Green Audit Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-897761-03-8Chris BusbyWings of Death: Nuclear Pollution and Human Health
1999978-1-897761-18-2Molly Scott Cato · Miriam KennettGreen Economics: Beyond Supply and Demand to Meeting People's Needs
2003978-1-897761-24-3Chris Busby · etc.ECRR 2003 Recommendations of the European Committee on Radiation Risk: Regulators' Edition: Health Effects of Exposure to Ionizing Radiation at Low Doses for Radiation Protection Purposes
2006978-1-897761-25-0C.C. Busby · A.V YablokovChernobyl: 20 Years on - Health Effects of the Chernobyl Accident
2007978-1-897761-26-7Chris BusbyWolves of Water: A Study Constructed from Atomic Radiation, Morality, Epidemiology, Science, Bias, Philosophy and Death