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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-900384-03-5Alexander BerkmanABC of Anarchism
1987978-0-900384-09-7Paul AvrichBakunin and Nechaev
1975978-0-900384-11-0Gaston LevalCollectives in the Spanish Revolution
1976978-0-900384-14-1John P. ClarkMax Stirner's Egoism
2008978-0-900384-20-2Colin WardAnarchy in Action
1998978-0-900384-28-8Petr Alekseevich Kropotkin · Colin WardFields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow
1986978-0-900384-29-5William GodwinThe Anarchist Writings
1990978-0-900384-30-1Donald RooumWildcat, Anarchist Comics
1986978-0-900384-35-6Donald Rooum · etc."Freedom": A Hundred Years, October 1886-October 1986
1987978-0-900384-36-3Petr Alekseevich KropotkinMutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution (Anarchist classics)
  ''978-0-900384-37-0Colin WardA Decade of Anarchy: Selections from "Anarchy", 1961-70 (Freedom Press centenary series)
1998978-0-900384-38-7Petr Alekseevich Kropotkin · Nicolas Walter · Heiner BeckerAct for Yourselves: Articles from "Freedom", 1886-1907 (Freedom Press centenary series)
2005978-0-900384-40-0Peter ArshinovHistory of the Makhnovist Movement, 1918-21
2001978-0-900384-45-5Rudolf RockerAnarchism and Anarcho-syndicalism (Anarchist classics)
1998978-0-900384-53-0Jose PeiratsAnarchists in the Spanish Revolution
1990978-0-900384-55-4Colin WardTalking Houses: 10 Lectures
1991978-0-900384-57-8Charles CruteThe State is Your Enemy: Selected Articles from the Anarchist Journal "Freedom", 1965-86 (Freedom Press centenary series)
  ''978-0-900384-58-5John GriffinA Structured Anarchism: Overview of Libertarian Theory and Practice (Freedom Press Centenary Series)
  ''978-0-900384-61-5Colin WardFreedom to Go: After the Motor Age
1992978-0-900384-66-0Donald Rooum · Mikhail BakuninWhat is Anarchism?: An Introduction
1997978-0-900384-67-7Murray Bookchin · Graham Purchase · Brian Morris · Rodney AitchteyDeep Ecology & Anarchism
1994978-0-900384-71-4Alex ComfortWritings Against Power and Death: Anarchist Articles and Pamphlets of Alex Comfort
  ''978-0-900384-72-1Herbert ReadOne-Man Manifesto
1998978-0-900384-74-5Errico MalatestaAnarchy
1990978-0-900384-77-6Peter H. MarshallWilliam Blake: Visionary Anarchist
1995978-0-900384-78-3Michael DuaneThe Terrace: An Educational Experiment in a State School
1995978-0-900384-83-7Errico MalatestaThe Anarchist Revolution: Polemical Articles 1924-1931
1997978-0-900384-84-4Harold BarclayCulture and Anarchism
1996978-0-900384-88-2Colin WardTalking to Architects: Ten Lectures by Colin Ward
  ''978-0-900384-89-9Max NettlauA Short History of Anarchism
2002978-0-900384-90-5Nicolas WalterAbout Anarchism
1997978-0-900384-91-2Geoffrey Nielsen OstergaardTradition of Workers' Control: Selected Writings by Geoffrey Ostergaard
1998978-0-900384-92-9Fermin RockerThe East End Years: A Stepney Childhood
1996978-0-900384-98-1Colin WardSocial Policy: An Anarchist Response
2000978-0-900384-99-8Charlotte WilsonAnarchist Essays