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1987978-1-870870-00-9Chris (Editor). DonaldViz. The Big Hard Number Two. Issues 13 to 18
1988978-1-870870-01-6VizViz Holiday Special
1997978-1-870870-02-3Jeremy AspinallUtterly Amazing United Kingdom Comic Guide
1988978-1-870870-03-0VizThe Big Pink Stiff One
  ''978-1-870870-04-7Berkeley BreathedBloom County Babylon
  ''978-1-870870-05-4Berkeley BreathedBilly and the Boingers
1989978-1-870870-06-1   ''Tales Too Ticklish to Tell
  ''978-1-870870-07-8   ''Bloom County - Loose Tails
  ''978-1-870870-08-5   ''Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things
1989978-1-870870-09-2Chris DonaldViz: The Dog's Bollocks- The Best of Issues 26 to 31
  ''978-1-870870-10-8VizThe Viz Book of Crap Jokes: A Pitiful Array of Poor Quality Jokes from the pages of Viz
  ''978-1-870870-11-5Viz 1990 Calendar BRO
  ''978-1-870870-12-2Crap Jokes Empty Dispenser
1993978-1-870870-13-9VizThe Viz Bumper Book of Shite for Older Boys and Girls: The Bumper Book of Shite for Older Boys and Girls
1990978-1-870870-14-6John Brown Chris DonaldViz Calendar 1991 BRO
  ''978-1-870870-15-3Chris DonaldViz - The Spunky Parts. Issues 32 - 37
1990978-1-870870-16-0Chris Donald · Simon Thorp · Graham DuryViz Billy the Fish Football Yearbook
1997978-1-870870-17-7Viz: Old Hairy Almanacker - A Viz Enshitelopaedia
1991978-1-870870-19-1VizThe Pathetic Sharks Bumper Special
  ''978-1-870870-20-7P. LovedayRussell: Pt. 1: The Saga of a Peaceful Man
  ''978-1-870870-21-4John Wagner · etc.The Bogie Man
  ''978-1-870870-22-1Chris DonaldViz Calendar 1992 Bro
  ''978-1-870870-23-8VizThe Sausage Sandwich
1992978-1-870870-24-5Paul SievekingFortean Times 1993 Diary
1992978-1-870870-25-2"Fat Slags" Sex Diary
  ''978-1-870870-26-9Paul SievekingYesterday's News Tomorrow: "Fortean Times" Issues 1-15
  ''978-1-870870-27-6Viz Calendar 1993 BRO
  ''978-1-870870-28-3VizThe Fish Supper
1998978-1-870870-29-0Charles FortWild Talents
1992978-1-870870-30-6Tom Sommerville · etc.Electric Soup Annual
1993978-1-870870-31-3Pete LovedayRussell: Pt. 2: The Saga of a Peaceful Man
  ''978-1-870870-32-0Viz Calendar: 1994
1993978-1-870870-33-7VizThe Porky Chopper
  ''978-1-870870-34-4Chris LenartowiczHow to Say F+++ Off in Fifty Languages
1996978-1-870870-35-1Fortean Times Perpetual Diary Bro
1997978-1-870870-36-8Ian Stuart Simmons"Fortean Times" Book of Exploding Pigs and Other Strange Animal Stories
1993978-1-870870-37-5Bob Rickard · Paul SievekingGateways to Mystery:Fortean Times, Issues 31-36
  ''978-1-870870-38-2Viz: Special Promotion Pack (49)
1997978-1-870870-42-9Viz Bookpack
1994978-1-870870-46-7VizThe Big Fat Slags Book
  ''978-1-870870-47-4XxxxxIf Pigs Could Fly: "Fortean Times" Issues 42-46
1995978-1-870870-48-1Fishy Yarns: "Fortean Times" Issues 47-51
1994978-1-870870-49-8Chris Donald · Simon Donald · Graham Drury · Simon ThorpViz: The Pan Handle: The Pan Handle v. 9
1997978-1-870870-50-4Steve Moore"Fortean Times" Book of Strange Deaths
1994978-1-870870-51-1VizTop Tips
  ''978-1-870870-52-8Paul, Edited By SievekingHeaven's Reprimands: "Fortean Times" Issues 37-41
1995978-1-870870-53-5Charles FortBook of the Damned
1994978-1-870870-54-2Viz: Calendar 1995
1994978-1-870870-55-9Steve MooreFortean Studies: No. 1
1996978-1-870870-56-6Strange Deaths Counterpack
1995978-1-870870-61-0Bob & Sieveking, Paul RickardBonfire of the Oddities: "Fortean Times" Issues 52-56
1996978-1-870870-62-7Charles FortNew Lands (Fortean Times)
1995978-1-870870-63-4Viz Calendar 1996
  ''978-1-870870-64-1VizThe Big Bell End
  ''978-1-870870-65-8Steve. (Compiled by). Moore"Fortean Times" Book of Weird Sex
1998978-1-870870-66-5Fortean TimesMouthful of Mysteries: "Fortean Times" Issues 73-77
1995978-1-870870-67-2VizTop Tips 2
1997978-1-870870-68-9"Fortean Times" Index
1995978-1-870870-69-6Pete. LovedayRussell's Big Strip Stupormarket:
  ''978-1-870870-70-2Steve MooreFortean Studies: No. 2
1996978-1-870870-71-9Fourteen Times Book Weird Sex CP(20)
  ''978-1-870870-73-3Strange Attractors: "Fortean Times" Issues 57-62
1996978-1-870870-75-7Top Tips 1 & 2 Empty Dumpbin
1998978-1-870870-76-4Dennis Stacy · Hilary Evans"Fortean Times" Presents UFO Reality: The 50-year Quest to Solve the World's Greatest Mystery
1996978-1-870870-77-1Paul SampleOgri: v. 4
  ''978-1-870870-78-8Kevin McClure"Fortean Times" Book of the Millennium
  ''978-1-870870-79-5Fortean TimesPlumber from Lhasa: "Fortean Times" Issues 63-67
  ''978-1-870870-80-1Steve Moore"Fortean Times" Book of Inept Crime
  ''978-1-870870-81-8Ian Stuart Simmons"Fortean Times" Book of Life's Losers
1996978-1-870870-82-5Steve MooreFortean Studies: No. 3
  ''978-1-870870-83-2Joe McNally · James WallisWeird Year 1996: The Best of Strange Days
  ''978-1-870870-84-9VizThe Turtle's Head
1998978-1-870870-85-6Anna Pavord · Lucy HallGardens Illustrated Index 1993-1996
1996978-1-870870-86-3Chris Donald · etc.The Viz Book of Crap Jokes: A Compilation of Piss-poor Quality Second Hand, Third Rate Jokes from the Pages of Viz Magazine
  ''978-1-870870-87-0X20 Fortean Times Book Life S Lo
  ''978-1-870870-88-7VizViz: Letterbocks
1997978-1-870870-89-4Charles FortLo!
1997978-1-870870-90-0Paul, Edited By SievekingMemories of Hell: "Fortean Times" Issues 68-72
1996978-1-870870-93-1VizThe Joy of Sexism
  ''978-1-870870-94-8Letterbocks Counterpack X16
1997978-1-870870-95-5VizViz: The Full Toss v. 12 (Viz annual)
1998978-1-870870-96-2Steve MooreFortean Studies: No. 4
1997978-1-870870-98-6"Gardens Illustrated" Calendar
  ''978-1-870870-99-3Dennis Stacy · Hilary Evans"Fortean Times" Book of UFOs, 1947-97