Holt McDougal

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1978978-0-03-923298-6The New secretary's deskbook
1972978-0-03-923310-5Eustella LangdonPioneer Gardens at Black Creek Pioneer Village.
1973978-0-03-923316-7Ted AshleeNight of the Sasquatch.
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1975978-0-03-923330-3Frank CosentinoOlympic gold: Canada's Winners in the summer games
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1971978-0-03-923362-4Clifford J AnastasiouTeachers, children, and things: Materials-centred science
  ''978-0-03-923364-8K IshwaranThe Canadian family;: A book of readings,
1976978-0-03-923367-9K IshwaranThe Canadian family (Family, kinship, and marriage series)
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1972978-0-03-923376-1Eli MandelEight more Canadian poets (Aspects of English)
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1967978-0-03-923551-2Murray Dobson · Patricia HughesIn Other Words an Introductory Thesaurus
1972978-0-03-923581-9Isabel ReekieRed: Horse of the West
1967978-0-03-923670-0Dulce GouldAdventures with Mac
1967978-0-03-923810-0j. r. linnsilver steps
1970978-0-03-923870-4Henri and La Chasse-Galerie
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1974978-0-03-925224-3   ''Canada, a New Geography
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1975978-0-03-925246-5   ''Urban problems
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  ''978-0-03-925494-0   ''Readings in Canadian Geography
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  ''978-0-03-925851-1Lovell ClarkThe Guibord affair (Canadian history through the press series)
1973978-0-03-925857-3R. Arthur Bowler · Arthur BowlerThe War of 1812. (Canadian History Through the Press Series)
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1977978-0-03-925865-8W. L. White · R. H. Wagenberg · R. C. NelsonIntroduction to Canadian politics and government
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1985978-0-03-926389-8Michèle Fraser · Claude Blouin · [illustrations · Christiane Bellemare et al.]Défis et progrès: histoire générale
1986978-0-03-926432-1SUZANNE MARTIN ET ALLe petit code - code syntaxique et orthographique
1970978-0-03-926555-7George WallaceThe Artist's Zoo; Themes in Art
1971978-0-03-926556-4The Artist's Workshop
1972978-0-03-926558-8George WallaceSailing Ships
1973978-0-03-926605-9Elsie Edna SwartzProcedures for the legal secretary
1989978-0-03-926800-8How I Wonder
1989978-0-03-926801-5Sheba (editor) MelandHow I Wonder
1984978-0-03-926802-2Writing Resource Center: Directed Writing Activities (Impressions)
1989978-0-03-926803-9Catch a Rainbow
  ''978-0-03-926804-6Catch a Rainbow: Student Book (Impressions)
978-0-03-926806-0Good Morning
1989978-0-03-926815-2David Booth · Jack Booth · Willa Pauli · Jo PhenixOver the Mountain: 3rd Grade Reader (Impressions Series)
  ''978-0-03-926816-9David Booth · Jack Booth · Willa Pauli · Jo PhenixOver the Mountain: Grade 3 (Impressions Series)
1997978-0-03-926818-3Nes BoothUnder the Sea
1997978-0-03-926819-0Nes BoothUnder the Sea
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1989978-0-03-926829-9Run Forever Student Workbook (Impressions Series)
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1997978-0-03-927200-5Nes BoothOver the Mountain (Over the Mountain)
978-0-03-927203-6Thread the Needle
978-0-03-927206-7All Over the World Bk. 2
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978-0-03-927694-2Des Cereales Pas Ordinaires 5
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