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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-500-81030-9Robert LawlorSacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice (Art and Imagination)
1991978-0-500-81032-3Philip RawsonSacred Tibet (Art & Imagination)
1990978-0-500-81033-0Adele GettyGoddess: Mother of Living Nature (Art and Imagination)
  ''978-0-500-81034-7Francis HuxleyThe Eye: The Seer and the Seen (Art and Imagination)
  ''978-0-500-81035-4Geoffrey AsheKing Arthur: The Dream of a Golden Age (Art & Imagination)
1991978-0-500-81036-1Nicholas J. SaundersThe Cult of the Cat (Art & Imagination)
  ''978-0-500-81037-8W. Kirk MacNultyFreemasonry: A Journey Through Ritual and Symbol (Art and Imagination)
1992978-0-500-81038-5Alistair ShearerBuddha: The Intelligent Heart (Art and Imagination)
  ''978-0-500-81039-2Geoffrey AsheAtlantis: Lost Lands, Ancient Wisdom (Art and Imagination)
1994978-0-500-81041-5Stanislav GrofBooks of the Dead: Manuals for Living and Dying (Art and Imagination)
1993978-0-500-81042-2John LashTwins and the Double (A and I) (Art & Imagination)
1994978-0-500-81043-9Alistair ShearerThe Hindu Vision: Forms of the Formless (Art & Imagination)
1994978-0-500-81044-6Peter Lamborn WilsonAngels: Messengers of the Gods (Art and Imagination)
1996978-0-500-81047-7John LashThe Hero: Manhood and Power (Art & Imagination)
2013978-0-500-81055-2Stanislas Klossowski de RolaAlchemy: The Secret Art (Art and Imagination)
  ''978-0-500-81058-3Stanislav GrofBooks of the Dead: Manuals for Living and Dying (Art and Imagination)
1975978-0-500-82002-5Maurice AshleyEnglish Civil War: A Concise History
2012978-0-500-84028-3Debra J Dewitte · Ralph M Larmann · M Kathryn ShieldsGateways to Art Journal for Museum and Gallery Projects
2015978-0-500-84048-1   ''Gateways to Art: Understanding the Visual Arts
2018978-0-500-84115-0   ''Gateways to Art
  ''978-0-500-84134-1Debra J. Dewitte · Ralph M. Larmann · M. Kathryn ShieldsGateways to Art: Understanding the Visual Arts
2019978-0-500-84178-5Michael D Coe · Javier Urcid · Rex KoontzMexico: From the Olmecs to the Aztecs
1973978-0-500-86001-4Francois DaulteRenoir ([The great impressionists series])
  ''978-0-500-86003-8Jacques LassaigneVan Gogh ([The great impressionists series])
1974978-0-500-86004-5Marcel BrionCezanne (The great Impressionists series)
  ''978-0-500-86006-9Daniel Wildenstein · Raymond CogniatGauguin (The great Impressionists series)
1975978-0-500-87003-7Peter PiersonPhilip II of Spain (Men in office)
1977978-0-500-87004-4Georges DethanThe Young Mazarin (Men in office)
1977978-0-500-87007-5Derek McKayPrince Eugene of Savoy (Men in office)
1978978-0-500-87008-2M.S. SmithPeter the Great (Men in office)
1975978-0-500-90002-4Colin MackerrasThe Chinese Theatre in Modern Times: From 1840 to the Present Day (Chinese history and society)
  ''978-0-500-93001-4Brenda Vale · Robert ValeThe Autonomous House: Planning for Self-sufficiency in Energy
  ''978-0-500-93002-1Judson JeromeFamilies of Eden: Communes and the New Anarchism
2004978-0-500-93004-5Katy Siegel · Paul MattickMoney (Art Works)
  ''978-0-500-93005-2Barbara Steiner · Jun YangAutobiography: Artworks
2005978-0-500-93006-9Jens Hoffmann · Joan JonasPerform (Art Works)
  ''978-0-500-93007-6Tacita Dean · Jeremy MillarPlace (Art Works)
2014978-0-500-95204-7ShaoLanChineasy 60 Flashcards
2007978-0-500-95994-7Nicholas GanzGraffiti World Calendar 2008 2008: Street Art Throughout the Year
1979978-0-500-96012-7M.R. Popham · etc.Lefkandi I: Plates: Iron Age, Settlement and the Cemeteries (British School of Archaeology , Athens, Publications)
1981978-0-500-96014-1M.R. Popham · etc.Lefkandi I: Text: Iron Age (British School of Archaeology , Athens, Publications)
1982978-0-500-96017-2Sinclair HoodPrehistoric Emporio and Ayio Gala: v. 1: Excavations in Chios, 1938-55 (British School of Archaeology , Athens, Publications)
1985978-0-500-96021-9Colin RenfrewThe archaeology of cult: The sanctuary at Phylakopi (Supplementary volume)
1984978-0-500-97006-5ChittickManda Memoir 9
1989978-0-500-97008-9S.C. Munro HayExcavations at Aksum (Memoirs of the British Institute in Eastern Africa)
2004978-0-500-97013-3Nobuyoshi Araki · Daido MoriyamaDaido Moriyama
2004978-0-500-97014-0Andre MagninJ'Aime Cheri Samba
  ''978-0-500-97015-7Phillip Cribb · Michael TibbsA Very Victorian Passion: The Orchid Paintings of John Day 1863 to 1888
2007978-0-500-97017-1Helmut FriedelGerhard Richter: Atlas
2011978-0-500-97028-7Miren Arzalluz · Lourdes Cerrillo Rubio · Marie-Andrée JouveBalenciaga
2012978-0-500-97032-4Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 12
  ''978-0-500-97037-9Daniel Hess · Thomas EserThe Early Dürer
  ''978-0-500-97039-3Hossein Amirsadeghi · Catherine PetitgasContemporary Art Brazil
  ''978-0-500-97040-9Michael D. Coe · Barry BrukoffRoyal Cities of the Ancient Maya
2012978-0-500-97042-3Lawrence Durrell · Mark Haworth-BoothBrandt Nudes: A New Perspective
2013978-0-500-97043-0Friedrich SpuhlerCarpets from Islamic Lands
  ''978-0-500-97044-7Michael WilsonHow to Read Contemporary Art
  ''978-0-500-97047-8Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 13
2014978-0-500-97054-6Friedrich SpuhlerPre-Islamic Carpets and Textiles from Eastern Lands
  ''978-0-500-97058-4Javier Portús · Miguel MoránVelázquez: Las Meninas and the Late Royal Portraits
  ''978-0-500-97059-1Luis Camnitzer · Olivier Compagnon · Alfonso MoralesAmérica Latina, 1960 - 2013: Photographs
2018978-0-500-97060-7Monte PackhamLiving with Matisse, Picasso and Christo: Theodor Ahrenberg and His Collections
2014978-0-500-97062-1Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 14
2015978-0-500-97066-9Michele McNallyWorld Press Photo 15
2016978-0-500-97073-7World Press Photo FoundationWorld Press Photo 16
2016978-0-500-97077-5John LoengardMoment by Moment: Photographs by John Loengard
2017978-0-500-97078-2Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 2017
  ''978-0-500-97083-6Lynn Stern · Donald KuspitSkull: Lynn Stern
2020978-0-500-97084-3Friedrich SpuhlerEarly Islamic Textiles
2018978-0-500-97090-4Rodney (ed) BoltWorld Press Photo 2018
2019978-0-500-97097-3Martin HarrisonBacon and the Mind: Art, Neuroscience and Psychology (Francis Bacon Studies)
  ''978-0-500-97099-7Carl Brandon Strehlke · Ana González MozoFra Angelico and the rise of the Florentine Renaissance
1987978-0-500-97346-2Alfred SeilandEast Coast - West Coast
1989978-0-500-97349-3Helmut GernsheimThe Rise of Photography 1850-1880: The Age of Collodion: vol 2 (The History of Photography)
1979978-0-500-97351-6Peter Lamborn Wilson · Nasrollah PourjavadyKings of Love: History and Poetry of the Ni'Matullahi Sufi Order of Iran
1989978-0-500-97374-5Nurhan Atasoy · Julian RabyIznik: Pottery of Ottoman Turkey
1991978-0-500-97392-9Achim Sibeth · Uli KozokThe Batak: Peoples of the Island of Sumatra (Living With Ancestors)
  ''978-0-500-97397-4Thames & HudsonEyewitness 1991: World Press Photo
1992978-0-500-97398-1Emmett WilliamsMy Life in Flux - and Vice Versa
  ''978-0-500-97399-8Ben Ten Berge · Kari LundelinEyewitness 1992: World Press Photo
1992978-0-500-97402-5Huston PaschalTom Phillips: Works and Texts: Words and Texts
  ''978-0-500-97404-9David ElliottPhotography in Russia, 1840-1940
1993978-0-500-97406-3Susan L. CaroselliThe Painted Enamels of Limoges
  ''978-0-500-97408-7Ben Ten Berge · Kari LundelinEyewitness: World Press Photo 1993
1995978-0-500-97420-9Ted GottDon't Leave Me This Way: Art in the Age of AIDS
  ''978-0-500-97421-6Gilbert E. KaplanThe Mahler Album
1996978-0-500-97429-2Elizabeth H. Moore · Philip StottAncient Capitals of Thailand (River Books)
1995978-0-500-97430-8Georges Meurant · Robert Farris ThompsonMbuti Design: Paintings by Pygmy Women of the Ituri Forest: Paintings of Pygmy Women from the Ituri Forest
1996978-0-500-97436-0Ben Ten Berge · Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo Yearbook 1996
  ''978-0-500-97446-9Naengnoi SuksriPalaces of Bangkok: Royal Residences: Royal Residences of the Chakri Dynasty
1997978-0-500-97449-0Ben Ten Berge · Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo Yearbook 1997
1997978-0-500-97450-6Smitthi Siribhadra · Elizabeth H. MoorePalaces of the Gods: Khmer Art and Architecture in Thailand
  ''978-0-500-97451-3Johannes Kalter · Margareta PavaloiUzbekistan: Heirs to the Silk Road
1999978-0-500-97456-8Natthapatra Chandavij · Promporn PramualratanaThai Puppets & Khon Masks (River Books)
1997978-0-500-97458-2Claude Jacques · Michael FreemanAngkor: Cities and Temples (River Books)
  ''978-0-500-97461-2Emmett Williams · Ann NoëlMr. Fluxus: A Collective portrait of GEORGE MACIUNAS 1931-1978
1998978-0-500-97464-3Ben Ten Berge · Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo Yearbook 1998
  ''978-0-500-97465-0Etienne Jollet · Deke DusinberreJean and François Clouet
  ''978-0-500-97472-8Paul Lewis · Elaine LewisPeoples of the Golden Triangle: Six Tribes in Thailand
1999978-0-500-97478-0Ben Ten Berge · Kari Lundelin · Teun Van HeijdenWorld Press Photo Yearbook 1999
1999978-0-500-97479-7Naengnoi SuksriThe Grand Palace Bangkok (River Books)
2000978-0-500-97485-8Michael Freeman · Claude JacquesAncient Angkor (River Books)
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1999978-0-500-97487-2David FarnethKurt Weill: A Life in Pictures and Documents
2000978-0-500-97489-6Patrick Roegiers · Herb RittsHerb Ritts
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  ''978-0-500-97493-3Fei Dawei · Andrei UjicaCai Guo-Qiang
2001978-0-500-97494-0Christian Caujolle · Paulo Herkenhoff · Joaquim Paiva · Lauro CavalcantiAlair Gomes (Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain)
2001978-0-500-97495-7Francesco Bonami · Regis Durand · Francois QuintinThomas Demand (Fondation Cartier Pour L'art Contemporain S.)
2006978-0-500-97497-1Elsbeth SchoutenWorld Press Photo 06
2008978-0-500-97498-8Lee BulLee Bul: On Every New Shadow
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2000978-0-500-97590-9Tom PhillipsThe Postcard Century: 2000 Cards and Their Messages
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2000978-0-500-97594-7Tom PhillipsThe Postcard Century: 2000 Cards and Their Messages: Cards and Their Messages, 1900-2000
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2001978-0-500-97598-5Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 2001
2001978-0-500-97602-9Michael FreemanLanna: Thailand's Northern Kingdom (River Books)
  ''978-0-500-97603-6Dome Sukwong · Sawasdi SuwannapakA Century of Thai Cinema (River Books)
  ''978-0-500-97606-7Stefano CarboniGlass from Islamic Lands: The al-Sabah Collection
2002978-0-500-97607-4Stefano Carboni · Sheikh Nasser Sabah al-Ahmad al-SabahGlass from Islamic Lands: The al-Sabah Collection at the Kuwait National Museum
2001978-0-500-97608-1Manuel KeeneTreasury of the World: Jewelled Arts of India in the Age of the Mughals
2002978-0-500-97610-4Hugh RobertsFor the King's Pleasure: The Furnishing and Decoration of George IV's Apartments at Windsor Castle
  ''978-0-500-97612-8Dickran TashjianA Boatload of Madmen: Surrealism and the American Avant-Garde 1920-1950
  ''978-0-500-97614-2Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 2002
2002978-0-500-97617-3Faith EatonDolls for the Princesses: The Story of France and Marianne
  ''978-0-500-97619-7Dirk Dobke · Laszlo GlozerDieter Roth: Unique Pieces
  ''978-0-500-97620-3Alessandro Vestrelli · Enrico MascelloniLiliane Lijn: Light and Memory
2003978-0-500-97621-0Johannes Kalter · Margareta PavaloiUzbekistan: Heirs to the Silk Road
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2019978-0-500-97626-5Vincent TodoliCollaborations: Relations - Confrontations/Dieter Roth/Richard Hamilton
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2003978-0-500-97628-9Richard Vine · Robert LehrmanJoseph Cornell: Shadowplay Eterniday
2004978-0-500-97629-6Oliver WatsonCeramics from Islamic Lands
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  ''978-0-500-97633-3Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 2004
2006978-0-500-97634-0Oliver WatsonCeramics from Islamic Lands
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  ''978-0-500-97643-2Frances FollinEmbodied Visions: Bridget Riley, Op Art and the Sixties
2005978-0-500-97645-6Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 2005
2005978-0-500-97647-0Johann KraftnerPeter Paul Rubens: 1577-1640
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  ''978-0-500-97651-7Martin Butlin · William VaughanSamuel Palmer: The Sketchbook of 1824
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2005978-0-500-97653-1Markus Langes-SwarovskiDaniel Swarovski: Japanese Edition: A World of Beauty
  ''978-0-500-97654-8   ''Daniel Swarovski: Korean Edition: A World of Beauty
  ''978-0-500-97655-5   ''Daniel Swarovski: Italian Edition: A World of Beauty
2006978-0-500-97656-2Walter FeilchenfeldtBy Appointment Only: Cézanne, Van Gogh and some Secrets of Art Dealing: Cezanne, Van Gogh and Some Secrets of Art Dealing
2005978-0-500-97657-9Markus Langes-SwarovskiDaniel Swarovski: Chinese Edition: A World of Beauty
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  ''978-0-500-97660-9Robert RosenblumRon Mueck
  ''978-0-500-97661-6Juergen TellerJuergen Teller: Do You Know What I Mean
2006978-0-500-97662-3Daido MoriyamaTadanori Yokoo
2007978-0-500-97663-0Richard HamiltonRichard Hamilton: Painting by Numbers
  ''978-0-500-97664-7Emmett WilliamsA Flexible History of Fluxus Facts & Fictions: 70 'Kunstfibel' Collages digitally remastered by Ann Noël: 70 'Kunstfibel' Collages Digitally Remastered by Ann Noel
  ''978-0-500-97665-4Thomas KelleinThe Dream of Fluxus: George Maciunas: An Artist's Biography
  ''978-0-500-97667-8Elsbeth SchoutenWorld Press Photo 2007
  ''978-0-500-97668-5Fred Hoffman · Lisa Le FeuvreChris Burden
2007978-0-500-97669-2David LynchDavid Lynch: The Air Is on Fire
  ''978-0-500-97670-8Ayako TabataTabaimo
  ''978-0-500-97671-5Yve-Alain Bois · Benjamin H. D. BuchlohGabriel Orozco
  ''978-0-500-97672-2Norbert LyntonWilliam Scott
2008978-0-500-97677-7Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 08
  ''978-0-500-97678-4Maria Tuttle · Marcus BinneyWinfield House
2008978-0-500-97679-1Gee ThomsonMesmerization: The Spells that Control Us: Why We are Losing Our Minds to Global Culture
  ''978-0-500-97681-4Patti SmithPatti Smith: Land 250
  ''978-0-500-97684-5Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev · Iwona BlazwickRevolutions - Forms That Turn: 2008 Biennale of Sydney
  ''978-0-500-97685-2Dale Carolyn Gluckman · Hollis GoodallKimono as Art: The Landscapes of Itchiku Kubota
  ''978-0-500-97686-9Patti SmithTrois
2008978-0-500-97687-6Hossein AmirsadeghiSky Hunters: The Passion of Falconry
2009978-0-500-97689-0Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 09
  ''978-0-500-97690-6Beatriz MilhazesBeatriz Milhazes
2010978-0-500-97692-0Gyurme Dorje · Tashi TseringJokhang: Tibet's Most Sacred Buddhist Temple
2009978-0-500-97693-7José Luis Díez · Javier BarónJoaquín Sorolla: 1863-1923
  ''978-0-500-97695-1Herve ChandesBorn in the Streets: Graffiti
2010978-0-500-97696-8Tom PhillipsAfrican Goldweights: Miniature Sculptures from Ghana 1400 - 1900
2009978-0-500-97697-5Hossein Amirsadeghi · Hamid KeshmirshekanDifferent Sames: New Perspectives in Contemporary Iranian Art
  ''978-0-500-97698-2Hossein Amirsadeghi · Salwa MikdadiNew Vision: Arab Contemporary Art in the 21st Century
  ''978-0-500-97699-9Bridget RileyThe Eye's Mind: Bridget Riley: Collected Writings 1965-2009
2010978-0-500-97701-9Kari LundelinWorld Press Photo 10
2010978-0-500-97702-6Hossein Amirsadeghi · Maryam EislerUnleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey
  ''978-0-500-97703-3Stefano ZuffiUnderstanding Italian Renaissance Painting: A Guide to the Artists, Ideas and Key Works
2011978-0-500-97706-4Hossein Amirsadeghi · Joanna VickeryFrozen Dreams: Contemporary Art from Russia
2012978-0-500-97707-1Hossein Amirsadeghi · Maryam EislerSanctuary: Britain's Artists and their Studios
2011978-0-500-97708-8Teun van der HeijdenWorld Press Photo 11
1992978-0-500-97838-2Kenneth Frampton · Philip DrewHarry Seidler: Four Decades of Architecture
2016978-0-500-98156-6Bang &. Olufsen · Bang & OlufsenThe Art of Impossible: Behind the Bang & Olufsen Design Story
1969978-0-500-98157-3Debra J. DeWitteGateways to Art: Understanding the Visual Arts (large text edition)
1983978-0-500-99034-6Sheppard FrereVerulamium excavations (Reports of the Research Committee of the Society of Antiquaries of London)