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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-0-906224-09-0Alex CallinicosThe Revolutionary Ideas Of Karl Marx
1999978-0-906224-11-3Chris HasrmanEXPLAINING THE CRISIS: A Marxist Reappraisal
1995978-0-906224-12-0Tony CliffClass Struggle and Women's Liberation: 1640 to Today
  ''978-0-906224-13-7Paul FootRED SHELLEY
  ''978-0-906224-15-1Duncan HallasTrotsky's Marxism
1987978-0-906224-19-9Tony CliffLenin: Revolution Besieged: Revolution Besieged v. 3
1986978-0-906224-28-1John MolyneuxMarxism and the Party
1995978-0-906224-29-8Rosa LuxemburgMASS STRIKE, THE (Revolutionary classics)
1986978-0-906224-31-1John RoseIsrael: The Hijack State - America's Watchdog in the Middle East
1987978-0-906224-37-3Alfred RosmerLenin's Moscow
  ''978-0-906224-40-3Alex Callinicos · Chris HarmanThe Changing Working Class
1996978-0-906224-45-8Tony Cliff · GlucksteinLABOUR PARTY, THE: A Marxist History
1995978-0-906224-46-5Alex CallinicosSouth Africa Between Reform and Revolution
1988978-0-906224-47-2Chris HarmanClass Struggles in Eastern Europe, 1945-83
1998978-0-906224-54-0Lindsey GermanSex, Class And Socialism
1995978-0-906224-56-4Marek EdelmanGHETTO FIGHTS, THE: Warsaw, 1941-43
1990978-0-906224-59-5Mike GonzalezNicaragua: What Went Wrong?
1995978-0-906224-68-7Alex CallinicosSouth Africa - Between Apartheid And Capitalism: Conversations with South African Socialists
  ''978-0-906224-70-0Audrey FarrellCrime, Class and Corruption: Politics of the Police
1995978-0-906224-73-1Brian Manning1649: Crisis of the English Revolution
  ''978-0-906224-81-6Alex Callinicos · etc.Marxism and the New Imperialism
  ''978-0-906224-83-0Alex CallinicosRace And Class (bookmarks)
1997978-0-906224-90-8Vladimir LeninLEFT WING' COMMUNISM: An Infantile Disorder
1995978-0-906224-94-6Chris HarmanIn The Heat of the Struggle: 25 Years of Socialist Worker
  ''978-0-906224-96-0John ReesABC of Socialism