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2001978-0-7492-0044-2Andrew NorthedgeThe Good Study Guide
1992978-0-7492-0050-3G. Taylor · R. Meherau · R. Meherali · Open UniversityBeing Deaf: Other Deaf Community (Course D251: Issues in Deafness)
  ''978-0-7492-0056-5G. Taylor · C. MasonConstructing Deafness: Deaf Futures (Course D251: Issues in Deafness)
2004978-0-7492-0138-8Arlene Hunter · Glynda EasterbrookThe Geological History of the British Isles
1995978-0-7492-0202-6Economics and Changing Economies: Chapters 16-20
2003978-0-7492-0363-4Open University Course TeamPortales 2
  ''978-0-7492-0364-1Open University Course TeamPortales 3
  ''978-0-7492-0365-8   ''Portales 4
  ''978-0-7492-0366-5   ''Portales 5
2003978-0-7492-0367-2Open University Course TeamPortales 6
2006978-0-7492-0499-0Charles CookeShapes and Space: Workbook 2
2007978-0-7492-1265-0Open UniversityPreparing Assignments
  ''978-0-7492-1266-7   ''Reading and Taking Notes
  ''978-0-7492-1267-4   ''Revising for Examinations
2007978-0-7492-1268-1Open UniversityDevelop Effective Study Strategies
  ''978-0-7492-1387-9Sheila TylerThe Manager's Good Study Guide
2006978-0-7492-1433-3OU Course TeamBSE V CJD: Topic 1
  ''978-0-7492-1446-3Open University Course TeamEmotions and Mind
2007978-0-7492-1556-9Lets Do Java: Unit 10
2009978-0-7492-1583-5Mustafa Ali · S. · Dobbyn · C.Reflections
978-0-7492-1627-6Mapping Psychology - Book 1 Chapters 1-5 (Exploring Psychology DSE212)
978-0-7492-1628-3Mapping Psychology - Book 1 Chapters 6-9 (Exploring Psychology DSE212)
2007978-0-7492-1629-0Open University Course TeamChallenging Psychological Issues
2009978-0-7492-1641-2Steve Hinchliffe, John Clarke and Simon Bromley Stephanie TaylorMaking Social Lives (DD101: Introducing the Social Sciences)
2006978-0-7492-1694-8J. Chapman · Professor Clive Emsley · David Englander · A. Marwick · Mark Pittaway · Bernard WaitesThe Impact of World War 1:AA312:Total War and Social Change Europe 1914-1955 (Book 2)
  ''978-0-7492-1695-5Tony Aldgate · J. Chapman · Professor Clive Emsley · A. Marwick · Annika Mombauer · Mark Pittaway · Bill PurdueThe Impact of World War II
  ''978-0-7492-1696-2Professor Clive Emsley · A. Marwick · Annika MombauerAA312: Total War and Social Change: Europe 1914-1955: Primary Sources 1: World War I
2007978-0-7492-1698-6John GolbyAA312: Total War and Social Change: Europe 1914-1955 - Between Two Wars
2008978-0-7492-1708-2Ellie Chambers · Andrew NorthledgeThe Arts Good Study Guide
2010978-0-7492-1732-7S. CrawfordAspects of Mind
2010978-0-7492-1733-4C. PriceEmotion
  ''978-0-7492-1735-8Michael BeaneyImagination and Creativity
2007978-0-7492-1767-9Open University Course TeamMapping Psychology: Block 1-2
  ''978-0-7492-1768-6   ''Exploring Psychology: Study Guide
  ''978-0-7492-1769-3   ''Exploring Psychology: Workbook
  ''978-0-7492-1865-2Bob Everett · Horace HerringEnergy Saving in Buildings
2008978-0-7492-1873-7E. Brown · A. Coe · P. Skelton · C WilsonBlock 4: Surface Processes
2008978-0-7492-1881-2Greg Easterbrook · D. PalmerBlock 2: Earth Materials
  ''978-0-7492-1882-9A. Bell · N. Harris · David A. RotheryBlock 3: Internal Processes
2007978-0-7492-1898-0J. Bolton · Robert LambourneWave Mechanics
  ''978-0-7492-1914-7Lambourne · R.Predicting Motion
2009978-0-7492-1997-0S. GarnerAn Introduction to Design and Designing
2001978-0-7492-2125-6Kathleen Gilmartin · H. Laird · K. RexMaths for Science and Technology: Student Support
2006978-0-7492-2134-8Open University Course TeamWhat the Ancients Did for Us [DVD]
1994978-0-7492-2159-1F.C. HolroydTilings (Course M336)
  ''978-0-7492-2161-4Peter Strain- Clark · P. Strain-ClarkeFrieze Patterns (Course M336)
  ''978-0-7492-2164-5B. Coates · Ben MargolisAbelian and Cyclic Groups: Unit GR2 (Course M336)
2009978-0-7492-2277-2A. BestNumber Theory Unit 7: Continued Fractions
2009978-0-7492-2515-5Bolton · J. (eds) · Lambourne · R. (eds)Wave Mechanics
  ''978-0-7492-2516-2Bolton · J. (eds) · Mackintosh · R. (eds)Quantum Mechanics and its Interpretation
  ''978-0-7492-2517-9Bolton · J. (eds) · Freake · S. (eds)Quantum Mechanics of Matter
  ''978-0-7492-2541-4Donohue · J. · Adinolfi · L. · Shrestha · P.Analysing Business Cases
2010978-0-7492-2544-5K. FrankishConsciousness
2006978-0-7492-2595-7Marcus du SautoyMusic of the Primes [2006] [DVD]
2007978-0-7492-2666-4McBride · N.Global Warming
2008978-0-7492-2673-2Grady · M. M.Life in the Universe
2007978-0-7492-2677-0Anon.Understanding Cardiovascular Diseases
2008978-0-7492-2679-4Iain Gilmour · M. WiddowsonBlock 1: Maps and Landscape
  ''978-0-7492-2686-2Arlene Hunter · Rob JanesArchaeology - The Science of Investigation - Science Short Course
2008978-0-7492-2918-4Open University Course TeamStudying with Dyslexia
  ''978-0-7492-2920-7   ''Thinking Critically
1997978-0-7492-3411-9Andy Northedge · Jeff Thomas · Andrew Lane · Alice PeasgoodThe Sciences Good Study Guide
2001978-0-7492-3524-6Financial Strategy: Vital Statistics (B821 Financial strategy)
2000978-0-7492-3526-0C. Youle · P. Hewitt · R. Muston · J. ReadSupporting Students with Mental Health Difficulties: Tutor Support (OTT Open Teaching Toolkit)
2001978-0-7492-3551-2N. Harris · J. WhalleyMountain Building: Block 4 (Understanding the Continents)
  ''978-0-7492-3569-7Peter & Douglas Palmer & Bob Spicer. SheldonSCIENCE SHORT COURSE: FOSSILS AND THE HISTORY OF LIFE.
  ''978-0-7492-3638-0Open University Course TeamResearch Methods in Education
1991978-0-7492-4653-2Andy NorthedgeA changing economy (Living in a changing society)
1994978-0-7492-4950-2K. Giles · N. HedgeThe Manager's Good Study Guide
1993978-0-7492-5036-2P. J. Smith · etc.How the Earth Works: File 1: Earth's Interior (Course S267)
2007978-0-7492-5175-8Open UniversityExploring Psychological Research Methods
2002978-0-7492-5207-6Landforms and Cycles (S216 Environmental Science)
  ''978-0-7492-5217-5Nick Rogers · Dave McGarvieFrom Rifting to Drifting - Mantle Plumes and Continental Break-up: Block 2 (Understanding the Continents)
  ''978-0-7492-5354-7Dorothy · Ann Phoenix & Kerry Thomas (ediMAPPING PSYCHOLOGY. Part 2
2003978-0-7492-5370-7Graham Dawson · Suma Athreye · Susan HimmelweitMacroeconomics (Economics and Economic Change)
  ''978-0-7492-5393-6Godfrey BoylePower for a Sustainable Future: Managing Energy Demand
2009978-0-7492-5434-6R. RoyCreativity and Concept Design
2003978-0-7492-5653-1L. Hibberts · E. Bowers · Hector MacQueenInfectious Agents
  ''978-0-7492-5658-6Hector MacQueenDiagnosing Infection
  ''978-0-7492-5660-9P. FarringtonModelling Epidemics
2003978-0-7492-5661-6B. Davey · B.S. Drasar · C. Heading · D. Male · R. MullerTreatment and Control
  ''978-0-7492-5666-1Open University Course Team · Stephen Blakes · Tom ArglesGrowth and Destruction -continental Evolution at Subduction Zones: Course S339: Block 3 (Understanding the Continents)
  ''978-0-7492-5667-8Open University Course Team · S. A. Drury · Dave McGarvie · Ian ParkinsonBritain and Global Tectonics: Block 5 (Understanding the Continents)
  ''978-0-7492-5678-4Mark Brandon · Nigel ClarkEnvironmental Changes: Global Challenges (Environmental Web, U316, Book 1, Level 3)
  ''978-0-7492-5679-1Joathan SilvertownBiodiversity and Ecosystems (U316 Environmental Web)
2004978-0-7492-5850-4S182 Course TeamStudying Mammals
2004978-0-7492-5908-2OU Course TeamCreativity and Concept Design
  ''978-0-7492-5911-2   ''Case Studies of Design and Designing
2005978-0-7492-5974-7Andy NorthedgeThe Good Study Guide
  ''978-0-7492-5975-4Andrew NorthedgeSciences Good Study Guide
2000978-0-7492-6520-5Open University Course TeamA Viva Voz: Libro De Pronunciacion
2003978-0-7492-6530-4Open University Course TeamPortales 1
2004978-0-7492-6684-4Vicki Goodwin · B. ThomsonDyslexia Toolkit: A Resource for Students and Their Tutors
2005978-0-7492-6826-8Peter Redman · Elizabeth B. Silva · Sophie WatsonThe Uses of Sociology
  ''978-0-7492-6981-4Open University Course TeamCosmology and the Early Universe
2006978-0-7492-6985-2Bolton. JAn Introduction to Maxwell's Equations
  ''978-0-7492-6986-9SMT359 Course TeamElectromagnetic Fields
  ''978-0-7492-6987-6   ''Electromagnetism - Electromagnetic Waves: SMT359 Book 3/Science: Level 3
  ''978-0-7492-6988-3A. Conway · R. Reynolds · N. Dise · B. Dubbin · M. GaganEnvironmental Science: Air and Earth
2006978-0-7492-6989-0R.A. James · S. Bennett · C. Neal · D. Gowing · H. DennyEnvironmental Science: Water and Life
  ''978-0-7492-6990-6N. Sephton · S. SmithEnvironmental Science: Landforms and Cycles
  ''978-0-7492-6991-3R. Reynolds · Kiki Warr · N. Dise · R. HodgkinsEnvironmental Science: Extreme Weather, Atmospheric Chemistry and Pollution, Wetlands and the Carbon Cycle, Cryosphere
  ''978-0-7492-6992-0Mark Brandon · C. Chapman · Jo Treweek · D. Gowing · J. Cosby · T. Allott · N. Dise · L. SmartEnvironmental Science: Oceans and Climate, Water Quality, Eutrophication, Acid Rain
1996978-0-7492-7527-3T. Booth · etc.Learning for All: Power in the System (Course E242: Learning for All)
  ''978-0-7492-7541-9Victor LeeChild Development: Giftedness (Course ED209)
1999978-0-7492-8041-3E. Brown · A. Coe · P.W. Skelton · C WilsonGeology: Surface Processes (Course S260)
1997978-0-7492-8158-8Newtonian Ideas of Space and Time: Block 1 (Space, Time and Cosmology)
1997978-0-7492-8160-1Open University Course TeamGravitation, Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Black Holes: Block 3 (Space, Time and Cosmology)
  ''978-0-7492-8163-2Andrew BellHow the Earth Works: Block 2: How Plate Tectonics Works (Course S267)
  ''978-0-7492-8165-6N. HarrisHow the Earth Works: Block 4: Evolution of Continental Crust (Course S267)
  ''978-0-7492-8177-9R. Butler · etc.Understanding the Continents: Continental Compression Block 4 (Course S339)
  ''978-0-7492-8182-3Iain GilmourEarth and Life: Study Units: Origins of Earth and Life (Earth & Life S.)
1997978-0-7492-8183-0A. CollingThe Earth and Life: The Dynamic Earth (Earth & Life S.)
  ''978-0-7492-8184-7N. DiseEarth and Life: Study Units: Atmosphere, Earth and Life (Earth & Life S.)
  ''978-0-7492-8185-4P.W. SkeltonEarth and Life: Study Units: Evolving Life and the Earth (Earth & Life S.)
1998978-0-7492-8187-8AnonWater for Life (Course S103)
  ''978-0-7492-8188-5   ''A Temperate Earth? (Course S103)
  ''978-0-7492-8189-2   ''The Earth and Its Place in the Universe (Course S103)
1998978-0-7492-8190-8AnonUnity within Diversity (Course S103)
  ''978-0-7492-8191-5Energy (Course S103)
  ''978-0-7492-8192-2THE OPEN UNIVERSITYOur World and Its Atoms (Course S103)
  ''978-0-7492-8193-9AnonThe Quantum World (Course S103)
  ''978-0-7492-8194-6THE OPEN UNIVERSITYBuilding with Atoms (Course S103)
1998978-0-7492-8195-3unknownContinuity and Change (Course S103)
  ''978-0-7492-8196-0Earth and Life Through Time (Course S103)
  ''978-0-7492-8197-7unknownUniversal Processes (Course S103)
2001978-0-7492-8454-1VARIOUSEngineering by Design: Block 02
  ''978-0-7492-8546-3W. Simpson · Arthur MarwickAA312: Secondary Sources - Total War and Social Change: Europe 1914-1955)
2000978-0-7492-8554-8Arthur Marwick · Professor Clive Emsley · Annika MombauerEurope in 1914: Course AA312 (Total War and Social Change ; Europe 1914-1945)
2001978-0-7492-8555-5Arthur MarwickThe Impact of World War I: Course AA312 (Total War and Social Change ; Europe 1914-1945)
  ''978-0-7492-8556-2John GolbyBetween Two Wars: Course AA 312 (Total War and Social Change ; Europe 1914-1945)
2001978-0-7492-8558-6Arthur Marwick · Bernard Waites · Antony Lentin · Annika Mombauer · Bill Purdue · Mark Pittaway · Clive EmsleyAA312: Retrospect: War and Change in Europe 1914-1955 - Total War and Social Change in Europe 1914-1955: Course AA 312
  ''978-0-7492-8559-3Arthur Marwick · W. SimpsonPrimary Sources 2: Course AA 312: Interwar and World War II (Total War and Social Change ; Europe 1914-1945)
1997978-0-7492-8745-0E. Chambers · Andy NorthedgeThe Arts Good Study Guide (Open University Set Book S.)
1999978-0-7492-8750-4Nigel WarburtonArguments for Freedom (Philosophy and the Human Situation)
  ''978-0-7492-8751-1Rosalind HursthouseHumans and Other Animals (Philosophy and the Human Situation)
  ''978-0-7492-8752-8John BENSONEnvironments, Ethics and Human Concern
2007978-0-7492-8753-5Janet Radcliffe RichardsHuman Nature after Darwin
1999978-0-7492-8754-2Minds and Bodies (A211 Philosophy and the Human Situation)
  ''978-0-7492-8755-9Stuart BROWNDestiny, purpose and faith
1998978-0-7492-8763-4W.R. OwensRomantic Writings: An Anthology (Approaching Literature)
2006978-0-7492-8765-8Stephen BygraveRomantic Writings
2001978-0-7492-9257-7D. BarnesManaging Resources for the Market: Block Four: Managing Operations (B752 Managing resources for the market)
2002978-0-7492-9273-7Daniels, Kevin · Coleman David · Cassells, Eric · Segal-Horn, Susan · Mallory, Geoff · Lovitt, MichaelStrategy: books 5-8
2002978-0-7492-9274-4Cassells, Eric · Segal-Horn, SusanStrategy: books 9-11
2001978-0-7492-9518-9Christopher Mabey · D. PughManaging Development and Change: Unit 10: Strategies for Managing Complex Change (B751 Managing development & change)
  ''978-0-7492-9548-6R. Thomson · Eric FarmerManaging Development and Change: Unit 06: Managing Relationships (B751 Managing development & change)
  ''978-0-7492-9553-0Christopher Mabey · S. CairdManaging Development and Change: Unit 07: Building Team Effectiveness (B751 Managing development & change)
2005978-0-7492-9627-8Ellie ChambersArts Good Study Guide
  ''978-0-7492-9643-8A. BarberLanguage and Thought
  ''978-0-7492-9644-5Michael BeaneyImagination and Creativity
2006978-0-7492-9660-5An Introduction to the Humanities: Resource Book: Resource Book Bk. 1
2002978-0-7492-9754-1L. Smart · D. JohnsonThe Molecular World
2002978-0-7492-9763-3An Introduction to Astrophysics
  ''978-0-7492-9764-0VARIOUSThe Life and Death of Stars
  ''978-0-7492-9765-7Interacting Binary Stars
  ''978-0-7492-9766-4Carole HaswellActive Galaxies