P&O, Orient & Blue Anchor lines
1978978-0-85059-330-3George GushRenaissance Armies, 1480-1650
  ''978-0-85059-332-7John YoungDictionary of Ships of the Royal Navy of the Second World War
1979978-0-85059-335-8Michael J F BowyerAction Stations 1: Wartime military airfields of East Anglia 1939-1945
1978978-0-85059-338-9B. QuarrieWorld War II Photo Album 1 Panzers in the Desert
1980978-0-85059-351-8Paul SchmalenbachGerman Raiders: The Story of the German Navy's Auxiliary Cruisers, 1895-1945
1979978-0-85059-364-8Michael J.F. Bowyer · John D.R. RawlingsSquadron Codes, 1937-56
1980978-0-85059-402-7Norman SimmonsHow to Go Railway Modelling
  ''978-0-85059-412-6O. S. NockTwo Miles a Minute: Story Behind the Conception and Operation of Britain's High Speed and Advanced Passenger Trains
  ''978-0-85059-426-3W.W. Fitzgerald · etc.Ferrari: Sports and Grand Turismo Cars
  ''978-0-85059-432-4Michael J.F. Bowyer · Bryan PhilpottMosquito (Classic aircraft)
1980978-0-85059-434-8Raymond BaxterFarnborough Commentary
1981978-0-85059-439-3Terence WiseWorld War Two Military Vehicle Markings
  ''978-0-85059-463-8Bill Gunston OBEFighters of the Fifties
1984978-0-85059-484-3Bruce Barrymore HalpennyAction Stations - 2. Military Airfields of Lincolnshire and the East Midlands
1981978-0-85059-485-0David J. SmithAction Stations: Military Airfields of Wales and the North West v. 3
  ''978-0-85059-492-8Tony BathHannibal's Campaigns
1982978-0-85059-510-9Chris AshworthAction Stations: Military Airfields of the South-west v. 5
  ''978-0-85059-516-1Steve WilsonBritish Motor Cycles Since 1950: AJW, Ambassador, AMC (AJS and Matchless) and Ariel - Roadsters of 250cc and Over v. 1
1981978-0-85059-524-6Shane ActonShrimpy: A Record Round-the-world Voyage in an 18 Foot Yacht
1983978-0-85059-529-1Michael J.F. BowyerAction Stations: Military Airfields of the Cotswolds and the Central Midlands v. 6
1982978-0-85059-530-7Christopher ParsonsTrue to Nature: Christopher Parsons looks back on 25 years of wildlife filming with the BBC Natural History Unit
  ''978-0-85059-532-1Bruce Barrymore HalpennyAction Stations: Military Airfields of Yorkshire v. 4
1982978-0-85059-533-8Peter G. CooksleyAviation Enthusiasts' Guide to London and the South East
1983978-0-85059-563-5David J. SmithAction Stations 7. Military Airfields of the North East and Northern Ireland
1982978-0-85059-564-2David VoiceHow to Go Tram and Tramway Modelling
1983978-0-85059-572-7Bruce QuarrieHitler's Samurai: Waffen-SS in Action
1984978-0-85059-585-7Bruce Barrymore HalpennyAction Stations 8: Military airfields of Greater London
  ''978-0-85059-596-3O. S. NockBritish Locomotives of the 20th Century, Vol. 2, 1930-60: 1930-60 v. 2
1985978-0-85059-608-3Chris AshworthAction Stations 9: Military Airfields of the Central South and South-east
1983978-0-85059-618-2Michael AndressModel Railway Guide: Nos. 5 & 6 in 1v.
  ''978-0-85059-619-9Michael AndressModel Railways & Narrow-Gauge Railways: PSL Model Railway Guides 7 & 8: Nos. 7 & 8 in 1v.
1984978-0-85059-631-1Denis JenkinsonFrom Chain Drive to Turbocharger: The A.F.N. Story
1983978-0-85059-636-6Neil McCartCanberra: The Great White Whale
1986978-0-85059-640-3Edward HartBook of the Heavy Horse (A PSL paperback)
1984978-0-85059-664-9Geoffrey BodyRailways of the Southern Region (PSL field guide)
1983978-0-85059-672-4John Maxtone-GrahamThe Only Way to Cross
1984978-0-85059-675-5Martin BowmanCastles in the Air: The Story of the B-17 Flying Fortress Crews of the US 8th Air Force
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1987978-0-85059-682-3Bruce QuarrieAction Stations: Supplement and Index v.10: Supplement and Index Vol 10
1985978-0-85059-708-0David GriffinEncyclopaedia of Modern British Army Regiments
  ''978-0-85059-709-7Roger AmosPractical Electronics for Railway Modellers: Bk. 2
1991978-0-85059-711-0Michael AndressScenic Railway Modelling
1986978-0-85059-712-7Geoffrey BodyRailways of the Eastern Region: Southern Operating Area v. 1 (PSL field guide)
1984978-0-85059-726-4Michael J.F. BowyerInterceptor Fighters for the Royal Air Force, 1935-45
1984978-0-85059-730-1Graham GauldJim Clark Remembered
1985978-0-85059-731-8David JenkinsonModelling Historic Railways
1986978-0-85059-733-2Gerard CrombacColin Chapman: The Man and His Cars
1985978-0-85059-746-2Andrew WhyteJaguar: The History of a Great British Car
1986978-0-85059-749-3Bruce Barrymore HalpennyFight for the Sky: Stories of Wartime Fighter Pilots
1985978-0-85059-751-6Frank O. Braynard · William H. Miller Jr.Fifty Famous Liners: v. 2
1986978-0-85059-766-0William H. Miller Jr.British Ocean Liners: A Twilight Era, 1960-85
  ''978-0-85059-770-7Dennis E. OrtenburgerFlying on Four Wheels: Frank Costin and His Car Designs
  ''978-0-85059-773-8Geoff HowesPhotographing Beautiful Women: Top Professional Tells You the Secrets of Successful and Profitable Glamour Photography
1985978-0-85059-784-4Francis K. MasonHawker Hunter: Biography of a Thoroughbred
1987978-0-85059-788-2Jerry ScuttsLion in the Sky: United States 8th Air Force Fighter Operations, 1942-45
1986978-0-85059-792-9Nigel RoebuckGrand Prix Greats: A Personal Appreciation of 25 Famous Formula 1 Drivers
1987978-0-85059-819-3Denis GriffithsLocomotive Engineers of the GWR Great Western Railway
  ''978-0-85059-822-3Christopher AilsbyCombat Medals of the Third Reich
  ''978-0-85059-823-0Michael J.F. BowyerAction Stations: Cambridgeshire
1988978-0-85059-824-7   ''Action Stations: Oxfordshire
1987978-0-85059-830-8Steve WilsonBritish Motor Cycles Since 1950: Panther, Royal Enfield, Scott, Silk, Sunbeam, Sun and Tandon Roadsters of 250c.c v. 4
1987978-0-85059-832-2John GolleyHurricanes Over Murmansk
1988978-0-85059-845-2Michael AndressAdding Realism to Your Model Railway
1986978-0-85059-847-6Mark D. Warren"Lusitania": Facsimile of an Article from 1907 "Engineering" Magazine with Added Material
  ''978-0-85059-850-6Roland BeamontFighter Test Pilot: From Hurricane to Tornado
1987978-0-85059-851-3Peter G. CooksleyWellington: Mainstay of Bomber Command
  ''978-0-85059-873-5Terry GanderModern Royal Air Force Aircraft
  ''978-0-85059-876-6William H. Miller Jr.Famous Ocean Liners
1988978-0-85059-882-7Robert AdleyCovering My Tracks: Recollections of the Twilight of Steam
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1989978-0-85059-927-5Christopher AilsbyAllied Combat Medals of World War II: Britain, the Commonwealth and Western European Nations v. 1 (Modern weapons of the world)
1988978-0-85059-928-2Michael CottonPorsche Progress: Stuttgart's Modern Development Story
1991978-0-85059-929-9P. W. B. SemmensElectrifying the East Coast Route: Making of Britain's First 140m.p.h. Railway
1988978-0-85059-947-3Michael CottonClassic Porsche Racing Cars