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2006978-1-84126-002-0Meyer Meyer Verlag · Garth Gilmour · Arthur LydiardDistance Training for Women Athletes (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
  ''978-1-84126-006-8Bozo PetracicSuccessful Running
  ''978-1-84126-008-2Graham McFeeDance, Education and Philosophy (Chelsea School Research Centre Edition)
  ''978-1-84126-017-4Jozef SneyersSoccer Training - An Annual Programme (Meyer & Meyer sport)
  ''978-1-84126-018-1Arthur LydiardDistance Training for Masters
1999978-1-84126-019-8Steve BaileyCompetition in School Sport: 1 (Perspectives: The Multidisciplinary Series of Physical Education & Sport Sciences)
2006978-1-84126-024-2Wolfgang FritschRowing: Training-fitness-leisure
2006978-1-84126-025-9Iris PahmeierStep Aerobics: The Complete Guide
  ''978-1-84126-026-6Arthur LydiardRunning with Lydiard
  ''978-1-84126-027-3Ken HardmanPhysical Education: A Reader
  ''978-1-84126-028-0Ulli HeldtCircuit Training - Tips for Success
  ''978-1-84126-030-3Manfred GrosserSpeed Training for Tennis: Improve Your Performance Around the Court
2000978-1-84126-041-9Dorte Wessel-TherhornJazz Dance Training (Meyer & Meyer sport)
2000978-1-84126-043-3Alan BairnerSport in Divided Socities (Chelsea School Research Centre Edition)
2006978-1-84126-044-0Maurice RocheSport, Popular Culture and Identity: 5 (Chelsea School Research Centre Edition)
2000978-1-84126-047-1Willy Pieter · John HeijmansScientific Coaching for Olympic Taekwondo
2001978-1-84126-049-5Fascination Triathlon Set: Volumes One and Two, Training, Performance, Success
  ''978-1-84126-050-1Fascination Triathlon Set: Volumes One and Two, Training, Performance, Success
2006978-1-84126-063-1Juergen BuschmannCoordination - A New Approach to Soccer Training: A New Approach to Soccer Coaching
  ''978-1-84126-070-9Arthur LydiardJogging with Lydiard
2001978-1-84126-071-6Joachim GruppShotokan Karate: Kihon, Kumite, Kata
2006978-1-84126-075-4Manfred GrosserCompetitive Tennis for Young Players
2002978-1-84126-076-1Hedda Sander · Bjorn DelingJudo: A New Programme for White/Yellow Belt to Brown Belt
2006978-1-84126-077-8Lilli AhrendtBaby Swimming (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
  ''978-1-84126-082-2Patrick DrosteTelemark Skiing
  ''978-1-84126-083-9David Wright · Garth GilmourSwim to the Top: Arthur Lydiard Takes to the Water
2002978-1-84126-084-6Edward McneelySkillful Rowing
2002978-1-84126-087-7Mark McKownComplete Body Development with Dumbbells
  ''978-1-84126-088-4Joachim GruppShotokan Karate Kata Vol. 1
2006978-1-84126-090-7Waltraud WitteIce Skating - Tips for Success
2003978-1-84126-091-4Joachim GruppShotokan Karate KATA 2: Kata v. 2
2006978-1-84126-095-2Katrin BarthLearning Fencing
  ''978-1-84126-096-9Katrin BarthTraining Fencing
  ''978-1-84126-097-6Klaus Bischops · Heinz-Willi GerardsSoccer Training for Girls
2003978-1-84126-100-3Bob BabbittIronman Triathlon
  ''978-1-84126-101-0Paul HuddleStarting Out: Training for Your First Competition (Ironman)
2003978-1-84126-102-7Paul Huddle · Roch Frey · Bob BabbittStart to Finish - Ironman training; 24 Weeks to an Endurance Triathlon
2006978-1-84126-103-4Henry Ash · Barbara WarrenLifelong Success: Training for Masters (Ironman)
2003978-1-84126-104-1Henry Ash · Barbara WarrenLifelong Training: Advanced Training for Masters (Ironman)
2006978-1-84126-105-8Sheila DeanNutrition & Endurance: Where Do I Begin? (Ironman)
  ''978-1-84126-107-2Paul van den BoschCycling for Triathletes: Endurance (Ironman)
  ''978-1-84126-108-9Lisa LynamTriathlon for Women: A Mind-body-spirit Approach for Female Athletes (Ironman)
  ''978-1-84126-109-6T. J. Murphy · Chris ChioakUnbreakable Athlete: The Unbreakable Athlete (Ironman)
  ''978-1-84126-111-9Paul van den BoschIronman Made Easy: Triathlon
2008978-1-84126-113-3Cherie GruenfeldBecome an Ironman: Triathlon
2008978-1-84126-114-0Bob Babbit30 Year of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship (Ironman Edition)
2009978-1-84126-115-7Henry Ash · Marlies PenkerIronman 70.3 - Training for the Middle Distance (Ironman Edition)
2010978-1-84126-116-4Lance WatsonFirst Triathlon: Your Perfect Plan to Success (Ironman)
2006978-1-84126-132-4Darlene Kwka · Guido Schilling · William F. StierAspects of Sport Governance: Perspectives: Vol 5
  ''978-1-84126-133-1Tenenbaum Gershon · Marcy DriscollMethods of Research in Sport Sciences: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  ''978-1-84126-135-5Klaus BischopsSoccer - Warming Up and Warming Down
  ''978-1-84126-136-2Josef MarxField Hockey Training for Yound Players
  ''978-1-84126-138-6Thomas KaltenbrunnerContact Improvisation: Moving - Dancing - Interaction (Meyer & Meyer Sport)
2006978-1-84126-141-6Leonid Archaev · Nikolai SuchilinGymnastics - How to Create Champions
  ''978-1-84126-142-3David Wright · Jane CoplandSwimming - A Training Program
  ''978-1-84126-143-0Tomihiro ShimizuWater Exercises - Workouts with the Aqua Noodle
2004978-1-84126-146-1Achim SchmidtA Beginner's Guide: Mountain Biking
2006978-1-84126-148-5Keith GilbertSexuality, Sport and the Culture of Risk: Sexuality, Sport and Culture of Risk (Sport, Culture & Society Series)
  ''978-1-84126-149-2Reinhard StelterNew Approaches to Sport and Exercise Psychology: Proceedings of the 11th European Congress
  ''978-1-84126-151-5Joachim GruppShotokan Karate Kumite
2006978-1-84126-153-9Katrin BarthLearning Hoseback Riding (Learning ... Training ...)
  ''978-1-84126-156-0   ''Training Horseback Riding
  ''978-1-84126-157-7Pekka OjaHealth Enhancing Physical Activity: 6 (Perspectives: The Multidisciplinary Series of Physical Education & Sport Sciences)
2004978-1-84126-158-4Bob Babbitt25 Years of the Ironman: Triathlon World Championships (Ironman Edition)
2006978-1-84126-159-1Miriam Lopez Hernandez de AlbaCheerleading: Technique - Training - Show
  ''978-1-84126-162-1Earl FeeComplete Guide to Running: How to Be a Champion from 9 to 90
  ''978-1-84126-163-8Uwe RhekerAquafun - Games and Fun for the Advanced
2006978-1-84126-164-5Lilli AhrendtToddler Swimming: The Joys and Benefits of Water for Young Children
  ''978-1-84126-165-2Jurg WirzPaul Tergat - Running to the Limit: Running to the Limit - Training Plans, Tips and Secrets
2005978-1-84126-166-9Jeff GallowayRunning - Getting Started
2006978-1-84126-167-6Jeff GallowayRunning Testing Yourself
2005978-1-84126-169-0   ''Running - A Year Round Plan
  ''978-1-84126-170-6   ''Walking - The Complete Book
  ''978-1-84126-171-3Christian BraunJiu-Jitsu - The Basics
  ''978-1-84126-172-0Helmut KogelKobudo - Bo-Jutsu: Technique, Training, Tactics
2005978-1-84126-173-7Max RiederSkiing Fitness: Conditioning Training for Ski Sports
  ''978-1-84126-174-4Katrin BarthTraining Skiing
2006978-1-84126-176-8Paul van den BoschCycling - A Year Round Plan
  ''978-1-84126-177-5Erich Muller · Dave Bacharach · Rigg Kliggs · etc.Science and Skiing III: Proceedings of the Third International Congress on Skiing and Science
  ''978-1-84126-179-9Christian BraunJiu-Jitsu-Training
  ''978-1-84126-180-5David BabicNew School: Skiing's Next Generation
2007978-1-84126-182-9Heather SheridanSporting Reflections: Some Philosophical Perspectives (Sport, Culture & Society Series)
2006978-1-84126-183-6Michael RussAikido: Toho Iai
2006978-1-84126-184-3Uwe RhekerAquafun - Playing and Training Creatively
  ''978-1-84126-185-0Blythe LuceroMasters Swimming - A Manual
  ''978-1-84126-186-7Klaus Bischops · Heinz-Willi Gerards · Jurgen WallraffSoccer Training for Goalkeepers
  ''978-1-84126-187-4Dieter HackfortEssential Processes for Attaining Peak Performance: Perspectives on Sport and Exercise Psychology: v. 1
  ''978-1-84126-188-1Jurg WirzRun to Win: The Training Secrets of the Kenyan Runners
2006978-1-84126-189-8Noa Spector-FlockGet Fit, Stay Young: Exercises with the Thera-band
  ''978-1-84126-190-4Jeff GallowayHalf-Marathon: You Can Do It
  ''978-1-84126-191-1Berndt BarthComplete Guide to Fencing
  ''978-1-84126-192-8Jeff GallowayRunning Until You're 100
  ''978-1-84126-196-6Katrin BarthTraining Cross-Country Skiing (Training (Meyer & Meyer))
2006978-1-84126-197-3Katrin BarthLearning Volleyball
  ''978-1-84126-198-0Christian BraunSelf-defense Against Knife Attacks
  ''978-1-84126-199-7Andreas Anders-WilkensUnicycling: First Steps - First Tricks
  ''978-1-84126-200-0Ed McNeely · David SandlerPower Plyometrics: The Complete Program
  ''978-1-84126-204-8Christian RaschnerYoung Elite Athletes and Education: Young Researcher Seminar, Innsbruck 2004
2007978-1-84126-205-5Jeff GallowayWomen's Guide to Running
2007978-1-84126-206-2Nancy ClarkNancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners
  ''978-1-84126-207-9Paul van den BoschMarathon: From Beginner to Finisher
  ''978-1-84126-208-6Ralf MeierStrength Training for Soccer
  ''978-1-84126-209-3Andreas SchurSports Taping
  ''978-1-84126-210-9Katrin BarthLearning Field Hockey
2007978-1-84126-212-3Christian BraunGrappling - Effective Groundwork
  ''978-1-84126-213-0Kuno HottenrottTraining with the Heart Rate Monitor
  ''978-1-84126-214-7Volker DornemannTaekwondo Kids - From White Bell to Yellow/Green Belt: From White Belt to Yellow/Green Belt
2006978-1-84126-215-4Giselher SpitzerDoping and Doping Control in Europe
2007978-1-84126-216-1Blythe Lucero100 Best Swimming Drills
  ''978-1-84126-217-8Christian BraunFree Fight: The Ultimate Guide to No Holds Barred Fighting
  ''978-1-84126-218-5Jeff GallowayWomen's Complete Guide to Walking
2007978-1-84126-219-2Jeff GallowayGalloway's 5k/10K Running
  ''978-1-84126-223-9Kathrin Barth · Lutz NordmanTraining Field Hockey (Training (Meyer & Meyer))
2008978-1-84126-225-3Jonathan MageeWomen, Football and Europe 1: Histories, Equity and Experience Vol 1 (Ifi)
2007978-1-84126-226-0Jonathan MagreeWomen, Football and Europe: Women, Football and Europe Contemporary Perspectives v. 2 (Ifi)
2008978-1-84126-227-7Martin AthertonTheft of the Jules Rimet Trophy (International Football Institute)
  ''978-1-84126-228-4Veerle de Bosscher · Jerry Bingham · Simon ShibliGlobal Sporting Arms Race
  ''978-1-84126-231-4Stephanie Jones · Khaled Wahba · Beatrice van der HeijdenHow to Write Your MBA Thesis (Maastricht School of Management Series in Intercultural and Global Management)
  ''978-1-84126-234-5Geoff HollisterOut Of Nowhere: The Inside Story of How Nike Marketed the Culture of Running
2008978-1-84126-237-6Ralf Meier · Andreas SchurSoccer Injuries: Prevention and Treatment
  ''978-1-84126-238-3Silvio deBonoLeadership, Change and Responsibility (Maastricht School of Management Series in Intercultural and Global Management)
  ''978-1-84126-239-0   ''Managing Cultural Diversity (Maastricht School of Management Series in Intercultural and Global Management)
  ''978-1-84126-240-6Volker DornemannTaekwondo Kids - From Green Belt to Blue Belt: 2
  ''978-1-84126-242-0Jeff GallowayRunning - Getting Started
2008978-1-84126-243-7Jeff GallowayRunning and Fat Burning for Women
  ''978-1-84126-245-1Helmut KogelKobudo Sai-Jutsu
  ''978-1-84126-246-8Christian BraunSelf-Defense - Feel secure at all times
  ''978-1-84126-247-5Keith LivingstonHealthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard
  ''978-1-84126-252-9Klaus SchwanbeckUltimate Nordic Pole Walking Book
2008978-1-84126-253-6Tudor Bompa · Frederick ClaroPeriodization in Rugby - Tudor Bompa
978-1-84126-256-7Land Rover: Off-Road Driving
2009978-1-84126-257-4Ingrid Loos MillerIronplanner (Ironman Edition)
  ''978-1-84126-259-8Peter J. L. ThompsonRun! Jump! Throw!: The Official Iaaf Guide to Teaching Athletics
  ''978-1-84126-261-1Paul CollinsSpeed for Sport (Body Coach)
  ''978-1-84126-262-8Nancy ClarkNancy Clark's Food Guide for New Runners: Getting It Right from the Start
  ''978-1-84126-265-9Keith Gilbert · Otto SchantzParalympic Games (Disability & Sport)
2009978-1-84126-266-6Jeff GallowayGalloway's Marathon FAQ
  ''978-1-84126-268-0Blythe LuceroTechnique Swim Workouts (Coach Blythes Swim Workouts 1)
2009978-1-84126-269-7Blythe LuceroShape up! (Swim Workouts 2)
  ''978-1-84126-272-7New Studies in Athletics: IAAF NSA Supplement Helsinki
  ''978-1-84126-273-4Miriam Lopez Hernandez de AlbaCheerleading
  ''978-1-84126-274-1Gerhard FrankSoccer Training Programs
  ''978-1-84126-276-5Ilona E. GerlingTeaching Children's Gymnastics
2009978-1-84126-278-9Peter SchreinerSoccer - Perfect Ball Control
  ''978-1-84126-281-9Joachim GruppShotokan Karate Kihon-Kumite-Kata
  ''978-1-84126-284-0Jeff GallowayRunning Injuries
  ''978-1-84126-285-7Paul CollinsWaistline Workout (The Body Coach)
2010978-1-84126-288-8Gloria AverbuchFood Guide for Soccer
  ''978-1-84126-289-5Helmut KogelSecret Karate Techniques - Kata Bunkai
2010978-1-84126-290-1Ingrid Loos MillerWeight Management for Triathletes: When Training is Not Enough (Ironman)
  ''978-1-84126-291-8Jeff GallowayBoston Marathon
  ''978-1-84126-293-2Blythe LuceroChallenge Workouts for Advanced Swimmer
  ''978-1-84126-294-9Katrin BarthLearning Shooting Sports
  ''978-1-84126-295-6Paul CollinsAthletic Abs (Body Coach)
2010978-1-84126-296-3Asker JeukendrupSports Nutrition - From Lab to Kitchen
  ''978-1-84126-298-7Bernd-Volker BrahmsBadminton Handbook
  ''978-1-84126-299-4Klaus M. Geske · Jens MuellerTable Tennis Tactics
  ''978-1-84126-300-7Thomas Dooley · Christian TitzPassing and Ball Control
  ''978-1-84126-301-4Thomas DooleySoccer- Dribbling and Feinting
2010978-1-84126-303-8Jeff GallowayCross-Country Running
  ''978-1-84126-304-5Vic Hermans · Rainer EnglerFutsal: Technique, Tactics, Training
  ''978-1-84126-305-2Katrin BarthTraining Shooting Sports
  ''978-1-84126-306-9Thomas DooleySoccer - Goalkeeper Training
  ''978-1-84126-307-6   ''Soccer - The 4-4-2 System
2010978-1-84126-308-3Paul Huddle · Roch Frey · T. J. MurphyIronman Start to Finish: 24 Weeks to an Endurance Triathlon
  ''978-1-84126-309-0Jeff GallowayRunning Until You're 100: For Runners in Their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s
  ''978-1-84126-311-3Keith LivingstoneHealthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard
2011978-1-84126-312-0Ken Hardman · Ken GreenContemporary Issues in Physical Education
  ''978-1-84126-315-1Jeff GallowayMental Training for Runners: How to Stay Motivated
  ''978-1-84126-316-8Paul CollinsKettlebell Conditioning: Functional Strength and Power Drills (Body Coach)
2011978-1-84126-319-9Jan WhitfieldUltimate Parkour & Freerunning Book: Discover Your Possibilities!
  ''978-1-84126-321-2Jeff GallowayWomen's Complete Guide to Running
  ''978-1-84126-322-9Nancy ClarkNancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners
  ''978-1-84126-323-6Klaus WeidtHaile Gebrselassie: The Greatest Runner of All Time
  ''978-1-84126-324-3Bernd-Ulrich GrossTable Tennis: Tips from a World Champion
2011978-1-84126-327-4Peter HyballaDutch Soccer Secrets: Building Apps with Sensors and Computer Vision
  ''978-1-84126-333-5Jeff GallowayHalf Marathon: You Can Do it
  ''978-1-84126-334-2Andreas Anders-Wilkens · Robert F. MagerUnicycling: First Steps - First Tricks
  ''978-1-84126-335-9Arthur LydiardRunning to the Top
  ''978-1-84126-336-6Jeff GallowayGalloway's 5K/10K Running
2011978-1-84126-337-3Blyth Lucerno100 Best Swimming Drills
  ''978-1-84126-339-7   ''Strength Training for Faster Swimming
2012978-1-84126-350-2Oscar MoranMuscle Exercises Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-84126-351-9   ''Stretching Excercises Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-84126-354-0Jeff GallowayBoston Marathon: How to Qualify
  ''978-1-84126-355-7Klaus SchwanbeckUltimate Nordic Pole Walking Book
2012978-1-84126-361-8Stefan ReinischThe Secrets of Kyusho - Pressure Point Fighting
  ''978-1-84126-362-5Wolfgang OlbrichUltra Marathon Training
  ''978-1-84126-366-3Jeff GallowayHalf-Marathon: A Complete Guide for Women