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2005978-1-84371-001-1Johann Jakob BruckerHistoria Critica Philosophiae
2002978-1-84371-003-5Samuel JohnsonSamuel Johnson: His Career and Writings (Eighteenth-century American Philosophy S.)
  ''978-1-84371-004-2William GodwinHistory of the Commonwealth of England
  ''978-1-84371-006-6Thomas A. Sebeok · Thoemmes PressPortraits of Linguists (Works in the History of Language) (Works in the History of Language S.)
2003978-1-84371-007-3William CamdenBritannia (Historical Cultures & Geography, 1600-1750 S.)
  ''978-1-84371-008-0Peter HeylynCosmographie (Historical Cultures & Geography, 1600-1750 S.)
  ''978-1-84371-009-7Thomas SalmonNew Geographical and Historical Grammar: 8 (Historical Cultures & Geography, 1600-1750 S.)
2002978-1-84371-010-3Setsuko KagawaFemale Education Considered: Nineteenth-century Britain (Women's Education in the Nineteenth Century S.)
2002978-1-84371-011-0Matthew GrenbyThe Guardian of Education, a Periodical Work
  ''978-1-84371-013-4Morgen Witzel · Morgan WitzelThe Emergence of Business Ethics
2004978-1-84371-018-9James E. CrimminsOrigins of the Death Penalty Debate in Britain and the US, 1725-1868
  ''978-1-84371-019-6Basil MontaguThe Opinions of Different Authors Upon the Punishment of Death
2002978-1-84371-020-2John Lee · Morgen WitzelDictionary of Industrial Administration (Foundations of modern management)
2003978-1-84371-022-6J. L. E. Dreyer · William HerschelThe Scientific Papers of Sir William Herschel
  ''978-1-84371-023-3Carol PosterThe Elocutionary Movement (British Rhetoric in the Eighteenth & Nineteenth Centuries)
  ''978-1-84371-026-4Karl SchuhmannLeviathan
2003978-1-84371-027-1Robert BernasconiRace and Anthropology (Concepts of race in the nineteenth century)
  ''978-1-84371-028-8E.F.L. BrechBritish Management Writings Before the First World War (Foundations of modern management)
2002978-1-84371-029-5Christopher StrayVictorian Novels of Public School Life
2004978-1-84371-030-1Donald RutherfordDictionary of British Economists
2003978-1-84371-031-8Harriet MartineauStudies of America, 1837-69 (History of American Thought S.)
2004978-1-84371-033-2Kyriacos N. DemetriouClassics in the Nineteenth Century: Responses to George Grote
  ''978-1-84371-035-6Julius Charles Hare · Connop Thirlwall · Christopher StrayThe Philological Museum, 1832-33
2005978-1-84371-037-0John R. ShookDictionary of Modern American Philosophers
2003978-1-84371-041-7Foster WatsonThe Encyclopaedia and Dictionary of Education
  ''978-1-84371-044-8Jane AddamsWritings on Peace (History of American Thought)
  ''978-1-84371-045-5Allen DruryThe Danger of Words and Writings on Wittgenstein
2003978-1-84371-047-9Thomas OliverDangerous Trades: 2 volumes: History of Health and Safety at Work
  ''978-1-84371-052-3Antoine Le GrandAn Entire Body of Philosophy, According to the Principles of the Famous Renate Des Cartes
  ''978-1-84371-057-8Henry BroughamWorks of Henry, Lord Brougham
  ''978-1-84371-059-2J. E. Casely HayfordWritings of Ekra-Agiman (Joseph Casely Hayford) (History of African thought)
  ''978-1-84371-061-5Henry Kiddle · Alexander J. Schem · Christopher StrayThe Cyclopaedia of Education
2003978-1-84371-064-6Setsuko KagawaGoverness Education (Women's Education in the Nineteenth Century S.)
  ''978-1-84371-066-0Marie Luise Schroeter Gothein · Walter P. WrightGothein's History of Garden Art
  ''978-1-84371-067-7Thomas Kelly Cheyne · J. Sutherland BlackEncyclopaedia Biblica: A Critical Dictionary of the Literary, Political and Religious History, the Archaeology, Geography and Natural History of the Bible
  ''978-1-84371-068-4Tobias Smollett · Robert MayhewA Compendium of Authentic and Entertaining Voyages (Travel accounts & exploration narratives)
2004978-1-84371-069-1Robert SmithA Compleat System of Opticks: 1-2 (History of optics)
2003978-1-84371-071-4John O'HanlonIrish-American History of the United States
  ''978-1-84371-072-1Setsuko KagawaEducation at Home: The Mother (Women's education in the nineteenth century)
2003978-1-84371-073-8Moncure Daniel ConwayAutobiography and Miscellaneous Writings by Moncure Daniel Conway (History of American Thought)
  ''978-1-84371-075-2Christina G. RossettiProse Works of Christina Rossetti
  ''978-1-84371-077-6W. Harris · C. Butler · J.A. StewartThe Oxford Encyclopaedia (1833)
  ''978-1-84371-079-0Isaac Butt · Alan O'DayIsaac Butt: Collected Writings
2004978-1-84371-082-0Thomas DuddyDictionary of Irish Philosophers
  ''978-1-84371-083-7Thomas DuddyThe Irish Response to Darwinism: Vol. 1 (Irish philosophy in the nineteenth century)
2003978-1-84371-089-9Morgen WitzelThe Corporate Governance Debate, 1873-1914
2004978-1-84371-099-8Aileen Fyfe · Bernard Lightman · Barbara Gates · Donald Opitz · James A. SecondScience Writing by Women (Popular science in the nineteenth century)
2004978-1-84371-100-1Christopher StrayVictorian Novels of Oxbridge Life
2005978-1-84371-104-9Robert Bernasconi · Kristie DotsonRace, Hybridity and Miscegenation: 2 (History of American Thought)
2004978-1-84371-106-3Chris StrayThe Clarendon Report: English Public Schools in the Nineteenth Century
  ''978-1-84371-111-7John SlaterBibliography of Modern British Philosophy
2006978-1-84371-112-4Ross B. Emmett · James MadisonBiographical Dictionary of American Economists
2004978-1-84371-113-1John HenryNewtonianism in Eighteenth-century Britain
  ''978-1-84371-121-6Jeremy BenthamThe Theory of Legislation
2005978-1-84371-123-0William WarburtonThe Collected Works of William Warburton
2004978-1-84371-129-2Marie AxtonEnglish Renaissance Texts: Scholarly Editions from Manuscript
2005978-1-84371-131-5Morgen WitzelEncyclopedia of History of American Management
2006978-1-84371-132-2G.A.J. RogersLeviathan (Continuum Classic Texts)
2005978-1-84371-138-4Bron TaylorEncyclopedia of Religion and Nature
2006978-1-84371-141-4Anthony Grayling · Andrew Pyle · Naomi GoulderContinuum Encyclopedia of British Philosophy
  ''978-1-84371-147-6Andre De TienneThe Cambridge School of Pragmatism (History of American Thought) (History of American Thought S.)
  ''978-1-84371-148-3Oliver LeamanBiographical Encyclopedia of Islamic Philosophy
2007978-1-84371-151-3Donald RutherfordBiographical Dictionary of British Economists
2009978-1-84371-192-6Branton Shearer · Mike FleethamCreating Extra-ordinary Teachers: Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom and Beyond
2003978-1-84371-342-5Charles White · Samuel Thomas von SoemmeringAn Account of the Regular Gradation in Man: Bound with: Ueber Die Koerperliche Verschiedenheit DES Negers Vom Europaer (Library of Science)
2003978-1-84371-366-1Josiah Henry Benton · John Findlay McRaeJohn Baskerville: Type Founder and Printer, 1706-1775: Bound with: Two Centuries of Typefounding Annals of the Letter Foundry Established by William ... library of printing & the book trade)
  ''978-1-84371-378-4Thomas Frognall DibdinThe Library Companion, or the Young Man's Guide, and the Old Man's Comfort, in the Choice of a Library (Library of Printing and the Book Trade)
2004978-1-84371-384-5Thomas SheridanBritish Education: or, the Source of the Disorders of Great Britain (The Thoemmes Library of education)
2003978-1-84371-426-2Robert TorrensMiscellaneous Articles and Bibliography (Thoemmes Library of Economics)
2012978-1-84371-449-1Cobbe Frances PowerLife of Frances Power Cobbe, by Herself (The Thoemmes Library of social thought)
2003978-1-84371-452-1Marie StopesBirth Control (The Thoemmes Library of social thought)
  ''978-1-84371-464-4James Burnett · Monboddo LordOrang-Utans and the Origins of Human Nature (The Thoemmes Library of eighteenth century texts)
  ''978-1-84371-545-0Bloomsbury PublishingCommentary On Aristotle's Physics (The Thoemmes library of Classics & Ancient philosophy)
  ''978-1-84371-634-1Melvin T. CopelandCases on Industrial Marketing (The Thoemmes Library of Business & Management)