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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-8423-8766-8Rene GutteridgeStorm Surge (The Storm Series #3)
2003978-0-8423-8775-0Joy MacKenzie · John E. CoatesGrowing Reader Phonics Bible & Listening Edition Pack
2004978-0-8423-8776-7Mel OdomApocalypse Crucible (The Left Behind Apocalypse Series #2)
  ''978-0-8423-8777-4Mel OdomApocalypse Crucible (The Left Behind Apocalypse Series #2)
  ''978-0-8423-8778-1   ''Apocalypse Crucible (The Left Behind Apocalypse Series #2)
2003978-0-8423-8781-1Kevin LemanSheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage
  ''978-0-8423-8785-9Gary Smalley · Greg Smalley · Michael SmalleyMens Relational Toolbox
1977978-0-8423-8790-3J. SouterYouth Bible Study Notebook
1999978-0-8423-8796-5Gilbert Beers · Ronald A. Beers · Jonathan Gray · Rhonda O'Brien · Shawn HarrisonExtreme Answers to Life's Tough Questions
2005978-0-8423-8797-2Patricia RaybonI Told the Mountain to Move
2006978-0-8423-8798-9Patricia RaybonI Told the Mountain to Move: Learning to Pray So Things Change
2004978-0-8423-8799-6James Dobson · John FullerThe New Strong-Willed Child
2005978-0-8423-8802-3The Bible on CD: The New Testament
1987978-0-8423-8803-0H. L. WillmingtonBook of Bible Lists
1981978-0-8423-8804-7Harold L. WillmingtonWillmington's Guide to the Bible
1989978-0-8423-8810-8Dr. H. L. WilmingtonWillmingtons Guide to the Bible, Vol. 1
  ''978-0-8423-8811-5H. L. WilmingtonWillmingtons Guide To The Bible Volume 2
1986978-0-8423-8814-6Wisdom From The Book
1998978-0-8423-8815-3Personal Prayer (Inspirations Calendars)
1998978-0-8423-8816-0Over the Hedge (Inspirations Calendars)
  ''978-0-8423-8817-7Timothy R. BottsPsalms (Inspirations Calendars)
  ''978-0-8423-8818-4Beginnings (Inspirations Calendars)
  ''978-0-8423-8819-1The Book (calendar)
  ''978-0-8423-8820-7Renewing the Heart (calendar)
1998978-0-8423-8821-4Patsy ClairmontPure Patsy (calendar)
  ''978-0-8423-8822-1Neil Clark WarrenJust the Two of Us (calendar)
1990978-0-8423-8842-9DailyZig Ziglar 365 Secrets for Success-1991 Calender
1996978-0-8423-8843-6Timothy BottsI Am (Inspirations/Timeless Calendars)
1988978-0-8423-8844-3Zig ZiglarThe worst peanuts in town ; The flea trainer ; The frozen voice ; The stinkin' thinkin' vaccine
1996978-0-8423-8851-1James C. DobsonWhen God Doesn't Make Sense (calendar)
  ''978-0-8423-8852-8William Carmichael · Nancie CarmichaelLord, Bless My Child (Inspirations/Timeless Calendars)
  ''978-0-8423-8853-5PerpetualAmish Country Cooking-Calendar
  ''978-0-8423-8855-9William J. FedererAmerica's God and Country Inspirational Calendar
1996978-0-8423-8856-6Bil KeaneFamily Circus (Inspirations/Timeless calendars)
  ''978-0-8423-8859-7Zig ZiglarSecret for success calendar
  ''978-0-8423-8863-4Brian MacDonaldFavorite Bible Verses: New Living Translation
1997978-0-8423-8865-8Tyndale House PublishersFaith Is . . . (Small Inspirations calendar)
  ''978-0-8423-8866-5God Is . . . (Small Inspirations Calendar)
  ''978-0-8423-8868-9Love Is . . . (Small Inspirations Calendar)
1997978-0-8423-8869-6Living Psalms (calendar)
  ''978-0-8423-8870-2Find God in the Garden (calendar)
  ''978-0-8423-8871-9Diary · PerpetualThe Blessing of Children (Photo Keepsake Treasures Calendar)
  ''978-0-8423-8872-6Diary · PerpetualThe Blessing of Family (Photo Keepsake Treasures Calendar)
  ''978-0-8423-8873-3The Daily Walk Bible (calendar)
1996978-0-8423-8898-6James DobsonHome With A Heart
2005978-0-8423-8899-3Gary WitherallTotal Abandon
1994978-0-8423-8900-6Cal 95: Daily Walk Bible
1994978-0-8423-8901-3Cal 95: Day by Day With Billy Graham
  ''978-0-8423-8902-0Cal 95: Dr James Dobson's Family Builders
  ''978-0-8423-8903-7Cal 95: Larry Burkett's Smart Money Moves
  ''978-0-8423-8904-4Cal 95: Life Application Bible
  ''978-0-8423-8905-1Cal 95: New 365 Bible Verses
1994978-0-8423-8906-8Cal 95: One Year Bible
  ''978-0-8423-8907-5Cal 95: Zig Zigler's 365 Secrets for Success
  ''978-0-8423-8909-9Cal 95: Bible Trivia
  ''978-0-8423-8911-2Cal 95: 365 Great Quotes from C.S. Lewis
  ''978-0-8423-8912-9Cal 95: Church Chuckles
1994978-0-8423-8913-6Cal 95-365 Fun Bible Proverbs
  ''978-0-8423-8914-3Cal 95: Marantha! Praise!
  ''978-0-8423-8915-0Cal 95: 365 Hugs for Mom
  ''978-0-8423-8916-7Cal 95: 365 Hugs for Day
  ''978-0-8423-8917-4Cal 95: 365 Hugs for a Teacher
1994978-0-8423-8918-1Cal 95: 365 Hugs for a Friend
978-0-8423-8919-8Cal 95-In Masters Presc-Engage:
1994978-0-8423-8920-4James C. DobsonA Place Called Home (Inspirations/Timeless Calendars)
  ''978-0-8423-8923-5Hope for the Family (Guide to a Loving Family) Calendar - Days Only
1997978-0-8423-8926-6DailyBible Promises for Moms
2004978-0-8423-8940-2Crystal BowmanThe One Year Devotions for Preschoolers (Little Blessings)
1993978-0-8423-8951-8DailyLife Application Bible-Calendar
  ''978-0-8423-8952-5   ''One Year Bible-Calendar
  ''978-0-8423-8954-9Zig ZiglarZig Ziglar's Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Secrets for Success-Calendar
1994978-0-8423-8955-6Billy GrahamDay by Day with Billy Graham-Calendar
1993978-0-8423-8960-0Tyndale House PublishersCountry cooking
  ''978-0-8423-8963-1AbramsWhat My Parents Did Right
1993978-0-8423-8965-5Mothers' Day-by-Day Survival Calendar (Inspirations/Timeless Calendars)
1996978-0-8423-8966-2Max LucadoWalking With the Savior
1993978-0-8423-8967-9Daily · Larry BurkettLarry Burkett's Smart Money Moves-1994 Calendar
1994978-0-8423-8969-3Drawing Closer to God: Prayers and Meditations for Each New Day (Inspirations)
1998978-0-8423-8996-9Left Behind Headquarters Display
  ''978-0-8423-8997-6Left Behind Headquarters Add-On Module
  ''978-0-8423-9036-1Snapper Toy
  ''978-0-8423-9037-8Snapper Toy
1992978-0-8423-9617-2International Bible SocietyBible Challenge: 1993 Calendar
  ''978-0-8423-9618-9Bible Promises for Each New Day Calendar
1992978-0-8423-9620-2Cal-Daily Walk Bible-P
1997978-0-8423-9621-9DailyHinds' Feet on High Places
1991978-0-8423-9811-4   ''Bible Crosswords-1992 Calendar
  ''978-0-8423-9812-1   ''Bible Trivia-1992 Calendar-1992 Calendar
1991978-0-8423-9816-9DailyBilly Graham, Day-By-Day-1992 Calendar
  ''978-0-8423-9817-6   ''Doctor Dobson Family Builders-1992 Calendar
  ''978-0-8423-9821-3Mary HuntOne Year Bible-1992 Calendar
  ''978-0-8423-9822-0Mary HuntThis Day in History-1992 Calendar
  ''978-0-8423-9824-4   ''Bible Memory Verse a Week-1992 Calendar