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2009978-1-84692-000-4Peter P. TothHypertension (Clinical Challenges)
2008978-1-84692-003-5Jennifer HunterAnaesthesia and Critical Care: v. 2 (Year in)
2010978-1-84692-005-9Graeme SmithHaematology (Problem Solving)
  ''978-1-84692-006-6V. Paleri · J. HillENT Infections (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2009978-1-84692-009-7J.M. Moreno-VillaresPaediatric Gastroenterology (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2010978-1-84692-010-3F. Cademartiri · N.R. Mollet · U. HoffmannCT Coronary Angiography (Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis)
2011978-1-84692-013-4Timothy R. Orchard · Robert D. Goldin · Horace R.T. Williams · Paris P. TekkisInflammatory Bowel Disease (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2008978-1-84692-014-1R. Fergusson · Adam T Hill · Nikhil Hirani · Peter ReidRespiratory Medicine: v. 4 (Year in)
2007978-1-84692-015-8Riccardo Polosa · S.T. HolgateAsthma: Current Treatments (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
  ''978-1-84692-016-5Riccardo PolosaTherapeutic Strategies in Asthma 2 volume set
2009978-1-84692-017-2M. M. Rymer · I. E. SilvermanIschemic Stroke: An Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis (Atlas of Diagnosis and Management)
2007978-1-84692-018-9Rajan Madhok · H.S. LuthraRheumatic Disorders: v. 6 (Year in)
2008978-1-84692-019-6MM Rymer · MC SmithNeurology: v.4: Vol 4 (The Year in)
2009978-1-84692-022-6L KennedyHypertension (Problem Solving)
2008978-1-84692-023-3R. TownsendHypertension: 7 (Year in)
2009978-1-84692-024-0Clyde W. Yancy · W. H. W. TangThe Year in Heart Failure
2008978-1-84692-025-7A CustovicManaging Allergy
2010978-1-84692-026-4Michael DohertyRheumatology (Therapeutic Strategies) (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2011978-1-84692-027-1J.P.H. Wilding · B.S. AdityaObesity (An Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2008978-1-84692-028-8Margaret Rees · S. Hope · M.K. Oehler · J. Moore · P. CrawfordWomen's Health (Problem Solving)
  ''978-1-84692-029-5P.P. Toth · Domenic A. SicaLipid Disorders (Clinical Challenges)
978-1-84692-030-1Alzheimer's Disease An Atlas of Investigation & Diagnosis
2009978-1-84692-033-2Dawn A. Marcus · Doris K. Cope · A. Deodhar · R. PayneChronic Pain (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
  ''978-1-84692-034-9A.M. TonkinLipid Disorders (Therapeutic Strategies) (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2010978-1-84692-035-6A.M. Mortimer · P.J. McKennaSchizophrenia (Therapeutic Strategies) (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2010978-1-84692-039-4M. M. Rymer · I. E. SilvermanHemorrhagic Stroke (Atlas of Assessment, Diagnosis and Management)
2009978-1-84692-040-0Purcell HenryManaging Cardiometabolic Risk: Abdominal Obesity and Weight-related Disease (Managing)
2011978-1-84692-044-8M.R. Mehra · D.A. SicaHeart Failure (Clinical Challenges)
  ''978-1-84692-045-5D.S. LiebeskindCerebral Ischemia (Therapeutic Strategies) (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2010978-1-84692-046-2H.S. Lim · G.Y.H. LipCardiology (Problem Solving)
2008978-1-84692-049-3G. Thaker · W. T. CarpenterSchizophrenia: v. 2 (Year in)
  ''978-1-84692-051-6Jennifer Hunter · Timothy M. Cook · Hans-Joachim Priebe · Michel M. R. F. StruysAnaesthesia and Critical Care: v. 2 (Year in)
2009978-1-84692-053-0A. Peacock · J. BarberaPulmonary Arterial Hypertension (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
2010978-1-84692-054-7A. H. BarnettClinical Challenges in Diabetes
  ''978-1-84692-055-4B.J. Bain · E. MatutesMyeloid Malignancies (Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis)
  ''978-1-84692-061-5P. P. TothThe Year in Lipid Disorders Volume 2
2009978-1-84692-063-9jennifer hunterAnaestesia and critical care, perioperative care clinical pharmacology
2008978-1-84692-064-6Cook, Priebe, Struys HunterMonitoring and Equipment Critical Care (The Year in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Volume 2)
2012978-1-84692-066-0G.W. Sledge · J. BaselgaTherapeutic Strategies in Targeted Therapies in Breast Cancer (Therapeutic Strategies series)
2010978-1-84692-068-4Da MarcusChronic Pain Management Tools
2010978-1-84692-069-1P.P. Toth · D.A. SicaClinical Challenges in Hypertension II
2011978-1-84692-074-5C. Gordon · W.L. GrossConnective Tissue Disorders (Atlas of Investigation and Management series)
  ''978-1-84692-085-1D.S. LiebeskindCerebral Ischemia (Diagnostic Strategies) (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
  ''978-1-84692-086-8A. BushPaediatric Respiratory Disease - Parenchymal Diseases (Atlas of Investigation and Management series)
2015978-1-84692-091-2I. E. Silverman · M. M. RymerAtrial Fibrillation and Stroke (Visual Guide for Clinicians)
2011978-1-84692-093-6M. D. Barber · J. St J Thomas · J. M. DixonBreast Cancer: Visual Guide for Clinicians
2012978-1-84692-094-3B. J. Bain · Estella MatutesChronic Myeloid Leukaemias (Visual Guide for Clinicians)
2015978-1-84692-095-0Edward D. Frohlich · H. O. VenturaCombination Therapy in Hypertension (Visual Guide for Clinicians)
2012978-1-84692-096-7G. Giovannoni · R. DobsonMultiple Sclerosis (Visual Guide for Clinicians)
2013978-1-84692-097-4A. Jones · M. DohertyOsteoarthritis (Visual Guide for Clinicians)
2017978-1-84692-098-1A. D. Woolf · K. AkessonOsteoporosis and Fracture Prevention (Visual Guide for Clinicians)
2015978-1-84692-099-8TakRheumatoid Arthritis (Visual Guide for Clinicians)
2011978-1-84692-100-1C. Gordon · W. L. GrossSystemic Lupus Erythematosus: Visual Guide for Clinicians
2015978-1-84692-101-8R. L. KennedyType 2 Diabetes Mellitus (Visual Guide for Clinicians)
2017978-1-84692-102-5H. R. T. Williams · T. R. Orchard · R. D. GoldinUlcerative Colitis (Visual Guide for Clinicians)
2011978-1-84692-103-2Isaac Silverman · Marilyn M. Rymer · Luis RuilopeBlood Pressure Management and Stroke Prevention: Visual Guide for Clinicians
2015978-1-84692-104-9R. L. KennedyProblem Solving in Neurology
2019978-1-84692-107-0A. T. Hill · P. MandalCOPD: Visual Guide for Clinicians
2013978-1-84692-108-7E. Marshall · P. Clark · A. Young · P. SelbyProblem Solving in Acute Oncology
2015978-1-84692-110-0Alistair Ring · Janine Mansi · Danielle Harari · Tania Kalsi · Peter SelbyProblem Solving in Older Cancer Patients: A Case Study Based Reference and Learning Resource
2007978-1-84692-506-1Timothy R Orchard · Horace Williams · etc.Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2014978-1-84692-528-3Adam T. Hill · F. X. Emmanuel · W.H.B. WallacePulmonary Infection: An Atlas of Investigation and Management
2007978-1-84692-576-4D O'Donnell · M Leahy · etc.Oncology (Problem Solving)
978-1-84692-597-9Epilepsy (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2009978-1-84692-600-6H. PurcellCardiometabolic Risk: Abdominal Obesity and Weight-related Disease (Managing)
978-1-84692-601-3Lipid Disorders (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
978-1-84692-605-1Haematology (Problem Solving)
978-1-84692-606-8Chronic Pain (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
978-1-84692-607-5ENT Infections (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
978-1-84692-609-9Diabetes (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
978-1-84692-611-2Rheumatology (Therapeutic Strategies S.)
978-1-84692-612-9Schizophrenia (Therapeutic Strategies in ...)
978-1-84692-613-6Hypertension (Clinical Challenges)
978-1-84692-614-3Myeloid Malignancies (Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis)
978-1-84692-615-0Paediatric Respiratory Disease: Airways and Infection (Atlas of Investigation and Management)
2010978-1-84692-616-7Isaac E. Silverman · Marilyn M. RymerHemorrhagic Stroke: An Atlas of Investigation and Treatment
2009978-1-84692-617-4L KennedyHypertension (Problem Solving)
978-1-84692-618-1Problem Solving in Cardiology
2011978-1-84692-629-7Alison J. RodgerHIV/AIDS: An Atlas of Investigation and Management
2012978-1-84692-636-5Matthew D. BarberBreast Cancer: Visual Guide for Clinicians
2002978-1-84692-900-7ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE- An Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis