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2010978-0-7110-3640-6The Great British Bus
2011978-0-7110-3641-3Ken CordnerThe Modern Railway All You Need To Know About UK Railways 2011
  ''978-0-7110-3642-0Laurie GoldenVectis Steam: The Last Years of Steam on the Isle of Wight
  ''978-0-7110-3643-7Ian Allan PublishingBritish Railways Atlas 1947: The Last Days of the Big Four (Br Rail Atlas)
2013978-0-7110-3644-4Martin Jenkins · Charles RobertsCrosville in Colour 1965-1985
2012978-0-7110-3646-8Michael ClemensSteam Trails: Scottish Lowlands and Borders
2016978-0-7110-3647-5Michael Forbes and David HaywardBritish Lorries Since 1945
2012978-0-7110-3648-2John BalmforthVirgin Trains: From HST to Pendolino
  ''978-0-7110-3649-9Colin Marsdenabc Rail Guide 2012
2011978-0-7110-3650-5Gavin MorrisonFifty years of the Deltics
2013978-0-7110-3651-2Stewart J. BrownAEC Buses Since 1955
2012978-0-7110-3652-9Stewart J. BrownLeyland Buses Since 1955
  ''978-0-7110-3653-6Mark LyonsGo-Ahead Group
2013978-0-7110-3654-3John Jennison · Tony SheffieldRailways of East Anglia
2011978-0-7110-3655-0VARIOUSAbc British Railways Locomotives Combined Volume Winter 1956/5712 (ABC Combined)
2011978-0-7110-3656-7T ShackletonAspects of Modelling: Weathering Locomotives
  ''978-0-7110-3657-4Ian AllanHornby Magazine Yearbook No 4
2012978-0-7110-3658-1David CrossFifty Years of the Westerns
2011978-0-7110-3659-8Ian AllanThe Modern Railway Directory 2012 (Modern Railways)
  ''978-0-7110-3660-4Ian Allan PublishingThe Little Red Book 2012
2014978-0-7110-3662-8Martin Jenkins · Charles RobertsMerseyside Transport Recalled
2013978-0-7110-3682-6Tim BryanInheritance
  ''978-0-7110-3684-0Robert DayThe Lost Railway: The Midlands
2014978-0-7110-3685-7Michael BakerLost Voices of the London Tram
2013978-0-7110-3688-8Paul ShannonFreightliner
2014978-0-7110-3689-5Ian MortonAspects of Modelling Track Laying
2013978-0-7110-3690-1Malcolm KeeleyMidland Red Bus Garages
2011978-0-7110-3692-5Forbes MikeThe Great British Lorry: Over 100 years of Excellence
2012978-0-7110-3694-9Alan C. ButcherRailways Restored 2012
  ''978-0-7110-3695-6Paul Smith and Keith TurnerRailway Atlas Then & Now
2012978-0-7110-3696-3Stewart J. BrownBuses Yearbook 2013
2014978-0-7110-3697-0Paul ShannonSpeedlink
2015978-0-7110-3698-7Laurie GoldenAlong the Route of the ACE
2014978-0-7110-3699-4Kevin McCormackTwenty-five Years of London Transport: 1949-1974
2013978-0-7110-3700-7John Scott MorganLondon Underground in Colour since 1955
2012978-0-7110-3716-8Fiona RuleLondon's Docklands: A History of the Lost Quarter
2014978-0-7110-3717-5Mike Greenwood · Roberts PaulMidland Red in NBC Days
2012978-0-7110-3728-1Joe BrownLondon Railway Atlas 3rd edition
2013978-0-7110-3729-8Derek HuntrissSteam in South Wales
  ''978-0-7110-3730-4Matt Wharmby · R C RileyLondon Transport 1970-1984
2014978-0-7110-3732-8Martin CurtisBristol Lodekka in Colour
2012978-0-7110-3734-2Ian Allan PublishingABC British Railways Locos Combined 1949 (ABC Combined)
  ''978-0-7110-3735-9   ''abc British Railways Locomotives Combined Volume Summer 1961 (ABC Combined)
  ''978-0-7110-3737-3Colin T. GiffordEach a Glimpse
2013978-0-7110-3739-7C J MarsdenABC Rail Guide 2013
  ''978-0-7110-3740-3Colin J. MarsdenDMU and EMU Recognition Guide
2014978-0-7110-3742-7Andrew GladwellA History of British Paddle Steamers
2013978-0-7110-3744-1Allan Ryszka-OnionsOcean Ships
2014978-0-7110-3745-8John Jennison · Tony SheffieldDiesel-Hydraulics in the 1960s and 1970s
2014978-0-7110-3746-5David CableThe Blue Diesel Era
2013978-0-7110-3747-2Alan C ButcherRailways Restored 2013
2014978-0-7110-3748-9Nigel WelbournLost Lines: East Anglia
2012978-0-7110-3750-2Stanley HallA Railwayman's Odyssey
2014978-0-7110-3754-0Robert J. KershawA Street in Arnhem: The Agony of Occupation and Liberation
2013978-0-7110-3755-7Kevin PottsSomerset Dorset Line from Above Bath to
2014978-0-7110-3756-4Kevin PottsThe Somerset & Dorset Line from Above: Evercreech Junction to Bournemouth
2013978-0-7110-3758-8Tim ShackletonAspects of Modelling: Weathering Rolling Stock
  ''978-0-7110-3761-8Howard J Curtisabc Military Aircraft Markings 2013
  ''978-0-7110-3762-5Allan S WrightABC Civil Aircraft Markings 2013
  ''978-0-7110-3763-2Cyril Freezer · Nick FreezerFirst Steps in Railway Modelling the Bachmann Way
  ''978-0-7110-3764-9Kevin McCormackWestern Branches, Western Byways
978-0-7110-3765-6Book Catalogue@:Spring 2013
2015978-0-7110-3766-3Peter JohnsonNarrow Gauge Lines of the British Isles
2014978-0-7110-3767-0Alan WhitehouseThe Woodhead Route
2013978-0-7110-3769-4Ian Allan PublishingABC British Railway Locomotives Combined Volume Summer 1958 (ABC Combined)
2013978-0-7110-3770-0Dave WaldenHow to be a Railway Signalman
2014978-0-7110-3771-7Colin J. MarsdenABC Rail Guide 2014
2013978-0-7110-3785-4Ian MortonDigital Command Control: The Definitive Guide
  ''978-0-7110-3786-1Paul ChancellorDawn to Dusk: A Colour-Rail Journey in the 1950s and 1960s
2014978-0-7110-3790-8David N. CloughModernisation Plan: British Railways' Blueprint for the Future
  ''978-0-7110-3791-5Jeremy EnglishLBSCR Atlantics
  ''978-0-7110-3792-2Colin J. MarsdenABC Traction Recognition
  ''978-0-7110-3793-9Howard J. CurtisABC Military Aircraft Markings 2014
2014978-0-7110-3794-6AuthorHandbook for Railway Steam Locomotive Enginemen (Trains & Railways)
  ''978-0-7110-3795-3Mark B WarburtonSouth and West from Waterloo
  ''978-0-7110-3796-0Paul Smith · Keith TurnerRailway Atlas of Ireland Then & Now
  ''978-0-7110-3797-7Allan S. WrightABC Civil Aircraft Markings 2014
  ''978-0-7110-3798-4Jonathan FalconerIn The Footsteps of I K Brunel
2014978-0-7110-3799-1Ian Allan PublishingAbc British Railways Locomotives 1955 (ABC Combined)
  ''978-0-7110-3800-4Paul Smith · Shirley SmithBR Departmental Locomotives 1948-68: Includes Depots and Stabling Points
  ''978-0-7110-3801-1Mike EsauWaterloo to Weymouth: By Steam into Wessex
2015978-0-7110-3802-8Tim BryanA Year in the Life of the Great Western
2014978-0-7110-3803-5M.G. BallABC British Railway Atlas
  ''978-0-7110-3805-9Elaine Arthurs · Felicity JonesWartime GWR (Then & Now)
2015978-0-7110-3806-6Colin J. MarsdenABC Rail Guide 2015
2014978-0-7110-3807-3Ben MuldoonABC London Underground Rolling Stock Guide
2015978-0-7110-3808-0Ian Allan PublishingRail Atlas Europe
2014978-0-7110-3809-7ABC British Locomotive Shed Directory and Allocations 1962
  ''978-0-7110-3810-3Ian Allan PublishingPre-Grouping Atlas and RCH Junction Diagrams (Ian Allen)
2015978-0-7110-3812-7Dan HarveyHow the Railway Works
2015978-0-7110-3813-4Tim ShackletonAspects of Modelling: Locomotive Weathering Projects
  ''978-0-7110-3814-1Dominic WellsHow a Steam Locomotive Works: a New Guide
2017978-0-7110-3815-8Ian AllanAtlas of Railway Station Closures
2015978-0-7110-3816-5Richard LongIsle of Wight Railways: A New History
  ''978-0-7110-3817-2Ian AllanBritish Railways Pre-Grouping Atlas & Gazetteer (Colour Portfolio)
  ''978-0-7110-3818-9Joe BrownABC London Railway Atlas
  ''978-0-7110-3819-6   ''London Railway Atlas
2015978-0-7110-3821-9Stanley HallFrom Birmingham to the Board: A Railwayman's Odyssey Continues
  ''978-0-7110-3822-6Laurence WatersCastles: The Final Years
  ''978-0-7110-3826-4John GloverLondon's Underground
  ''978-0-7110-3828-8Robert KershawA Street in Arnhem
2016978-0-7110-3830-1Colin J. MarsdenABC Rail Guide 2016
2015978-0-7110-3832-5Ian Allan Publishingabc Railway Quiz Book
  ''978-0-7110-3833-2Paul Smith and Keith TurnerRailway Atlas Then and Now, Second Edition (Then & Now)
2017978-0-7110-3836-3Bob EsseryStation Operations for the Modeller
2016978-0-7110-3841-7Jeff Geary · Dave Renshaw3D Printing and Laser Cutting
2016978-0-7110-3842-4Paul Bambrick & John Ellis-CockellCreating a Backscene: A Railway Modelling Companion
  ''978-0-7110-3847-9Peter TuffreyA4 Pacific Locomotives
  ''978-0-7110-3848-6Allan Ryszka-OnionsOcean Ships
  ''978-0-7110-3849-3Andrew HardyGresley's Class P2 Locomotives
  ''978-0-7110-3853-0Ian Allan Publishingabc British Motor Cars 1950s (ABC Cars)
2017978-0-7110-3856-1Colin J. Marsdenabc Rail Guide 2017
2017978-0-7110-3858-5Ben PhillpsBritish Tractors
1991978-0-7110-9996-8Salvage Counter Display 5 Bks