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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-0-373-99618-6AssortedLove Inspired Classics Apr13 Ppk4
  ''978-0-373-99620-9AssortedLove Inspired Classics Apr13 Ppk6
  ''978-0-373-99622-3   ''Historical Apr13 Ppk8
1997978-0-373-99623-0SilhouetteSilhouette Intimate Moments 02/97: 763, 764, 765, 766, 767, 768
2013978-0-373-99625-4AssortedBlaze Apr13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99626-1   ''Blaze Apr13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99627-8   ''Special Edition Apr13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99628-5AssortedSpecial Edition Apr13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99630-8   ''Deseo Apr13 Ppk18
2013978-0-373-99631-5AssortedDeseo Apr13 Ctn24
  ''978-0-373-99632-2   ''Presents Apr13 Ppk16
  ''978-0-373-99633-9   ''Presents Apr13 Ppk24
  ''978-0-373-99634-6   ''Love Inspired Feb13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99635-3   ''Love Inspired Apr13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99636-0AssortedLove Inspired Apr13 Ppk18
2013978-0-373-99637-7AssortedRomantic Suspense Apr13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99638-4   ''Romantic Suspense Apr13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99639-1   ''Nocturne Apr13 Ppk4
  ''978-0-373-99640-7   ''Nocturne Apr13 Ppk6
  ''978-0-373-99643-8   ''Kimani Romance Apr13 Ctn12
2013978-0-373-99646-9NoneGold Eagle Jan13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99647-6AssortedSaks Gold Eagle Jan13 Ctn8
2013978-0-373-99649-0AssortedLove Inspired May13 Ppk18
2012978-0-373-99651-3   ''Walmart Xmas Nov12 Fd15
2013978-0-373-99654-4   ''Romantic Suspense Feb13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99655-1   ''Romantic Suspense Feb13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99656-8   ''Presents Mar13 Ppk16
2013978-0-373-99657-5AssortedPresents Mar13 Ppk24
  ''978-0-373-99658-2   ''Love Inspired Mar13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99659-9   ''Love Inspired Mar13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99672-8   ''Romantic Suspense May13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99673-5   ''Romantic Suspense May13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99674-2AssortedNocturne May13 Ppk4
2013978-0-373-99678-0AssortedNocturne Feb13 Ppk6
  ''978-0-373-99679-7   ''Kimani Romance Feb13 Ctn8
  ''978-0-373-99680-3   ''Kimani Romance Feb13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99681-0   ''Romantic Suspense Mar13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99682-7   ''Readers Choice Feb13 Ppk8
1997978-0-373-99683-4Harlequin Books · Kristine Rolofson · Donna SterlingHarlequin Temptation 03/97: 625, 626, 627, 628
2013978-0-373-99718-3AssortedRomance May13 Ppk8
2013978-0-373-99719-0AssortedRomance May13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99720-6AssortedSuperromance May13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99723-7   ''American Romance May13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99724-4   ''Desire May13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99725-1   ''Desire May13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99726-8   ''Love Inspired Suspense May13 Ppk8
2013978-0-373-99727-5AssortedLove Inspired Suspense May13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99729-9AssortedIntrigue May13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99730-5   ''Readers Choice May13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99731-2   ''Readers Choice May13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99732-9   ''Bianca May13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99733-6   ''Bianca May13 Ctn24
2013978-0-373-99734-3Don PendletonExecutioner May13 Ppk2
  ''978-0-373-99736-7James AxlerOutlanders May13 Ppk2
  ''978-0-373-99737-4AssortedGold Eagle May13 Ppk6
2013978-0-373-99738-1AssortedKimani Romance Jun13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99739-8Don PendletonSuper Bolan Jul13 Ppk2
  ''978-0-373-99740-4To Be AnnouncedNocturne Sep13 Ppk4
  ''978-0-373-99741-1To Be AnnouncedNocturne Sep13 Ppk6
  ''978-0-373-99742-8   ''Awbc American Romance Sep13 Ctn8
1997978-0-373-99743-5Silhouette · Sara Orwig · Leanne BanksSilhouette Desire 03/97: 1057, 1058, 1059, 1060, 1061, 1062
2013978-0-373-99747-3AssortedRomantic Suspense Mar13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99755-8AssortedNocturne Mar13 Ppk4
  ''978-0-373-99756-5   ''Nocturne Mar13 Ppk6
  ''978-0-373-99757-2   ''Kimani Romance Mar13 Ctn8
  ''978-0-373-99758-9   ''Kimani Romance Mar13 Ctn12
2013978-0-373-99759-6AssortedRomance Mar13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99760-2   ''Romance Mar13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99761-9   ''Superromance Mar13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99763-3   ''Love Inspired Historicals May13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99764-0   ''Love Inspired Historicals May13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99765-7AssortedHistorical May13 Ppk8
2013978-0-373-99766-4AssortedHistorical May13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99769-5   ''Blaze May13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99771-8   ''Superromance Mar13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99774-9   ''Historical Jun13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99775-6   ''Nocturne May13 Ppk6
2013978-0-373-99776-3AssortedKimani Romance May13 Ctn8
2013978-0-373-99777-0AssortedKimani Romance May13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99785-5   ''Presents May13 Ppk16
  ''978-0-373-99786-2   ''Presents May13 Ppk24
  ''978-0-373-99788-6Robyn CarrRobyn Carr Safeway Apr13 Ctn12
1997978-0-373-99790-9Harlequin BooksHarlequin Romance 04/97: 3451,3452,3453,3454
  ''978-0-373-99812-8Harlequin Temptation 04/97: 629-630- 631-632
1997978-0-373-99821-0Harlequin BooksHarlequin Present 04/97: 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878,1879, 1880
2013978-0-373-99822-7AssortedRomance Jun13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99823-4   ''Romance Jun13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99824-1   ''Superromance Jun13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99825-8AssortedSuperromance Jun13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99826-5   ''American Romance Jun13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99827-2   ''American Romance Jun13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99828-9   ''Desire Jun13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99829-6   ''Desire Jun13 Ppk18
2013978-0-373-99830-2AssortedLove Inspired Suspense Jun13 Ppk8
2013978-0-373-99832-6AssortedLove Inspired Suspense Jun13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99833-3   ''Intrigue Jun13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99834-0   ''Intrigue Jun13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99835-7   ''Bianca Jun13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99836-4   ''Bianca Jun13 Ctn24
2013978-0-373-99837-1James AxlerDeathlands Jul13 Ppk2
  ''978-0-373-99839-5AssortedHistorical Jun13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99840-1AssortedBlaze Jun13 Ppk8
1997978-0-373-99841-8SilhouetteSilhouette Romance 04/97: 1216, 1217, 1218, 1219, 1220, 1221
  ''978-0-373-99842-5   ''Silhouette Romance 04/97: 1216, 1217, 1218, 1219, 1220, 1221
2013978-0-373-99843-2AssortedLove Inspired Historicals Jun13 Ppk12
1997978-0-373-99853-1Harlequin Super Romance 04/97: 734- 735- 736- 737
  ''978-0-373-99860-9Harlequin BooksHarlequin American Romance 04/97: 673, 674, 675, 676
  ''978-0-373-99870-8Silhouette Desire 04/97; 1063 1064 1065 1066 1067 1068
2013978-0-373-99874-6AssortedHistorical Jul13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99878-4   ''Historical Jul13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99884-5To Be AnnouncedSuperromance Sep13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99891-3AssortedSpecial Edition May13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99892-0Don PendletonExecutioner Jun13 Ppk2
  ''978-0-373-99893-7To Be AnnouncedSuperromance Sep13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99894-4   ''American Romance Sep13 Ppk8
2013978-0-373-99896-8AssortedSpecial Edition May13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99897-5   ''Deseo May13 Ppk18
2013978-0-373-99898-2AssortedDeseo May13 Ctn24
  ''978-0-373-99900-2   ''Blaze Jul13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99902-6   ''Blaze Jul13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99905-7   ''Special Edition Jul13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99906-4   ''Special Edition Jul13 Ppk18
2013978-0-373-99907-1AssortedDeseo Jul13 Ppk18
2013978-0-373-99908-8AssortedDeseo Jul13 Ctn24
  ''978-0-373-99909-5   ''Presents Jul13 Ppk16
  ''978-0-373-99910-1   ''Gold Eagle Jul13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99912-5   ''Love Inspired Historicals Jul13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99913-2   ''Love Inspired Historicals Jul13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99915-6AssortedLove Inspired Classics Jul13 Ppk4
2013978-0-373-99916-3AssortedLove Inspired Classics Jul13 Ppk6
  ''978-0-373-99936-1To Be AnnouncedSherryl Woods Jun13 Ctn16
  ''978-0-373-99938-5   ''Robyn Carr Jun13 Ctn16
  ''978-0-373-99940-8   ''Susan Wiggs Jun13 Ctn16
  ''978-0-373-99942-2   ''Susan Anderson Jun13 Ctn16
2013978-0-373-99944-6To Be AnnouncedWestern Mix Jul13 Fd24
  ''978-0-373-99945-3   ''Awbc Presents Jun13 Ctn24
2013978-0-373-99947-7To Be AnnouncedAwbc Romance Jun13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99949-1   ''Series Ppka1 Aug13 Ctn42
  ''978-0-373-99950-7   ''Awbc Romantic Suspense Jun13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99953-8   ''Awbc Nocturne Jun13 Ctn6
  ''978-0-373-99954-5   ''Awbc Intrigue Jun13 Ctn18
2013978-0-373-99955-2To Be AnnouncedTop Author Jun13 Fd24
2013978-0-373-99956-9To Be AnnouncedAwbc Superromance Jun13 Ctn18
  ''978-0-373-99957-6   ''Awbc American Romance Jun13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99958-3   ''Awbc Desire Jun13 Ctn24
1997978-0-373-99959-0Harlequin BooksHarlequin Temptation-May 1997-16 Copy
2013978-0-373-99960-6To Be AnnouncedAwbc Kimani Romance Jun13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99961-3   ''Series Ppka2 Aug13 Ctn54
  ''978-0-373-99962-0   ''Series Ppkb1 Aug13 Ctn72
2013978-0-373-99963-7To Be AnnouncedSeries Ppkb2 Aug13 Ctn78
2013978-0-373-99964-4To Be AnnouncedSeries Ppkc1 Aug13 Ctn114
  ''978-0-373-99965-1   ''Series Ppkc2 Aug13 Ctn102
  ''978-0-373-99966-8AssortedPresents Jul13 Ppk24
  ''978-0-373-99967-5   ''Love Inspired Jul13 Ppk12
1997978-0-373-99968-2Harlequin BooksHarlequin Present-May 1997-48 Copy
2013978-0-373-99969-9To Be AnnouncedKimani Arabesque Aug13 Ctn18
  ''978-0-373-99970-5   ''Male Adventure Aug13 Ctn9
2013978-0-373-99971-2AssortedLove Inspired Jul13 Ppk18
  ''978-0-373-99972-9   ''Romantic Suspense Jul13 Ppk8
2013978-0-373-99973-6AssortedRomantic Suspense Jul13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99974-3   ''Nocturne Jul13 Ppk4
  ''978-0-373-99976-7Don PendletonSuper Bolan Jun13 Ppk2
  ''978-0-373-99977-4   ''Stony Man Jun13 Ppk2
  ''978-0-373-99978-1AssortedGold Eagle Jun13 Ppk6
2013978-0-373-99981-1AssortedNocturne Jul13 Ppk6
  ''978-0-373-99982-8   ''Kimani Romance Jul13 Ctn8
  ''978-0-373-99983-5   ''Kimani Romance Jul13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99989-7To Be AnnouncedAwbc Presents Jul13 Ctn24
2013978-0-373-99990-3To Be AnnouncedAwbc Romance Jul13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99991-0   ''Awbc Romantic Suspense Jul13 Ctn12
  ''978-0-373-99992-7   ''Awbc Special Edition Jul13 Ctn18
  ''978-0-373-99993-4   ''American Romance Sep13 Ppk12
  ''978-0-373-99994-1   ''Desire Sep13 Ppk12
2013978-0-373-99995-8To Be AnnouncedDesire Sep13 Ppk18
2013978-0-373-99996-5To Be AnnouncedLove Inspired Suspense Sep13 Ppk8
  ''978-0-373-99998-9AssortedRomance Jul13 Ppk8