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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-85969-001-0J. Enoch PowellNo easy answers
1974978-0-85969-011-9Ian T. RamseyChristian Empiricism (Studies in Philosophy and Religion)
  ''978-0-85969-018-8Geoffrey ParrinderBhagavad-gita
  ''978-0-85969-022-5Sheldon KoppIf You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!: Pilgrimage of Psychotherapy Patients
1975978-0-85969-041-6R. C. ZaehnerTeachings of the Magi: Compendium of Zoroastrian Beliefs
1976978-0-85969-085-0Geoffrey ParrinderMysticism in the World's Religions
1977978-0-85969-094-2Fraser HarrisonThe Dark Angel: Aspects of Victorian Sexuality
1986978-0-85969-104-8Margaret SmithAn Introduction to Mysticism
1977978-0-85969-127-7Enoch PowellWrestling with the Angel
1979978-0-85969-168-0Paul HauckDepression: Why it happens and how to overcome it (Overcoming common problems)
1980978-0-85969-319-6Paul HauckCalm Down - How to Control Frustration and Anger (Overcoming common problems)
1981978-0-85969-335-6Paul A. HauckHow to Stand Up for Yourself (Overcoming common problems)
1993978-0-85969-349-3Paul HauckJealousy: Why it Happens and How to Overcome It
1982978-0-85969-365-3Sheila KitzingerBirth Over 30
2019978-0-85969-398-1David Lewis DrFight Your Phobia and Win (Overcoming common problems)
1984978-0-85969-406-3Allan PeaseBody Language: How to Read Others' Thoughts by Their Gestures
  ''978-0-85969-426-1Tony LakeLiving with Grief (Overcoming common problems)
1986978-0-85969-449-0Margaret HillsCuring Arthritis: The Drug-free Way
  ''978-0-85969-480-3Suzie HaymanHysterectomy: What it is and How to Cope with it Successfully
1985978-0-85969-488-9Don GaborHow to Start a Conversation and Make Friends (Overcoming Common Problems)
1986978-0-85969-532-9Kenneth McAllHealing the Family Tree (Overcoming common problems)
1988978-0-85969-559-6Rosemary WellsHelping Children Cope with Grief: Facing A Death In The Family (Overcoming common problems)
1987978-0-85969-563-3Kenneth HamblyHow to Improve Your Confidence (Overcoming common problems)
1988978-0-85969-567-1Paul HauckHow to Be Your Own Best Friend (Overcoming Common Problems)
1989978-0-85969-594-7Rosemary NicolCoping Successfully with Your Irritable Bowel (Overcoming common problems)
1990978-0-85969-603-6Windy DrydenThink Your Way to Happiness (Overcoming common problems)
1989978-0-85969-604-3Margaret HillsCuring Arthritis Diet Book (Overcoming common problems)
1990978-0-85969-610-4Frank TallisHow to Stop Worrying (Overcoming common problems)
1990978-0-85969-614-2Robert J. EdelmannCoping with Blushing (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-621-0Rosemary NicolThe Irritable Bowel Diet Book (Overcoming common problems)
1991978-0-85969-627-2Paul HauckHold Your Head Up High (Overcoming common problems)
2003978-0-85969-628-9Margaret HillsCuring Arthritis: More Ways to a Drug-Free Life (Overcoming Common Problems Series)
1991978-0-85969-631-9Windy DrydenHow to Untangle Your Emotional Knots (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-634-0Patrick ForsythHow to Negotiate Successfully
  ''978-0-85969-637-1Rosemary NicolThe Irritable Bowel Stress Book (Overcoming common problems)
1992978-0-85969-639-5Maroushka MonroTalking About Anorexia: How to Cope with Life without Starving (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-646-3Shirley TrickettCoping Successfully with Panic Attacks (Overcoming common problems)
1992978-0-85969-652-4Frank TallisUnderstanding Obsessions and Compulsions: A self-help manual (Overcoming common problems)
1993978-0-85969-660-9Windy DrydenBeating the Comfort Trap (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-665-4Nina ColtartHow to Survive as a Psychotherapist (Insight Professional S.)
  ''978-0-85969-670-8Patricia HedgesUnderstanding your Personality - With Myers Briggs and more (Overcoming common problems)
1997978-0-85969-682-1Alan Houel · Christian GodefroyHow to Cope with Difficult People (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
1995978-0-85969-685-2Trudie ChalderCoping with Chronic Fatigue (Overcoming common problems)
1994978-0-85969-686-9Windy DrydenOvercoming Guilt (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-687-6Joan GomezCoping with Thyroid Problems (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-688-3Shirley TrickettCoping with Candida: Are Yeast Infections Draining Your Energy? (Overcoming common problems)
1994978-0-85969-689-0Margaret HillsCuring Arthritis: The Drug-free Way [Overcoming Common Problems]
  ''978-0-85969-690-6R. MarksCoping with Psoriasis (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-691-3Sheila KitzingerBirth Over 35 (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
1995978-0-85969-692-0Windy Dryden · Colin FelthamCounselling and Psychotherapy: A Consumer's Guide (Insight S.)
  ''978-0-85969-694-4Joan GomezHow to Cope with Bulimia (Overcoming common problems)
1994978-0-85969-695-1Windy DrydenTen Steps to Positive Living (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-697-5Caroline ClaytonCoping with Thrush (Overcoming common problems)
1994978-0-85969-701-9Windy Dryden · Jack GordonHow to Cope When the Going Gets Tough (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-704-0Margaret Hills · Janet HorwoodTreating Arthritis Exercise Book (Overcoming Common Problems)
1995978-0-85969-707-1Virginia Ironside · Sarah J. BiggsThe Subfertility Handbook (Overcoming common problems)
1994978-0-85969-709-5Tom SmithCoping with Bronchitis and Emphysema (Overcoming common problems)
1993978-0-85969-713-2Windy DrydenOvercoming Anger: When anger helps and when it hurts (Overcoming common problems)
1995978-0-85969-715-6Caroline ClaytonCoping with Cystitis (Overcoming common problems)
1997978-0-85969-718-7Windy DrydenOvercoming Shame (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
1994978-0-85969-721-7Suzie HaymanHysterectomy: What it is and How to Cope with it Successfully (Overcoming common problems)
1996978-0-85969-728-6Trudy StewartHelping Children Cope with Stammering (Overcoming common problems)
1995978-0-85969-736-1R.M. YoungsonCoping with Eczema (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-738-5Windy DrydenHow to Cope with Difficult Parents: (Overcoming Common Problems)
2003978-0-85969-739-2Windy Dryden · Deborah SteinbergHow to Stick to a Diet (Overcoming Common Problems)
1996978-0-85969-746-0Val PotterIs Counselling Training for You? (Sheldon Insight S.)
1995978-0-85969-747-7Patrick McKeonCoping with Depression and Elation (Overcoming common problems)
1996978-0-85969-748-4Jo MearsCoping with Endometriosis (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-749-1Tom SmithLiving with Angina (Overcoming common problems)
1995978-0-85969-750-7Neville ShoneCoping Successfully with Pain (Overcoming common problems)
1996978-0-85969-751-4Maroushka MonroTalking About Anorexia: How to Cope with Life without Starving (Overcoming common problems)
1997978-0-85969-754-5Craig A. WhiteLiving with a Stoma (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-758-3Trudy Stewart · Jackie TurnbullCoping with Stammering (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
1997978-0-85969-759-0Karen EvennettThe PMS Diet Book (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-760-6Robert Povey · etc. · Robin Dowey · Gillian PrettLearning to Live with Multiple Sclerosis (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-761-3Karen BrodyThe Candida Diet Book (Overcoming common problems)
1996978-0-85969-762-0Shirley TrickettCoping with Anxiety and Depression (Overcoming Common Problems)
1998978-0-85969-765-1Windy DrydenOvercoming Jealousy (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
1997978-0-85969-766-8Mary-Claire MasonCoping with Fibroids (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-768-2Karen BrodyCoping with Coeliac Disease: Strategies to change your diet and life (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-769-9Margaret HillsCider Vinegar (Sheldon Natural Remedies) (Sheldon Natural Remedies S.)
1999978-0-85969-771-2Jane ChumbleyCystic Fibrosis - A Family Affair (Overcoming common problems)
1997978-0-85969-776-7Robert PoveyHow to Keep Your Cholesterol in Check (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
1997978-0-85969-781-1Tom SmithCoping Successfully with Your Hiatus Hernia (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-782-8Allan Pease · John ChandlerBody Language: How to Read Others' Thoughts by Their Gestures (Overcoming common problems)
1998978-0-85969-788-0Joan GomezHow to Cope with Anaemia (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
1997978-0-85969-789-7R.B.Godwin- AustenParkinson's Disease Handbook (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2001978-0-85969-791-0Sarah J. BiggsConsidering Adoption (Overcoming common problems)
1997978-0-85969-794-1Paul HauckHow to Cope With People Who Drive You Crazy (Overcoming Common Problems Series)
1998978-0-85969-803-0Anne McGregorIs H.R.T. Right for You? (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2000978-0-85969-804-7Carolyn AinscoughBreaking Free Workbook: Practical help for survivors of child sexual abuse: Help for Survivors of Child Sex Abuse (Insight)
1999978-0-85969-805-4Carole BaldockHow to Succeed as a Single Parent (Overcoming common problems)
2000978-0-85969-810-8Carolyn AinscoughBreaking Free: Help for survivors of child sexual abuse (Insight)
1999978-0-85969-811-5Maggie Black · Penny GrayCoping Successfully with RSI (Overcoming common problems)
2000978-0-85969-815-3Windy DrydenOvercoming Procrastination (Overcoming common problems series)
  ''978-0-85969-816-0   ''Overcoming Anxiety (Overcoming Common Problems)
2001978-0-85969-817-7   ''How to Make Yourself Miserable: Manage Your Emotions by Controlling Your Thoughts (Overcoming common problems)
2003978-0-85969-818-4   ''Overcoming Depression (Overcoming Common Problems)
1999978-0-85969-819-1   ''How to Accept Yourself (Overcoming common problems)
2000978-0-85969-820-7Joan GomezLiving with Crohn's Disease (Overcoming Common Problems)
1999978-0-85969-823-8David CohenHow to Succeed in Psychometric Tests (Sheldon Business Books)
2000978-0-85969-824-5Fiona Marshall · Pam CrawfordCoping with Epilepsy (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-831-3Christine Craggs-HintonLiving with Fibromyalgia (Overcoming Common Problems) (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2001978-0-85969-834-4Janet HorwoodCoping with the Menopause (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2000978-0-85969-835-1Karen EvennettLiving with Nut Allergies (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-837-5Joan GomezCoping with Gallstones (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2000978-0-85969-841-2Fiona JohnstonGetting a Good Night's Sleep (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-845-0Windy Dryden · Walter MatweychukOvercoming Your Addictions (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2001978-0-85969-846-7Rosemary WellsMaking Friends with Your Stepchildren (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-848-1Gordon Lamont · Ronni LamontWork-Life Balance (Overcoming common problems)
2002978-0-85969-850-4Neville ShoneCoping Successfully with Pain (Overcoming common problems)
2001978-0-85969-854-2Mo ShapiroShift Your Thinking, Change Your Life (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2002978-0-85969-857-3Vicky MaudStress and Depression in Children and Teenagers (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2003978-0-85969-858-0Mary HartlyStress at Work: A Workbook to Help You Take Control of Work-related Stress (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2001978-0-85969-860-3Mark BarkerHow to Lose Weight without Dieting: Get Slim and Gain Confidence Permanently
  ''978-0-85969-863-4Christine Craggs-HintonFibromyalgia Healing Diet (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-869-6Gladeana McMahonConfidence Works: Learn to be your own life coach (Overcoming Common Problems)
2002978-0-85969-870-2Suzie HaymanHysterectomy: What it is and How to Cope with it Successfully (Overcoming common problems)
2002978-0-85969-871-9Maggie HelenCoping with Suicide (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-873-3Fiona MarshallCoping With Sad (Overcoming Common Problems) (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2003978-0-85969-878-8Christine Craggs-HintonThe Chronic Fatigue Healing Diet (Overcoming Common Problems)
2002978-0-85969-882-5Ann MacaskillHeal the Hurt: How to Forgive and Move on (Overcoming common problems)
  ''978-0-85969-884-9Triona HoldenLiving with Hughes Syndrome (Overcoming common problems)
2004978-0-85969-886-3Linda HurcombeLosing a Child
2003978-0-85969-887-0Patricia GilbertLiving with Osteoarthritis (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-890-0Jill EckersleyCoping with Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-891-7Rosemary WellsHelping Children Cope with Change and Loss (Overcoming common problems)
2003978-0-85969-893-1Windy DrydenLetting Go of Anxiety and Depresion
2004978-0-85969-894-8Derek MilneCoping with a Mid-Life Crisis (Overcoming Common Problems)
2005978-0-85969-895-5Robert PoveyEating for a Healthy Heart (Overcoming Common Problems)
2003978-0-85969-896-2Tim CantopherDepressive Illness: The Curse of the Strong (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
2004978-0-85969-898-6Alison WainesThe Self-esteem Journal - Using a Journal to Build Self-esteem (Overcoming Common Problems)
2003978-0-85969-901-3Rosemary WellsHelping Children Cope with Divorce (Overcoming Common Problems S.)
  ''978-0-85969-902-0Sarah LawsonCoping with Teenagers (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-905-1Mary WilliamsOvercoming Impotence
  ''978-0-85969-906-8Barbara BakerWhen Someone You Love Has Depression
2004978-0-85969-908-2Christine Craggs-Hinton · Adam H. BalenCoping with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  ''978-0-85969-910-5Nigel HuntCoping with Alopecia
2005978-0-85969-912-9Sue DysonLiving with Sjogrens Syndrome
2004978-0-85969-913-6Margaret HillsCuring Arthritis the Drug-free Way
2007978-0-85969-914-3Windy DrydenOvercoming Hurt (Overcoming Common Problems)
2003978-0-85969-915-0Anne MacgregorIs HRT Right for You
2004978-0-85969-917-4Peter CartwrightCoping Successfully With Ulcerative Colitis (Overcoming Common Problems)
2004978-0-85969-919-8Robert J. EdelmannCoping with Blushing (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-920-4Jill EckersleyCoping with Dyspraxia
  ''978-0-85969-922-8Christine Craggs-HintonCoping with Gout (Overcoming Common Problems)
2005978-0-85969-924-2Maggie RichCoping with Brain Injury: How to Help After Accidents, Stroke and Illness
2004978-0-85969-925-9Windy DrydenAssertiveness Step by Step (Overcoming Common Problems)
2005978-0-85969-927-3Jenny HareFree Your Life from Fear (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-929-7Tom SmithCoping with Bowel Cancer (Overcoming Common Problems)
2006978-0-85969-930-3Sandra WheatleyCoping With Postnatal Depression (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-932-7Gladeana McMahonHow to Make Life Happen: When You're Too Busy to Live
2006978-0-85969-933-4Philippa PigacheLiving with Rheumatoid Arthritis (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-935-8Joan GomezLiving with Asperger Syndrome (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-938-9Alison WainesMaking Relationships Work: How to Love Others And Yourself (Overcoming Common Problems)
2005978-0-85969-939-6Alex GazzolaLiving with Food Intolerance (Overcoming Common Problems)
1999978-0-85969-942-6Windy DrydenHow to Accept Yourself (Overcoming Common Problems)
2006978-0-85969-945-7Christine Craggs-HintonHow to Beat Pain: Pain Relief Techniques that Work (Overcoming Common Problems)
2005978-0-85969-948-8Mary-Claire MasonCoping Successfully With Period Problems (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-949-5Terry PriestmanCoping with Chemotherapy (Overcoming Common Problems)
2006978-0-85969-953-2Tom SmithCoping with Heartburn and Reflux (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-954-9Janet WrightCoping with Perimenopause (Overcoming Common Problems)
2006978-0-85969-957-0Bridget McCallLiving with Parkinson's Disease
2005978-0-85969-958-7Windy DrydenOvercoming Jealousy (Overcoming Common Problems)
2006978-0-85969-959-4Marianna CsotiOvercoming Loneliness and Making Friends (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-962-4Robin GreyCoping with Pet Loss (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-963-1Mark WattsGlaucoma: What You Need to Know
2008978-0-85969-964-8Fiona MarshallOvercoming Tiredness and Exhaustion
2006978-0-85969-966-2Christine Craggs-HintonCoping with Eating Disorders and Body Image (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-968-6Terry PriestmanCoping with Breast Cancer
  ''978-0-85969-970-9Alex GazzolaLiving with Food Allergy (Overcoming Common Problems)
2007978-0-85969-971-6Tim CantopherStress-related Illness
2006978-0-85969-972-3Naomi SaundersSimplify Your Life
2006978-0-85969-974-7Tim CantopherDepressive illness-curse of the strong
  ''978-0-85969-975-4Theresa CheungThe Glycaemic Factor: How to Balance Your Blood Sugar (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-976-1Fiona Marshall · Pamela CrawfordCoping with Epilepsy
  ''978-0-85969-977-8David OliverMotor Neurone Disease: A Family Affair (Overcoming Common Problems)
  ''978-0-85969-978-5Jill EckersleyEvery Woman's Guide to Heart Health (Overcoming Common Problems)
2006978-0-85969-979-2Fiona MarshallLiving with Autism
  ''978-0-85969-980-8Robert PoveyHow to Keep Your Cholesterol in Check
  ''978-0-85969-984-6Theresa CheungThe PMS Handbook
2007978-0-85969-985-3Peter CartwrightCoping with Diverticulitis
  ''978-0-85969-987-7Tessa BuckleyThe Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book: Help and Advice for This Chronic Condition (Overcoming Common Problems)
2006978-0-85969-988-4Jim JohnsonTreat Your Own Knees
2007978-0-85969-989-1Theresa CheungThe Depression Diet
2006978-0-85969-991-4Ted LankesterTraveller's Good Health Guide
2007978-0-85969-992-1Penny OatesHow to Talk to Your Child: Solving problems at home and school
  ''978-0-85969-995-2Bridget McCallThe Complete Carer's Guide
2006978-0-85969-997-6Margaret HillsTreating Arthritis Diet Book
2007978-0-85969-998-3Ruth SearleThe Thinking Person's Guide To Happiness
2007978-0-85969-999-0Terry PriestmanCoping with Radiotherapy