Burns & Oates

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-86012-004-9Thomas MertonNo Man is an Island
2004978-0-86012-006-3Karl RahnerEncyclopedia of Theology: Concise "Sacramentum Mundi"
2001978-0-86012-015-5Karl RahnerThe Trinity
1997978-0-86012-017-9Thomas MertonThoughts in Solitude
1976978-0-86012-023-0   ''Bread in the Wilderness
1994978-0-86012-024-7   ''The Ascent To Truth: A Study of St John of the Cross
1976978-0-86012-042-1Walter KasperJesus the Christ
1994978-0-86012-046-9Thomas MertonRaids on the Unspeakable
1999978-0-86012-090-2Hubert JedinHistory Of The Church:Vol 8: The Church in the Age of Liberalism v. 8
  ''978-0-86012-091-9Hubert JedinHistory Of The Church:Vol 9: The Church in the Industrial Age v. 9
1982978-0-86012-110-7Rudolf Schnackenburg · etc.The Gospel According to St.John: v.3: Vol 3
  ''978-0-86012-125-1L. Bouyer · etc.A History of Christian Spirituality
  ''978-0-86012-129-9Carlo CarrettoBlessed are You Who Believed
1984978-0-86012-141-1Roger SharrockSaints, Sinners and Comedians: Novels of Graham Greene
1999978-0-86012-181-7Caryll HouselanderPetook: An Easter Story
1993978-0-86012-193-0Greer AllicaMeditation Workbook
  ''978-0-86012-196-1OSB Columba Cary-Elwes · Catherine WybourneWork And Prayer: The Rule of Saint Benedict for Lay People: Rule of St.Benedict for Lay People
2001978-0-86012-199-2Hans KüngChurch
1994978-0-86012-200-5Jon SobrinoJesus the Liberator: A Historical Theological Reading of Jesus of Nazareth (Liberation & Theology S.)
1993978-0-86012-216-6Peter Donald DayThe Liturgical Dictionary of Eastern Christianity
1995978-0-86012-234-0George LovellAnalysis and Design
1995978-0-86012-250-0Alban ButlerButler's Lives Of The Saints:January
1998978-0-86012-251-7Alban ButlerButler's Lives Of The Saints:February
1999978-0-86012-252-4   ''Butler's Lives Of The Saints:March
  ''978-0-86012-253-1   ''Butler's Lives Of The Saints:April
1997978-0-86012-254-8Alban ButlerButler's Lives Of The Saints:May
  ''978-0-86012-255-5   ''Butler's Lives Of The Saints:June
2000978-0-86012-256-2   ''Butler's Lives Of The Saints:July
1998978-0-86012-257-9   ''Butler's Lives Of The Saints:August
2000978-0-86012-258-6   ''Butler's Lives Of The Saints:September
1997978-0-86012-259-3Alban ButlerButler's Lives Of The Saints:October
  ''978-0-86012-260-9   ''Butler's Lives of the Saints: November
2000978-0-86012-261-6   ''Butler's Lives Of The Saints:December
1998978-0-86012-283-8Anselm GruenAngels of Grace (Continuums Icons)
  ''978-0-86012-287-6Margaret Mary LittlehalesMary Ward: Pilgrim and Mystic
1999978-0-86012-289-0Philip B. SecorRichard Hooker Prophet of Anglicanism
2001978-0-86012-290-6Tina BeattieLast Supper According to Martha and Mary
2000978-0-86012-312-5George LovellConsultancy, Ministry & Mission
2002978-0-86012-315-6Mary McInallyEdward Ilsley
2003978-0-86012-318-7Elizabeth ReesAn Essential Guide to Celtic Sites and Their Saints: A Guidebook
2002978-0-86012-320-0John Desmond MillerBeads and Prayers: The Rosary in History and Devotion
  ''978-0-86012-323-1Tina BeattieEve's Pilgrimage: A Woman's Quest for the City of God
  ''978-0-86012-324-8The VaticanCatechism Of The Catholic Church Revised PB
2000978-0-86012-327-9catholic churchCatechism Of The Catholic Church Popular Revised Edition
2003978-0-86012-332-3David FosterThe Catholic Prayerbook: Personal Edition: From Downside Abbey
2003978-0-86012-334-7Abbot John ChapmanSpiritual Letters
2007978-0-86012-341-5Sarah BossThe Virgin Mary: The Complete Resource
  ''978-0-86012-342-2Michael WalshA New Dictionary of Saints: East and West
2004978-0-86012-349-1Felicity LengSmiles of God: The Flowers of St. Therese of Lisieux
2003978-0-86012-350-7Rachel BillingtonChapters of Gold
2005978-0-86012-353-8Pontifical Council for Justice and PeaceCompendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church
  ''978-0-86012-354-5Pontifical Council for Justice and PeaceCompendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church
2003978-0-86012-358-3Strong · ROGERSWestminster Cathedral: from Darkness to Light
2004978-0-86012-359-0Alice Thomas EllisGod Has Not Changed
  ''978-0-86012-365-1Timothy RadcliffeSeven Last Words
  ''978-0-86012-366-8The VaticanCatechism of the Catholic Church Revised
2005978-0-86012-369-9Timothy RadcliffeWhat is the Point of Being a Christian?
2004978-0-86012-374-3James A. CoridenIntroduction to Canon Law Revised Edition
2004978-0-86012-379-8Walter KasperThat They May All Be One: The Call to Unity Today
2005978-0-86012-383-5Paul BurnsButler's Lives of the Saints The Third Millennium: Butler's Lives of the Saints - Supplementary Volume
  ''978-0-86012-387-3Peter HebblethwaiteJohn XXIII: Pope of the Century
  ''978-0-86012-388-0Cherie BoothFirst Things: The Moral, Social and Religious Challenges of the Day
  ''978-0-86012-389-7Rachel BillingtonChapters of Gold The Life of Mary in Mosaics: Meditations on the Life of Our Lady
  ''978-0-86012-390-3John XXIII PopeJournal of a Soul
2005978-0-86012-392-7Mark AllenFirst Holy Communion: With a Foreword by His Excellency Archbishop Giovanni Tonucci, Apostolic Nuncio in Kenya
  ''978-0-86012-394-1Franz KonigOpen to God, Open to the World: The Last Testament
2004978-0-86012-397-2Timothy RadcliffeSeven Last Words
2005978-0-86012-398-9Eamon DuffyThe Creed in the Catechism: The Life of God for Us
2011978-0-86012-400-9Edward SchillebeeckxThe Eucharist
2005978-0-86012-403-0John Paul II Cultural CentreAt the Altar of the World
  ''978-0-86012-406-1Benedict XviIn the Beginning: A Catholic Understanding of Creation and the Fall, by Joseph Ratzinger
  ''978-0-86012-407-8Aidan Nichols OPThe Thought of Pope Benedict XVI: An Introduction to the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger
  ''978-0-86012-408-5John PollardBenedict XV: The Unknown Pope and the Pursuit of Peace: The Pope of Peace
2005978-0-86012-409-2Laurence Paul HemmingBenedict XVI: Fellow Worker for the Truth: Pope of Faith and Hope
  ''978-0-86012-413-9Anselm GrunSeven Sacraments
  ''978-0-86012-414-6Anselm GrunJesus: The Image of Humanity: Luke's Account
  ''978-0-86012-415-3Sally RenaAll Things Give God Glory: An Anthology of Catholic Devotion
2006978-0-86012-417-7Paul Murray OPThe New Wine of Dominican Spirituality: A Drink Called Happiness
2005978-0-86012-418-4Dom David FosterThe Downside Prayerbook
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2007978-0-86012-421-4Aidan Nichols OpThe Thought of Pope Benedict XVI new edition: An Introduction to the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger
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2010978-0-86012-425-2Ruth Burrows OCDThe Essence of Prayer
2006978-0-86012-436-8Pontifical Council of Justice and PeaceCompendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church
2007978-0-86012-438-2Michael J. WalshA New Dictionary of Saints: East and West
1999978-0-86012-439-9Ruth Burrows OCDBefore the Living God
2008978-0-86012-451-1Laurentia JohnsTouched by God: Ten Monastic Journeys
2007978-0-86012-452-8Ruth BurrowsInterior Castle Explored: St. Teresa's Teaching on the Life of Deep Union with God
  ''978-0-86012-453-5Ruth BurrowsGuidelines for Mystical Prayer
2011978-0-86012-455-9Norman TannerNew Short History of the Catholic Church
2008978-0-86012-456-6Chris MaunderOrigins of the Cult of the Virgin Mary
2008978-0-86012-459-7Michael J. WalshThe Westminster Cardinals: The Past and the Future
  ''978-0-86012-460-3Laurence Paul HemmingWorship as a Revelation: The Past Present and Future of Catholic Liturgy
2011978-0-86012-461-0Herbert McCabeOn Aquinas
2009978-0-86012-462-7Adrian Fortescue · J.B. O'Connell · Alcuin ReidThe Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described