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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1967978-0-7220-0507-1Jean-Paul AudetStructures of Christian Priesthood (Stagbooks)
1968978-0-7220-0544-6Terry Eagleton · Brian WickerFrom Culture to Revolution: The Slant Symposium 1967
1969978-0-7220-0596-5Paul Hoch · V. SchoenbachL.S.E.: The Natives are Restless
1970978-0-7220-0620-7Johannes B BauerEncyclopedia of biblical theology
1971978-0-7220-0624-5Helder CamaraSpiral of Violence (Stagbooks)
2000978-0-7220-1451-6Ruth Burrows OCDCarmel: Interpreting A Great Tradition
1944978-0-7220-2623-6Frank J. SheedThe Confessions of Saint Augustine (Spiritual Masters)
1992978-0-7220-2750-9Robert MurrayThe Cosmic Covenant: Biblical Theories of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (Heythrop Monographs S.)
1985978-0-7220-3320-3Paulo FreireEducation for Critical Consciousness
1987978-0-7220-3405-7Robert Blair KaiserEncyclical That Never Was: Story of the Pontifical Commission on Population, Family and Birth, 1964-66
1948978-0-7220-4460-5of Avila Saint TeresaInterior Castle or the Mansions (Spiritual Masters)
1995978-0-7220-5080-4Aidan NicholsLight from the East: Authors and Themes in Orthodox Theology
1999978-0-7220-5081-1O.P. Aidan NicholsLight from the East: Authors and Themes in Orthodox Theology: Authors & Themes in Orthodox Theology (Stagbooks S.)
1985978-0-7220-5221-1Hilda GraefMary: A History of Doctrine and Devotion
1988978-0-7220-5760-5John J. O'donnellThe Mystery Of The Triune God
1972978-0-7220-7205-9Paulo FreirePedagogy of the Oppressed
  ''978-0-7220-7251-6Michael SchmausDogma 4: The Church: Its Origin and Structure
  ''978-0-7220-7311-7Michael SchmausDogma: God and Creation v.2: God and Creation Vol 2
  ''978-0-7220-7312-4   ''Dogma: God and His Christ v. 3
2001978-0-7220-7393-3F.J. SheedA Map of Life: Simple Study of the Catholic Faith (Prayer & Practice S.)
1974978-0-7220-7411-4Franz KamphausGospels for Preachers and Teachers
  ''978-0-7220-7412-1Paulo FreireEducation for Critical Consciousness
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1977978-0-7220-7716-0Michael SchmausDogma: Justification and the Last Things v. 6
1970978-0-7220-7728-3Hans Urs von BalthasarLove Alone: The Way of Revelation (Stagbooks S.)
1978978-0-7220-7813-6Caryll HouselanderThe Mother of Christ
1994978-0-7220-7852-5Aidan NicholsScribe of the Kingdom: The Moderns v. 2: Essays on Theology and Culture
1966978-0-7220-7919-5David KnowlesWhat is Mysticism? (Prayer & Practice S.)
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1980978-0-7220-8518-9Jordan AumannSpiritual Theology (Stagbooks S.)
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1962978-0-7220-9116-6F. J. SheedTo Know Christ Jesus (Stagbooks S.)
1993978-0-7220-9450-1Tom BurnsThe Use of Memory: Publishing and Further Pursuits